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Influence of Math Logic vs. The Influence of Shakespeare in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Term Paper

… Logic/Shakespeare in Alice and Wonderland

Surpassing Shakespeare:

Mathematics and Logic vs. The Influence of Shakespeare in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


The ultimate use of Shakespeare is to let him teach you to think too well, to whatever truth you can sustain without perishing." - Harold Bloom

In Harold Bloom's Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human, the author alludes to the Bard of Avon's ability not only to entertain his readers but to engage them in quizzical and logical puzzles of character that result in their redefinitions of truth and themselves. In fact, in Robert Atwan's review of Bloom's book he likens the bard's "multilayered architecture and dramatic intricacy" to a diagram of a complex hi-fi system. Though the quote and these attributes most definitely…. [read more]

Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Term Paper

… The Red Queen said, "What do you suppose is the use of a child without any meaning. Even a joke should have some meaning and a child's more important than a joke, I hope" (Carroll 319). In Chapter XII of "Alice in Wonderland," the King said, "Then the words don't fit you ... It's a pun" (Carroll 160).

The essence of "Wonderland" lies in nonsense, and Carroll uses it both to create humor and pleasure, as also to make points about language, logic, and identity (L pp).

Language and reality become one, and "by showing the arbitrary nature of one through artful word-play and puns, Carroll makes a strong implicit statement about the value of the other" (L pp).

Work Cited

Carroll, Lewis. The Annotated…. [read more]

Philosophy in Alice in Wonderland Movie Essay

… Alice in Wonderland: A Philosophical Examination

Alice in Wonderland is a story that takes place in an altered reality, a dreamscape. This reality is something that Alice wonders through throughout the story while meeting all sorts of characters and people. These people are representative of larger ideas and thoughts, and the story itself can be read as a philosophical allegory of sorts. While viewing the movie, it is easy to see the myriad philosophical connections and allusions that are significant to both the viewer and Alice as she stumbles through her self created world. Each character represents an opportunity for both interaction and personal reflection, as they all selfishly carry on with their own set of rules and virtues. Within the story lies an allegory…. [read more]

Alice Essay

… Yet we read in the textual use of such supposedly familiar figures a constant delegitimizing mockery of our knowledge of the architectural, that knowledge of the domestic space by which we orient our identities" (36). Wolfreys argues that the Alice books de-stabilize the notion of identity, revealing the repressive nature of "structures" (rules, systems, laws) that attempt to stabilize identity. As Alice measures herself against architecture (always finding herself to be the wrong size), the strange versions of the domestic she encounters force her to recognize this repressive stabilization, and she "is freed from repressive know ledges and identities" in the process (60). Yet while he deftly discusses how the text makes clear that external structures and forces have constructed Alice's identity, and furthermore that…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Play Term Paper

… Helena's opening soliloquy conveys the plight of a woman trapped between active ("masculine") and passive ("feminine") modes of desire. She clearly expresses her desire to consummate a sexual love, calling herself a "hind" who wishes to be "mated by the lion" (1.1.85-92). At the same time, she adopts a "feminine" posture: she cannot mate but only be "mated." Furthermore, as a hind desiring a lion, she cannot mate at all. Helena thus naturalizes the culturally established distinctions of gender and class that make Bertram a forbidden object. In addition, Helena trains a desiring look on Bertram, submitting her "curled darling" to rapturous objectification, only to affirm a "feminine" helplessness, lamenting the impossibility of eliciting his returned look. That Helena imagines a sexual feeding here seems…. [read more]

Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a Story of Victorian Childhood Term Paper

… Victorian Childhood and Alice in Wonderland

The World of Victorian England

Childhood in the Victorian England of Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland as Victorian Literature

Analysis of Alice in Wonderland

Works Cited and Consulted

The children's novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, written in 1865 by Charles Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, may well be the most popular, and imitated book in the history of the English language. It has inspired numerous screen adaptations, stage plays, and served as the basis for a number of fictional stories loosely based on Alice's adventures. Whether because of the 1951 Disney version, the 2010 Tim Burton film, or the sheer power of the novel itself, the characters have become archetypal in the modern world. Who has not heard…. [read more]

Alice in Wonderland Term Paper

… ¶ … Alice in Wonderland

Wondering about Wonderland

At first reading at a very young age, Alice in Wonderland held me spellbound. The marvelous imagination and wit of the story and characters was so entertaining that I never looked further until I began to learn something of Victorian England through studying literature. Then I began to see some of the parallels, and I discovered that scholars had actually written about this. While the stories may have been intended to entertain young girls, the author was, indeed, communicating to a second adult audience. Much of this is lost on readers not of British origin, as we simply do not have enough background to "get it." We are not in on the jokes.

No other books written…. [read more]

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Term Paper

… Twain highlights the sound reasoning ability of a child as sharp as Huckleberry, provided adults make an effort to assist a child in better comprehension of the way the world works. Moreover, all along, the book unfolds the fears that a child nurtures in sleepless solitude. However, Twain does that so subtly with all his creative genius at work and with lots of vivid imagination into play that penetrates the serious message into the reader's heart with the reader enjoying every bit of the wild descriptions of even the minute details. Focusing on crude and wild perceptions of a child, Twain further writes, expressing the viewpoint of Huck, "Then away out in the woods, I heard that kind of a sound that a ghost makes…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Success as a Playwright While Playwrights Research Proposal

… ¶ … Shakespeare's Success as a Playwright

While playwrights have come and gone over the centuries, perhaps the most famous has been William Shakespeare. Although some modern authorities attribute his works to others, most agree that the Bard of Avon was in fact the prolific playwright responsible for numerous classic works such as "Hamlet," "Othello," "Romeo and Juliet," "King Lear," "Measure for Measure" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" among many other famous plays. A virtual superstar during his era, Shakespeare remains enormously popular today, which given the vernacular in which he worked is firm testament to his enduring success and ability as a playwright. To gain some further insights concerning what attributes contributed to his success, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed…. [read more]

Othello by William Shakespeare With the Cask Research Paper

… ¶ … Othello" by William Shakespeare with "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe

Compare and contrast William Shakespeare's 'Othelo' and Edger Allan Poe's 'The Cask of Amontillado'

Racism, sexism and revenge, exist in most societies today. Racism refers to a situation where a person gets discriminated on the basis of skin color and his or her place of birth. To some extent, some people discriminate others for they do not belong to the same culture as them or because they cannot speak the same language as them. Racism is known to be a major cause of wars between people of different culture and countries. It influences slavery and the formation of legal codes in some countries (Rawls 33).

Sexism is a form of…. [read more]

Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Term Paper

… Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Twain's use of Huck as a tool to denounce society's false values

Mark Twain's novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" puts across a series of concepts that relate to human nature and the contrast between a natural life and a civilized one. In spite of the fact that society has experienced much progress, people who lived during the recent centuries have performed a great deal of immoralities. Twain basically uses the character of Huck with the purpose of emphasizing the fact that society and civilized people in particular are inclined to be hypocritical. The majority of people prefers to put across a false moral attitude and is actually interested in material values and in achieving their personal goals, regardless…. [read more]

Tar Baby and Ambiguous Adventure Essay

… ¶ … Tar Baby and Ambiguous Adventure

Every individual undergoes a period of transformation during which they come to realize and understand who they are, where they come from, and where they are going. While change is a universal concept, the impact that change has on the individual, and those around him or her, varies to different degrees. In Toni Morrison's Tar Baby, Morrison explores the histories of a wide range of characters, both black and white, young and old, and enables the reader to understand how characters' pasts have influenced who they are and the decisions they have made, and emphasizes the various sacrifices they have made throughout their life. Similarly, in Cheikh Hamidou Kane's Ambiguous Adventure, Kane provides insight into the personal and…. [read more]

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Term Paper

… Parody in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

In 1865, writer Lewis Carroll published the children's story, "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" using a pseudonym. The reason behind this is because of the seemingly radical depiction of the politics of the Victorian era, the prevailing political and social structure in his society for in the nineteenth century. More than a simple yet interesting children's story, "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" is actually a parody of the real-life events surrounding Carroll's society during the period. The literary work, evidently, reflects and criticizes the rigid conservatism of 19th century society.

Pushing forth Carroll's objective in writing "Alice's," one of the devices that the author used to convey his criticism of the socio-political structure of 19th century society is…. [read more]

Alice and Her Animated Wonderland Alice's Adventures Essay

… Alice and Her Animated Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the 1865 foray into literary nonsense penned by Charles Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, became a classic nearly instantly and has remained so for the century and a half of its existence. The whimsy, satire, and sheer exuberance of storytelling that the author wove into this book (and its sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass and What She Found There) has made the short novel appeal to children and adults alike, as was its author's intention when he published what began as a simple summer afternoon diversion for three little girls (Levin, 591). Though the story is mostly aimed at children, the characters, places, and situations are largely satires or at least representations of people…. [read more]

Alice in Wonderland Term Paper

… "Oh, I've had such a curious dream!'" said Alice, and she told her sister, as well as she could remember them, all these strange Adventures of hers that you have just been reading about; and when she had finished, her sister kissed her, and said, 'that was a curious dream, dear, certainly: but now run in to your tea; it's getting late.' So Alice got up and ran off, thinking while she ran, as well she might, what a wonderful dream it had been."

Is Alice in danger of losing her life as she makes her journey through Wonderland? Although we are sure that Alice will return home after her adventures, the story seems to point out many dangers that face all children, such as…. [read more]

Carroll Shakespeare Allegory as a Device Essay

… Carroll Shakespeare

Allegory as a Device in the Work of Shakespeare and Carroll

The purpose of the allegory in literature is to deliver a concise narrative in which a clear plot arc and definable moral themes allow for the deliver of some broader philosophical message. It is in this regard that the allegory is often used in order to explore social themes, ideological debates and the humanities in general. Allegorical writing traces a long history through the scriptures and Roman and Greek mythologies, which were often conducted in palatable fables which could induce recognition of an intended message. This is a device which helps to enrich the experience of the reader consuming either Lewis Carroll's 1865 fantasy piece Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare's equally fantastical…. [read more]

Perception Lenses Alice Essay

… As far the employees working at the managerial level are concerned they often need to evaluate the arguments of their subordinates in order to give decisions which might have some positive as well negative repercussions for the organization. In such a critical situation managers it is very important for the managers that they should be able to evaluate the arguments put forward by different people. They can develop this particular skill by getting some training in the courses of logic and critical thinking. By the help of this training they will be able to differentiate between the facts and fallacies (Deducing-with-Sociological-Imagination, n.d.).

As far as the concept of social imagination is concerned I believe that C. Wright Mills has applied the concept in a very…. [read more]

General Nature vs. Common Experience Term Paper


Upon taking a glance over the eminent literary figures of 18th century one name that stands apart is of Samuel Johnson, he was an English critic, biographer, essayist, poet, and lexicographer. He once said, "Nothing can please many, and please long, but just representations of general nature"("Preface to Shakespeare," p. 210). By this Johnson means that no literature will endure the test of time except that which reveals and explores situations and characteristics that are recognizable, that most of us share, that are common to people across boundaries of time and (to some extent) place. In this simple yet insightful premise there's present a depth of knowledge that uncovers a subtle fact which influences people's mind as regard to…. [read more]

Narrative vs. Descriptive What Is My Favorite Essay

… Narrative vs. Descriptive

What is my favorite vacation spot?

The state of Wisconsin is called "America's Dairyland" because of all the milk and cheese that is produced in the state, but for many people Wisconsin is also a wonderland of fascinating, beautiful, and memorable places to visit and experience. A favorite summer vacation for me is to go into northern Wisconsin for a week to ten days. Notice I said "summer vacation" because I'm not one to spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, in fact I don't really enjoy skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing and building snowmen at ten below zero. But in the summer I can actually engage in some of my favorite outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, camping, biking, horseback riding, canoeing,…. [read more]

Mark Twain's the Adventures of Huckle Berry Finn Term Paper

… Mark Twain's the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884)

Today, an author might be hard pressed to portray an adolescent boy with a penchant for mischief and adventure as being the most important, insightful and objective spokesman for an entire generation, but in his masterpiece, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), Samuel Clemens, writing under the name, Mark Twain, accomplished just that. Transcending Twain's colorful descriptions of the scenery and lifestyles along the Mississippi River were his philosophical and poignant (and funny!) observations concerning man's inhumanity and cruelty toward his fellow man. Enjoyed by young people and adults alike for generations, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written during a period in American history when the industrial revolution was still getting started and slavery was still…. [read more]

Literary Pirates vs. Modern Day Thesis

… ¶ … pirates vs. modern day

The Implications Of Real And Literary Piracy

The theater comes alive when Jack Sparrow lights up the screen, wielding his sword and staggering around his ship. The rough seas, mysterious curses, and action-packed adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean and other literary pirate tails is why we love them, the same way Western culture loves superheroes, fire fighters, Harry Potter, and the Transporter. Even real pirates, not just those who make their appearances in the cannon of literature and in folklore, have traditionally been accepted by the American people in historical contexts. For instance, Dwyer writes that New York was traditionally a safe haven for Pirates. According to Dwyer "piracy was a leading economic development tool in [New York's]…. [read more]

Illustrators Who Influenced the U.S. Society Term Paper

… Illustrators Influenced U.S. Society

1910 Art

The Red Rose Girls: Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935), Elizabeth Shippen Green (1871-

1954), and Violet Oakley (1874-1961)

Smith, Green and Oakley met at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the late 1800s. The three then went on to study with Howard Pyle at Philadelphia's Drexel Institute. In 1900, the three women -- and one other female friend who served as a caretaker -- established a country home and studio called the Red Rose Inn. Pyle was the one who dubbed them "the Red Rose Girls" (NPR 2010). Over the course of the next eight years, the three artists lived and created beautiful art in their idyllic surroundings. They became very financially successful and they were able to captivate…. [read more]

Hollywood vs. Bollywood Essay

… Hollywood vs. Bollywood

Society has started to express more and more interest in Bollywood during the recent years, as the Indian film environment experienced significant progress. In contrast to Hollywood, Bollywood is not a physical place, with Indians having built a motion picture industry meant to reflect Western film style. Even with that, Bollywoodian films are adapted to Indian cultural values and are apparently meant to principally address local audiences. The general public has become supportive concerning this particular industry, however, and Bollywood's actors and films gained recognition in the West. It is difficult and almost impossible to determine whether Bollywood is better than Hollywood or vice-versa, as these two film industries largely address different publics and put across thinking that can be associated with…. [read more]

Products or Businesses Xbox 360 Research Paper

… The table beneath exhibits a side by side assessment of the 2 video games

Current Upgrades Assessment

The optical drive:

With regard to PS3, this has been the monster feature. In the year 2006, producers spent around 200 to 300 dollars for Blu-ray hard drives, based on Wolfgang Schlichting, a researcher with IDC. From 2007, the cost has dropped to amid 100 and 200 dollars. The Xbox includes a conventional DVD drive, together with an HD-DVD disk drive (Semico, 2006).

Normal DVD drives cost $20 or perhaps even less. Sometimes recordable DVD hard drives at wholesale prices cost only 28 to 32 dollars (Semico, 2006).

Graphics chip:

This appears like a tie. Microsoft worked alongside ATI Technologies to produce a chip which costs about $141,…. [read more]

Aphrodite and Venus Term Paper

… She is not helpful to anyone, and she seems to cause the people she associates with no end of pain. Even the people who are compared to her in beauty, Helen and Penelope, are seen as tragic figures because they have the beauty of Aphrodite and inspire the same madness that she does. Helen is the cause of a great war which destroys a people, and Penelope is the object of a great many suitors affection and demise when her husband comes back. But, the beauty of Venus is an inspiration to everyone who sees her. She is seen a morning star, and in the islands that she inhabits as adding to their beauty. The sailors seem to fall in love with her because they…. [read more]

Egyptian Influence on Judaism and Christianity Thesis

… Egyptian Influence on Judaism and Christianity

Egyptian influence

The issue of the relationship between Egyptian cultural history and the histories of Judaism and Christianity is one that is mired in controversy. This controversy is also linked to various interpretations of the Biblical texts and to the view that has emerged in recent years that the Bible is more myth and fiction than actual historical fact. While this view does not invalidate the theological integrity of the history of both Judaism and Christianity, it does suggest a link with the historical and cultural realities of the past and with the way that various historical and religious contexts impacted the development of both Judaism and Christianity.

The view that the origins of both Judaism and Christianity are…. [read more]

Windows 7 Vs. Linux Ubuntu Essay

… However, every operating system has its flaws. Linux has shown itself to be much more responsive in delivering patches than Microsoft.

Adding programs and hardware

More and more, there is a wide array of software available for both systems. For the limited skill user, it is easier to find Windows-compatible software than Linux-safe software. With regard to hardware, both systems offer excellent support, and keyboards, mice, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and printers can all be used and installed without additional downloads. However, using Ubuntu makes a user much more likely to run into a problem than using Windows, which is practically universal.

Overall stability

Ubuntu products are notoriously stable. While crashes on a Windows system are something even a limited skill user must deal…. [read more]

Mongolia Adventure, Inc Term Paper

… Mongolian Tourism

Mongolia Adventure Inc.

Key Issues

Oyun Ganbaatar wants to know first if he should start his own tourist business, similar to the company for which he works today.

If the answer is that he should, then he has to determine what packages to offer, what prices to charge, and how to make the company a success.

There are only two alternatives for this question, so that either Oyun Ganbaatar should start a business such as he contemplates or he should not. These are the alternatives, and analyzing them considers the same general set of issues. Oyun Ganbaatar has worked out the expenses involved in the sort of office he contemplates, and the cost, while reasonable by Western standards, is high by Mongolian standards.…. [read more]

Edgar Allan Poe's Influence on Detective Fiction Research Paper

… Edgar Allan Poe's Influence On The Detective Genre

Most modern readers will readily recognize the name, Edgar Allan Poe, and will know that he wrote a number of famous books and stories such as "The Tell-Tale Heart," but few may realize the substantive contributions that Poe made overall to the detective genre itself in "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" which is cited by some authorities as the first true detective story. Indeed, some authorities suggest that characters such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character, Sherlock Holmes and a number of popular televisions shows are based on Poe's earlier influences. Despite his obvious contributions to the detective story, there remains some debate concerning Poe precise contributions to the larger detective genre. In order to shed…. [read more]

Carroll / Burnett Term Paper

… Part of that interpretation is learning how real life differs from the stuff of books -- and in some sense, both Alice and Mary learn to "read" situations and tell the difference between the two over the course of the novels. Yet as novelists, both Burnett and Carroll subvert expectations of their genre. Burnett sidesteps issues of Gothic (such as sexuality, violence, or the supernatural) in favor of a wholesome philosophy of unity with nature (which conveniently heals the characters of her book). Meanwhile for Carroll the romantic sense of nature is absent: by depicting a world in which (to recall an example from the eighth chapter) the Queen can demand the re-coloring of the roses in her garden -- promptly attended to by footmen…. [read more]

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