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Cloud Computing Strategy Term Paper

… No longer will federal projects languish for months with nothing getting done. Projects that are identified as being poor performers will be identified much more quickly, and that will allow them to be turned around rapidly so that money is not wasted on them. If the turn around on these projects is not successful, then the projects will be subject to termination (Kundra, 2010). That is one of the ways in which the cloud can be more useful than what is currently being employed, because finding information across agencies will be much easier and faster when using the cloud.

When government is powered by modern technology, it is much faster and smarter. There are always risks to IT projects like cloud computing, but spectacular failures…. [read more]

Cloud Nursing Technology Advancement Term Paper

… Nursing is becoming very important in the varying ways that healthcare is changing.

The healthcare system is hurting in many ways and technology is needed to help correct many of the problems this industry is having. Cloud computing appears to have some significant features that can alleviate many of these issues that is hampering the effectiveness of nurses in today's medical field. Good (2013) takes it one step further and urges the need to implement these technologies as soon as possible and wherever possible. He suggested " a recent study by the firm MarketsandMarkets indicates that the healthcare cloud computing market, which is only currently about 4% of the industry, is expected to grow to nearly $5.4 billion by 2017. The cloud migration process, however,…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Assessing the Risks Essay

… In solving the data segregation issue, companies can take a more active role auditing the services providers they partner with, demanding to see internal audit records and also interviewing their top customers. All of these action should be accomplishable with the assistance of any reputable cloud services provider as many are now completing their own internal audits as wlel to ensure security of data (Zhu, Hu, Ahn, Yau, 2012).

Another very significant risk is the auditing of financial and operations-based data when it is housed on cloud-based servers and used on SaaS-based applications. An example of this is the use of SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for managing very large, diverse supply chains and production centers globally and the auditing of their financial data…. [read more]

Cloud Computing as an Enterprise Essay

… All of these factors were achieved by streamlining integration to legacy systems, in addition to ensuring each aspect of new product development, supply chain planning and execution, distribution and sales were all unified with the new cloud-based ERP system (Yoo, 2011). Olympus was also able to customize their ERP systems much more efficiently than had been the case in the past, as on-premise ERP systems from SAP had to be reconfigured through a highly unique, hard-to-understand programming language called ABAP. SAP designers had specifically created ABAP as a transaction processing language, choosing to define their own to ensure commonality across all SAP ERP versions. The challenge for many enterprises is that ABAP doesn't easily integrate into legacy environments due to byte ordering, compression and unique…. [read more]

Security in Cloud Computing Research Paper

… The users using the infrastructure need to ensure that they maintain an effective security policy. These controls are developed and implemented to cater the hostile internet environment for multi-tenant usage of user applications hosted through cloud computing services (Mather et al., 2009).

Mather et al. (2009) further elaborates that the security controls for data in various stages. It is required for data in transit, data at rest, and data processing. It is also required for data lineage, data provenance, and data reminisce. The informed decision are required for increasing data security in cloud computing. All security measures are not a responsibility of the cloud services providers. There are various cases where security of data at cloud computing is compromised due to clients negligence. Therefore it…. [read more]

Information Security in Cloud Computing Platforms Research Paper

… Cloud Computing


Cloud computing manipulates and alters our way of understanding of how current computing systems are aligned. The economics of cloud computing are re-ordering the enterprise software industry globally, bringing greater value at a lower price to companies needing to stay in step with customers (Ambust, et al., 2009). The continued growth of cloud computing is also driving more digital content and information into data centers and the cloud than has ever been the case in the past, completely redefining the development methodologies of applications as well (Rajkumar, Yeo, Venugopal, 2008). Information and data are banished to a hypothetical land of bits and bytes that really exist nowhere but the cloud. All digital information in cloud computing relinquishes…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Several Organizations Research Paper

… Cloud Computing

Several organizations are gradually integrating cloud computing techniques in their operations to help improve data security, increase information availability, integrity and privacy. In addition, these institutions have initiated cloud computing to increase functionality, lower cost, and enhance convenience of their services to users. Despite the numerous benefits of cloud computing, equipment failures and constant human faults have necessitated the provision of adequate information security by most organizations. In this regard, this paper looks at cloud computing assets of value, vulnerabilities, threats, the impacts of these threats and recommendations given to help reduce the outcomes of these challenges.


Currently, cloud computing is incorporated in several technological spheres and given the extensive use of this system, safeguarding stored private and public data assets against…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Many Businesses Research Paper

… These services are provided on demand from large pools that have been stored in data centers. Another technology is platform as a service which includes operating systems, database, web severs and an execution environment for programming language. Developers of applications are able to develop and run software on a cloud platform without incurring costs of buying and managing underlying software and hardware layers. Software as a service provides the cloud providers with ability for installation and operation of application software enabling the cloud users to access the software from clients (Taty, 2010).

Technologies needed for Web 2.0 on the client side include Java script and Ajax. The Ajax programming makes use of Java scripts for downloading and uploading new data from a web server without…. [read more]

Cloud Computing and Web Research Paper

… You do not need to purchase additional hardware as your space requirements grow.

3. Your server will have offsite backup in case something goes wrong.

4. If something does go wrong, you can get the support of your service providers. (Dedicated Server School, 2012, p.1)

Web 2.0 is reported to have been used "for many years long before cloud computing became popular in the software development industry. But instead of defining Web 2.0 about the components it requires, Web 2.0 is more about the interaction the user will receive." (Krill, 2012) Web 2.0 has as its emphasis "different online applications" combined with providing the user freedom to connect and reconfigure their online environment (Krill, 2012) Otherwise and specifically stated is that Web 2.0 "is more…. [read more]

Enterprise Cloud Computing Platforms Essay

… The IDC study, Salesforce1 Platform: Accelerate App Dev with Huge ROI (Hilwa, Mahowald, Perry, 2014) reports that IT labor cost reductions on a cloud platform can deliver as much as a 44% reduction in annual labor costs. The same study found when enterprises chose a cloud platform, they were able to attain a cost and efficiency reduction of $243,814 per 100 users vs. legacy, on-premise systems and platforms (Hilwa, Mahowald, Perry, 2014). When an enterprise cloud computing platform was standardized on vs. continuing to rely on legacy on-premise systems and platforms, enterprises realized a savings of $318,965 per 100 users per year (Hilwa, Mahowald, Perry, 2014).

One of the most commonly cited concerns and regarding enterprise cloud computing platforms is application, login and data security.…. [read more]

Cloud Computer and Insider Threats Term Paper

… Company employees would be interviewed to ensure there is a qualitative element to the research study. This would be followed by submitting a questionnaire to all of the companies, to enable different data sets to be analyzed. If available, the usage patterns that alerted the company to the insider threat will also be reviewed.

Understanding the risks of cloud computing is an essential component to ensuring that the cloud is safely integrated into existing organizations' standard operating procedures. Although cloud computing is extremely popular, there are serious concerns about its safety and security that must be addressed. My proposed research study would by no means be a definitive answer to the questions that have arisen, but the lack of case studies that detail how administrators…. [read more]

Cloud Computing as an Emerging Research Paper

… According to the mentioned report, the major essence behind cloud computing technology is continuing to develop just like every other feature of the Internet is making advancement. It is not an easy task to envisage or foresee that what will happen in the future for the reason that adjustments are being made continuously when innovations and limitations are considered. However, a majority of the technological experts believe that the motivation to access information has become a worldwide phenomenon and the fast progression of the tools to do so will continue to bring an international revolution in technology (Skiba, 2011).


Blowers, H. (2012, May). Considering the Cloud and the Greater Computing Atmosphere. Computers in Libraries, 32(4), 29+. Retrieved February 19, 2013, from

Choo, K.K.R.…. [read more]

Cloud Essay

… Although the cloud is very useful for allowing access to information to many different users, this dispersion puts this information at risk from being manipulated or lost. Clouds in real life are very fluid and easy to disperse, this does not bode well for companies or individuals who are looking to retain "hard" data in for their computing needs. The trade off is clear that easy accessibility to information automatically puts it at risk for manipulation or loss.


The risk of a computing outage is not unique to cloud computing systems however there may be more risk involved with this approach. No system is 100% safe and many cloud systems are prone to failure. Kleymen reported that a " powerful storm in June knocked…. [read more]

Cloud Computing and Data Security Term Paper

… Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud computing service providers have made their systems so inexpensive to use and easy to access, that there is little reason that companies should not be exploring this option for providing data and services. -- Roger Smith, 2009a

Businesses utilize Information Technology (IT) such as computer hardware and software to run their operations. Even small companies such as a local gift shop have at least one computer that runs accounting or point of service applications. In today's economy, it is not uncommon to find businesses in virtually every industry utilizing complex IT hardware and software. There are many examples of IT business applications and hardware. Salesmen use customer relationship management systems to manage interactions with their customers. They may also…. [read more]

Security Issues of Cloud Computing Data Analysis Chapter

… Security Issues in Cloud Computing

The name Cloud computing was coined from the drawings oftentimes employed to illustrate the internet. Cloud computing is an innovative consumption and new delivery approach for IT services. The cloud computing concept illustrate a change in thought, that end users do not need to understand the details of a particular technology since the provider completely handles it. Users can use the services at the rate established by their specific needs. This service can be given at any time. Because this innovation is becoming more popular, new tools and technologies are now appearing to create, to access, operate and sustain the clouds. These tools should handle a huge number of operations in the cloud transparently sans service interruptions. Cloud computing provides…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Benefits Research Paper

… Most importantly, as previously mentioned, user information should be safe all the time (Bernstein et al., 2009).

Privacy: Due to the escalation in cloud computing, a large number of data collections could be easily fabricated via applications like advertising. Google is one example for collecting and analyzing consumer data for its advertising network, and leverages its cloud infrastructure. Data collection and analysis is now possible at low costs, even for firms not having Google's resources. Attackers potentially have huge, central databases accessible for analysis because of the cloud. Furthermore, they also have the sensitive computing power to mine for critical data in these databases. For instance, Google is basically carrying out inexpensive data mining every time it shows search results (Voorsluys et al., 2011).

Companies…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Research Proposal

… They're more alert than ever, and seek not those brands that offer only "a me to" approach to loyalty. Customers are demanding away from the norm, with ubiquity comes skepticism and constant comparisons which makes it difficult to impress consumers by offering more of the same. Cloud computing will allow companies to enhance their software. For example, Microsoft and Google have already got into the field of cloud computing but there are others like Amazon have just started to get a feel for it as seen below.

Large companies such as Microsoft and Google aren't the only ones getting attention from the surge in interest around cloud computing. RightScale, a startup that offers developer tools for setting up server clusters that run on Amazon Web…. [read more]

Benefits Values Cloud Computing Business Essay

… In other words then, another feature of cloud computing is that of increasing the access to computing for a wider category of consumers.

Another aspect of cloud computing is represented by the nature of the relationship between the provider of computing services and the user of computing services. In this order of ideas, the relationship is one of company -- customer, and it materializes in the usage of computing services, the provision of the computing services -- as well as the adjacent support services --, and culminates with the user paying for the services they have utilized.

"The contracts and payment models of cloud services are the major differences of cloud computing to the classic rented servers. The use of cloud services usually pays depending…. [read more]

Amazon's Cloud Computing (Aws, EC2) Essay

… A further 26% of the respondents stated they were waiting for market maturity in order to adopt the cloud strategy formally. The survey also reported that for the respondents who had been using cloud-based solutions they had been doing so for an average of 20 months which showed that the industry is still young but has great potential for growth. The results stated that scalability and reduction in costs were the primary drivers for cloud usage while innovation and agility were also quickly emerging as a key factor in the adoption of cloud computing. It also emerged that IT companies view cloud computing as a means for effectively implementing new applications quickly while keeping up with the pace of application backlogs and the demands of…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Services Essay

… To make the client feel at ease with regards to privacy and security issues, the cloud computing manager can provide detailed information and statistics to the client with regards to how the cloud computing company stopped or prevented breaches in the information systems of the service provider. These are all available from the various logs and reports generated by the various systems of the cloud computing company particularly those systems involved in Secure Event and Incident Management (SEIM). In addition, the cloud computing company can also provide the systems and processes the service provider has in place that secures the information systems infrastructure of the organization. With all these information, proofs, and evidences, the client will feel at ease knowing that when the services of…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Software Essay

… • swapping SaaS experts may include the moderate and demanding work of transferring wholeheartedly large data indexes over the world wide web.

• Organizations that take in SaaS might location they are compelled into adopting late types, which could effect in unforeseen teaching expenses or a build in prospect that a user could make a fall.

• Relying on a Virtual world association denotes that information is moved to and from a SaaS immovable at world wide web speeds, as are against to the probably higher races of an association's inward placement (Software, 2011).


Software as an aid information escrow is the methodology of holding a duplicate of discriminating software-as-an-aid requisition data with a free third accumulating. SaaS data escrow is the same sensibility…. [read more]

Contrasting Views: Safety of Cloud Computing Essay

… The data that owner puts up is not in their control as they outsource and delegate it. In cloud deployment, trust is on the stake as the organization is in charge of ensuring that trust is taken care of. Therefore, this level of trust varies from cloud to cloud and how well the company is taking care of the security risks and hazards (Zissis, 2012)

The aspect of confidentiality and privacy is also at stake when it comes to cloud computing. The idea of software confidentiality is also very relevant to the overall system security of cloud computing. The software applications that are interacting with the user's data should be certified. In other words, these applications should not pose any other confidentiality or privacy…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Security Term Paper

… There is no "magic bullet" or single approach that will allow for complete computer security safety and allow for the proper and needed ease of use at the same time (Samson, 2013).

The concerns about cloud computing are numerous. However, they all mesh together to some degree. They include loss of data, syncing issues, keeping data segregated from customers when needed and pooled for mutual access when desired, the overall security culture and mindset of some vendors, how threats are evolving with the new technologies and trends and even attacks from other customers. While it may seem like common sense to secure networks and such, many companies (even before the cloud computing revolution) did some very obtuse things when it came to data security (Samson,…. [read more]

Cloud Computing and the Insider Threats' Problems Literature Review

… Cloud Computing and the Insider Threats' Problems

The adoption of cloud computing by several organizations in the recent past has led to a significant paradigm shift as far as information complexes in the organization are concerned. Worth noting is the fact that cloud computing offers several risk factors, some of which are because of insider conspiracy. This section integrates what has been researched in the past regarding this issue and the various possibilities of averting these threats within the cloud computing environment to make it a worthwhile venture for organizations (Himmel, 2012). This review in literature offers information on what has been done in the past and explores the thoughts of various scholars, which may prove useful in charting the way forward for this project.…. [read more]

Information Technology Customization and Standardization Article Critique

… The lack of coordinated resource upgrades is one limitation of the Grid, however the mitigating characteristic of 'near-supercomputer' capabilities diminishes this as a long-term concern.


The line between Grid and Cloud computing is likely to become increasingly fuzzy. However, the key point of differentiation likely to endure is the contrast between standardization and customization.

The Grid offers the ability to tap into additional resources in a rationed environment, however superfluous use is unlikely to sap resources. By contrast, Cloud computing offers capabilities to the masses with additional dynamic scaling for even the largest collection of pet photos or streaming videos with the same egalitarian access as the business needing additional storage, applications, or peak use bandwidth. It remains to be seen how closely the…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Research Question Term Paper

… H. your methods of data analysis

The statistical analysis functions provided by the Microsoft Excel add-in Analysis ToolPak will be utilized the receipt period for administered surveys has concluded. After the raw data has been manually recorded and sorted, the information will then be entered into an Excel spreadsheet. A frequency distribution analysis will be conducted to assess whether or not the respondent sample is truly representative of the technology industry, because the relatively simple process of calculating the frequency distribution of survey answers allows researchers to gaining valuable insights into the attitudes and behaviors of the typical consumer.

I. how the data you collect will enable you to answer your research question and contribute to theory

By questioning experienced information security officers working at…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Term Paper

… Cloud computing is a term for a model of network computing that is convenient, on-demand, and allows a shared pool of computing resources that are configurable to the user's needs. These would include networks, servers, storage, applications, and services that may be provisioned and allowed to move through a virtual atmosphere with a minimum of effort and maximum convenience. The idea of cloud computing now fills the perpetual need of information technology -- an easy way to increase capacity and add capabilities whenever needed without the necessity of investing in new infrastructures, training new personnel, licensing new software, and developing and maintaining new hardware protocols. In fact, the very power of cloud computing is that it can be subscription based, pay per use, free, and…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Helps Reduce E-Wastes Business Plan

… Any terminal client may purchase the necessary resources, such as functions and storage space, according to their needs. Applying the integrated cloud computing system may help people save more time, physical space, energy and even money. The most importantly, significantly reduce the amount of e-wastes, because people won't need to purchase many differentiated electronic devices, and clients' terminals will not have a short planned obsolescence.

Personal Resources and Project Plan

The proposed project is intended to be a self-funded project which I intend to lead as the project coordinator. Since my family is already associated within this field of construction, thus I feel that I am quite well-versed and equipped to handle the task. I am fully aware of the various processes; whether physical, technological,…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Case Study

… The Ericsson team states that having hosting centers in various regions was important for them. AWS also showed a better quality of service with solid management and a proven track record.

Examine the security concerns for cloud-based services and make suggestions to cope with these concerns.

The four principles of information security are:

1. confidentiality -- information must be protected from unauthorized contact

1. accessibility -- information must be accessible when needed

1. Integrity -- data must be reliable

1. accountability -- changes in system must be traceable to the one who caused the change (ITRB, 2003)

Some companies may be lax in security concerns, or, even worse, be untrustworthy. The more important the data is to the company, the more careful they should be…. [read more]

Security Information Essay

… Economic issues have been a factor in limiting the investment in improved information security. However, investing in better information security will pay off, as the article suggests. Gordon & Loeb (2002) focus on information security from the perspective of economics and budgeting. When legal expenses due to data loss or data being compromised are also taken into account, then the upgrade in systems architecture becomes crucial. The fact that so many companies are lagging behind is remarkable and frightening. If the trend continues, it would be possible for other, more security-minded organizations, to develop a cloud computing business model. This would change the cloud storage marketplace, as more and more enterprise systems would use high security servers over those designed for the consumer. Consumer cloud…. [read more]

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