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Information Technology (IT) Security Implementation Research Proposal

… it Security Plan & Implementation

IT Security Plan and Implementation for a Small Corporation

IT Security Proposal Summary

Small corporations often have to deal with many conflicting it and often time-consuming priorities to keep their businesses making progress and profits. Yet the lack of having an it Security Plan in place can seriously cripple any company's performance and profitability and is one of the leading causes of smaller corporations failing (Gupta, Hammond, 2005). The intent of this project proposal is to define an it Security Plan for a small business network of thirty computers and three servers that are running Web-based applications, an e-mail system and a database application server. E-mail systems in smaller corporations are also specifically in need of continual security upgrades as…. [read more]

Computer IT Security Implementation Term Paper

… The project entails relying on the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The goals and objectives are to first create a Baseline Security Level and also to manage to Real-Time Security Metrics. This goal entails the objectives of defining an executive and corporate wide audit of the existing data security process and evaluating organizational performance for all major components and key security metrics to verify that they do or will meet industry standards. Next come the objectives for systematically developing sourcing and supplier criteria for potential or future purchasing agreements of all new products and services.

The second priority goal would entail defining and executing assessments of application-based security systems and process on a periodic schedule. This is…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Security Plan Essay

… The monitoring and auditing of the IT components within any organization should be based upon the need for the employee privacy. There is no accepted standard, but experience and inductive experiment should help guide the planers to a safe and productive spot when balancing between monitoring and privacy issues.

Avoiding malware and computer viruses also falls under the responsibility of monitoring the IT program. The devastation and problems that these unfortunate incidents produce are very threatening to any organization who relies on digital communication to achieve profits. Besides viruses, the rampant practices of cybercrimes by hackers has also shifted the balance of power requiring greater and more sophisticated protective measures to fend off such malevolent attacks and inquiries. Kelly (2012) wrote " modern hackers use…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Professionals: Code of Conduct and Ethics Essay

… (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Components of the ethical code of the ICCP include the following stated components:

Disclosure: This relates to the confidential relationship that exist between the individual and their client or employer and the expectation that they will keep confidential information acquired that might result in a serious effect on a third party. (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Social Responsibility: This relates to the individual's acceptance of a responsibility to clear any confusion or wrong perceptions related to the information processing industry and the cognition to act in accordance with procedures and regulations in improving public safety. (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Conclusions and Opinions: The professional should only state a conclusion that is founded on knowledge that is adequate. (ICCP, 2011, p. 1)

Identification:…. [read more]

Window Security Implementation Research Proposal

… Moreover, the company should design enforcement policies to ensure that all employees who do not follow the company rules are punished.

Apart from the Window security policies that the company implements, the NextGard should also employ physical security policies to deter unauthorized access into the company IT department, and other department that may hold sensitive information. Moreover, the NextGard should display banners to display security information and remind all employees that they are obliged to protect the company information from unauthorized access. The banner should also remind employees about their security responsibilities. Using these strategies, the company should be able to protect its Window system from holes and vulnerabilities. (Popa, 2013).

Vulnerabilities of the Microsoft Windows are on the increase because the many organizations use…. [read more]

Information Technology Change Management Essay

… Change Facilitating Factors

The need for change within an institution is inevitable where there are sufficient evidence that change will set in new paradigms for growth and sustainability (Cohen D., 2005). The organization has over the years experienced an upsurge in the number of patient preferring home-based care. The institution has embraces this need by committing more staff to home-based care. The employees and consultants have also embraced the workings in the system of home-based care. The notion that a new system is coming in will only touch one aspect. That is the record management aspect. The institution has in place a Tele-medicine system that supports diagnosis and treatment of patients. This system lessens the advocacy need to staff and patients on the It-based record…. [read more]

Information Technology Skills I Acquired Term Paper

… The list of technologies that emerged from American military research is endless, many of which are now common products, such as computer mouse, flat-screen displays, night-vision goggles, and satellite global positioning.

Since research funds started drying up after the Cold War, some defense experts predict that a major increase in U.S. government-sponsored research would reverse the decline in commercial spin-offs." (Freedburg, 1378) Without information systems, the U.S. military would still be blasting away at the landscape in a large-scale barrage of ammunition.

Navy Secretary Gordon England griped to his staff about the piles of paperwork on his desk and asked whether it could all be computerized. Everything needs to be computerized, properly organized and properly stated so that there is no guarantee of a mistake."…. [read more]

Health Information Technology (Hit) Essay

… This requires a determination of the key functions of the Health Information Technology in question. Informed by both legislative and technological advances, the effectiveness of a chosen IT system is largely centered on its performance with certain deliverables. The article by Nahm et al. (2007) identifies these deliverables, indicating that "based on in-depth literature reviews and their empirical experiences, the authors identified 3 frequently used outcomes: user satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and financial impact." (p. 282)

These are the features both that hospitals and other healthcare facilities will seek out in implementation as well as those which are monitored by third-party, governmental and external agencies. The process of evaluation should center on consideration of these three deliverables and how they are achieved under the auspices of…. [read more]

Security Policy Term Paper

… Security Policy

IT Security Policy

The following security policy defines how strategic it resources and technologies are aligned to supporting organizational objectives and goals. Implicit in this security policy is the need for accountability, transparency and intensive use of reporting and analytics to track performance against objectives, in addition to compliance against industry and regulatory standards. Best practices in it security policy management requires the integration of analytics, compliance and reporting requirements within an it security policy and it supporting framework (Hone, Eloff, 2002). The intent of this security policy document is to provide prescriptive guidance to attain and surpass best practices in the areas of network, operational, organizational security, access control, cryptography, and compliance to laws and regulations.

Network Security Policy

Ensuring protection of…. [read more]

Technologies, Including Future Information Technology Essay

… The previous three that preceded it -- the inductor, capacitor, and the resistor -- are not able to retain their memory after they have been switched to an off state. The memristor can, which allows for products and devices that utilize it to vastly exceed the potential for memory more than other devices using the conventional three memory methods can. The memristor's ability to "remember" electrical states even after a device has been turned off is due to the fact that ultimately, it alone of the four types of electricity building blocks can gauge and measure the charge of currents of electricity.

Therefore, by T-Mobile transitioning its storage capacity from that of conventional hard drives and flash drives to that of memristor's at the soonest…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Project Capstone Project

… It Infrastructure Project


The project reveals the strategy the Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation (OCHC) implements the latest technology to enhance the quality of service (QoS) and achieving a leading position within the healthcare industry. The case provides the strategy to connect LANs (Local Area Networks) across a WAN (Wide Area Network) using the latest technology such as Cisco 7204 and Cisco 7200. The project demonstrates the analytical tools as well as using the critical thinking skill to provide technically feasible and reasonable business solution to the problem facing Oak Creek Healthcare within the technological realm.

The project deliverables include the following:

25-page report

Network design solution for Oak Creek Healthcare Corporation.

The study also demonstrates the extent the project has been able to achieve…. [read more]

Security Policy Dr. Fossett's Dental Office Term Paper

… Security Policy of a Dental Office

Information Technology Security for XYZ's Dental Office will be achieved by implementing these controls, policies, procedures and standards. This approved Security policy reflects the rapidly changing technologies within the dental office and aims ensure that the facility is properly protected and all security objectives are met. This security policy provides clear direction and support for security. XYZ is the owner of this policy and is therefore responsible for the review and enforcing of controls authorized by the policy.

Access Privileges will be unique for each user and determined by the system administrators; Account refers to access privileges assigned to a user; E-mail is the electronic mail and exchange of information; Data Ownership is any data stored on the office's…. [read more]

Information Technology the Reference Company Term Paper

… Needless to say, two different system methodologies have a decided impact on the design architecture. Essentially, the push or pull approach to total design can also be found in previous information systems that are upgradeable to accommodate smart business systems.

The design methodology set forth below focuses on the push design approach since the pull design approach is very open-ended and varies from one installation to another. An important part of this push approach is the development of corporate-wide storage of aged and real-time data. A well-designed, corporate-wide approach assists a company in such processes as data, information, and knowledge acquisition, intelligence inference and explanation, and validation of company strategies, procedures, rules, standards, and heuristics. Concurrent with the development of the corporate-wide data storage by…. [read more]

It Security and Acquisition Strategy Term Paper

… How can the organization decide where along the continuum of very mature to cutting edge technology it belongs in its IT acquisition strategy?

There is no value to implementing "cutting edge" IT systems simply for the sake of doing so. On the other hand, IT systems tend to develop so rapidly that the newest systems tend to become obsolete relatively quickly. Naturally, there are obvious risks at both ends of the spectrum. An organization that is enamored of the concept of always exploring the "cutting edge" of technology risks wasting resources on acquisitions prematurely, in at least two ways. First, it is potentially wasteful in terms of purchasing systems with new capabilities that are not needed by the organization and that entail replacing perfectly good…. [read more]

Security Programs Implementation of Information Essay

… This records relating to department assets will be significant especially in the management of real property assets. The assets records will be done with relation to size, location and the other relevant elements of assets. Once the real assets value is recorded, there will be continuous need to always add the most recent information to the database, in accordance with the mandatory of the HHS and the federal real property council (, 2012).

Compliance Management and Configuration Control

HHS has to ensure that all the necessary guidelines, processes, standards, procedures and guidelines are compliant with the provided regulations by law, statutes and the other policies within the state. This will be done in relation to identification, disposition requirements and classification. This management involves the efforts…. [read more]

Health Information Technology System Hospital Research Paper

… User Training

Information Technology, though not a very new concept in the contemporary world is considerably technical. This means that users of the systems associated with this feature ought to have substantial knowledge on them if they desire to be successful in using them (Cummings, 2006). Putting this element into consideration, the organization embarked on a training programme for the potential users of the system following the automation. Both the staff and the clients to the facility were trained on the use of the system. The hospitals Information Communications Technology Department facilitated this training.

Lessons were provided for users in sessions and this included both theoretical and practical training. Different end users were trained in accordance to their needs and privileges on how to use…. [read more]

IT Security Assessments (Process Essay

… Estimation:

The systems security flows from a security policy based on the architecture of the system and the method of measuring of compliance. Most internet and WAN and LAN systems are today hybrid network configurations with a set of systems with the general system functioning within the units and passing data into the grid and outside. Thus a compromise of the system either from the external -- extra net access or internal system access can bring down the entire security infrastructure. All networks today have more than the traditional data passing and incorporate many features of telephony and communication that has brought more risks. The e NIST Security Assessment Framework described in [NIST00] has been considered and is found to be an ideal solution to…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Security Plan for Car Motor Company A-Level Coursework

… ¶ … it infrastructure to the day-to-day running of business operations cannot be overemphasized. Various critical business processes are controlled by the various computer systems that are tailored to meet the demands of these unique processes. However, a disruption to the it infrastructure can bring all the critical company's operations to a sudden halt. The repercussions can run into the loss of very large amount of money. This paper describes a systematic plan that is aimed at restoring the it infrastructure of Jubilee Motor Company (JMC).The company just suffered a major breakdown of its it infrastructures as a result of an accidental fire outbreak. The paper described an emergency system implementation and a detailed it Disaster Recovery plan which must comply with the existing laws.…. [read more]

IT Acquisition Management Business Plan

… #1 Ethics and Training

Can meet all requirements


Supports; no conflict

Risk of conflict between business ethics and social ethical standards

Highest costs but Affordable, will need regular sessions held from trained IT professionals

Increased business awareness


Alternative. #2 Use E-business structures

Can meet all requirements


Supports; no conflict

No prior experience could lead to amateur e-business constructions and rigid structures in the initial stages

Higher costs but under the urgency and necessity of it application, it will be considered affordable

Long-term benefits for conducting business beyond time and space limitations and taking the business national without investing in tangible assets


Template 5: Alternative #1 Risk Analysis Results

Alternative Solution #1 (Tentative Solution Rank Order #1): Ethics and Training - Risk…. [read more]

Information Technology Aquarius Marketing Project Plan Term Paper

… Information Technology

Aquarius Marketing Project Plan

The intent of this project plan is to comprehensively define the development process, testing, training, and introduction of an enterprise-class portal and series of enterprise content management (ECM) applications that will significantly increase the level of efficiency and collaboration within Aquarius Marketing. As Aquarius' business model is primarily focused on generating market reports that contain insights and analyses based on content, development an enterprise-class portal platform that includes a series of ECM applications within it makes the most sense for Aquarius. The proposed system is being specifically designed to provide Aquarius Marketing with both the applications and underlying processes to better serve their clients. As clients mention their three main areas of concern being the time taken by members…. [read more]

Insecurity Managing Issues of Information Essay

… In order to avoid the resistance of end-users though, it is important to design a new IT system that plays to their experiences and expectations within the field while still making efforts to advance the company's technologies orientation.

Accordingly, we consider the prospect of Cloud technology, which allows for remote user access of secure communication, application and file-sharing 'clouds,' thus promoting mobile work access while employing the latest in secured business technologies. Also essential, given the always evolving IT sector, is the adaptability of this approach. According to Phifer (2011), "for many SMBs, renting a secure cloud app is easier than installing that application in-house," said Siamak Farah, CEO of cloud provider InfoStreet. 'Cloud solution providers can deliver endpoint-agnostic secure access to most of the…. [read more]

Information Technology an Effective Project Manager Needs Essay

… Information Technology

An effective project manager needs a variety of both technical and business skill sets. Discuss the non-technical skills that have been associated with superior project management.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that working on information technology projects requires both hard which is technical and soft which is non-technical skills. This is especially required for IT professionals on the verge of stepping into managerial roles. According to Belzer, soft skills is an art which is not only involved with managing people and ensuring customer satisfaction but it also involves establishing an appropriate environment in which the project team members can create products of the highest quality on time and within the agreed budget. Superior project management requires a varied assortment of soft skills related to…. [read more]

IT Management Challenges Business Process Research Paper

… Nevertheless, the value chain does not explain the number of service oriented businesses in operation. Businesses can develop additional concepts of value network and value shop in order to handle different businesses (Cunningham & Froschl, 2009).

Businesses must be aware of the value that networks rely on growth for attracting additional customers. When there is an increase in the numbers of people using value network, the network becomes a site where transactions are made. This means that each participant must value the value network. The strategy of dominating on the networkforces other industry players to on the network to follow suit. Nonetheless, such competitors fail to reach the limits and end up merging with leading companies like eBay (Davenport & Beers, 2005). Companies going global…. [read more]

Governance Information Management Is Similar Essay

… 2. IT Cost Control:

IT organizations have to evaluate themselves regarding efficient resource allocation as a result they have to monitor the activities. With a good metric system in place can be aligned in a way to achieve an effective cost control procedure.

3. Improving their Services:

Metric are related to services rather then information as the customer does not consider IT assets the only thing important to him is the performance like the performance of shopping cart on online shopping websites.

4. Increase operational efficiency:

Information Technology Organizations need a very stable and secure IT operations as this will ultimately lead to improved performance of other sectors of the firm. Metrics can serve well to achieve these objectives. The performance can be measured in…. [read more]

Cloud Computing and Data Security Term Paper

… Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud computing service providers have made their systems so inexpensive to use and easy to access, that there is little reason that companies should not be exploring this option for providing data and services. -- Roger Smith, 2009a

Businesses utilize Information Technology (IT) such as computer hardware and software to run their operations. Even small companies such as a local gift shop have at least one computer that runs accounting or point of service applications. In today's economy, it is not uncommon to find businesses in virtually every industry utilizing complex IT hardware and software. There are many examples of IT business applications and hardware. Salesmen use customer relationship management systems to manage interactions with their customers. They may also…. [read more]

Health Care Essay

… All staff members are informed of planned moves to new systems and automated processes prior to implementation. This helps set the stage for adoption and buy-in from across the organization and alerts everyone that trainings will follow (Childs et al., 2011). Trainings are comprehensive and mandatory for anyone directly involved in patient care. One important step of management prior to rolling out PharMerica was to conduct focus groups to get the feedback of personnel who will interact most closely with the new systems. This allowed for managers to gain valuable information regarding ways to improve office processes. There has been a deliberate effort to ensure that new systems and applications mesh with the organization's central practice and personnel.

Our healthcare information systems have resulted in…. [read more]

Computer Security: Corporate Security Documentation Essay

… Moreover, management of encryption keys are performed by the system. As management of encryption keys is by far the hardest aspect of key management this is a bonus.

The key encryption hierarchy is shown in the following figure labeled Figure 1 in this document. The database administrator will manage the service master key at the server level and the database master key at the database level. Otherwise, lower keys in the hierarchy are protected by each key's immediate parent and this remains true as the keys move upward in the hierarchy. There is however, one exception and that being when a password is utilized for protection of a symmetric key or certificate. That is the methods used by SQL Server for allowing users to manage…. [read more]

Strategic Information Technology Plan Oesterlen Essay

… The trainers only have to conduct the training once to be replayed in an online forum. This innovative approach is a key to success in saving time and money in a difficult economy (Manfred & de Vries, 2003; White & Bruton, 2011).

Marketing the Company's Services

Customer markets are those surrounding counties that could benefit from the services Oesterlen provides. The marketing and relations coordinator reaches out to these prospective customers so that the counties will provide Oesterlen with clients to treat or place into foster care. Training is a large part of what Oesterlen provides its employees. Mandated by the State of Ohio, training enables the staff to effectively deal with situations so that all parties involved in any incident, be they staff or…. [read more]

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