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Homeland Security Questioning the Legality Essay

… "[footnoteRef:3] The act also requires the following points on financial matters: [3: USA Patriot Act. (2011). Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: U.S. Department of Treasury. Retrieved October 20, 2011, from < >.]

Strengthening the U.S.(through policy-making, governmental or legal bodies), to "prevent, detect and prosecute" money laundering and objectives to finance terrorism.

Subjecting foreign jurisdictions, financial institutions, and international transactions to scrutiny, especially those that are linked to criminal activity or criminal abuse.

Strengthening measures to prevent domestic financial systems from benefitting from corruption.[footnoteRef:4] [4: USA Patriot Act. (2011). Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: U.S. Department of Treasury. Retrieved October 20, 2011, from < >. ]

The Patriot Act's legality rests upon provisions from the U.S. Congress

and provisions within the U.S. Code. Titles within…. [read more]

Homeland Defense Term Paper

… Homeland Defense

Agency Identification: In this paper, the three agencies selected for their involvement in Homeland Defense at the federal, state which is NY and local which is NYPD level are Federal Emergency Management Agency -- FEMA at the federal level, Citywide Incident Management System -- CIMS at the state which is NY level and New York Police Department -- NYPD at the local level.

FEMA (a) Jurisdiction: FEMA:- FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency which is a part of Department of Homeland's Security -- DHS Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate. (About FEMA) b) Size: The workforce of FEMA consists of more than 2,600 employees working full-time at their headquarters in Washington D.C., and also at the regional and area offices throughout the country,…. [read more]

Homeland Security Terrorist Attacks Involving Chemical A-Level Coursework

… Homeland Security

Terrorist attacks involving chemical and biological weapons are feasible. The possibility of such terrorist attacks recurring, or happening should be judged on realistic parameters based on the past terrorist attacks. The United States has increasingly faced threats and has continued to remain vulnerable to acts of terrorism despite different measures currently in place. The task of protecting and securing the nation is an enormous task that requires preparation and coordination. This has demanded new approaches, not only to protect infrastructure, but to deter and prevent attacks.

Homeland security in one of its strategies has promoted public, private partnership. This unique approach ensures that private players are involved in overcoming the challenges. CBRNE is one of the major private partnerships with the homeland security,…. [read more]

Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security Term Paper

… ¶ … Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security

The book, written by Ted G., Lewis (2006), has been considered a masterpiece in the field of exposing the critical security areas of our nation and how failures on securing any part could lead to a ripple effect that can see a breakdown of the other sectors of critical security concern and eventual security breach of the U.S.A. As a whole.

As a preamble, the book publishers and distributors take into account the technological trends and hence provide with it a CD-ROM attached to the back of the book that can enable one to use it and study it alone at home or in class setting. This provision makes it possible for students to copy the content and…. [read more]

Infrastructure Protection Thesis

… ¶ … Infrastructure Protection


Priority 1: A National Security Response System: One of the action items for this priority is to create a single point-of-contact by means of which the government would interact with industry and other partners. This would include cyberspace analysis, warning, and information sharing to help government maintain cyberspace security.

This priority has not yet been met; a recent speech by President Obama raised the issue and indicated that a wide-ranging national strategy would need to be developed. This will include, as the action item states, strong relationships between the government and the private and public sectors. A unified framework is necessary to handle cyber incidents as well as enhancing cyber security research and development.

Priority II: A National Cyberspace security…. [read more]

Security Information Is the Power Term Paper

… Many such enterprises constitute parts of critical infrastructure and susceptible to attacks both for the data and power. (Cyberspace threats and vulnerabilities; How secure are your information systems)

Thirdly, forming of organizations of critical sectors or infrastructures in the sphere of economy, government or academics is positively viewed for counteracting the vulnerability of cyber attacks. Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) created by such sectors for tracking cyber attacks sharing information on trends, identification of vulnerable factors and practices to counteract. This collaboration is also noticed to have produced shared institutions and mechanisms that resulted in vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Fourthly, some vulnerability are also viewed as national rather than limited to individual enterprises. Some key factors like threat to the protocols and routers used…. [read more]

Homeland Security Strategies Research Paper

… They also emphasize the Department's commitment to securing the U.S. from terror and beefing up security along the United States borders, enforcing immigration laws, securing cyberspace and generally building resilience to disasters (DHS, 2007). The other function often overlooked is to secure the major infrastructure like bridges and towers, airport as well as key natural resources and also respond to and recover from the incidences that may occur within the U.S. The mention of maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of the tax payer's dollar implies that the leaders of this Department are people of integrity.

From this paper it is clear how an organization's missions, goals, and objective are integral in coming up with a strategic plan. It is also clear that a strategy must have…. [read more]

Protection Profession Disciplines Essay

… Protection Profession Disciplines

Strategic security is a completely new disciplinary area in the protection profession; as such, it has not yet been fully accepted as a necessary requirement for National Security. In part, this may be because the area is also not yet fully defined in a detailed manner. When it comes to the usefulness or validity of any discipline in the field of security, there is hardly anyone who doesn't want 'their discipline' to be a part of Strategic Security. However, many people have their own preferences and beliefs regarding the most useful and significant disciplines. In cases of executive protection, there are a number of significant professional disciplines. In this paper research, evaluation, and critique will be carried out for the particular disciplines…. [read more]

Homeland Security Act the Terrorist Term Paper

… The WMD/terrorism project is designed to assist local jurisdictions in Texas to enhance their incident preparedness. This is done through instituting better local and state cooperation in connection with terrorism measures ("Division of Emergency Management").

With funding and provisions generated under the Homeland Securities Act, the office of Governor Perry has also instituted new measures to prepare for any emergency needs for "mass care." In the event of an emergency or attack, local jurisdictions would be given the authority to declare mandatory evacuations into designated shelters. Emergency responders are now being trained to understand the symptoms and effects of biological and chemical agents. Hospitals are also training staff and creating procedures regarding how to response in the event of a WMD attack ("Division of Emergency…. [read more]

Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths Thesis

… Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths

Homeland Security Presidential Directives aim at coordinating security efforts on federal, state and local level. These directives call for a systematic response to domestic terrorist's threats and attacks with the help of a National Incident Management System called NIMS and ensure that response is in according with National Response Plan (NRP). There are numerous strengths of these directives:

For one these directives call for integration which is critical for swift response and bets possible management of domestic acts of violence. It was seen in 2001, that integration had been a major problem which gave rise to incidents of 9/11 as federal agencies with some information had not been able to transfer them effectively to state governments and this led to…. [read more]

Homeland Security the World Has Changed Term Paper

… Homeland Security

The world has changed in recent decades and the threats to homeland security are redefined, having become more and more unpredictable. The new terrorism practiced by extremist movements, which target civil objectives around the globe, has raised the level of awareness from the part of national authorities, taking into consideration the fact that the number of civil casualties is on a continuous rise. This is why a coherent national strategy for preventing terrorist attacks and reacting to natural and human disasters is essential, especially for a country such as the United States. From this perspective, and in the light of the 911 events, the 2002 Homeland Security Act set the legal basis for the Department of Homeland Security. However, despite all measures taken,…. [read more]

Homeland Defense Homeland Security Is the Actual Course Research Paper

… Homeland Defense


Domestic counter terrorism

Domestic counter terrorism refers to any efforts by United States law enforcement and government agencies to detect, prevent, or cope with real or threatened act of terrorism against Americans or the American government. As a result of the United States' failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks, domestic efforts have increased dramatically and the government has created the Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center; agencies that can devote 100% of their time to detection and prevention efforts (Treverton, 2008).

Border and transportation security

The successful implementation of border and transportation security is complex and challenging. From arresting terrorists before they reach the U.S. border to exercising emergency response procedures on the site of a terrorist attack, the defense…. [read more]

Security Policy and Risk Strategy Essay

… Security Policy and Risk Strategy

Over the last several years, a variety of organizations have begun to implement various security and risk assessment protocols, to ensure that they are protected against the changing nature of threats against them. This has caused many organizations to assume that they are safe from all possible threats, which increases the overall amounts of vulnerability. As this lack of vigilance has created a situation where some type of security vulnerability will be missed. Once this happens, is when the entire network is exposed to these threats. In the case of Making Money Corporation (MMC), they are vulnerable to the changing nature of threats from: the different locations and the large amounts of personal / financial information that they store on…. [read more]

Security an Institution of Higher Term Paper

… The way that the government has handled this problem in the past is to write a broad body of law, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and then allow court cases to work out the specifics.

To that end, there have been three Acts from which the largest body of cyber-security comes. The first is called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This Act protects people from having their private health information stolen and provides penalties for such acts. The second was the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 which sets standards for financial information security. The final major federal law from which judicial precedent is set is the Homeland Security Act of 2002 which basically fills in the holes…. [read more]

Corrections Principal Directorates of Department Term Paper

… After evaluating the information that is available, the Secretary of Homeland Security decides, together with other Federal entities, whether an NTAS Alert should be issued or not (NTAS Public Guide, 2011).

NTAS Alerts will only be issued when reliable information is available. These alerts will comprise a clear declaration that there is an imminent threat or elevated threat. "Using available information, the alerts will offer a concise summary of the potential threat, information about actions being taken to make sure of public safety, and recommended steps that people, communities, businesses and governments can take to assist in preventing, mitigating or responding to the threat" (NTAS Public Guide, 2011).

"The NTAS Alerts will be based on the nature of the threat. In some cases, alerts will…. [read more]

Operation of the Homeland Security Essay

… 3. In accordance with the National Continuity Policy, executive departments and agencies are assigned to one of four categories corresponding with their COOP/COG/ECG responsibilities during an emergency. These categories are used for continuity planning, communications requirements, emergency operations capabilities, and other related requirements. The continuity program staff within an agency coordinates and oversees the development and implementation of continuity plans and supporting procedures. There are four pillars established. The first and second pillars have to do with leadership and staff people. The third pillar concerns communications and technology and the fourth pillar has to do with facilities.

1. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 21: Public Health and Medical Preparedness

2. This directive establishes a National Strategy for Public Health and Medical Preparedness (Strategy), which builds upon…. [read more]

US Department of Homeland Security Research Paper

… Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is charged with arguably the largest collection of missions and directives of any cabinet level organization in the Executive Branch. Considering its broad scope of activities from border security to disaster relief to immigration, the DHS "budget for fiscal 2013 is just over $59 billion" (Waterman, S. February 13, 2012. PP. 1) a seemingly insufficient amount upon consideration of its importance in ensuring "a safer, more secure America" ( Home Page. 2012. PP. 1).

In June of 2002, nine months after the horrific attacks of 9/11, President George W. Bush, "proposed to create a new Department of Homeland Security, the most significant transformation of the U.S. government in over half-century by largely transforming and realigning the current confusing patchwork of…. [read more]

Department of Homeland Security Research Paper

… On October 1, 2002, DOD activated a new regional combatant command, Northern Command (NORCOM), which plays the lead role in homeland defense for missile or air attack defense. Yet unclear is where DOD will fit into a support role for other homeland security missions, such as intelligence analysis; intelligence gathering and law enforcement; research and development, particularly in the chemical/biological area; and use of reserves and the National Guard in functions ranging from protecting airports and borders to assisting in the wake of national disasters.

We must be mindful that if we look at missions from the DOD perspective, much interest centers on keeping overseas military operations as the department's primary focus. Providing personnel and resources to the support of a homeland security mission, though…. [read more]

Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gangs: Threat to National Security? Thesis

… ¶ … predominantly Latino Gangs, Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13), and the 18th Street Gang operating on the streets of communities across America. This study is significant because it will provide a snapshot in time concerning how these violent gangs operate in this country in ways that can inform and alert both civilian society and government agencies concerning optimal responses to the problem created by these gangs. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of documentary evidence and governmental statistics about the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang, this study developed several conclusive findings on the negative effects of these groups in the United States. The Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang are becoming transnational criminal organizations given the fact that they originated in Central America and…. [read more]

Providing Digital Security for Federal Agencies Case Study

… In fact GISRA did many of the things that FISMA does, including develop security policies and submit those policy plans (and a compliance report) to the Office of Management and Budget. However under GISRA agencies were not provided funds to agencies that could pay for assessments of their security measures, and FISMA does provide those funds. The GISRA also did not provide specifics as to the kinds of IT controls that agencies should put in place and there were no standards through which risk levels could be determined. The FISMA guidelines are far more specific, and FISMA gives each federal agency eight requirements to comply with.

Those eight FISMA requirements are a very good model for business information security programs because they provide specifics on…. [read more]

Homeland Security Coordination and Implementation Essay

… To this end, the risk assessment included "only those differences in risk that are still significant despite the associated uncertainties" (SNRA 2011, 6). The Strategic National Risk Assessment is strategic, which means that the full spectrum of risks and some particular regional or incidental risks will not be identified. Because of the focus on the contingency type risks emphasized in the PPD-8, steady-state risks were not explicitly assessed; examples of steady-state risks include border violations, drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and intellectual property violations (SNRA 2011, 6). The varying maturity rates of the data sources related to some events impeded comparison, such that qualitative discussion and representation was employed (SNRA 2011, 6). The dynamic nature of some hazard is not modeled by the methodology used for…. [read more]

Metrics, Implementation, and Enforcement (Security Research Paper

… Cridex has been a bot Trojan that operates by opening the rear door on the compromised Computer and putting in a form of the Necurs rootkit to avoid conventional operating-system-based security and safety applications from reading through its binaries. This targeted breach generally starts execution around the target system via a drive-by-download breach that makes use of system susceptibility or perhaps a social engineering strike with an e-mail attachment. After that it installs the Necurs rootkit, which has also been utilized by a number of malware groups, such as Advanced Pc Shield 2012 along with Banker, to endanger the operating-system. Cridex subsequently assumes charge of the victim's computer system and enables it to gather data and possibly make deceptive transactions simply by manipulating genuine bank…. [read more]

Security Professionals Respond Article Review

… First, "threat awareness" means conducting the highest level of intelligence that is possible. "There simply is no adequate substitute for good intelligence," Chertoff explains (10). Secondly, detection is of enormous importance. Screening incoming visitors for radiological devices is imperative, and there are 3 types of information that detect an anthrax attack: a) traditional "clinical data" must be gathered from the public health community; b) "BioWatch" data -- received from detectors in various places in the country -- must be able to detect pathogens that will be airborne; and c) intelligence of a non-medical nature needs to be sufficient to locate the source of the terrorist activities.

Thirdly, Chertoff believes that protection against the toxic pathogens is critical. This involves planning in order to prevent "disruption…. [read more]

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Article Review

… Homeland Security & Emergency Management Overview


Code Wars: America's Cyber Threat

• Post a response to the following statement: "Cybercrime: Everyone is a target."

• In your post address describe and explain the roles and responsibilities of DHS and other government and private sector partnerships.

• In addition, identify what cyber threats you believe present the biggest security risk to our country? Why? Respond to at least two other learners.

The recent scandal over the theft of identities at Target over the Thanksgiving 'black Friday' weekend highlights the pervasiveness of identity theft in our society. "According to Target, hackers stole card numbers, security codes and other data from as many as 40 million credit and debit cards swiped…. [read more]

Homeland Security Essay

… Criminal Justice -- Homeland Security

Understanding Emergency Management

Emergency management refers to the entire network of government agencies, public institutions, and their various resources, policies, and procedures for responding to circumstances that threaten the immediate health and safety of the population (DHS-FEMA, 2006). These threats come from different sources, including so-called "acts of god," natural disaster, industrial accident, and intentional acts of destruction perpetrated by humans such as in connection with modern terrorism (DHS-FEMA, 2006).

Generally, emergency management consists of systems, policies, and procedures for implementing first responders to emergency situations and for providing external support and resources to areas affected directly by the consequences of emergencies. Those efforts typically include first response, emergency rescue and evacuation, medical triage and treatment, maintenance of government and…. [read more]

Managing Homeland Security Essay

… Managing Homeland Security

You were recently selected as the Emergency Management Coordinator for a medium-sized city. Your position didn't exist in that city before you came along. You have been asked to submit a couple page write up for the city's quarterly newsletter to explain just what emergency management is and what the function of the coordinator is. Draft a two-page explanation of what it is that you will be doing for the fair citizens of your community. )

Emergency management in general is a program or plan that coordinates efforts of all available agencies and individuals to ensure that a community is capable of responding to and possibly preventing disasters that may occur in the wake of natural or man made disasters: floods, fires,…. [read more]

Implementation of National Response Framework Mission Area Essay

… How the United States conducts an all-hazard's response in the five preparedness mission areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and disaster recovery.

The identified capabilities provide the U.S. government with the desired national preparedness and management of disasters. Disaster management occurs using a systematic approach consisting of different steps such a disaster/risk prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Disaster prevention encompasses capabilities considered necessary in avoiding, preventing, or stopping a threat or actual terrorism likely to face the state. It ensures that the state is prepared optimally to prevent potential terrorist attack within the state. Protection entails capabilities of the U.S. To safeguard the homeland from acts of manmade and natural disasters alongside terrorism. It concentrates on the actions developed to protect the U.S. citizens,…. [read more]

Lynchburg Security Research Paper

… In particular, the report has assessed protocol enactment and accountability as appropriate security measure to respond to disaster prone areas. In addition, the report has compared the present security situation to the United Kingdom and clarified the necessity of devolving security management to the community level.


Agostino, D.M., & Jenkins, W.O. (2011). Catastrophic planning: states participating in FEMA's pilot program made progress, but better guidance could enhance future pilot programs. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Govt. Accountability Office.

Brownstein, C. (2007). Report of the DHS national small vessel security summit managing the risk. Arlington, VA: Homeland Security Institute.

Davis, B.J. (2011, November 1). Interagency Logistics Education and Training: Building Homeland Defense and Civil Support Liaisons: Disasters within the United States

Edkins, J. (2011). Missing: Persons and…. [read more]

Department of Homeland Security the Attacks Essay

… ¶ … Department of Homeland Security

The attacks of September 11, 2001 exposed weaknesses in the government's defense of the nation resulting in Congress creating a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2003, which combined a variety of agencies in providing protection to the nation. This work intends to answer the questions of what the political struggle inherent in the debate over whether to have an Office of Homeland Security or a Department of Homeland Security and how did Congress and President Bush inject other agendas into the creation of the Department Homeland Security. Finally, this work will answer the question of how the distinct cultures of law enforcement agencies folded into DHS impact on its overall functioning and effectiveness.

THE DEBATE of…. [read more]

France's Homeland Security Challenges and the Policies Thesis

… France's homeland security challenges and the policies and actions of that nation in response to these issues.

The homeland security and counterterrorism procedures were pushed into overdrive after the September 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. soil and the following terrorist attacks that occurred in different parts of Europe like the UK and Spain. The overall need for the safer and more thorough procedures was agreed mutually across both continents; however, the procedures and their application are much different across both the continents.

The major difference between the two states is this: the U.S. government has tried to completely restructure and reorganize their prior homeland and border security procedures while the European states have merely tried making adjustments in their existing counterterrorism and security structures. Both…. [read more]

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