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Organization Behavior Contemporary Issues Essay

… Similarly, the second approach, "Participation and Involvement" discusses the importance of employees' role in the organizational development and innovation process. By following this approach, organizations can not only bring the required change effectively, but can also improve the level of motivation and commitment of their employees. Further, the managers can improve the skills and capabilities of their subordinates through facilitation and support in the change management process. These new skills can also help them in the long run in their day-to-day tasks. The fifth change approach, "Negotiation and Agreement" is also effective when organizations give equal importance to their change strategy as well as to their industrial relations.


Converse to these strengths of the model, there are certain weaknesses which resist organizations to follow…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Strategic Management Essay

… However, there is no system by which lower level employees can communicate their issues and problems to the Top Level Management or the Board of Directors (Purcell & Ahlstrand 1994). There should be some communication channel through which positive or negative feedback of lower level workers can be communicated to the Management (Robbins & Coulter 2006). This is a very effective strategy to improve the professional development programs and achieve the operational excellence in the business activities (Guest 1987).


Adobe has implemented strong HR policies and practices to manage and develop its human resource. In order to get the best work done through its employees, Adobe has set certain strategic HR objectives. These objectives constitute its aims to recruit and train the best talent…. [read more]

Innovation Models in an Organization Multiple Chapters

… In this case, organizational factors that help in implementing and maintaining an innovation model will be analyzed. Third, the study seeks to determine the concept and learning process of closed innovation and open innovation. This is an important aspect for understanding the role and significance of different innovation models towards organizational success. Fourth, the research will determine the role that key success factors of an innovation model play in influencing an organization's growth trajectories.

Research Methodology - Quantitative

To achieve the overall objective of this study, the researcher will conduct a quantitative research approach that will involve administering a questionnaire to a group of employees from German and Swiss labor markets. The use of a quantitative research approach is influenced by the fact that the…. [read more]

Innovation and Theories of Management Essay

… In the Audretsch text, it is apparent that each organization will have to carefully select its orientation according to its own characteristics. Audretsch goes on to contend that the nature of the industry's historical status will contribute to the balance in approach taken by the successful organization. The author contends that "a more thoughtful examination of the framework of the industry lifecycle suggests that the relative importance of radical vs. incremental innovations is shaped by the industry lifecycle." (Audretsch, 2006; p. 314) Here, Audretsch presents the useful premise to our work that the pace at which an organization innovations or restructures itself will be contingent upon both internal and external factors. Key among said factors is the nature of the Leadership core within the organization.…. [read more]

Organizational Change and Development Essay

… Organizational Change and Development

The critical enterprise consists, ideally, of three aspects: (1) explanation and critique of current systems and the historical currents that have given rise to them, (2) an alternative vision of organizations and society that resolves the problems and oppressions in the current systems, and (3) an account of how one moves from the current system to the envisioned one, either naturally or through planned change. Critical research on organizations has generally been weakest in terms of this third aspect. No doubt this is due, in large part, to the Sisyphean tasks of explaining the subtle and often hidden means of control that pre- serve current systems and going beyond them to en- vision alternatives that are exceptionally difficult to distill and…. [read more]

Organizational Theory #2 What Core Essay

… Revolutionary change, therefore, can often mean providing something new to customers.

Three ways to implement revolutionary change are reengineering, restructuring, and innovation (Jones, 2010). Reengineering involves the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed. Restructuring is a process by which managers change task and authority relationships and redesign organizational structure and culture to improve organizational effectiveness. It can involve tactics such as downsizing or leveraging technology to improve performance. Innovation is the process by which an organization uses its skills and resource to develop new goods and services or to develop new production and operating systems to better respond to the needs of customers. Innovation is one of the…. [read more]

Organizational Change in the Public Capstone Project

… These eight factors affect the outcome of results of change organizational levels during the change process.

This discussion also considers each factor as potentially leading to the successful implementation of change or improving implementation process. Conclusively, in spite of what some researchers might view as the coherent nature of these determinants and suggestions (Saarinen & Tinnila, 2002).

Factor 1: Need for change

It is the role of managerial leaders to authenticate and convincingly address the need for change. Research shows that the discharge of intended change usually requires that leaders confirm the need for change and plead with other members of the organization and significant external stakeholders that it is indispensable (Richards & Rodrigues, 1993; Middlemist & Hitt, 1988, Walters, 1990; Abramson & Paul, 2001).…. [read more]

Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Thesis

… Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Between Senior Navy Leadership and Junior Personnel at Mobile Mine Assembly Group


Mobile Mine Assembly group

A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning

Anticipating the Need to Change, Problem and Area for Improvement

Impact of Organization's Culture

Client and Practitioner Considerations

Diagnostic Process and Data Collection

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Institutionalization Action Plan and Timeline

Action Plans, Strategies, and Techniques

Specific Intervention Analysis

Today's managers are complex individuals, who must possess vast skills and expertise in order to develop the best courses of action, through which companies respond to the emergent challenges. Examples of challenges to which the modern day leaders must respond to include the intensifying forces of…. [read more]

Organizational Leadership Change Competition Term Paper

… The literary sources reveal a wide array of skills necessary for the successful management of change, and the current project is far from being exhaustive. Nevertheless, the final skill which it would mention is the one presented by Kevin S. Groves, namely the personal trait of charisma. The importance of the charismatic leader in the successful management of change is represented by the ability to motivate and involve people in the change process and it relies on the exploitation of emotional skills.

3. Conclusions

The modern day society is characterized by a series of changes in the fields of economic, politics, technology and even society. These changes present the business agents with both opportunities as well as threats and force them to adopt change as…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Competitive Advantage Essay

… b. Control Costs in the Long Run:

Although organizations have to expend a significant amount of budget on the training and skills development of their existing and newly recruited staff, these expenditures can eventually control the heavy costs which they have to incur in the long run. That is, if organizations continue to provide training to their employees on periodical basis, these employees are basically trained to fill the higher management positions in the future. In this way, organizations can save the money which is expended on the training of new employees at the Top Management positions by promoting their existing employees to those positions. The huge expenditures which organizations incur on the training of their higher level officials put heavy financial burden on their…. [read more]

Organization Behavior "Performance Management Essay

… In order to fill the gap between training and development needs and the organizational requirements, the Management must institute an effective people performance management system for all categories of its workforce (Boselie, Dietz, & Boon 2005).

Goal Setting:

Managers are assigned different short-term and long-term targets which they have to achieve through their subordinates within specified deadlines and allocated resources. In order to accomplish these targets in an effective and efficient fashion, the managers need to get the work done through their subordinates in a well-organized fashion. The Performance Management model by Michael Armstrong gives a special focus on goal setting for the achievement of organizational objectives in a cost-efficient way. Armstrong believes that managers can divide their big targets into small targets and assign…. [read more]

Innovation Models in an Organization Multiple Chapters

… To what extent is the innovation model(s) implemented throughout the entire organization and departments?

11. How does the company ensure that innovation remains at the frontline of its operations and success in the ever-changing market?

12. How often does the company review and/or change its innovation model(s) or processes to ensure continued success across all operations?

13. What role has the company's innovation models/processes played in maintaining sustainable growth?

14. How has continued innovation influenced the organization's growth trajectories?

15. To what extent does the company's management ensure that employees understand and implement innovation models?

16. How does the company's management create necessary buy-ins for implementation of innovation models across all organizational departments?

17. How does the company corporate culture promote and enhance continued innovation?…. [read more]

Innovation Ethic in Chapter Essay

… He thought that large-scale industry would turn the American people into a class of dependents and wage slaves, while the owners of industry would become an aristocracy or oligarchy. This was also true of his slaveholding successors like Andrew Jackson (132). In contrast to Hamilton's nationalism, centralization and support for manufacturing and industry they envisioned an America that would remain mostly rural and pastoral, lacking big cities, factories, banks, and speculators in paper money and stocks. In the 1830s, Alexis de Tocqueville also noticed that a new "manufacturing aristocracy" already existed in the Northeast, and that the permanent working class that Jefferson had feared was coming into being as well (133). After the Civil War, it was already clear that the U.S. was going to…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Essay

… e. suppliers, distributors and potential investors) in order to operate efficiently and profitably. While the executive body is almost always responsible for analyzing relevant market and internal productive data in order to create strategic initiatives for achieving success, this process will prove to be futile if this group cannot effectively communicate the final products and goals of such analyses to their subordinates. The same concept applies to suppliers and potentially useful sources of investment. Ultimately, effective communication is the engine driving every organization's corporate car towards success.

Organizational Culture at Apple

A perfect template for examining a highly functional organizational culture and subsequently progressive organization behavior can be found in the corporate analysis of the Apple Corporation. This company was "treading water" until their progressive…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Transformation Essay

… Theories in organizational behavior are closely linked to psychology and sociology. Understanding group and individual behavior helps to improve organizational performance by managing individual behaviors (Mullins, 2005). A close relationship exists between organizational behavior and management theory.

Organizational behavior is affected by culture to a certain degree. The culture of the organization sets the "climate" of the organization and this has a significant effect on the behavior of individuals within the organization (Chaneta). This can be seen in the early history of the JC Penny Company. Although JC Penny did not realize it, its growth was dependent upon the organizational culture that he instilled in his managers. In the early days of the store, growth depended on individual managers starting their own store. When the…. [read more]

Innovation and Sustainability the Long Essay

… The strains that this group of new consumers puts on the price of fossil fuels will mean that cheap and easy access to gasoline will never be in reach, and that the perpetual growth of the economic output of these two countries may be in jeopardy because the still low-income middle class will find paying for gasoline to be prohibitively expensive.

As far as production habits of humans are concerned, the use of foreign labor has been both a blessing and a curse. China went through a period of extreme difficulty in the 1960s when families were starving due to lack of food and the inability to create agricultural sectors that could handle the increase in population at the hands of Mao Zedong. The American…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… Apart from reason, a heterogeneous organization should also understand the culture and personality of each member of the organization in order to become effective in managing change.

8. The scarcity of resources alone would be ground enough for diagnostic information to be unavailable; thus, it is imperative that members have sufficient resources to work efficiently.

9. Evaluation in OD programs are needed because it takes into account external and internal forces that are vital to the implementation of intervention in the organization. However, it is important to note that OD program evaluations are also difficult to accomplish, simply because it tests an intervention program at its first level; thus, it is also important to create follow-up evaluations to check whether the evaluations are as effective…. [read more]

Organization Project Intermountain Was Started Research Paper

… Intermountain healthcare follows a vertical structure because it can be efficient with ultimately only one point of authority to take decisions.

The Board of Directors at Intermountain healthcare helps make key decisions. They spend their valuable time and substantial expertise in providing service to others by directing and guiding the affairs at Intermountain and those which they hold in trust for the community. At Intermountain healthcare, the higher authorities set up high and distinctive goals for each year and such goals that are serving the mission. The authorities check the progress against the set standards and the goals setup should be attainable and measureable to ensure efficiency by the authorities.

The hierarchical structure would best suit Intermountain healthcare, because the authority at organizational level is…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior - Analysis Term Paper

… Lucy should sit back and also allow Jane work with the top leaders to direct the company as they best see fit. Though she has appointed Jane in charge, she is still to much involved in the daily activities and preventing Jane from truly taking on the role of leader. She should also take the time to encourage her top leaders and speak with Patrick candidly regarding his strengths and weaknesses, and offer him opportunities for rising above his dissent to a useful spot within the top leader and management team.

One last comment, regarding Patrick's dissatisfaction. Jane should acknowledge his disappointment at not being appointed to the head position of the company, and then work with Patrick to develop a job description that is…. [read more]

Organizational Dynamics of Coffee Essay

… The structure of any organization gives the primary template that help secure the continuation of the norms, culture, values philosophies and informal activities that part and parcel of the organization.

Duncan (1979) in his Article," What is the Right Organization?," argues that all organizations are undergoing change. These changes move from matrix to horizontal and finally to virtual according to An and Daft (2006).

There exist two general theories that are used to design the structures of organizations. First is the universalistic approach commonly called the standard hierarchical design? This approach is based on the belief that that there is only one way that best suits all the organizations during the structuring process the situations and prevailing conditions notwithstanding. This approach is also base on…. [read more]

Innovation in Semco Organization Case Study

… Innovation in Semco Organization

The new century is the century of advancements like never before. The world is changing at a rapid pace and individuals, communities and entire societies need to remain alert to all these changes and quickly answer the emergent requirements. While this necessity might not be as obvious for individuals, it has become a constant within organizational entities.

Economic agents are now faced with the necessity of continually monitoring the market place -- both national as well as international --, identifying the new elements and quickly adapting to them. For instance, they are required to better train and motivate the staff members and to better integrate them within the organizational context in order to best capitalize on their skills and intellectual capital.…. [read more]

Innovation in Operations Management Thesis

… Innovation in Operations Management

Throughout the past recent decades, various factors emerged to force organizations to adapt along. Issues such as globalization, market liberalization or international affairs have generated mutations in the way stakeholders behave. As a result then, economic entities had to develop and implement strategies customized to the new needs and demands. In the contemporaneous era, the most useful such strategy is given by a differentiation achieved through an increased emphasis on corporate core competencies. "The most powerful way to prevail in global competition is still invisible to many companies. During the 1980s, top executives were judged on their ability to restructure, declutter, and delayer their corporations. In the 1990s, they'll be judged on their ability to identify, cultivate, and exploit the core…. [read more]

Communications Innovation at L3 Research Paper

… The information in which an individual receives about the organization's culture generally comes from informal sources through their peers or other associations. While some larger organizations may have formal onboarding training that attempts to have some control over the culture, individuals will still seek informal cues by themselves to help them develop their individual perceptions of the organizational culture. Therefore the organizational culture can be hard to control.

The challenge for today's organizations is to create a learning culture. Since the skills required by employees" to maintain a completive advantage have become more dynamic in nature then embedding a culture of learning represents the ideal position for achieving competitiveness (Alipour, et al., 2011). An organization that has developed a culture of learning is often well…. [read more]

Organization 25 Employees Worked, Em-Ployed Essay

… Google has an informal corporate culture that encompasses the no evil philosophy alongside other ethical principles. The company offers stock options to employees even at entry level which acts as a motivation factor towards their improved performance. This is also seen in the company's ranking as the best employer in the world as per data released by Fortune magazine and Universum. The no evil philosophy is one of the major values that the company attributes its success to.


Individuals within the organization refer to the knowledge and skills which the organization's employees need to transform the various inputs into outputs. These include the commitment and motivation of employees alongside the availability of much needed human resources. Google prides itself in having an informal work…. [read more]

Impact of Innovation Research Paper

… Innovation

Assessing the Impact of Innovation on Organizations

The impact of innovation on the business processes, models, frameworks, go-to-market and product development strategies of Apple, Disney and Google are changing the foundations of the markets they compete in daily. Apple's exceptional innovation at first MP3 players and now tablet PCs and PDAs changed the music industry, where record labels are reporting in some months more revenues from iTunes than from their own distribution channels (Ritson, 2004). Google's preeminence in advertising model thought leadership and innovation practices today find 57% of their revenues from ideas generated through the Rule of 20% (Gawer, Cusumano, 2008). The essence of this rule is that each engineer in Google gets one day a week to pursue their own invention, and…. [read more]

Innovation Is a Key Success Essay

… One of the reasons why the pull strategy is becoming more common is that companies, through social media in particular, are better able to receive ideas and feedback from customers that can drive innovation. By fostering more open communication with customers, companies can improve their innovation pipelines. Whether an innovation strategy is perceived to be commonly overlooked or not is irrelevant, the only issue is whether it exists and whether it can be utilized. People who read Drucker -- and that is most people -- understand that innovation has a wide range of sources, and it includes listening, thinking, perceiving and conceiving. Innovation often comes from within the companies at lower levels of the organization, but it can just as easily come from a conversation…. [read more]

Innovations in Marketing Services Essay

… For example, even with fast food which is ostensibly eaten for the sake of convenience rather than taste, it is possible to eat an equally cheap meal as a McDonald's Extra Value meal by eating an inexpensive iceberg lettuce salad and a can of store-brand tuna. The idea of having something decadent, home-cooked, and kid-pleasing as a reward is part of the appeal of marketing the fast food service. Because consumers tend to cut out services before necessities when budgeting as well, the marketing of services has been deemed particularly critical.

Innovations in marketing services might comprise shifting the persuasive case made for the need for the service, as well as the target demographic. For example, a local cleaning service might initially market itself to…. [read more]

Organizational Theory 'There Is a Thin Line Term Paper

… Organizational Theory

'There is a thin line between innovation and imitation in entrepreneurship.' Discuss this statement using perspectives from organization theory.

Innovation and imitation are both important propellers of economic development in different business sectors. The main difference between the two is probably represented by the legitimacy of each notion: innovation is creativity and inventiveness, while imitation is simply copying what somebody else has produced or has promoted. There is a middle way, imitation with improvement and development and this is probably more common throughout the business world. Rather than investing huge sums of money in research and development, one may prefer to take an existing idea and develop it to a degree to which it is viable, feasible and can maximize profit for the…. [read more]

Innovation in an Organization Term Paper

… Therefore, company performance must be defined and assessed with respect to internal and external factors.

Almost all companies are now trying to get managers more involved in the business, by distributing strategic information and encouraging feedback and discussion (Alder, 1993, pp. 68-78; De Bono, 1992, pp. 5-9). But middle managers have little understanding of the wider competitive environment and the strategic positioning of the firm. Too often, middle managers conclude that the latest batch of business information indicates that more lay-offs and disruption are on the way. The information simply makes them anxious and defensive.


In sum, success in creativity and innovation requires developing a creative climate in the company. In order to run an effective creative problem solving session, the climate and culture…. [read more]

Org Structure an Organization Case Study

… Different structures have different effects on behaviors within the organization, so which organizational structure is the best is going to depend on what the objectives of the organization are. Each organization has a different set of objectives and different market conditions. Moreover, there are different leadership conditions that are oriented towards specific types of behaviors. When you put all of this together, it becomes clear that for each company there will be an ideal organizational structure but it is impossible to generalize and say that one structure is always better.

As an example, we can look at Google. Google has a lot of work teams and otherwise only a vague sense of organizational structure. This fosters a high level of innovation at the company. This…. [read more]

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