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Innovations and Developments in the Music Festival Industry Essay

… ¶ … business today, the music industry has seen rapid and extreme changes. Not least of these is the change towards the digital media and the Internet. These have changed the face and nature of the music industry, as well as the development and purchase of music by the public. In addition, the current drive towards more green technologies has also created changes in the way music products have been developed and provided to consumers. The same is true of music festivals. Music festivals create the need for large spaces and quantities of products and infrastructure to be successful. At the same time, trends in the music industry are often at the heart of creating these festivals for the purpose of attracting as many consumers…. [read more]

Culture Industry the Cultural Industries Essay

… In addition, such industries also help public institutions that have an involvement in the social services. However, there are a number of challenges that cultural industries are facing in the contemporary times. Firstly, for the enhancement of innovation, an improvement is needed in the people-institutions connection. Secondly, public and private support needs coordination for the minimization of redundancy. Such industries also face the challenge of creating emphasized focus on the economic conditions that may be improved by both cultural and artistic elements. Thirdly, small and medium scale organizations must be provided with reliable funding sources.


To cut a long story short, it is the need of the time that the world starts giving the due importance to arts and culture. Every country must be…. [read more]

Capsule From the 1960's Peers Term Paper

… Other items such as handheld calculators, ATMs, bar code scanners, and artificial hearts also were invented in the 1960s.

The 60s were a decade that presented us with many lessons to learn. There is a lot of evidence of creative expression. This period was also a time of great change and transition. We must also not forget that this era was very violent. Many people suffered injuries and lost their lives as part of their struggle for various forms of human rights or protection. The 60s showed us how much we can achieve when we are united and focused about social causes. The 60s showed us how we are not alone when we stand up for ourselves and others. The 60s opened our eyes to…. [read more]

Hip Hop Dance Term Paper

… Hip Hop Dance History

There are many changes that take place in societies and most of the changes take place due to the natures of the societies. Some of the changes are viewed to be new, but they are often revival of old traditions, and then it is very difficult to decide when the change really took place. Hip hop dance is one such matter and it started to be noticed only in the early 70s, and in that respect it is a new dance, but it also gave a freedom to all parts of societies to dance according to their desires. Thus it is very difficult to say that it is a new dance as self-expression is a part and parcel of the living…. [read more]

Chinese Film the Evolution Essay

… With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, more and more people are able to afford to pay to see the new movies in the theatre. This market segment has nearly tripled over the last decade and producers are rapidly trying to keep up with the increases in demand. Some of the latest developments, such as 3D technology, coupled with the increases in demand, promise to make the development of the Chinese industry even that more interesting. As a result of these developments, the Chinese film industry has the potential to become a leader in the world film industry, with the capacity to produce high quality films in unimaginable numbers.

Despite the current advancements in the industry, much of the content in the films is…. [read more]

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Grant Grant Proposal

… The Conservancy looks to these members for input, while maintaining an independent role and seeking to advance practices and strategies that best align with and support our mission. Therefore, to assess the extent to which the proposed project remedies the problems noted above, it will be necessary to quantify the results to measure the project's effectiveness. The following are the project objectives;

1. The employees and clients will learn about the Conservancy's pioneering efforts to value and invest in nature, mitigate related business risks and realize new opportunities for their own companies. Hikers will benefit from the Conservancy's core competencies in conservation planning, site-based conservation, habitat management, community outreach and capacity building, and conservation finance.

2. Network with peers from a variety of industries and…. [read more]

Nationalism vs. Globalization in Taiwan Term Paper

… ¶ … press on globalization and its economic impact has focused on the incredible growth of China, Japan and Korea, Taiwan's emergence as a world player almost more dramatic. Once an ostracized island confederation, Taiwan has embraced the power of globalization and allowed itself to become of the growing number of success stories of the East Asian economic region. The question of how globalization emerged within our modern world and specifically within East Asia is a complicated one. It was the result of economic, political, social and cultural circumstances that were all perfectly in tune over the last quarter of a century. The Western conquest of the Asian region through Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other East Asian countries resulted in an influx of foreign capital…. [read more]

Technology Use to Increase Student Achievement Dissertation

… students in grades 6-8 in the local school are not achieving in their music classes.

The proposed area of study is to determine the effects of integrating Audience Response systems (ARs) into music classrooms, with a goal to increase student achievement in secondary music programs. Generally, present-day music classrooms are not well equipped with 21st century technology; yet simultaneously, students have become more reliant and dependent on technology to provide them with information, learning tools, and social communication. The lack of classroom computer resources continues to affect how the students are performing on their music assessment tests; this also affects their testing in Science, Reading, and Math subjects (Milner, 2012).

Audio response system technology has many new products, such as the Apple iPad and the…. [read more]

Vision Newspaper Extract Kim Gavin, the Artistic Term Paper

… Vision

Newspaper Extract

Kim Gavin, the artistic director for the London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony criticized past Closing Ceremonies in particular Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony, Athens, 2004 Closing Ceremony and Atlanta 1996 Closing Ceremony are his claims justified?

The Closing Ceremony is the magnificent ending of the Olympic and Paralympics Games. They are celebrated to conclude the whole event and to handover the Olympic flag to the next Host City. The next closing ceremony that will take place on 12 August 2012 in London is being designed by Kim Gravin.

Kim Gravin criticized the past closing ceremonies because he was viewing these ceremonies from his point-of-view. Kim is famous for managing concerts and tours for popular bands and he seems to concentrate on engaging…. [read more]

Opportunities to Succeed as an Independent Hotel in Competition With Chain Hotels Term Paper

… Opportunities to Succeed as an Independent Hotel in Competition With Chain Hotels

Hotel Augustin, Bergen Norway

Overview of Hotel Augustin

The Augustin Hotel located in Bergen Norway is the oldest family-run hotel in Bergen. The Augustin "...combine[s] old world charm with modern sophistication." ( Hotel Augustin was built in 1909 in what is referred to as "Jugend style." The present family running the hotel came into ownership during 1919 and is presently under operation by the fourth generation. (Scantours, 2007) During the 17th century, the Altona Tavern was a local haunt for Bergen artists and concertmasters and has since then been "creatively incorporated into the hotel." (Ibid; paraphrased) the Altona was host to the concertmaster Ole Rodder as well as other luminaries of the 1700's…. [read more]

Piracy, Counterfeiting, Patent Violation Dissertation

… "Digital equipments are commonly found to be copied" (Lynch 2004).

Different varieties of counterfeit Apple iPhone are easily available which greatly resembles from the original product in their looks, software and quality as well. These counterfeit products usually appear about a month or two after the original product goes on for sale, although it appears to be exactly the same product in looks as well as usage but the price tag for the fake item is just a fraction as compared to the original product, in our case the Apple products are a good example for this. "Many of the top brands are available in their relative cheaper counterfeit versions" (Broadhurst 2005).

Fake luxury goods

Counterfeiting of luxury items is also very common in China,…. [read more]

Social Media Marketing in Serbian Tourism Industry Thesis

… To help the industry achieve this aim, strategic marketing plays a substantial role. While there are various components of this strategy, the one that stands out in the Digital Era is the use of social media. How do travelers to Serbia use social media to plan their trips? How do organizations in the tourism industry use social media to appeal to consumers? Understanding the way in which these two groups view the phenomenon of social media usage can help to enable a deeper understanding of how social media can be used as a component in Serbian tourism's market strategy as well as the marketing strategy of tourist and hospitality organizations around the world.

To date, some organizations within the tourism industry are…. [read more]

Metamorphosis of Opera in South Africa Thesis

… ¶ … metamorphosis of Opera in South Africa. We also present the metamorphosis of opera in other parts of the world in order to contrast the transformation with the one observed in South Africa. In out analysis we discuss how the Apartheid era created barriers for black South Africans in Opera production. The barriers of different languages are also explored in the context of Opera in South Africa. We explore the post-apartheid changes in Opera in South Africa as well as how Carmen translations overcame the various language barriers in South Africa. The Impact of Operas like Princess Magogo, Winnie Mandela, and U-Carmen Ekhayalitsha on the general perception, popularity as well as growth of Opera in South Africa is also explored.




Opera…. [read more]

Travel and Tourism in Malaysia Essay

… These include the beautiful paradise that many see when they first visit the 13 states and 3 federally operated territories. There are a variety of different people that live in Malaysia making it much like visiting a miniature world, with people of so many different ethnicities. Among the reasons for its popularity include the fine arts of Malaysia, with influences from the indigenous people, China, Thailand, Indonesia and other people's. There is a rich history of music and performances, as well as festivals. Malaysia is likely to be visited for those interested in heritage tourism and festival tourism as much as for any other reason.

Some travel for religious and sacred interests as well. There are many fine cuisines with influences from the surrounding regions…. [read more]

Dark Age and the Archaic Term Paper

… Spartan males were raised to be warriors and Spartan females were raised to be subservient and serve Spartan males. Examining the system, it is clear that Spartan women suffered from systemic political gender discrimination, but it is equally clear that the rigid gender roles deprived Spartan males of many of the aspects of life generally considered critical for happiness and good mental health. In fact, the Spartan ideal for manliness was one of physical perfection, so that imperfect male infants were left to die or placed into slavery. This is one way where Spartan males were placed to a much higher standard than Spartan females. Males were also deprived of significant maternal contact and comfort; they were raised by wet-nurses and they were not shown…. [read more]

Politics in Video Gaming Do Video Games Side With Certain British Political Ideologies Dissertation

… Video games have for a long time been associated with the passage of certain ideologies. The concept of video games has therefore been instrumental in the process of passing certain social and political ideologies. This paper seeks to explore the element and role that the video games play in the process of passing certain political ideologies in the British society. The main aim is therefore to expose the extent to which video games side with certain British political ideologies. This paper begins by analyzing the role that video game play in the passage of general ideologies and then it narrows down to the real specifics that are involved in the process of influencing the British ideologies. The exact parameters are then evaluated and then the…. [read more]

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