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Inorganic Chemistry Linear Sp Carbon Term Paper

… Additionally, when the polyenes are end-capped with organic or organometallic groups, the instability becomes likewise proportionately affected. It was cited from previous studies that shorter interchain distances are favorable for achieving stability, and the addition of bulky terminating groups do impact the molecular stability. Extending the carbon chains beyond the homologues presented by Hirsch et al. is considered to demonstrate unstable states (they found even homologue 6 to be greatly unstable), causing them to question the plausibility of Lagow's claim of an sp-carbon allotrope of length greater than 300 carbons. Also presented by Hirsch et al., molecular arrangements with alternating single and triple bonds show a decrease in bond length from the ends to the center, which increases with increasing chain length. Extrapolating for the…. [read more]

Prebiotic Potential of Chitosans Essay

… ¶ … Prebiotic Potential of Chitosans

Prebiotic Potential Of Chitosan

"The favourable properties like biocompatibility, biodegradability, pH sensitiveness, mucoadhesiveness, etc.

has enabled these polymers to become the choice of the pharmacologists as oral delivery matrices for proteins"

(George & Abraham, 2006, Abstract section).).

In the study, "Polyionic hydrocolloids for the intestinal delivery of protein drugs: Alginate and chitosan- a review," M. George and T.E. Abraham (2006) discuss the contemporary challenge in the design of oral delivery of peptide or protein drugs. Consequently, as the majority of "the synthetic polymers are immunogenic and the incorporation of proteins in to these polymers require harsh environment which may denature and inactivate the desired protein" George and Abraham (2006, Abstract), pH sensitive hydrogels such as alginate and chitosan have…. [read more]

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