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Art Exhibition Essay

… Art Exhibition

One of the more often repeated sayings is that the United States is a melting pot of cultures. This is nowhere as true as it is when thinking about the artistic experience since the late 18th century forward. Celebrating this immigrant experience, the Smithsonian Institution presents an exhibit entitled, Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art. The exhibit is located in Washington, D.C., and lasts from October 25, 2013 to March 2, 2014. The exhibition includes 92 works in all media from 72 artists in various styles and genres. The overall message of the exhibition is to celebrate Latino culture through the local experience about what it means to be a Latino in modern-America; the cultural and personal heritage expressed though art…. [read more]

Art During Renaissance the Evolution Thesis

… Comparisons of Renaissance and Medieval Art

There are a number of comparisons that can be made between Renaissance and Medieval Art. For example, medieval art's colors are mostly drab and dull because the pigments are mixed with egg yolk. They also have more religious aspects to them. Renaissance art is more realistic and the colors are a lot richer. Moreover, the focus of medieval art was primarily on religion; very focused on creating symbols of Christian concepts/values and not concerned with realism. Renaissance art is very focused on realism; on portraying things as they look in nature. In part, the realism of Renaissance art is attributable to the use of linear perspective in painting. As previously noted, there was a diminished focus on religion; however,…. [read more]

Art Currently on Loan Term Paper

… He is leaving town on some unknown journey. Given that the subject of the painting is likely to be "one of these prosperous bankers or merchants who were eager to have their likenesses immortalized by Memling," the man might be off to make a business deal in a neighboring town. Regardless of where he is actually headed, it does not appear to be a hard journey or even one that has not been undertaken before. The man looks peaceful, calm, and slightly contemplative, and barely concerned. He has a strong sense of presence and confidence. This is not a poor peasant in feudal medieval Europe. After all, this is wealthy Bruges.

The foreground and focal point is consumed by the man's visage. The eye is…. [read more]

Art of Collage Research Paper

… Art of Collage

Collage refers to the art of expression that is created by pasting a variety of materials on a given surface. A collage artist may use materials such paper, sand, wood among other materials on a surface to produce the art. This paper seeks to discuss collage with specification to collage artists such as Michael Anderson. The paper will talk about Anderson and his particular collage arts such as 'the five deadly venom' and beyond bling. The paper will also be integrated with a number of other collage artists.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is reported to have been born in the United States in the state of California and grew up in a number of places that includes Texas. According to one of…. [read more]

Art History and Contemporary Essay

… Perhaps this is the genesis of the very nature for humans that we need to continuously explore and explain the unknown. And, different cultures in time and location find different approaches and solutions to this -- but in similar ways that lead us to believe that there is perhaps more to this myth and realization of myth through art than simple repetitions of archetypal themes. In a sense, then, it is necessary for us to continually recraft the past so that we may acculturate towards the future. Art then, in its many forms, serves as the catalyst for this journey.

We can certainly understand this if we look at the global oral tradition that turns into folk art as an expression of culture -- with…. [read more]

Art Nouveau Movement in America Essay

… Art Nouveau Movement in America

One of the most important breakthroughs in architecture was the Art Nouveau movement, present in Europe and across the world starting with 1890 and making its impact on art and culture until the first decade of the 20th century. The importance of the Art Nouveau current made it significant not only in architecture, but in connected areas such as interior design, furniture etc.

According to different sources, the origins of the Art Nouveau current date back to William Morris and his resistance to the Victorian currents and tendencies that did not allow the artist to freely express himself and kept him within certain strict norms. Floral and vegetal patterns, as well as a strong influence from Japanese artists of the…. [read more]

Art Essay

… The Romantic era was essentially one in which the norms, values and ideals of the past were interrogated and questioned. A central characteristic of the Romantic era was the emphasis on emotions and feelings rather than on reason and logic. These new values are clearly reflected in many early Romantic paintings as well as in Delacroix's The Sea of Galilee.

The Romantic Movement in all the art forms was essentially a reaction to the rational and mechanical view of reality that had become a dominant feature of Western civilization (Introduction to the Romantic Era in English Poetry). The Romantics turned away from order through science and the structured, mechanical view of life and were more concerned with the dynamic and spontaneous energies of nature. Nature…. [read more]

Art Nouveau Symbolism Is an Important Thought Essay

… Art Nouveau

Symbolism is an important thought movement that occurred in the nineteenth century as a reaction against naturalism and realism which focused on accepting reality and praising it just as it is, in its harshest aspects. Symbolism was to be found in all the areas of art, from poetry to literature and painting.

But the movement was too strong to concentrate just upon the arts. Philosophy was another area that symbolism marked, demonstrating that this thought current was actually a response to the cultural and social needs of the century. Rather then depicting reality directly, symbolism used representations charged with various meanings, full of connotations and denotations that the receivers of the message were supposed to decode and interpret. By using symbols, the new…. [read more]

Integrated Arts Research Paper

… Art Interview

An Interview with Two Artists

Two Post-Impressionists, Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh became friends in the late 19th century in Paris, France. They lived together for a time in Arles in the famous "Yellow House," until Van Gogh fell ill and was hospitalized and Gauguin left for other parts of the world to pursue his vocation as an artist. An interview with these two painters reveals the dynamic of their relationship at this time and the essence of their craft and what they were trying to achieve through their unique approaches to painting. Both have left behind some brilliant pieces of work. This paper will discuss with them how they approached their art and how their friendship affected their painting.

Q: You…. [read more]

Modern Art of the Twenty First Century Thesis

… Modern Art of the 21st Century

Throughout the course of history, artists have used a number of different techniques in illustrating their ideas and thoughts about particular images. This is because various tactics utilized in the past were often incorporated into contemporary thinking. In the 21st century, these views are being used to tell a unique story by embracing these and other attributes. (Rathus) According to Robertson (2012), different beliefs have been utilized to create new ways of expression. (Roberson)

Evidence of this can be seen with her saying, "21st century art is a burgeoning field of practice, research, and publication, making it an incredibly dynamic field of study. Many important topics have been resonating in the new century and inspiring new thinking and scholarly…. [read more]

Art Diminish in an Age Essay

… Van Gogh painted the picture after literally cutting off his own ear. Seeing the picture in person allows one to see the texture of the painting, and maybe gain some understanding of Van Gogh's emotional state, because the texture of the painting is very erratic. However, this painting is one where mass reproductions may actually enhance context. Not all of Van Gogh's self-portraits are in one collection. However, when one looks at the evolution of how Van Gogh portrayed himself in his self-portrait, one can see the artist's descent into madness, as well as the evolution of his artistic style (See generally, Van Gogh, 1889).

Finally, one must consider the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Not really one painting, but a collection of paintings, the…. [read more]

Art Philosophy Tragedy Term Paper

… The empirical properties of the physical sciences may be used to infer the empirical existence of consciousness. Mental properties cannot be identical to physical properties; however, psychology can be reduced to natural science in terms of causal efficacy. For Hume, impressions are those things that are experienced through the senses, while ideas are 'copies' of impressions.

Picasso takes his ideas from experience and instills the same type of passion he has felt into the work of art. Hume would say that Picasso's use of familiar symbols or iconography, such as images from the bullring, are both narrative and imitative. The story being told is historical - the massacre at Guernica, while the emotive response is brought about through the associations one may make with the…. [read more]

Art and Modernism Greenberg Essay

… Art and Modernism

Greenberg's Modernism and Art

Expressionism of art from historic times till present is a representation of human creativity and significance of visually articulating an imagination on hardcopy. In relation to historical art, Greenberg, an art influent, constantly inscribed on essays the importance of pictorial art, their history and nature. While growing up, Greenberg's interests and perception concerned historic painters whose work continued his proposition on modernism. It is evident that modernist paintings of art have had an impact in advancing other varieties of artistic media and disciplines. In addition, Greenberg identified philosophers that integrated modernism in their criticisms and development of theorems, an instant is Kant.

Modernism entails a deep expedition and critic of a discipline upon a solid foundation and comprehension…. [read more]

Arts Management the Evolution Essay

… Arts Management

The Evolution of Arts and Cultural Districts

For decades now the process know as gentrification is often the end result of the creation of Cultural districts created b artist willing to live in substandard conditions as they work on an promote their art. Galligan reviews the process of creating and cultivating cultural districts in an attempt to understand and revitalize the process as well as circumvent the eventual gentrification of the area that is seen resulting, "… in a loss of the very quality of life that artists bring to an area." (Galligan 140) She cites from several authors on the subject and creates a well-rounded history and project development overview in the creation of cultural districts and compounds with the view of…. [read more]

Funding or Defunding in the Arts Term Paper

… Funding or Defunding the Arts

Recommendations on a Proposal to Defund the Arts

This report considers the recent proposal in the House of Representatives to eradicate federal funding for the arts. This proposal cannot be taken lightly, considering that such a move would drastically alter the face of art as we know it in America today. With this in mind, I have presented in this report a thorough consideration of all sides of the issue, including academic theory about the nature and consequences of public art, its functions in the capitalist marketplace and its role in the lives of its creators and its consumers. I also examine recent public opinion about the arts, the role of government in national culture, and the value of public…. [read more]

Interactive Art Essay

… Interactive art is an artistic piece that promotes interaction between the spectator and the artistic work. Spectators influence the piece by movement, body heat, or by direct interaction from standing or walking on it, in it, or around it. One piece of particular interest is David Rozen's 'Wooden Mirror'.

In this paper, we will discuss the history, definition, and influences of interactive art. David Rozen and his piece "Wooden Mirror" will also be discussed.

Definition of Interactive Art

The definition of Interactive art must be truly broken down to get an accurate description of what it means. Interaction is a mutual or copying action or influence. The relationship between the art, artist, surrounding, and audience are important variable in defining art. Three categories are used…. [read more]

How Do Various Ethnic Cultures Experience Art Therapy? Term Paper

… ¶ … Ethnic Cultures' Experience of Art Therapy

The psychological needs of the ethnic child, teen, adult, and senior - from prelinguistic to senescent - have been historically underestimated and under treated. While there are many reasons for the limited offering, access, or availability, therapists are one of the intrinsic factors.

Not knowing how to best work with cultural differences - particularly when the culture is outside the understanding or empathetic realm of experience - the therapist must turn to approaches which meet the broad spectrum of cross-cultural and racial needs. A relatively new psychological tool, art therapy can - without a single word - establish trust, rebuild decimated boundaries, and minimize the prejudices and myths of cultural variations.

Racial perceptions fall on both sides…. [read more]

Apocalypse of Art Term Paper

… We want computers that emote, networks that are sentient, robots that care. We stroke their screens, play with their mice, run our fingers over their keyboards, to entice them into our field of consciousness."

Particularly of interest is Ascott's insistence that the artist desires it to be so and further has made claims as to "emotional capacity of technology."

The social impact of the new art-technology relationship is quite simply due to knowledge being more plentiful than at any other time in recorded history. To further expand on that element it must be understood that the application of knowledge, as well as man's integration with knowledge, has not at any time in history been so cohesive with each other. This is due to the global…. [read more]

Diller Scofidio + Renfro: MOMA Expansion Research Paper

… Not all will fit. But the building enshrines the desire to comprehend as an American freedom" (Muschamp 1). The private art of folk art is being crowded out by more conventional images of modern art in some eyes: which is highly ironic, given the extent to which Picasso, Miro, and so many of the artists preserved within the walls of the current MoMA were considered outsiders long ago.

Yet AFAM was originally conceptualized as a modernist project as well to some degree and a merging of folk art and modernism in a way that was not ultimately successful. A positive review in the New York Times of AFAM noted: "The architects have acknowledged that the form created by the triangle atop the window is an…. [read more]

Art Practice and Exhibition Essay

… ¶ … art practice and exhibition-making often seemed to challenge the 'white cube' as norm for exhibiting contemporary art in recent years?

The purpose of the present paper is to explain how and why art practice and exhibition making have often seemed to challenge the "White cube" as a norm for exhibiting contemporary art in recent years.

"Inside the White Cube: the ideology of the gallery space" was published by Brian O'Doherty in 1976 in the Artforum and included a series of three articles. The material was later selected and published in one book. The concern of the author was mainly with the conception and creation of the exhibition space. The social, cultural and philosophical changes brought about by modernism had an important impact upon…. [read more]

Theoretical Paradigm Modernism Postmodernism Term Paper

… Art Theory: Paradigms, Modernism, and Postmodernism paradigm can be thought of as a theoretical framework which forms the foundation of critical analysis of a particular work of art. Generally, paradigms consist of a complex web of philosophical principles that define a particular worldview. Paradigms are not always successful in defining and analyzing works of art, however; as the literary critic Frank Kermode once wrote on the subject of paradigms, "If we cannot break free of them, we must make sense of them."

Thus, a lot of the thinking on theoretical paradigms is self-reflective; in other words, a work of art may spurn an analysis that causes one to question the nature of the very paradigm being employed to analyze that work.

Furthermore, a paradigm typically…. [read more]

Visual Arts Salvador Dali Term Paper

… Dali believed that Surrealism operated on the plane of reality itself, liberating the consciousness by releasing thought and desire through acts of moral and aesthetic subversion. Moreover, Dali separated imagination from inspiration, saying, "Imagination is something which is put together in a more or less inspired the spout whose force obeys our will....inspiration is something involuntary, like the geyser which bursts forth unexpectedly...raising its salty and boiling jet to unexpected heights of passion" (Lubar 12).

In the words of Donald Kuspit, a new art "must first show that it has democratic those generally unschooled in art or not professionally interested in it. Then it must suffer a period of aristocratic rejection by those schooled in an accepted and... traditional form of art...those with…. [read more]

Art Myth and Revolt: Cy Twombly Term Paper

… ¶ … Art

Myth and Revolt: Cy Twombly, Anselm Kiefer, and Louise Bourgeois

This exhibition will feature the works of three of the most heroic names in contemporary art - Cy Twombly, Anselm Kiefer, and Louise Bourgeois. Each of these artists has produced a vast body of work that makes extensive use of myth through idiosyncratic - and hence, revolutionary means. As such, Bourgeois, Kiefer, and Twombly are in many ways the last of the modernists. At the same time, their output serves as a sort of bridge, connecting the expressionistic tendencies of the 20th century to the neo-conceptual practices of the present. Through an extensive evaluation of surface and meaning, these three artists have each left an indelible mark in the art historical canon…. [read more]

Gender and Art Term Paper

… (Campbell, 2013)


Clearly, understanding gender and modern art requires instilling a deeper connection with the individual. This is taking place by focusing on them and teaching them the importance of key concepts. These elements will offer a better understanding of key shifts and the influence they are having on stakeholders. Moreover, modern art helps everyone to forge opinions about themselves and who they are. These insights are important, as they are showing how modern art is a way of assisting the person to grow. This means that there are changes in the way gender is represented in a host of works.


Adams, E. (2007). After the Rain. Ann Arbor, MI: Proquest.

Barnes, R. (2002). Teaching Art to Young Children. New York, NY: Springer.…. [read more]

Bauhaus After World War I Term Paper

… Poet and critic Vincent Katz, who wrote about the school, stressed that Rice envisioned an educational collective run by its teachers with input from the students instead of directives from a governing board. Students at the deliberately nonaccredited school took the courses they wanted and, when they felt ready to graduate, requested an examination to be administered by someone outside the college.

Black Mountain was not planned as an art school -- courses were always offered in science and mathematics -- but Rice believed the arts held a central place in a liberal arts education. The courses included painting, writing, drawing, constructions and assemblages, weaving, music, drama, architecture, photography, typography dance and design. Like the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College was a center for cultural production.…. [read more]

Art Fashion Essay

… These artists had talent and with use of originality they both introduced new trends. The last collection by McQueen was so close to death and portrayed his obsession with afterlife. He mainly made use of red, gold and silver colors with detailed embroidery and people were amazed to see his last 16 pieces. He will always be remembered for his uniqueness and individuality.

Both Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan were keen on employing new and innovative ideas in their designing and presentation and these two factors turned out to be important for their success. Additionally, both artists were able to implement and conduct narrative, powerful and memorable catwalk shows which were most often presented as art performances. These two renowned artists managed to earn constant…. [read more]

Art Historian W.J.T. Mitchell Asserted Term Paper

… Combined with his attachment to the Catalan heritage, Miro sought a certain universality in expression. In 1918, he found this thread of commonality in landscape, to which he devoted himself. He was particularly thrilled by the areas of Montroig, where he reproduced a "calligraphy" with his brush, a lyrical stroke "blade of grass by blade of grass, tile by tile."

In 1920, Paris became his temporary home, and as he traveled there annually, he sought to integrate the urbane conversation he culled into his bucolic landscapes and home in Barcelona. He developed dual identities, the Parisian and the Catalan, and it was in his landscapes that he found the unity for which he, like so many other binational Europeans, struggled. In The Tilled Field, he…. [read more]

Henri Matisse's Painting Woman Term Paper

… His Woman Before an Aquarium can also be seen as a play on shapes, in mockery of the Art Deco movement, which began to emit a plethora of circles and squares in their designs (Neret, 1999).

We shall now turn to the poem Woman Before an Aquarium by Patricia Hampl, which uses many of the same approaches that Matisse used in his painting towards the execution of the poem, for example, themes, colours, approaches, and styles.

The poem by Hampl uses the theme of Matisse's painting, a woman before an aquarium, and takes us on a journey to discover how and why the woman is sitting before the fish. Hampl uses poetic devices, such as repetition, similes, and metaphors, to make us feel we are…. [read more]

Ohr-O'keefe Museum Visit Essay

… In my mind, the use of browns, beiges and tans across a sampling of ceramic pottery or sculpture is indicative of the artist's chosen medium, as clay and bronze both come from within the earth itself.

The exhibition featuring work from master potter Joseph Fortune Meyer was also quite intriguing to me, as Meyer actually served as an artistic mentor for Ohr, offering the younger ceramic specialist an apprenticeship in 1879. In total there were 34 pieces of Meyer's pottery on hand at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art during my visit, with each display providing a tangible link between Meyer and Ohr through the subtle stylistic influences found in their work. Much of Meyer's pottery was finished with a distinctive blue hue, with the surrounding…. [read more]

Art of War by Sun Research Paper

… g. 60:40, 70:30, or 80:20), then mastering the terrain and exploiting the advantages conferred by the weather can become very important in tilting the odds. In other words, if the general of a smaller army is able to use the terrain and weather to his advantage, he can definitely increase his odds of winning against a larger army.

Clearly, the United States cleverly exploited the weather, terrain and people factors (tian shi di li ren he? ) to their maximum advantage. Similarly, in business, it is extremely difficult for a small firm to take on a large corporation if they are both selling the same product. In general, a large company enjoys many advantages, including economies of scale. It is therefore not surprising to find…. [read more]

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