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Right to Carry Handguns Essay

… Currently, 49 states have established legislations that enable them to either issue carry permits or authorize law-abiding citizens to carry firearms outside their home for protection ("National Right to Carry" par, 3). Moreover, 41 out of these states have fair shall issue permit systems that provide any law abiding citizens to obtain a license of permit in order to carry guns for self-protection.

This claim has been used to support the claims on the basis that the presence of a constitutional provision or right would negate the establishment of such rules. Therefore, the fact that states have enacted carry permit legislations implies that law abiding citizens don't have the constitutional right to carry guns for self-protection.

Emergence of Interstate Reciprocity Concept:

Following the enactment of…. [read more]

Intellectual Property and Corporate Espionage Essay

… If intellectual property is stolen, the profit margins reduce drastically. Various domestic laws to protect intellectual property are as follows.

The Espionage Act 1917 is in place in USA. It was mainly developed for controlling the spying activities related to military forces and national integrity. However, as mentioned earlier, security related measures are incorporated in business sector as well hence this law is applicable to all espionage activities including corporate espionage.

Canadian Intellectual Property Law is in force in Canada under the supervision of Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO, 2011). China is also active in protecting its intellectual property and is very sensitive towards its. China has defined its own copyright and patent laws which need to be followed by any country which intends to…. [read more]

Rights of the Employees Term Paper

… If by any chance an employee is caught without work permit, the employee will be presumed as guilty as the employer.

Considerable forms of defense for workers have been provided by the UAE Labor Law and ministerial decrees. Any worker has the complete right to file a complaint at the Labor Department in the Ministry of Labor about a disagreement with his owner. Employers can be given severe penalty in case of disobedience with the labor laws.

The worker has the right to protest about the organization albeit he is working on a visit visa. Any other form of proof is inadequate to confirm that he is working for the organization (HRW, 2006).

The Rules and Regulations for an employee to sponsor his family

There…. [read more]

Intellectual Property Rights Term Paper

… Intellectual Property Rights

Several countries while ratifying the agreement with regard to establishment of the World Trade Organization -- WTO also ratified the inherent Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. As is evident the intellectual property rights can conveniently be divided into two main fields-copyrights or rights related to copyright and industrial policy. The intellectual property rights have been guaranteed by law and the legal issues involving intellectual property rights have two dimensions. Firstly it relates to provide exclusive rights only in the sphere of copying / reproduction of the item or act safeguarded and secondly, which provide a right to deter others from doing something. The safeguard of intellectual property is considered as a crucial factor for economic growth and advancement…. [read more]

Intellectual Property Report Term Paper

… Intellectual Property Report

In an age when the dynamism of global economy has often shifted the balance towards services rather than products, the issue of intellectual property, both recognizing and defending certain inalienable rights that result from the creativity of one's mind has become essential, which explains the development of intellectual property rights legislation aimed in that sense.

The term really began to be used in the United States after the creation of the World Intellectual Property Organization, under the UN, in 1967, and became a more encompassing legislative reality with the passage of the Bayh-Doyle Act in 1980

, which regulated inventions and other creative products that were a direct result of governmental funding, including U.S. universities or non-profits. The 1976 Copyright Act was…. [read more]

Global Intellectual Property Law Essay

… According to Zhao (2006), research and development occurs in these nations with breaches of intellectual property rights taking place regularly. The difference is these firms will use the applications they created for internal functions. This is resulting in them being able to circumvent various regulations in order to achieve these objectives by having a product that is similar. Yet, it is different with engineers completely redesigning the product. (Zhao, 2006)

Evidence of this can be seen with Zhao saying, "Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are increasingly conducting research and development (R&D) in countries such as China and India, where intellectual property rights (IPR) protection is still far from adequate. We found that weak IPR leads to low returns to innovation and underutilization of innovative talents. MNEs that…. [read more]

Intellectual Property in Cyberspace Research Paper

… Intellectual Property in Cyberspace

The focus of this paper is to provide the annotated biography of the three articles. Chowbe, (2010) argues in his article titled "Intellectual Property and Its Protection in Cyberspace" that advent of computer and it (information technology) has created a new world within the cyberspace leading to a changing dimension of IP (intellectual property). The protection of the IP such as trademark, designs, copyrights, and circuit design have become challenging in the face of the current digital environment. While IP is a valuable asset to the real owner, however, rapid development of it environment has created a room for the theft of IP assets, which is on the rise globally. The factor responsible for the theft of IP assets is that…. [read more]

Intellectual Property for Pre-Owned Boat Discussion Chapter

… Other intellectual property that Boat World should develop and obtain rights to include a graphic logo that incorporates the Boat World name, perhaps a spokesperson or character with a specific catchphrase to be used in advertising efforts, and other unique and identifiable marketing materials. By building a stockpile of these materials early one, Boat World can quickly build its brand while preventing other startup competitors from capitalizing on this hard work and entrepreneurial effort. This is one of the primary reasons that understanding and utilizing intellectual property rights is an important part of a business startup.

There is also another utilization of intellectual property and intellectual property rights that the company could put to use in a manner that limit competitor's marketing abilities and increases…. [read more]

Intellectual Property Term Paper

… Intellectual Property

Is the concept of this paper intellectual property? It may seem a strange thing to suggest, but the definition of intellectual property is often just as nebulous. These different interpretations lie at the core of the confusion and the controversies over what is and what is not within this domain. The first, is intellectual property properly property at all (Smith 20007)? The legal definition of property can cover anything from perceptible objects like land, houses, cars, motorbikes, etc. To certain intangibles like debts and domain names. But intellectual property for the most part is information and preventing people from using information, given the ease of attaining it via the penultimate source of the World Wide Web, has become rather difficult (Smith, 2007). One…. [read more]

Intellectual Capital Essay

… There is a difference between being aggressive and at the bleeding edge of the market and being a bully. If Apple gets to that point, they're going to learn the same lesson Microsoft did not all that long ago when the European Union and the United States both came down fairly hard on them for anti-competitive practices. Winning the business battle is important but using certain tactics and habits can get a company the attention of some powerful government entities that sometimes have the right to depose executives, break up companies and exert fines/taxes/regulation on businesses that get on their bad side…just ask AIG (Bouys, 2013).

Finally, the changes that should be implemented from an IC standpoint are as follows. First, Apple needs to back…. [read more]

Intellectual Rights Term Paper

… The thing that makes the company unique will have been appropriated by another company, making the original company look like one of many. This can certainly hurt profits, and may even drive a company out of business. It is therefore, very important that new companies get their employees to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Failing to establish certain intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and patents. This is probably the worst thing that a new company can neglect, as getting these patents and copyrights is the basis of being able to control the intellectual property later. A new company must never neglect to obtain these patents and copyrights if it hopes to be successful in the highly competitive business world ("Key Issues," 2003).

Companies that…. [read more]

Intellectual Property Law Term Paper

… One of the most familiar areas of patented material going off-patent is when prescription drug medication goes off-patent and generic versions of the drug can be manufactured by different companies. The prescription drug example gives a good explanation of the reasons behind patent law. The developer retains the exclusive right to produce the medicine for a sufficient time period to encourage research and innovation, but the product does become available at a lower cost to consumers within a relatively short period of time.

Patents do not automatically come with invention, with separates the concept of the patent from the concept of the copyright. On the contrary, inventors much apply for a patent. This is due to the requirement that patents require an actual innovation. Furthermore,…. [read more]

Antitrust and Intellectual Property Term Paper

… Bid rigging is akin to price fixing in that a firm that is asking for bids on a project has preselected one of the bidders to win. The pooling of patents can actually be of an advantage to the market according to Sheila Anthony, the Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) President Bush, but becomes a problem "when a pooling arrangement harms competition among entities that are actual or potential competitors." The main focus of any of these violations is whether it is considered pro-competitive or anticompetitive behavior. The primary distinction here is that procompetitive actions are supposed to spur the competition and anticompetitive are not, they act as a negative influence. In general, the Department of Justice "weighs the likely procompetitive benefits against…. [read more]

Protection of Intellectual Property Research Paper

… These security measures include the inclusion of digital certificates in the software, which must be verified as genuine by the user before installation or use. There is also the use of unique codes and keys that are only present in the supply of the software. This code is present in the physical packaging thus; it is unique for each software. This makes use of the software to be limited to only one user. There is use of encryption and codes language that only the owner of the software can modify. This makes the theft of the programming language or code to make other similar software impossible.

The business shall also provide open access software and trial versions to be used by the general public, and…. [read more]

E-Business Intellectual Property Mykytyn, P Essay

… This would bar the other person from exploiting the secrets for the duration of time. The trade secret law has loopholes. If a person acquires the secrets of an organization independently, it is not an infringement of the trade secret law (Mykytyn & Harrison, 2005). The person can then use these secrets for their benefits at the expense of the organization that owned the originally.

The fourth intellectual property right is a patent. This is an exclusive right to an innovation in exchange to making it public. The acquiring of patent right is through the registration process. The patent right allows the concerned person to benefit from their effort to come with innovation (Lambert, 2009). The patent right expires after duration of twenty years. During…. [read more]

Marketing Product Safety, and Intellectual Essay

… PharmaCare is not socially responsible for their actions towards the community in Colberia. According to the moral compass, individuals or organizations should operate under guidelines and principles of ethics in conducting their duties and to determine what is right and wrong. Although moral compasses vary from one individual to another depending on cultural differences, morality bears that all humans are equal although vulnerability varies from one individual or community to another. According to Carden (2006), an individual incorporation of virtue ethics in personal ethical compass helps to understand that all human beings are equal before God and the environment is God's gift to his creation.

PharmaCARE violates the property rights in Colberia for their own advantage while strictly adhere to the property rights in the…. [read more]

Intellectual Property Law Term Paper

… Furthermore the creators of the content in the information industry, including music creators, have been overshadowed by the "bigger" entities, such as producers, broadcasters and institutional users. Indeed, it has been seen above that the greater copyright and earning issues relate to huge industries such as AOL, rather than songwriters and musicians themselves. Not much is done within even the newest legislation to protect the rights of authors or performers.

Indeed, the "all rights" contract standard increasingly appears in contracts signed by artists, with the Directive turning the other way by means of article 9 and recital 30, with the premise that the law of contract remains unaffected by the Directive. The Directive similarly washes its hands of the contract and copyright exemption interface, where…. [read more]

Real and Personal Property Intangible and Tangible Term Paper

… Property Rights

What are the underlying reasons for the law to continue to make distinctions between real and personal property, intangible and tangible property?

Intangible property, or incorporeal property, is that which a corporation or person owns and can transfer by sale to another person or corporation, but is not a physical substance. For instance it may be a copyright, a trademark or a patent. It is not real estate or personal property. Some jurisdictions refer to it as choses in action. It is distinct from tangible property in that it is not something that is physical and can be physically handled, as is tangible property.

There are two kinds of intangible property, legal and competitive intangible property (). Ownership of intangible property allows the…. [read more]

Intellectual Property Term Paper

… Stallman (2008) notes that intellectual property is an ambiguous term that obfuscates the purpose of the individual laws. The body of copyright law is intended to protect artistic works, while patent law developed in order to protect the ideas of inventors. Trademark law is a different animal entirely from those two, which are similar in the sense that they protect different creative works. Trademark law is a business law that seeks to ensure that there is no confusion in the marketplace, by granting certain protections to brands, icons and slogans used in commerce.

The concept of intellectual property affects competition in the marketplace in several ways. First, it provides an avenue for firms to gain monopoly rents on an idea or a brand, something that…. [read more]

Intellectual Property No, I Do Not Believe Term Paper

… Intellectual Property

No, I do not believe that the anti-circumvention provision should be repealed.

The reasons for it are that the anti-circumvention provision was enacted since copyrighted intellectual rights in digital form became vulnerable to unauthorized copying and distribution (Berners-Lee and Hendler, 2001). Therefore, the provision seeks that as technology advances, copyright owners will have freedom to adapt their circumvention protection measures accordingly. Although the anti-circumvention provision is general in nature (Usher, 2001), it may still be necessary for preventing the unauthorized use of the intellectual property and its importance becomes even greater for the future as technology is advancing a faster rate than anticipation. The copyright laws are likely to become outdated in this situation (McKenna, 2002).

Because descrambling a scrambled work and decrypting…. [read more]

China IP China's Intellectual Property Essay

… Given the positive outcomes associated with stronger intellectual property rights, however, it is more likely that Western standards will prevail and China would be better off to adopt full Western standards sooner rather than later.

A third criticism of the criticism of China's IP protection regime is that Chinese culture is different. The West's concerns with Chinese intellectual property rights protections are overblown because Western firms apply their own standards and do not take the time to understand the Chinese perspective (Chaudhry, Zimmerman, Peters & Cordell, 2009). However, if Chinese firms wish to attract Western foreign direct investment and knowledge transfer, they will need to make their country attractive to Western investors, and that means adopting Western intellectual property rights protection standards.

By taking improving…. [read more]

Online Learning and Intellectual Property in Higher Education Research Paper

… Intellectual Property and Online Learning in Higher Education

The account hereafter discusses the complex issues relating to intellectual property in the context of higher education with a focus on the new implications created by the proliferation of online learning strategies. After a concise discussion on statutes relating to intellectual property law, the account proceeds into an assessment of some of the policies in place regarding intellectual property at the University of Cincinnati, Brigham Young University and University of Louisville. This section reveals the variant of interests concerning both scholastic pursuit and profitability for universities. This also underlines the debates delineated in the following sections, which relate to the political and philosophical disputes around which the online use of intellectual property is defined. Namely, this discussion…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Tangible and Intellectual Property Term Paper

… Pharmaceutical Property

Intellectual and Tangible Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry: Current Rends and General management

Protecting Tangible Property Rights

Protecting its tangible property is one of the most essential property management tasks of any pharmaceutical company; it is through the company's physical assets that capital can be raised to further research and development, expand operations, and continue producing both intellectual and tangible property in the form of drug formulas and the actual manufacture of medicines (Ghauri & Rao 2008). It has been suggested that removing the costly research and development phases of drug production from a dependency on tangible property through increased governmental and academic funding would benefit the pharmaceutical industry by limiting the likelihood of infringement upon tangible property rights (Ghauri & Rao…. [read more]

Global Trade Essay

… Globalization and Intellectual Property Rights

The issue of preserving intellectual property has long been a morass of legal and philosophical entanglements for both the originators and the consumers of media and information. In the current free trade context driving the future development of global relations, this issue takes particular precedence as we struggle today to find balanced ways to compensate corporations, artists, entertainers and the portals through which they are delivered to us. Piracy, a term used throughout history to describe all manner of counterfeiting and marketing of ill-gotten or illegal contraband, today almost automatically conjures up thoughts of 'file sharing' on the internet. This new frontier for the exchange of intellectual properties has evolved into an abyss of piracy forums and file-sharing operations, as…. [read more]

Ethics Issues on Intellectual Property Term Paper

… The UDRP was started in November 1999 and has turned out to be quite popular. (Jim, 2001)

Another problem in the Internet is the use of hyperlinks. Electronic business thrives on advertising and there have been a number of cases involving hyperlinks and advertising. Hyperlinks are provided to enable the user to access a different web page. There are many cases where an individual uses a hyperlink, without permission, to link to another website. This can lead to many problems in e-business. For example the Microsoft Seattle website used a hyperlink which provided a user access to Ticket master Corporation's web page for purchasing tickets to certain events. Ticket master filed a complaint because the hyperlink that was provided by Microsoft's website allowed the user…. [read more]

Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Research Proposal

… ¶ … Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Mary Wollstonecraft's book a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) was written as a response to the proposed state-supported system of public education that would only educate girls to be housewives, a proposal made by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, the French minister of education after the French revolution (Mellor 367). The passion with which Wollstonecraft wrote a Vindication of the Rights of Woman was derived from her personal experience of inequality as a young woman in a patriarchal society and also by the injustice she experienced in her own family growing up, an injustice experienced primarily because of her gender given that she was raised in a home where her older brother, Ned (who by law…. [read more]

Role of Technology in Corporate Essay

… In addition, purveyors of data have shown themselves to be antagonistic toward regulation (Verrier, 2010). Currently, there are no legal restrictions on how data that has been sold can be used (Verrier, 2010).

Free expression or copyright piracy. Intellectual property is intangible proprietary information. The word proprietary is key in this definition as it signals ownership. There are laws governing creative properties, such as literature, music, art, films, architectural design and the like. However, many of these regulations are difficult to enforce, particularly when violators are located outside the boundaries in which the law is applicable (Verrier, 2010). Global enterprise is replete with challenges, not the least of which is the watchdog function that must be employed to safeguard consumers and the legal rights of…. [read more]

Education Intellectual Property Thesis

… Education

Intellectual Property

Almost every operational aspect of a telecommunications-based educational network creates important intellectual property issues. Many organizations do not consider copyright issues until forced to do so by litigious copyright owners; controversies frequently arise upon discovery of a lucrative aftermarket for copyrighted works. Institutions that are involved in the telecommunications distribution of educational or instructional programming will be better off by anticipating and planning for such issues rather than dealing with them on the backend (Salomon, n.d.).

Copyright law provides a general framework in which to determine the ownership of various intellectual property rights. Even though the law regarding general interest programming is relatively established, complex questions concerning copyright ownership arise when tele-courses integrate live lectures and preexisting materials. The right of ownership…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Companies, Intellectual Property Research Paper

… It's more than just producing and giving drugs to these needy countries, there needs to be a check and balance system to ensure work is being done as prescribed (Hodgett et al., 2005).

A motivational factor is that these pharmaceutical corporations had a solid return on investment on research and development, thus there was a motivational flag for further research. Some new ones work better than those available some years ago. If the drugs were sold at present prices as of now, there wouldn't be research and development funds, driving the new projects into the ground (state gov). Also, if there isn't any point in producing and manufacturing such drugs as these third world countries can't afford them, the industrialized countries for that matter are…. [read more]

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