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International Management Ethics and Values Thesis

… International Management Ethics & Values

Last month, a Brooklyn man was arrested for his role in brokering the sale of a kidney from an Israeli man to an American recipient, in direct violation of the National Organ Transplant Act (Mullen, 2009). The case has cast a spotlight on the laws prohibiting the sale of donor organs in the United States. Despite these worries in the U.S., the sale of organs is thriving around the world. According to the Organ Watch program at the University of California, Berkeley, some 5-10% of kidneys transplanted worldwide last year involved purchased organs (Ibid). In some societies, there is a high degree of moral outrage against organ sales, but when the issue is viewed objectively, it is clear that the…. [read more]

International Management Ethics and Values Thesis

… International Management Ethics & Values

"Don't be evil:" Corporate responsibility in action at Google

The Google corporate philosophy: Overview

'Don't be evil.' This colloquial phrase, often quoted by company employees and executives, succinctly sums up the Google Corporation's philosophy of social responsibility to the community and its stated commitment to the triple threes of 'planet, people, and profit.' It strives to help its employees become more creative and to enrich their vocational lives, as well as the lives of the consumers the search engine serves as part of its mission ("Company Overview," Google Corporation, 2009) Google's stated purpose is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. It tries to behave in an ecologically-friendly manner as well as make a profit…. [read more]

International Management the Award Serves a Dual Research Proposal

… International Management

The award serves a dual purpose. The external purpose is to promote Conoco's ethics beyond the company. Internally, the award serves as a benchmark for all Conoco employees -- recipients are role models up to which all Conoco employees can look. At its core, the award serves as a tool to reinforce the company's code of ethics. It is more critical that employees and external stakeholders are aware the corporate ethical codes than to simply have them (Barnett, 2003).

The term "extraordinarily" can be defined in one of two ways. It can be taken to mean that the firm's ethical standards are upheld in unusually difficult circumstances. It can also be taken to mean that the employee raises the bar on ethical standards…. [read more]

International Management Ethics and Value Thesis

… International Management Ethics

With respect to outcomes, the moral issue is that the analyst, if guilty of executing a pump-and-dump, is knowingly increasing his profit with the knowledge that many viewers will not sell at the right time and will consequently lose money. There is, however, some moral ambiguity with respect to this situation. Markets are only assumed to be perfectly transparent in business school theory. In reality, information is far from perfect and the vast majority of market participants understand that. Thus, outcomes are never truly predictable. Even a pump-and-dump scheme can fail, particularly on a widely-traded stock. Thus, there is greater moral culpability in the intent than in the outcomes. Mr. Stedman simply cannot be held responsible for the outcomes of every viewer…. [read more]

International Management in This Course, We Base Essay

… International Management

In this course, we base our study of international management on a contingency framework. This framework allows a systematic review of all the aspects and factors related to understanding management in a global economy.

The framework consists of several components. Describe each component and explain how the components relate to each other.

The contingency framework relies on the PESTEL model to define the external environment while the internal environment is comprised of the people who make up the organization. A core element of the contingency framework is the culture which is critically important for managing the overall stability and resiliency of the business. Within the cultural component is the definition of macro-structural and micro-structural components and considerations. Within each of these elements is…. [read more]

International Management When Businesses Go Term Paper

… After establishing its presence in these cities of the country, Fast Communications can expand its operations to other cities and towns in order to grow on a continuous basis.

4. Technological Forces:

Fast Communications operates in the telecommunication industry. Therefore, it not only has to make huge investments on Research and Development in its own country, but also has to keep itself abreast of the changes in the technological environment in the entire world. While penetrating in the Australian market, Fast Communications will first have to analyze the competitive environment in the country, i.e. The strategies and actions of the local firms in Australia. In order to keep itself on the competitive edge, Fast Communications will have to provide products and services that are advanced,…. [read more]

International Training and Development Essay

… They believe that their employees are perfect in each way and as technical skills are required to carry out the job, there is no need for further training. Along with the perception of senior level management, the limited budget and lack of knowledge about proper training courses are two other factors that limit the use of international training programs in the West (Kissack and Callahan, 2010, p. 365-80).

The reasons for Chinese lack of training in Multinational Enterprises are somewhat similar to the Western world. They also believe technical skills to be the dominating factor leading to the success of assignments abroad, and their employees are technically sound so they do not need to go through the hassle of training programs. For Chinese MNE's cultural…. [read more]

International Business Expansion Process Dissertation

… 2. Selecting the Country for Recruitment:

The organization has multiple choices to recruit its workforce for its international assignments. It can recruit them from the home country (Parent Country Nationals), target or host country (Host Country Nationals), or from some third country (Third Country Nationals). Just like international business expansion is a more complex process than local expansion, international recruitment and selection process is a more challenging task than local hiring. The selection, placement, benefits and compensation strategies, performance appraisal, and other HR decisions are made at a much larger scale than they are in the local work settings (Sanchez, Spector, & Cooper 2000).

3. Recruitment from the Parent Country:

The middle to higher level managers which international business organizations hire from their home country…. [read more]

Ethics in For-Profit Annotated Bibliography

… This article takes the form of a case study of the Starbucks organization, which the articles' authors praise as enhancing the spiritual lives of employees by connecting every level of the organization to a larger sense of mission. Rather than viewing ethics as antithetical to profitability as often was the case in the classical conception of the firm, this suggests that ethics can enhance organizational functionality.

Montoya, I.D., & Richard, A.J. (1994). A comparative study of codes of ethics in health care facilities and energy companies. Journal of Business Ethics, 13(9), 713.

This article takes the form of an ethnographic study comparing codes of ethics and compliance outcomes at not-for-profit health care facilities and for-profit energy companies. Despite the touting of the importance of ethics…. [read more]

Management Philosophies Samsung Group Essay

… Another article by Kamii & Ewing (1996), states that it is impossible for learners to establish high levels of relationships with what they observe unless they incorporate certain levels of knowledge to it. According to Kamii & Ewing (1996), cooperative learning methodology brings great maintenance of material and an increase in the transfer of learning. Jean Piaget insisted that constructivism would advance to other philosophical theories because the ideas are innovative and concepts can change with time.


The article by Ruth-Sahd is about social collectivism. The article bases on concepts of observation in a nursing clinical setting. The article also incorporates personal experiences of nurses. Observation and personal experiences help nurses in learn of effective management practices that will help them in their nursing…. [read more]

Management Philosophy Management's Principal Characteristic Essay

… These management philosophies are different from the management approach proposed by He (2011). He (2011) identifies the Chinese approach based on the Confucian Philosophy, which identifies that the key idea is the achievement of strategic alignment. The philosophy especially identifies the creation of alignment between individual's behavior and organizational strategy. This is different from other management philosophies for He (2011) proposes that teamwork is essential in creating individual drive in the larger organization, which is part of Confucian values. The article identifies that this management philosophy follows Confucian values, which make the heart of management strategies for Chinese companies in the Silicon Valley. The article finds from the analysis of case studies that the alignment of management strategies with Confucian values has led to the…. [read more]

Management as a Profession Essay

… ( Finally, the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO) a collective of national management professional organisations which include 17 member nations including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolian, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, offers particular information and networking among members regarding professionalization of management, further education and trends in the region. The organisation is a leader in the region, particularly for their work in developing the capability index (the basis for the earlier AU research data) which clearly develops those core elements or as they put it, major drivers in management capability to provide profitable business growth or other defined success in non-companies. The eight major drivers with corresponding rankings are: Visionary & Strategic…. [read more]

International Management the BRIC Countries Essay

… International Management

The BRIC countries are the largest of the fast-growing emerging economies in the world. They are Brazil, Russia, India and China. For international managers, these countries represent some of the best potential for growth in the world today. A study by Goldman Sachs highlighted that China and India would be the world's first and third largest economies respectively by 2050, and that Brazil and Russia would be fifth and sixth respectively (, 2011). This report highlighted for international managers the need to enter these markets and build share in them. Success in the long run depends on being able to succeed in markets like this.

However, they are each very different countries. Doing business in any one of these countries represents significant challenges…. [read more]

Management Development Techniques All Business Term Paper

… Evidently, the management may be said to be effective if there is satisfactory performance of the workers, as well as, of the management processes of the organization. The authors advance four roles that performance management will play in streamlining management. First, it would streamline strategy. It would also develop the instruments, which will be embraced in estimating the performance of the business. The approach will also play a role in interpreting the performance results, and finally encourage top management on the need to respond to the issues that negatively affected the performance of an organizational management system (Smith & Goddard, 2002).

Finally, Kirsch (1996) advances another management development technique, which may be embraced by organizations. This approach according to the author is applied in the…. [read more]

Ethics in Management Research Proposal

… Ethics and Management

Management and Ethics

In this paper, the author investigates the ethics of business management. After reviewing the literature to determine the concerns mentioned by business ethicists, the author compares those concerns with the concerns of a small business man, as revealed in a case study. The first part of the case study involves a covert participant observation of the ethical practices of a privately-run small business. The second part of the case study consisted of an interview with the small business owner, to determine whether or not he perceived ethical conflicts in the course of his business, and the nature of any ethical conflicts that he perceived. Finally, the author compared the ethical concerns described by the business scholars and commentators to…. [read more]

Ethics Imagine Term Paper

… The leaders at all levels are not always held accountable for their ethical conduct. They are not always held accountable because of the open ended and loose structure of the organization. There are no tighter controls on the leaders and senior management with no accountability checks on regular basis. So the system f ethics management is not fully functioning and effective as sometimes a leader of human resource department has been fired when he was unable to control the grievances of the employees and faculty members during salary week.

Today, meeting the business ethics is highly important in order to achieve positive image of the organization. Concern for people and quality of education are the areas where ethical dilemmas arose in this organization which needs…. [read more]

Ethics in the Workplace Organizational Essay

… However, they would also be at risk of getting laid off unless they bring in some business to the hotel.

The management of the hotel could face a cut in its salaries if the request is rejected and business continues to suffer. If the request is accepted, they would benefit from the increased revenue and raised profile of the hotel. However, it could lead to grievance issues and complaints of discrimination against black employees. Negative media publicity would also result in public humiliation and probably litigation and termination.

The guests would experience comfort as a result of compliance with their wishes. It would also give them the leverage to gain acceptance of further requests during their stay. They would also suffer from the service quality…. [read more]

Ethics HRM Ethics Job Description Essay

… Question 2

ABC & Co. has evolved over decades and today has a presence in 57 countries across the globe. The company has grown and is known around the world for its high corporate social responsibility and strict adherence to ethical business practices. Today ABC and Co has employees that belong to various different cultures and demographics and on various occasions they are required to work and co exist with each other (Sim, 2003). Keeping this in view, ABC and Co. is launching a global ethical training program where the employees of the organizations will not only be trained to deal with organizational stakeholders from different cultures and demographics but also various organizational aspects of business ethics such as health and safety (Boyd, 2003).

The…. [read more]

Ethics in Accounting Term Paper

… Ethics in Accounting

Companies are influential bodies whose actions, for superior or shoddier, put a major impression on people, entire communities, and the society as a whole. Their influence is of such proportion that a lot believe they should display greater accountability for their business policies and practices, for the betterment of both companies and society. The latest scams in accounting and auditing, and the mounting concern towards the responsibility of the companies for social and environmental impact have led to promising new researches and deliberations regarding the manner in which companies will be capable of maintaining increased legal, social and ethical standards in the spheres of accounting and auditing. (Accounting and Accountability: A Challenge for corporate culture)

Ethical values give the base on which…. [read more]

Ethics: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Essay

… This module suggests that if FCPA is enforced without considering its collateral impacts, the U.S. will be unwittingly sacrificing both outbound FDI opportunities and poverty reduction. This will be done with the sole purpose of combating bribery within both the country and emerging nations. Although the module is because curbing bribery is a reaction towards material certainty, the readings conquer that it would be wiser to curb bribery as a component of continuing business associations and not as a prerequisite for conducting business (Cory, 2005).

Evidently, the goal of the readings is to incentivize ethical business practices in emerging economies. The challenge identified from the readings and the module encourages policy makers to reform the details and enforce the scheme of the FCPA law. This…. [read more]

Ethics in an Organization Essay

… In conclusion, the role of ethics to organizations in the society of today has been able to come a long way and will endure to be a significant subject going ahead. Consumers have more material at their fingertips than ever before and are able to get access to more media than they have ever been able to get. Information regarding establishments is willingly accessible and without high ethical standards of ethics establishments will see their collapse. As mentioned in this essay there are a lot of different concepts for governments to impart appropriate standards in their employees and to safeguard achievement and future growth. It is up to separate governments to take the proper stages to guarantee that they are running morally and providing the…. [read more]

Management in Order to Implement Term Paper

… In addition, this leadership style allows me to exercise flexibility in engaging with different kinds of people in the organization, which is already a starting point towards building unity and cooperation among the members of the organization. A congenial style of leadership eliminates antagonism that can possibly build up between management and employees when the leadership becomes authoritative, since employees will possibly display resistance because they have been members of the organization for the longest time and is part of the heritage and tradition of CWP-Walkerton. Therefore, putting value into the loyalty of the employees while not neglecting my role as the mediator between the administration/management is a trait attainable and possible only through congenial (and flexible) leadership. In sum, the leadership style that must…. [read more]

Management Systems for Cross-Border Businesses Sketch Essay

… ¶ … Management Systems for Cross-Border Businesses

Sketch of approach

The scope of the current endeavor is that of assessing the need and applicability of practical management systems in the administration of cross-border business operations. The first step in conducting this assessment is that of introducing the topic, materialized in a twofold direction -- the need for the analysis within the modern day context and the definition of practical management systems.

The second step is represented by the analysis of the available literature, embodied at this level by articles in specialized journals. The journals represent a special means of data collection as they are characterized by two specific features -- they are based on relevant and current data (information contained is often more current than…. [read more]

Ethics Program Imagine Company Toyota Essay

… Conclusion

For an organization to be classified as either successful or beaten depends on how the company channels the varied talents and energies of its employees towards achievement of its goals. Organizations need to invest in employee engagement to company success. Effective motivation strategy should include providing a good working environment, good pay and participation of employees in decision making. This creates the feeling of importance and enables employees to commit towards achieving organizational objectives and enhance successful training and implementation of an ethics program. Top managers should avoid the common mistakes that arise during designing and implementation of an effective ethics program. For example, during training, managers should not offer long hours of lecture instead organize employees in small discussion groups. Another common mistake…. [read more]

Personal and Organizational Ethics Case Study

… However, they were not as well-financed as the Red Cross. Because of that, the British agencies needed to charge their military members for the same things U.S. military members were getting for free from the Red Cross. Since the British were hosting thousands of American troops and they might be embarrassed by the differences in their funding statuses, The Secretary of War at that time requested that the Red Cross start charging service members for things like donuts and coffee (Bennett, 2005). The organization complied because it believed the request was a wartime demand. The items were sold at cost or below it, and no profit was actually made by the organization based on those sales. That was also the last time any military personnel…. [read more]

International Management Consultant Essay

… International Management Consultant

Question #1 asks: "Will the leadership style used in the United States be successful in Australia, or will the Australians respond better to another?"

The leadership styles used in the U.S. will most likely also be successful in Australia, given the high level of correlation to cultural values using the Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions (Hofstede, Minkov, 2010). Figure 1 is an analysis of the five cultural dimensions in the Hofstede Model comparing Australia and U.S.

Comparing Australian and U.S. Cultures using the Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions

Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Model website comparison

Both cultures also share a common set of core values from a political and socioeconomic standpoint as well, as evidenced by the CIA Fact Book. The management styles,…. [read more]

Intercultural Management Mncs and Corruption Essay

… And when it comes to moral outcries against corruption, these add up to no more than an optimistic outcry. Exactly what is required is a unified effort on all fronts -- including the business front (Legvold, 2009). Some ideas to curtail corruption in MNCs culture include:

Lead by example. Avoid anything that can lead your staff members to conclude that corrupt practices might be favored or be allowed in your business (Legvold, 2009).

Secure a written dedication from your workers to follow standards expressly prohibiting both active as well as passive corruption. Make it absolutely clear to them that offenses will have detrimental consequences (Legvold, 2009).

Hold training courses for workers on the threats of corruption and ways to acknowledge them (Legvold, 2009).

Designate a…. [read more]

Ethics an Empirical Study of Cpas Moral Term Paper

… Ethics

An Empirical Study of CPAs Moral Development and Ethical Decision-Making: A Selected Group of Taiwanese CPAs

As a result of such public accounting scandals involving the world's largest public accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, and its unethical mishandling of such corporate accounts as Enron, WorldCom, Merck and Xerox, the public has a low level of confidence in the ethical makeup of Certified Public Accountants. (Coleman, Kreuze, and Langsam: 2004). At the foundation of this ethical disintegration of the profession are cases of poor moral judgments and simply bad decision making. Thus, based off of this finding, a question as to the ethical standards of the profession today have been raised, essentially asking what is, or should be, the ethical code governing Certified Public Accountants?

In…. [read more]

Managing Organizational Culture Dissertation

… ¶ … opportunity exists for the company to expand internationally by setting up operations in the emerging economies of China and India. The question to consider is how to build cultural harmony between the facilities operating in three different countries. The question of whether it would be better to establish a certain national organizational culture is likely would be considered in this report. cultures of the United Kingdom, India and China is presented. The organizational cultures prevalent in China and India are more collectivistic and marked by high power distance than the organizational cultures in the United Kingdom. There are other differences such as the importance of status in China and family tradition in India, whereas in the United Kingdom principles of utility and economic…. [read more]

Ethics and Decision Making Essay

… (Kernaghan; Borins; Marson, 2004)

Therefore the vision, mission and values of the company create its culture which in turn affects the strategic plans and the effective implementation. One example of values not being followed resulting in chaos relate to the multinational corporations. The value standards in the case of multinational corporations are even more complex because of the tendency to be involved in political influence abroad. Thus it could lead to corrupt governmental processes and harm the national interest for corporate profits. In some cases it has also resulted in violation of human rights. All these are the result of decisions made solely for profit or advancement without ethical considerations. (Kline, 2005) This has global implications. Thus there must be special programs and plans created…. [read more]

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