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International Management Research Methods the Literature Review Thesis

… International Management Research Methods

The literature review for Wan, Hui & Tsang's article "Factors affecting Singaporeans' acceptance of international postings" contributes to the study in several key ways. It sets the framework for the discussion, provides insight into previous research on the subject, gives international context and it also determines the importance and relevance of the study by illustrating where the study fits with contemporary research. These are consistent with the established objectives for literature reviews in general (University of Toronto, 2009).

In setting the framework for the discussion, the literature review of this paper explains the basic themes concerning the decision to accept an overseas assignment, and further details that the present paper is going to address the issue with specific regard to Singaporeans.…. [read more]

Experimental Research Methods in Business Literature Review

… 123). The research approaches to which the authors refer in their definition include, for example, data collection and analysis, inference techniques, qualitative perspectives, and quantitative perspectives. When placing a mixed methods approach in the research -- as a type of research -- the authors suggest research employing mixed methods "would involve mixing within a single study; a mixed method program would involve mixing within a program of research and the mixing might occur across a closely related set of studies" (Johnson, 2007, p. 123).

As we have said, research methods can be described as fitting within any one of three research paradigms: The qualitative research paradigm, the quantitative research paradigm, or the mixed methods research paradigm. Greene (2006) further parsed research methodologies into four domains:…. [read more]

Imagery Literature Review Guided Imagery and Pain Literature Review

… ¶ … Imagery Literature Review

Guided Imagery and Pain Management

Ferrell, Betty R., et al. "Pain management for elderly patients with cancer at home." CANCER-PHILADELPHIA- 74 (1994): 2139-2139.

The first study to be examined in this review was conducted by Ferrell and regards pain management techniques in elderly cancer patients who are living in a home environment. Here, the theory is that pain management is a great and noninvasive technique for managing severe levels of pain that cannot be cured through traditional methods. It can be seen as an alternative to overmedication, which can decrease the quality of the patient's live in his or her remaining days. Elderly patients have a particularly hard time recovering from more invasive pain management strategies, and thus this population…. [read more]

International Human Resources Research Proposal

… It is the responsibility of the HR manager to nurture and develop an organizational culture which encourages diversity at the work place.


• Cosmopolitans -- Companies involved in international business employ people who are engaged to spend most of their time in other countries. They are classified into four components -- firstly, the true cosmopolitans who are the high-flying elite. Secondly, the expatriates who relocate themselves for several years to different countries and take their families with them. Thirdly, the occasional parachutist who spends short periods at overseas branches to deal with specific technical matter. Last but not the least the mobile worker is the person seeking employment in a foreign country.

• Culture -- Across the globe…. [read more]

International Business Expansion Process Dissertation

… 2. Selecting the Country for Recruitment:

The organization has multiple choices to recruit its workforce for its international assignments. It can recruit them from the home country (Parent Country Nationals), target or host country (Host Country Nationals), or from some third country (Third Country Nationals). Just like international business expansion is a more complex process than local expansion, international recruitment and selection process is a more challenging task than local hiring. The selection, placement, benefits and compensation strategies, performance appraisal, and other HR decisions are made at a much larger scale than they are in the local work settings (Sanchez, Spector, & Cooper 2000).

3. Recruitment from the Parent Country:

The middle to higher level managers which international business organizations hire from their home country…. [read more]

Deinstitutionalization Literature and Research Sources Research Paper

… Deinstitutionalization

Discussion Question One: What is the importance of a historical literature review?

Literature review, a critical step in research procedure, is a synthesis of what is published concerning a selected topic by accredited researchers and scholars, and it provides an explanation of the literature pertinent to a certain topic or field. Literature review helps in expanding knowledge relating to a specific topic besides helping researchers to demonstrate their skills in critical evaluation and information seeking (Kumar, 2005). The review of literature also helps researchers in ascertaining major gaps in literature that forms the basis of their research. Literature review despite being challenging offers a theoretical framework to the target audience. Literature review helps the audience in understanding the research problem and the techniques applied.…. [read more]

International Training and Development Essay

… They believe that their employees are perfect in each way and as technical skills are required to carry out the job, there is no need for further training. Along with the perception of senior level management, the limited budget and lack of knowledge about proper training courses are two other factors that limit the use of international training programs in the West (Kissack and Callahan, 2010, p. 365-80).

The reasons for Chinese lack of training in Multinational Enterprises are somewhat similar to the Western world. They also believe technical skills to be the dominating factor leading to the success of assignments abroad, and their employees are technically sound so they do not need to go through the hassle of training programs. For Chinese MNE's cultural…. [read more]

Managing Conflicts in Business Relationships Research Paper

… Managing Conflicts

Executive Summary the question of whether conflict is good for organizations divides academic researchers and real world practitioners. While conflict is acknowledged to have some benefits, real world managers are hesitant to make use of conflict and take steps to avoid it. This divide comes from an information divide. Managers deal with the full scope of externalities and long-term consequences of conflict compared to researchers and this drives their hesitation -- they understand the full costs of conflict in organizations and therefore choose to limit their use of it. Both managers and researchers recognize the benefits of conflict, but managers better understand the full costs.

The purpose of this report is to examine the idea that not all conflict in business is bad.…. [read more]

Inventory Management a in an Importer Industry Case Study

… Inventory Management

The raw materials, goods in process, and finished products represent different forms of inventory. Every stage of production of commodity represents money tied up until the inventory finds its way out of the premises as purchased product. The merchant stock, for instance, contribute to profits only when by selling them money goes into the cash register. Inventory management is instrumental in the determination of what are on hand, where it is used and how much finished products results. An efficient inventory management involves watching over constant flow of units in and out of already existing inventory. The business entity will control the transfer of units, which in the end makes the inventory remain at manageable levels.

Saxena (2009) attests to the significance of…. [read more]

Impact of Project Management Strategies on the Acquisition of International Contracts Research Proposal

… ¶ … Project management Strategies on the acquisition of International contracts

International Contracts

Tools and data analysis

The research proposal is prepared to express interest in investigating the relationship between project management strategies and acquisition of international contracts. The specific strategies adopted for managing a project are particularly important in providing detailed contract requirements, contract strategies and international contract management. The terms and conditions defined in the project are included through a negotiated process. There is always room for including and excluding certain conditions according to the adopted strategy of project management. The international contracts are also awarded on the basis of thorough adoptability of project management principles. The international contracts acquisition is also facilitated through demonstration of resources inducing human resources, operating procedures, and…. [read more]

Scenario Planning Literature Review

… ¶ … Planning: A Literature Review

In Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit #2 for success is to begin with the end in mind (Covey, 1989). Nothing epitomizes this habit more than the job of the strategic manager. The strategic manager must be able to visualize the end product of their efforts long before they are realized. Along this journey, there are many steps and many paths that can be taken. Each of these paths will produce a different end result. Scenario planning is a key step in the ability to visualize the effects of one's actions. This literature review will explore current theory and research on scenario planning.

The literature review explores research the importance and process of scenario planning. It…. [read more]

Halo Effect in Business Halo Effect Literature Literature Review

… Halo Effect in Business

Halo Effect Literature Review

The existence of the halo effect has been recognized for many years since 1920 when Edward Thorndike was the first psychologists to research the halo effect. This was then followed by other researchers who studied the halo effect in relation to the attractiveness of the person or organization and led to its application in various sectors such as business, education and judicial systems. The researchers stated that the halo effect was greatly influenced by the first impression on a person or organization Luttin, 2012.

The halo effect has a very powerful influence on business. This literature review attempts to find the halo effect in business and how it affects decisions made by the public on the company…. [read more]

Evaluating and Explaining Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management of Typhoon Morakot a Citizens Perspective Literature Review

… ¶ … Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management of Typhoon Morakot: A Citizens' Perspective -- Literature Review Chapter

Typhoon Morakot

The contemporaneous society is unfortunate enough to be witnessing numerous natural calamities. The debate over the causes of these calamities is ongoing, with some arguing the very force of nature and its changing shapes, whilst others blaming the changes on the devastating actions of man, which pollute and change the natural environment. In other words, there is the belief according to which more natural calamities occur as a result of global warming. This view is shared by the environment specialists at the United Nations, who include the Morakot Typhoon on the list of the most significant climate anomalies from 2007 through 2009. They refer to the…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resource Management Research Proposal

… The sector, from the leadership and authority section, the government influences directly the decisions of the various sectors, hence the theory Y The government of the United States is democratic (Billsberry, Salaman & Storey, 2005). However, this does not reflect in the ground as the leadership exhibits aspects of being autocratic in managing the various sectors. The public sector does not have the liberty of working as a team, as managers and the leadership only issue directives to the workers and expect that employees comply without question. This is a significant challenge in the motivation of the workers to achieve. Additionally, in some situations, the leadership does not have actual feel of the reality on the ground, and; therefore, they issue directives and instructions that…. [read more]

Group Dynamics Literature Review Bartel, C. ) Research Paper

… Group Dynamics Literature Review


This article focuses on how the changing nature of work and working today elicits prototype ambiguity in groups -- a shared perception among group members that the attributes, attitudes, and actions that define and describe the typical group member are unclear.

Hatch, M., & Cunliffe, A. (2006). Organization Theory (2nd ed.). London: Oxford.

Modern organizations can be defined by significant amounts of complexity and uncertainty. One benefit of a multi-perspective approach is that from the acceptance of multiple perspectives this can help the organization embrace complexity and uncertainty and their contradictory demands

Binsiddiq, Y., & Alzahmi, R. (2013). Work engagement and Group…. [read more]

Management Philosophy Management's Principal Characteristic Essay

… These management philosophies are different from the management approach proposed by He (2011). He (2011) identifies the Chinese approach based on the Confucian Philosophy, which identifies that the key idea is the achievement of strategic alignment. The philosophy especially identifies the creation of alignment between individual's behavior and organizational strategy. This is different from other management philosophies for He (2011) proposes that teamwork is essential in creating individual drive in the larger organization, which is part of Confucian values. The article identifies that this management philosophy follows Confucian values, which make the heart of management strategies for Chinese companies in the Silicon Valley. The article finds from the analysis of case studies that the alignment of management strategies with Confucian values has led to the…. [read more]

Spotlighting Samplings 4 Qualitative Research Research Paper

… Magilvy and Thomas (2009) explain that "qualitative research data are usually text data, narratives, and stories told by people about their experiences recorded digitally, on tape, on film, or in photographs, or in notes taken by the researcher" (¶ 4). After being analyzed, described and explained, the ensuring retrieved data may offer a detailed account of the experience "as lived."

As explained earlier in the study, research design illustrates the entire research process from the first notion of the research problem, to creating the data, analyzing and explaining the findings and ultimately publishing the results. In addition to the phenomenology method, the survey method, the ethnography method, and the case study method, the methods the current study examines, research designs also include, however, may not…. [read more]

Seo This Literature Review Looks Literature Review

… He found that the company itself and its industry were larger determinants of future growth than anything other factor. In his conclusion, Klimaz (2000) talked about the limitations placed on researchers and their inability to adequately study the firms many times. He saw this as a problem as did many other researchers (Clark, Dunbar & Kahle, 2001; Dawson, 1987; McDonald & Jacquillat, 1974).

Despite the issues common to researchers, there is the problem of actual firm underperformance and the reasons it exists. The crux of this paper is SEOs, but it is interesting how the performance of seasoned issues closely mirrors that of initial issues of stock. Speiss and Afleck-Graves (1995) analyzed 1274 firms that had issued stock between 1975 and 1989. They found that…. [read more]

Accounting Theory Why Accounting Research Research Paper

… In many situations, the occurrences of the accounting failures have not been focused by the challenging trends in the market. It is often understood that the present challenges of growth and development do not appear to have a genuine avenue of growth and development (Hall 2013, p. 78). In order to focus on a strong avenue for growth and development, it has become a relevant strategy for the researches to rest within a stable avenue of growth and development in the field (Chapman et, al 2007, p. 32).

Changing trends in the remedies available for enforcing a right or addressing a wrong asserted lawsuit

There are many and changing trends in the general avenues of managing the rights of addressing a wrong assertion over lawsuits…. [read more]

Future of Project Management Term Paper

… Future of Project Management

In many respects the evolution of project management parallels the development and continual validation of leadership theories, often corresponding to comparable timeframes. In the analysis presented in the Current State of Project Management Research: Trends, Interpretations, and Predictions (Kioppenborg, Opfer, 2002) the author has completed a meta analysis of the progression of product management as a discipline through several generations of thought leadership and research. This analysis will evaluate why the scholarly focus of study has shown the shift from a systems perspective to a leadership and organizational behavior one (Kioppenborg, Opfer, 2002). There has also been continual debate of whether project management is a social science or not, and if so if it bounded by the general theory of project…. [read more]

Reality Television: A Media Psychological Research Proposal

… This is a dangerous position for humanity: the technology and media moves a far greater rate than we are thinking about what it is doing to us psychologically, how these affects manifest, and what to do about them. Again, this is where media psychology provides assistance and the skills to navigate & control the ever-changing and constantly transitioning 21st century global culture. If humanity loses control over the technology it creates, humanity may soon find itself in an inextricable and fatal dilemma that could have been avoidable with some research. Furthermore, with respect to the influence media has on behavior and reality television, media psychology guides researchers through strange, yet relevant territory regarding the nature of existence, the nature of reality, fate, choice, action, and…. [read more]

Management Action and Productivity Businesses Research Proposal

… 2. How can management be encouraged to take ownership in the model?

Capacity-building support at the supplier level will be provided to increase the knowledge and skill levels of management, workers, and stakeholders. The primary focus is to provide and develop management expertise that will enable the supplier to address the challenges of CSR code of conduct compliance.

3. What training is available to inform management philosophy and practice?

Training programs to develop skills and knowledge in the areas of operations management, human resource management and industrial relations, health and safety in the workplace, environmental protection practices, and business systems change will be established.

4. What systems and controls can be used to monitor supplier performance?

One of the concerns suppliers expressed repeatedly and forcefully…. [read more]

Impact of Technology on Human Resources Literature Review

… ¶ … Technology on Human Resource Management

By any measure, innovations in technology have affected the manner in which companies of all types and sizes compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but perhaps no other discipline has been so profoundly affected by technology as human resource management. Indeed, the traditional "personnel department" of the mid- to late-20th century has been fundamentally transformed by information and communications technology. To determine the various impacts of technology on human resource management, this paper provides a review of the relevant juried and scholarly literature concerning traditional human resource tasks and responsibilities and how the introduction of technological innovations have affected these traditional activities. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Traditional Human Resource…. [read more]

Theory Z Management Style Research Proposal

… Organization of the Study

Chapter 1 will consist of the problem statement, background, purpose statement, significance of the study, nature of the study, research questions and definition of terms. Chapter 2 will provide an overview and analysis of the related literature. Chapter 3 will describe the methodology in detail including the survey instrument, a description of the sample population and the design of the study. Chapter 4 will present and analyze the data from the study. Chapter 5 will provide recommendations and conclusions.


Blackstone, J.H., Cox, J.F. & Schleier, J.G. (2009) A tutorial on project management from a theory of constraints perspective. International Journal of Production Research. 47(24) 7029-7046

Boehne, D. (2000). Deciding whether to complete or terminate an unfinished project: A strong test…. [read more]

ISO the International Organization for Standardization Plays Research Proposal


The international Organization for standardization plays an important role in ensuring that businesses throughout the world are practicing the proper standards. The ISO is currently the largest developer and publisher of international standards in the entire world. There are several dimensions associated with the system. There are general requirements, management requirements, realization requirements and resource requirements and remedial requirements. The purpose of this discussion was to investigate the certification of Neural Manufacturing SDN Bhd (NMSB). The research found that the certification was instrumental in improving the quality of the products and services provided by the company. The research focused on the manner in which the attainment of this certification assisted the company in changing the complexion of the firm. The research indicates that the…. [read more]

Personal Cash Management Policies Research Paper

… This will ensure smart investments and hence profitable safeguarding of the personal liquid working capital. Again, these personal financial plans and strategies can be best created and executed in an environment where appropriate internal control policies are in place. This will ensure that the regular use of certain strategies is the safest and most fruitful. The paramount level of personal cash management principles can be attained using the following strategies (Agarwal, 2001):

a) The overall importance of time and its role in the cash flow is recognized as an integral part of all personal financial plans, management strategies and projects.

b) No personal cash transaction will take place until the approval from the delegated authority is not received in a timely manner (Agarwal, 2001).

c)…. [read more]

Leadership and Change Management Research Proposal

… A perfect example being the cases of IBM and GM where most of the recent moves to bring culture change involved the application of pressure from persons outside their boards. Culture is therefore instilled through a network of relationships and never through the formal structure of authority as this is the basis of creating culture as well as adapting it.

A study by Gordon (1991) indicated the important role played by external influence of the organization culture. He concluded that the values and basic assumptions of any business organization are heavily influenced by three major external factors: These are; competitive environment, societal expectations and the requirements by customers. Firms that are faced by the highly dynamic and complicated business environment can successfully employ cultures that…. [read more]

Management Philosophies Samsung Group Essay

… Another article by Kamii & Ewing (1996), states that it is impossible for learners to establish high levels of relationships with what they observe unless they incorporate certain levels of knowledge to it. According to Kamii & Ewing (1996), cooperative learning methodology brings great maintenance of material and an increase in the transfer of learning. Jean Piaget insisted that constructivism would advance to other philosophical theories because the ideas are innovative and concepts can change with time.


The article by Ruth-Sahd is about social collectivism. The article bases on concepts of observation in a nursing clinical setting. The article also incorporates personal experiences of nurses. Observation and personal experiences help nurses in learn of effective management practices that will help them in their nursing…. [read more]

Project Management Is a Systematic Essay

… The efforts which can't be separable in increments are to be considered. This is taken in comparison to previous projectscompleted on time (For instance, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge and The Crystal Palace) dictates notable flaws in the planning mechanism and modern techniques having someintricate flimsiness. The modern projects are more computerized and less confined, have generally less information and control at helm. Then, they rely on transportation too (Paul, 2005).

4: The stakeholders

Stakeholder management is the most essential component of project management. It has been seen that many projects and especially those of delicate nature, for instance game changing projects and politically affiliated projects will succeed / fail only in the case, when the pertinent stakeholder is deeply engrossed (Lewis, 2006).

The…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Practice Task A: Nursing Research Paper

… Keady, J., Woods, B., Hahn, S., & Hill, J. (2004). Community mental health nursing and early intervention in dementia: developing practice through a single case history. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 1357-67. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2004.01045.x.

The researchers use a case study of a Dementia patient in primary care intervention indicating the need for diversity of early intervention in dementia care for a community health nurse and psychiatric social worker. This diversity intervention treatment entailed collaboration with the families of the demented patient and proved successful in the case study.

Forrest, S.S., & Masters, H.H. (2004). Evaluating the impact of training in psychosocial interventions: a stakeholder approach to evaluation -- part I. Journal Of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, 11(2), 194-201. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2850.2003.00708.x.

The research indicates that intervention approaches for…. [read more]

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