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How Is Terrorism Different From Violent Crime and Insurgency Ethno National Terrorism? Essay

… ¶ … terrorism different from violent crime and Insurgency / Ethno-National Terrorism

How is terrorism different from violent crime and insurgency

Terrorism has become one of the most discussed subjects in terms of international threat, national security, and domestic preventive action. In recent decades there have been numerous attempts to try to define the notion of terrorism and to tackle its causes and effects. However, to this day, despite impressive improvements, terrorism remains one of the greatest threats for international and national security.

Terrorism is rather hard to define in particular because it represents a complex phenomenon and its causes particularly difficult to fully contain and tackle. One of the first definitions of terrorism relates to the idea that the acts in themselves represent means…. [read more]

International Terrorism Has Brought With it Destruction Essay

… International terrorism has brought with it destruction, bloodshed, the killing of untold thousands of innocent people, political reprisals and fear. But along with these unconscionable terror-related strategies and tactics, many innocent people of Islamic faith have been erroneously linked to fanatical Muslims merely because of their dress or their place of origin. This paper highlights the ethno-national identity problem that has resulted from the widely disseminated negative publicity created by suicide bombers and other terrorists who claim to share Muslim faith -- but whose violent interpretation of the Qur'an is very different from true believers of the faith -- that have launched attacks based on twisted political sensibilities.

Border Security in the European Union

An article in the European Journal of Migration and Law examines…. [read more]

Terrorism and Democracy Term Paper

… (Quoted by Hoffmann) This was followed by another resolution that called for international crackdown on financing for terrorism and greater exchange information between countries to fight terrorism. All of this proves that international co-operation and perhaps an International Committee on Prevention of Terrorism under the auspices of the UN would prove more effective in combating terrorism than say, the U.S. attack on Iraq.


Terrorism, as we have seen in this paper, undermines democracy in more than one way. Its effect on democracy becomes more pronounced when democratic countries such as the United States react by curtailing such cherished democratic traditions such as civil rights, liberties, freedom of expression, and the free flow of information in their own societies. It is also clear that terrorism…. [read more]

Terrorism and National Policy Essay

… S. went on to attack Iraq amidst the reservations of its allies. This policy gave priority on American freedom and dismissed the views of other nations where the views were deemed secondary or irrelevant. This approach led to the U.S. To have more enemies than it did before

Thirdly, Bush policy saw his administration engage in costly decisions. The Bush policy involved taking costly choices that were unpopular with its allies. These decisions include the following measures, which were undertaken. First, the U.S. set up the Guantanamo Bay after the September 11 attacks. The Guantanamo Bay prison was set to hold suspects of terrorism who was indefinitely detained and without charge. Secondly, Bush policy also was characterized by torture, as characterized by the Abu Ghraib…. [read more]

Terrorism What Was Once Seen on Television Term Paper

… Terrorism

What was once seen on television as part of temporary news broadcasts is now more and more present to even become a global threat. Terrorism is "the threat or use of violence, often against the civilian population, to achieve political or social ends, to intimidate opponents, or to publicize grievances" (the Columbia Encyclopedia, 2007). The most jeopardizing feature of terrorism for a community is given by the fact that it most often targets innocent civilians and it becomes a danger to all of us, everywhere we may be: the shopping mall, the street, the train or even our workplace. "Terrorism, like the plague in the Middle Ages, frightens both leaders and citizens. It is a disease that is spreading, its cure is unknown" (Deutch,…. [read more]

Terrorism Essay

… ¶ … Terrorism

The objective of this study is to choose from three definitions of terrorism and relate which one best represents the beliefs, values, experiences, and education of this writer. Section 802 of the U.S.A. Patriot Act (Pub. L. No. 107-52) is reported to have expanded the definition of terrorism to cover 'domestic' terrorism. Domestic terrorism is committed by an individual if they "do an act 'dangerous' to human life that is in violation of criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to: (1) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (2) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (3) affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping."…. [read more]

International Terrorism Violence in the Middle East Essay

… International Terrorism

Violence in the Middle East:

The principle cause of perpetual violence in the Middle East is the extremist attitudes prevailing amongst Palestinian Arabs and other Arab states and militant groups toward the nation of Israel. Still today, large Arab nations like Iran and militant Islamic

organizations in positions of power throughout the Palestinian territories maintain formal

declarations of their intention to destroy Israel by any means necessary and refuse ever to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist as a nation. While extremist groups like the Moshe Amon exist in Israel too, the principal difference is that extremist influences neither reflect the predominant view of the Israeli populace nor do they dictate national policy. In Israel, anti-Arab extremist acts of violence are defined…. [read more]

Terrorism Has a Long Term Paper

… Whatever the justification of a separate homeland for the Jews, there is a deep sense of outrage among Muslims that such a country (Israel) was created on the land in which Palestinians (mostly Muslims) had resided for centuries.

The sense of injustice has been further enhanced by the harsh and brutal treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis. The United States has supported Israel financially, militarily as well as politically and due to these reasons, the U.S. has been identified as the number one enemy by Islamic fundamentals who believe that its loyal and consistent support for Israel has "enabled the Israeli government to conduct a war of terror against the Palestinians in the occupied territories." (Cohn 37) Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian leader expressed…. [read more]

International Terrorism Essay

… International Terrorism

The text offers three sources of (or reasons for) violence in the Middle East. Which of the three sources do you think is most responsible, if any? Explain your answer. Also, given these sources, what do you think can and/or should be done to secure a lasting peace in the Middle East?

The answer in my opinion is the militant Muslims, Arab and non-Arab, who preach revolutionary Islam and their fight against the secular politics of the Arab states as well as the Arab states cooperation and involvement with the Western politics which they view as infidels. The militants or extremist Muslims believe that violence is the only way to resolve any differences others may have them and their religious beliefs. The extremist…. [read more]

International Terrorism Term Paper

… International Terrorism

Terrorism is now considered to be the largest threat facing the international system and the security framework around the world. Its transnational nature and the unconventional means used have transformed the phenomenon into an indisputable challenge for the national security strategies. In this context there are various types of terrorism which differ in the aims and scope of the issues targeted. Therefore, the differences existing between groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad, or the PKK only come to prove the complexity of the terrorist phenomenon which has come to influence from the conduct of everyday life up to the highest levels of decision making.

Hamas is one of the most representative and well-known terrorist groups fighting for the Palestinian cause. It…. [read more]

Terrorism Assess the Likelihood of a Terrorist Term Paper

… Terrorism

Assess the likelihood of a terrorist group use of CBRN weapons

There is a high and rising probability of the usage of the chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear -CBRN weapons by majority of terrorists even though certain established terrorist groups are expected to remain restricted by such aspects like being alien to the weapon and its dubious political usefulness. The possible danger caused by CBRN weapons in the hands of terrorists is observed with increasing anxiety by both government and society following the current highly destructive terrorist events. Al-Qaeda and other concerned terrorist gangs persist to show their knack in large-scale killing of human beings through the use of CBRN i.e. chemical, radiological and nuclear arsenals.

Renowned persons in the U.S., has been expressive…. [read more]

International Terrorism Essay

… Another aim is to end the planning of terrorist activities through impending the communication and dissemination of their technical knowledge especially through the internet.

Methods used to combat organized crime

There are methods that can be used to combat organized crime these include the use of electronic surveillance which will provide evidence that is objective. It also enables law enforcement to learn about the crime before it is executed. There can also be carrying out of undercover operations which go hand in hand with surveillance. Confidential informants are also important when it comes to combating organized crime. These are individuals who are willing to give information on condition that they do not testify (Ohr, 2004).

Risk assessment

Threat and risk assessment are used to make…. [read more]

Latin American Terrorism Issues Research Paper

… United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)

This group of terrorist is relatively weak and less active. Very few activities have been reported by this group. It has more than 32000 members dismissed. Thus, it remains inactive as a formal group. Despite of its less activities, many old members of AUC are engaged in criminal activities mostly drug trafficking, in newly emerging criminal organizations (known as BACRIM, BandasCriminalesEmergentes). This newly emerging group has more than 3500 and less than 6000 members. To cope with this situation, Colombian government has taken multiple steps and made new laws. These laws are being implemented properly in order to generate peace in the region. One of the unique and most effective laws made in this context is the thorough and…. [read more]

Argentina's Definition of Terrorism Term Paper

… Argentina's Definition Of Terrorism

Terrorism is nowadays one of the most important aspects of international security which states and international organizations are trying to address at all levels, both internal and global. This is largely due to the fact that the terrorist flabellum does not represent a regular threat to the national and international security, but rather an unconventional one, whose motives, reasons, and targets cannot be fully understood or identified. In this sense it is argued that "the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September 2001 have focused attention on the issue of international terrorism as an urgent matter for the United Nations" (International Peace Academy, 2002) This is why it is important that action is taken at all…. [read more]

Defining Terrorism Term Paper

… Terrorism

Encyclopedias and dictionaries define terrorism in the easy to understand language but in reality it is a concept that is hard to grasp. In the last two decades terrorism caused more damage to the world then anything else. Especially after 9/11 the word terrorism was being redefined. Despite differing definitions terrorism, is considered a crime in most of the countries. Statutes of different countries have different version of the definition of terrorism.

Looking up a dictionary we would find the definition in the simplest form. For example, the American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or…. [read more]

Terrorism, Destabilization, and the Modern Global Environment Research Paper

… There is also increased fears of the use of nuclear and biological weapons through which terrorists can launch violent attacks (The diplomacy of counterterrorism, 2002, USIP:4).


In response to many of these problems, the drive has been towards consolidation -- consolidating domestic efforts within the United States to enhance information-sharing between law enforcement agencies and also to improve efforts between states to engage in mutually beneficial monitoring of the geopolitical situation to reduce terrorism. Certain aspects of the new, globalized world will be difficult to contain, however, including the diffusion of communication as well as enhanced capabilities to launder money for illicit, terrorist purposes. There are no quick fixes for addressing the problem of terrorism given the growing pervasiveness and diffusion of the problem:…. [read more]

Greater Threat: Domestic or International Terrorism? Research Paper

… As Mantri points out, "The domestic attacks disprove the idea that the United States, as a nation, is immune from radicalization at home" (2011, p. 91). In fact, Mantri (2011) suggests that notwithstanding the numerous examples of domestic terrorism cited above, the potential for even more such attacks in the future may be far greater because of the ideological attraction that these acts hold for some people. In this regard, Mantri notes that, "Even more disturbing has been the concept that this is driven by so called 'lone wolf' attacks, of people self-radicalizing through the internet and without the support of a much wider terrorist infrastructure or radical community" (2011, p. 91). In fact, a recent highly controversial report from the U.S. Department of Homeland…. [read more]

Global Terrorism Is a Systematic Research Paper

… To achieve its goals, the group uses series of force, which include bombing, and hijacking of planes.

"AI Qaeda seeks to destroy the U.S. For what they feel is oppressive foreign policy. They are also against Israel. AI Qaeda has been linked to various terrorist attacks in the world including the 2001 attack against the World Trade Center in New York.." (Jack, Bailey, & Matt, 2012, p. 238).

The group has also been linked to hotel attack in Yemen in 1992 as well as bombing of strategic places In Saudi Arabia between 1995 and 1996."AI Qaeda has declared a holy war, or "Jihad, against the U.S. AI Qaeda is also heavily involved in terrorist activity at present in Iraq." (Jack, Bailey, & Matt, 2012, p.…. [read more]

Loss of Civil Liberties Due to International Terrorism Research Proposal

… Terrorism and Loss of Civil Liberties

Terrorism and Civil Liberties

The aftermath of September 11 has been a controversial and challenging period for the U.S. Ethnic profiling and speculation without any accountability have undermined the rule of law and overridden civil and constitutional rights of thousands of citizens. The former president's acceptance that Iraqi invasion was a 'terrible mistake' is enough proof of the strategic misadventure of a failed intelligence system backed by emergency terror legislation.

The new millennium brought with it strange developments. On the one side we witnessed unthinkable terrorist plots killing thousands of innocent people on our homeland. On the other hand we saw the adoption of new anti-terror regulations granting unprecedented powers to law enforcers. The new 'preventive paradigm' strategy endorsed…. [read more]

Domestic Terrorism America Is Home Essay

… They once destroyed a laboratory in Michigan University because the laboratory was used to create genetically modified organisms funded by Monsanto (Grubbs, 2010). In reality, Monsanto only donated a paltry 2000 USD to send 5 African students to a conference on biotechnology. In their wisdom they have maintained that whatever they did was justified.

The Army of God revels on religious pretexts to harm others. They use violence to discourage abortion and homosexual activities as exemplified in their attacks on gay night clubs and abortion clinics. One of its members, Eric Rudolph, planted a bomb at the 1996 Olympics venue in Atlanta, Georgia. Two people succumbed and whopping 150 others injured. He explained without remorse in 2005 his action was an indictment to the government…. [read more]

Terrorism Linked to Religion Essay

… The earlier terrorism caused by the military wing of HAMAS was used as a tool to gain political power to achieve their objectives of saving Muslims from oppression and devastation at the hands on Non-Muslims.

The constant evolution of the purposes and actions of such organizations must lead to the question that if Radical Islam and religious domination is not the cause of these attacks then what is the political agenda of terrorists?

Brzezinski presents a simple political explanation in this regard that, "it is the emotional context of felt, observed or historically recounted grievances that shape the fanatic pathology of terrorists and eventually triggers their murderous actions" (Brzezinski 2002). In relation to 9/11 and other attacks against the U.S., he argues, "American involvement in…. [read more]

International Peace and Terrorism Literature Review

… International Peace and Terrorism

What changes to existing legal regimes may reduce the incentive and make the law more effective in preserving peace

In an attempt to enhance global peace and suppress terrorism, various stakeholders have in the past suggested a number of strategies that, in their view, ought to be embraced. This is particularly the case when it comes to enforcing the relevant changes to the existing legal systems in an attempt to enhance their efficiency. It would be prudent to focus on three of the legal regime changes that have been proposed. These include: standardization of laws and procedures across countries and regions, reformation of national laws, cooperation and support for international laws. These will, in no specific order, be highlighted, in the…. [read more]

Terrorism Seems to Have Taken Term Paper

… We will see what the proportion of violence is and what is the proportion of faith and religious values that Muslim["s" should be deleted"] societies consider in an attempt to create a different model of being.

From an occidental point-of-view, a new paradigm seems to have turned out in international relations. The new enemies are not a state, not a localized group as it was before, high mobility and advanced technology enable the enemy to be anywhere at any time and this requires new models of cooperation to combat terrorism.

Since the attack on the twin towers the occidental countries are in a crusade, because of the military response orchestrated by the U.S., chiefly the main sufferer of this action has been.the International world of…. [read more]

Defeating Terrorism: American Priority Term Paper

… There were 651 significant terrorist incidents in 2004, not this high since the late 1980s. However, the numbers really are not comparable because the database for the 80s included a considerable amount of incidents not defined as significant: Of the 208 incidents reported in 2003, 161, or 77% of all reported incidents -- the highest proportion in some time -- were classed as significant. Roughly 60% of them took place in India, Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq and Israel, with India alone accounting for 48, or about 30%. In Iraq it is naturally difficult to delineate terrorist attacks from insurgency; the other countries are locations where longstanding quarrels between factions have occurred.

Where does this leave the War on Terrorism as a whole, asks Arnold.

Outside of…. [read more]

Terrorism in the 21St Century Research Paper

… ¶ … social issue of terrorism, which has exacerbated the overall safety and security of the citizens across the world. Over time, where people have modernized their lifestyle, terrorist activities, at the same time, have only escalated to paramount heights. The major causes that have augmented the terrorist activities have widely been discussed in the dissertation. Moreover, the adverse and far-reaching impacts of terrorism has also been comprehensively discussed, and based on it, few solutions have been given as a remedy to curb this issue universally.

Introduction to Terrorism

Since the human race has first walked on the planet Earth, they have had an insatiable quest to chase, discover, and invent ground-breaking things every now and then, which has resulted in modernized and improved existing…. [read more]

Terrorism Hamas Is a Radical Islamic Thesis

… Terrorism


Hamas is a radical Islamic fundamentalist organization which became active in the early stages of the intifada. It operates primarily in the Gaza District but also has some presence in Judea and Samaria. It was formed in late 1987 as an outgrowth of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas has been known to have used both political and violent means, including terrorism, to pursue the goal of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in Israel. It is loosely structured and has some members that work undercover and others that work openly through mosques and social service institutions to recruit members, raise money, organize activities, and distribute party line information (Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement), 2008)

Hamas is the largest and most influential Palestinian…. [read more]

Just and Unjust USA War Against Afghanistan Term Paper

… Terrorism

There are a number of ways to interpret terrorist attacks in the modern world. The Bush administration has chosen a particular perspective that is intended to justify the employment of the United States military as a tool for rooting out terrorism in general. However, there are many difficulties with the logical backing for such a position; the way terrorism is understood, and the sources of terrorism have been largely misconstrued. Many people have put forward criticisms of the White House's outlook -- some from particularly visible individuals -- and an equal number of alternative approaches to terrorism have been offered. but, fundamentally, terrorism needs to be understood as a means of waging warfare; usually adopted by those who possess significant strategic and militaristic shortcomings.…. [read more]

Anticipatory Self-Defense in International Law Term Paper

… Anticipatory Self Defence in International Law

The concept of anticipatory self defence in international law has become more prominent and has grown to be a dominant topic of discussion in recent years. The attacks on American soil on September 11, 2001 can be said as the primary reason behind the growing importance of anticipatory self defence. The event saw the passenger airlines being hijacked and used to target the destruction of important and strategic New York and Washington buildings i.e. The World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It wasn't a surprise that the U.S. reacted with aggression and force by initiating the war on terror under the reign of President Bush. This war was launched against the territories and nations that were known to have…. [read more]

How Do Terrorist Threats Challenge the Current International Legal Framework? Term Paper

… ¶ … terrorist threats challenge the current international legal framework? Should the current framework of international humanitarian law be altered?

International law" is a phrase that has been used often in the post-September 11 era, and in most cases the phrase is employed in relation to the activities of terrorists, or, to the activities of governments seeking to prevent terrorist actions against their citizens and institutions. In the context of post-September 11 terrorism, the world clearly has changed and continues to change; citizen safety is a concern on a global level as never before, and the use of force against terrorism is at an all-time high. What laws apply in these stressful, dangerous times?

This paper will review existing international law, challenges to those laws,…. [read more]

International Political Economics the Impact of UN Peacekeeper Corruption Term Paper

… International Political Economics: The Impacts of UN Peacekeeper Corruption

International political economy tries to understand global and international problems through a diverse interdisciplinary arrangement of theoretical perspectives and analytical tools. International political economy focuses on the constant breakdown of disciplinary boundaries amid politics and economics. it's not easy to image a world devoid of international political economy since the mutual interaction of international economics and international relations is prevalent. The political activities of nations apparently influence international business and the flow of money, which consequently affects the environment in which nations make political preferences, and entrepreneurs make economic preferences.

It appears impracticable to put into consideration significant questions regarding international economics or international politics in devoid of taking into consideration their mutual effects and influences.…. [read more]

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