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International Monetary Relations in Order to Calculate Essay

… International Monetary Relations

In order to calculate the total amount of U.S. resulting from 1 million euros, one needs to divide the amount by the exchange rate. One can use the following framework

US $1-0.7 Euros

US$ X 1 million euros

In order to find X from this simple equation, we divide 1 million by 0.7 euros. The resulting X is U.S. $1,428,571.

If you left your winnings in Ireland, you would have, after one year, a total amount of the initial earnings, plus the accumulated interest rate. In this case, the interest rate is calculate after the formula 2/100* 1,000,000 = 20,000 euros. As such, the total amount of euros after a year would be 1,020,000 euros.

Following the same calculations, the accumulated interest…. [read more]

International Relations Theory and United Essay

… As an external party, the United Nations has become one of the most evident forms of intervention in violent conflicts as the international level.

Actually, among the current external or third parties, the United Nations has a special place at the international level because of its mission of being the magnificent guardian of international security and peace (Yilmaz, 2005, p.14). Consequently, conflicting parties tend to usually expect more from the United Nations than the other third-parties, which may have necessary resources to exploit the conflict.

Since the international relations theory goes beyond the maintenance of pace and reducing the possibility of war, it explains UN contribution to peace as third-party intervention. This is largely because UN peacekeeping goes beyond the mere coping with physical violence…. [read more]

International Law Assess the Legality Seminar Paper

… International Law

Assess the legality of the 2003 American invasion of Iraq in the context of the United Nations Charter provisions governing the use of force. Does the legal position adopted by the United States on the Iraq war a signal the emergence of new norms governing the use of force under International treaty or customary law? Make sure to incorporate the relevant assigned readings into your answer

invasion of Iraq was in violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter. This states, "All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations."

When you apply this…. [read more]

Theory Free Market Fairness Essay

… Free Market Fairness would provide more economic freedom and work to balance social injustices in countries with excessive amounts of sweatshop labor and other forms of exploitative labor. The effects of economic inequality and unfair wealth distribution are not only economic in nature; they are also social:

"It's not just wealth. In 2007, U.S. income inequality hit its highest mark since just ahead of the Great Depression in 1929. And that was before the current recession brought joblessness and financial peril to scores of Americans, most of whom are on the wrong side of the wealth divide. According to the CIA's World Factbook, the United States now ranks 39th in the world when it comes to income inequality. What that means is that only 38…. [read more]

Attachment Theory & Self-Psychology Dissertation

… The "Growing" Process

Overview of the Study

Clinical Case Study Dissertation Structure

The Rationale for Clinical Case Study Dissertation

Diverse Contentions

Emotional Abuse/Maltreatment

Winnicott's Relational Model Theory

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

Kohut's Self-Psychology


Theoretical Basis for Case


Winnicott's Relational Model Theory

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

Kohut's Self-Psychology


Shania's Presenting Problems

Early Stage: Development of Therapeutic Relationship and the Holding


Middle Stage: Transference and Counter-transferenceread more--> [read more]

International Business Law -- Recognition Essay

… In that accord, one party may have been searching for the resolution of a territorial unit or the territorial state or to become the part of new state or established state. In this situation two questions have been raised simultaneously which are: one, either the established state's title is to be used by the original state or, two, the new state should be mingled with the territorial unites aside them? However, this entirely depends on the situations that work as the baseline of the debate and focus. One may find that a given group favours the idea of side status quo which is being much preferred by someone while the rest find the idea of changing the framework of status quo to be a more…. [read more]

International Relations Theories Question Journal

… International Relations Theories Question Set

Discuss the idea that international relations is a social construction.

The various conceptual frameworks postulated by international relations theorists have always been inspired, and eventually tested, by the regular periods of social transition which occur before and after international conflicts. The faith placed by Idealists in their utopian notion of collective security was shattered by Hitler's unopposed domination of Europe after the conclusion of World War I, and the systematic cessation of hostilities in World War II gave rise to the scientific school of Realism (Dunne, Kurki, and Smith 178). The eventual evolution of neo-liberal and neo-classical thought provided diametrically opposed worldviews that were nonetheless predicated on the same fundamental paradigm: international relations are governed by an objective reality based…. [read more]

International Human Resources Culture, Political Essay

… 45-58). The management of this hotel can do an agreement with Pepsi for soft drinks, and other specific vendors for other fast turnover items, this approach can also help this hotel to convert its global presence into competitive advantage. In short, we can clearly state that creating critical mass in selecting items or fast turnover items can be helpful for global player to avail the opportunity to build centres of excellence for the development of specific technologies and/or products (Gupta, Govindarajan and Roche 2001, pp.45-58).

There are many activities that a global company performs all over the world. These activities include sales, distribution, production and procurement etc. There are various advantages of tapping into different locations and resources, for example performance enhancement, cost reduction and…. [read more]

International Relations Discuss the Origins and Evolution Thesis

… International Relations

Discuss the origins and evolution of modern international & world system

Theorist Irving Wallerstein proposed that the new capitalist world system created an international division of labor "that determined relationships between different regions as well as the types of labor conditions within each region" (Halsall 1997). Some regions, called the 'core' regions benefited the most from capitalism and played the most critical roles in the development of the modern nation-state, while peripheral regions such as indigenous economies were largely destroyed in the wake of imperialist capitalist expansion. Semi-peripheral regions did not achieve the same world dominance as core states, yet were not exploited to the same degree as peripheral economies. External economies remained largely self-contained and generated their own economic systems.

The usual…. [read more]

International Labour Economics Term Paper

… International Labor Economics

Programme Title

Module Number & Name

International Labour Economics (Irish Labour Market)

Statistical Profile of Irish Labour Market

The Republic of Ireland is a member of the European Union in order to maximize its international benefits in relation to the economy. Republic of Ireland represents one of the vital players in the global market with respect to its population levels and geographical size. The labour market of the Republic of Ireland continues to experience numerous radical changes towards improving the living conditions of the citizens. The population of the country has been on the rise, which is observable from Figure 1 below.

Population of Ireland (IRLPOPL) (

The latest census (2011) in relation to the Republic of Ireland shows that the current…. [read more]

International Economics Term Paper

… This gives out one of the functions of foreign exchange markets, that of regulation. Within the foreign exchange system, a country will have the ability of influencing some of the quotation for its national currency by playing on the foreign exchange markets, with a direct impact on the country's trade. Thus, if a country wants its currency to be cheaper, than it will sell its currency on the foreign exchange market, increasing supply for it. In terms of trade, this will lead to cheaper and more competitive products for export, giving a boost to the country's export's and influencing the country's balance of payment.

29. Devaluation and revaluation are techniques generally used in trade to adjust the country's balance of payment. Devaluation refers to a…. [read more]

International Strategic Management in the Service Sector Term Paper

… International Strategic Management in the Service Sector

International Strategic Management: Hospitality Service

This work will demonstrate the proposition that "success for any business is dependent upon the ability to find a valuable strategic position." Further this work will be applied to a hospitality organization and use this theoretical statement to critically challenge the performance of the organization and will further through a case study apply the principles and processes to explain the critical approach..

Marriott International, Inc. celebrated its 75th birthday in 2002. The leading hospitality company on a worldwide basis is able to trace its heritage to a beer stand operated by J. Williams and Alice S. Marriott. Presently Marriott International has over 2,700 establishments and over 490,560 rooms in the establishments both in…. [read more]

UK Banking Services Use Michael Essay

… 29).

The UK banking services have been at the forefront in the formulation and implementation of strategies facilitating the existence of a competitive edge in the market. The market is a small avenue from where strategic competitiveness is essential. The market has been a stable avenue from where the company has managed to emerge as a stable force in the market (Buckle & Thompson 2004, p. 67).


The government of Australia has been at the forefront in enabling the UK banking services to stand out as one of the competitive forces in the global market. Through its marketing options, legal structures and policies, Australia has stood out to be a major marketing hub in the world. This avenue of production has given the company…. [read more]

International Strategic Management Term Paper

… International Strategic Management

Costco business entity is one of the global wholesales focusing on quality and low prices towards the provision of services and products to the consumers. The organization adopts a 25-year plan with the aim of becoming an international leader within the industry of operation. In order to understand the strategy of the organization, it is essential to implement tools such as SWOT and PEST analysis in the evaluation of the conditions. This research exercise will focus on the evaluation of the strategic direction of Costco Company, key strategic issues, elements of the strategy, and factors affecting change within the industry.

Evaluate the strategic direction of the company, Costco's Market strategic vision, mission, and its motto and business model. In your judgment, how…. [read more]

USA Hegemony Term Paper

… S. kept Haiti economically and politically isolated for decades and refused any diplomatic recognition until after the Civil War. In more recent history, Jean Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest and advocate of liberation theology, was overthrown twice in military coups in 1991 and again in 2004, which had all the classic hallmarks of CIA-style covert operations. Not surprisingly, Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world, dominated by a corrupt and repressive oligarchy that the U.S. has helped to install and maintain over many decades.

Michael Doyle counters Rosato in asserting that Kant's Perpetual Peace between democracies is real, as is their tendency to be war-prone with authoritarian or non-liberal states. Not all groups within democracies are liberal or democratic, of course, but…. [read more]

International Relations Treaty of Westphalia the Region Research Paper

… International Relations

Treaty of Westphalia

The region in north western Germany known as Westphalia gave its name to the treaty that ended the Thirty Years War, which was one of the most harmful disagreements in European history. The sequence of wars in 1618 began when the Austrian Habsburgs attempted to force Roman Catholicism on their Protestant subjects in Bohemia. This war put Protestant's in opposition to Catholic's, the Hold Roman Empire in opposition to France, the German princes in opposition to the emperor and France in opposition to the Habsburgs of Spain (Cavendish, 1998, p.1).

The Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 conveyed a conclusion to the Thirty Years' War, which had covered Europe in blood in clashes over religious conviction, explained the values of power…. [read more]

International Economic Trade Thesis

… International Economic Trade -- International Trade Regulations of China

After many decades of international efforts to liberalize the global market, the forces of globalization continue to be restricted by the diverse legislation in each country. China is one of the largest economies of the globe and many of its partners are impacted by the governmental policies. The aim of this paper is to reveal some of their international trade policies, alongside with the effects they generate upon other global players. In achieving this however, it is vital to start off with a brief presentation of the country.

Brief Description of China

After the European Union and the United States of America, China is the third largest economy of the globe with a gross domestic product…. [read more]

Theory at Work Term Paper

… Theory at Work

The group theory being used in this paper is "high performance teams" and the work environment chosen is an outsourcing company. One of the main strong points that high performance teams bring to a business is that they are able to identify and remove any hurdles that can arise within the different managerial units through the redesigning and reformation of the business strategies already present. The thought behind doing this is so that the automation of the business and the managerial teams are more dependent upon horizontal setups as opposed to vertical. The advantages of working under such a setup is that the business shows improvement in precision and the value of work produces as well as the overall employee incentive to…. [read more]

International Trade Regulations Essay

… Mercosur Regional Trade Organization, formed in 1991, regulates the RTAs among the Latin American states including Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador (Crawford, 2000). Along with practicing free trade in the region, this organization is working with EU to promote inter-regional trade regimes.

The three above-mentioned RTAs are working as role models for the other regional organization of the world including South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). These two Asian regional cooperation organizations have awakened to meet the challenges of the modern economic system by forging trade ties among the member nations.

With the rise of the international trade regimes and RTAs, there emerge some disputes too among the trading partners. In order to…. [read more]

International Trade the World Term Paper

… The business between these two countries that has been created over the past 20 years demonstrates how globalization can really impact the way people live and interact with each other. Bera & Inderfurth (2013) agreed when they wrote "the U.S.-India economic relationship has the potential to be one of the globe's most dynamic and broad-based. Overall, trade and economic ties have steadily grown: over the past 20 years, the two countries have moved from mistrust and mere millions in trade to a strategic partnership approaching $100 billion in two-way trade."

Not all is good however in this relationship. The human elements begin to surface when some of the more challenging aspects of this situation are revealed. While India continues to grow in modernity, many people…. [read more]

UN Security Council Proliferation Research Paper

… [footnoteRef:10] [9: Peter Crail, "Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540: A Risk-Based Approach," The Nonproliferation Review, vol 15, no. 13, July 2006, p. 355.] [10: Lars Olberg, "The Implementation of Resolution 1540 in the Middle East," Cooperative Monitoring Center-Amman Occasional Paper, February 2008, p. 3.]

Simultaneously, in the years leading up to the adoption of Resolution 1540, the United States was in a hurry to put on the books a measure that obligated the entire international community to take steps to shut down or disrupt terrorist networks seeking WMD. More specifically, the George W. Bush Administration did not believe that the time-consuming process of negotiating a multilateral treaty was an appropriate path, considering the urgency of generating a WMD terrorism nonproliferation tool. In fact, the…. [read more]

International Relations: Idealism vs. Realism Essay

… The first two attempts were oriented strictly to the European continent and its colonies, whereas the League of Nations, after promoting the principle of sovereignty as a pre-requisite for states, allowed al sovereign states to be part of the organization.

The realist approach in terms of the positioning of the state is that the state is the most important and the only actor on the international arena. Indeed, the state can be part of multidimensional constructions such as international organizations but this membership would never supersede the state as a rational actor on the international scene. Unlike idealists, realists believe in the rational of the state. More precisely, the state would always take into account when making a decision the most important elements that constitute…. [read more]

U.S. and Int'l. Relations International Essay

… Liberalism, however, cannot explain why the U.S. went into Iraq without UN Security Council authorization in 2003. Also, Liberalism cannot explain why the U.S. used its position as the superior country to overthrow Saddam Hussein, such a move is contradictory to the ideals of Liberalism.

The third broad theory of International Relations is the idea of Constructivism. This theory is outside of the normal arc of IR theories because it does not concern itself with the 'high politics' of Realism or Liberalism. Constructivism does not concern itself with the decisions of the United Nations, nor of the power struggles between states in the international system. Rather, Constructivism is an idea of the cultural values and political realities of the societies within states, and how those…. [read more]

International Politics and Relations Case Study

… This is important because the person on ground is directly dealing with the situation and being dependent on asking for superiors consent over and over again may result in delays in important decision making.


Dallaire had to deal with two different power bases. One was the Rwandese government where complete power rested with the presidential forces as the assembly that was in function was also a cosmetic parliament. The other power base was the United Nations who delegated the responsibility and command to Dallaire, but did not transfer him the authority to take the necessary decisions. As far as the Rwanda issue was considered, the United Nations failed to adhere to its organizational objective of restoring peace in the region. On the contrary, it…. [read more]

Canada-u.S. Relations for the Canadian Public Research Paper

… Canada-U.S. Relations

For the Canadian public, the United States is widely perceived as an intrusive, aggressive, and increasingly reactionary bully. For the Canadian Government, the United States is perceived more as a force of nature, an absolute global hegemon providing stability and promoting prosperity, whose needs must be met even at the cost of Canadian national pride. This view was particularly evident during the 2004-2008 period when the two countries were led by Conservatives, who readily acquiesce to the rules of naked power. However, Canadian Liberals are willing to defy American demands at times, although never to the point of recklessness. This applies even if the U.S. president is a Democrat, as President Obama has discovered.

While the recession and terrorism limit the President's discretion…. [read more]

International Business Research Paper

… International business is a term used for commercial activities that occurs among private or public enterprises or government between two or more nations. International business has started several centuries ago when nations believe that they could source for products that are in short supply from other countries. After the industrial revolution, there was a significant increase in the international business, many companies started to enjoy economic of scales. With increase in the level of output, many companies were unable to find enough markets for their products in the local markets. To find market for their products, these companies started exporting their products to other countries. It was after the end of the Second World War that trade between nations increase tremendously. The post war construction…. [read more]

Leadership Theory Essay

… The followers are transformed by the transformational leaders in such a manner that shape the beliefs and values of their followers.

Transformational leadership has 4 dimensions as it said by Korver (2008). These dimensions are:

1. Charisma: The leader provides the followers with a strong sense of mission, he/she makes them feel proud and in this manner is able to gain their trust and respect.

2. Communication: Directs efforts by using symbols to communicate with his followers and expresses essential purposes in very simple ways.

3. Intellectual stimulation: Problem solving, intelligence and rationality are promoted by him.

4. Individualized consideration: Pays individual attention to all the employees, advice and coaches them whenever they need any kind of guidance.

A subdued or passive follower was formed…. [read more]

America and China Trade Relations Term Paper

… Again, to the dismay of other industrialized countries such as America and Europe, China has done little to actually implement these standards. I believe this is due in part to ease of access to counterfeiting technology combined with a lack of severe punishment. Nearly 1.3 Billion people now live in China, of which approximately 90% of them pirate software, motion pictures and other luxury goods. The likelihood of actually getting caught for this offense is unlikely due in part to the sheer volume of citizens within the country. Would it be practical or even worthwhile to catch every small business counterfeiter within China? If so, what is to prevent another person from committing the same offense? With the ease of access to technology, I believe…. [read more]

Globalization's Effect Term Paper

… The United States has been a leader in encouraging the cross-border deals for the advancement of domestic opportunities. While there are numerous opportunities to derive from the inter-relations of business opportunities with other countries, the United States often faces fundamental challenges in balancing the interest of the national security with the national economy. The September 11, 2001 attack has made the United States to implement stricter control in the foreign direct transaction. (Travalini, 2009).

The review of the literatures explores the impact of globalization on the security of the United States to enhanced greater understanding on steps that the country will take to enhance its national security.

Effect of Globalization on the National Security of the United States

The United States has experienced both positive…. [read more]

International Human Resources Research Proposal

… It is the responsibility of the HR manager to nurture and develop an organizational culture which encourages diversity at the work place.


• Cosmopolitans -- Companies involved in international business employ people who are engaged to spend most of their time in other countries. They are classified into four components -- firstly, the true cosmopolitans who are the high-flying elite. Secondly, the expatriates who relocate themselves for several years to different countries and take their families with them. Thirdly, the occasional parachutist who spends short periods at overseas branches to deal with specific technical matter. Last but not the least the mobile worker is the person seeking employment in a foreign country.

• Culture -- Across the globe…. [read more]

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