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International Trade the Latin American Economy Research Proposal

… International Trade

The Latin American economy has been following a constantly ascending development trend in the last decades, despite several crisis that took back the past progress on the respective occasions, like the financial crisis in Argentina in 2002. Based on the wealth of natural resources, the economies of Latin America grew on their exports, as well as on the investments made usually by foreign corporations in industries ranging from manufacturing to extracting and oil production. Markets such as the Brazilian or Argentinean markets have become excellent debouches for European or North American products, which helped, due to high consumption rates, increase the important quotas as well.

Internal trade within the continent is also an important part of the Latin American trade. More and more,…. [read more]

Latin American Terrorism Issues Research Paper

… United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)

This group of terrorist is relatively weak and less active. Very few activities have been reported by this group. It has more than 32000 members dismissed. Thus, it remains inactive as a formal group. Despite of its less activities, many old members of AUC are engaged in criminal activities mostly drug trafficking, in newly emerging criminal organizations (known as BACRIM, BandasCriminalesEmergentes). This newly emerging group has more than 3500 and less than 6000 members. To cope with this situation, Colombian government has taken multiple steps and made new laws. These laws are being implemented properly in order to generate peace in the region. One of the unique and most effective laws made in this context is the thorough and…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Change Essay

… The Civil War made significant changes to the economy. The need for weapons and ammunition fed the strength of the manufacturing trades in the North, while the slash-and-burn practices during the War all but devastated the Southern agricultural powerhouse. The victory of the North in the War set the stage for an American economy centered on manufacturing and trade in the 20th century.

From the start of the English colonies in the early 1600s through the end of the Civil War, democracy and social freedom expanded for all Americans.

The concept of civil and human rights and the concept of political freedom have developed substantially in the United States since the first colonies settled here in the 1600s, though not always consistently. Many of the…. [read more]

American History Final Exam Stages Term Paper

… Turner lived at a time before a large middle class existed or the U.S. had become a consumer society, so he naturally thought of pioneers as farmers and ranchers who moved the agricultural frontier to the West. In his era, even though the country was rapidly industrializing, the majority of people still lived on farms and in small towns. For this reason and was always the main goal of Manifest Destiny, while industrial capitalism required a different type of imperialism that acquired markets and raw materials overseas rather than colonies. Eastern capitalists since the time of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federalists and Whigs had always had a very limited interest in expanding the agrarian frontier, and even less in the expansion of slavery. They…. [read more]

American Revolution Impact on Colonial Society Research Paper

… American Revolution had far ranging effects not only in Colonial America but also throughout the rest of 18th Century society. These effects started slowly but eventually transcended nearly every aspect of life in America and spread to Europe.

The changes that occurred subsequent to the American Revolution began long before the actual conflict. Great Britain had established a fairly loose approach in regard to the day-to-day management of the American colonies and, as a result, the American colonists enjoyed far more liberties than most people throughout the world and their taxes were the lowest of any of Great Britain's other colonial holdings. Against, this background, however, protest and, eventually, revolution was fostered.

In the process that gradually progressed into…. [read more]

American History, 1820-1920 Five Positive Essay

… The doctrine stressed that the United States has the capacity and the right to defend the foreign policy of its neighboring countries as well as its internal affairs from European countries if the interest of the United States so required. The initial motivation behind this doctrine was positive in the sense that the United States offered its support and consideration in case of foreign or domestic disturbance of its neighboring countries. However in time, due to the volatility of international politics the United States where soon seen as interventionists in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries. Therefore cases have been in Mexico or Cuba in which the United States intervened and supported politically or otherwise different factions of the political environment. This approach brought…. [read more]

Economics Politics Trade Term Paper

… Economics, Politics, Trade

Geopolitical base


Political Systems

Monetary, trade and economic backgrounds



Economics, Politics, Trade

This paper shall be a comparison of two countries of the world-one which is a developed country and another developing country. The developed country chosen for the study is Germany and the developing country is Peru. The paper shall deal with the geopolitical base and the Monetary, trade and economic backgrounds of the two countries.

Geopolitical base


Germany occupies 356,959 square kilometers. It is the sixth biggest country in Europe with Alps in the south and extending 853 kilometers from Denmark as its northern border. Germany measures roughly 650 kilometers from the Belgian-German border in the west to the Polish frontier in the east. The province…. [read more]

Illicit Arms Trade in South and Central Research Paper

… ¶ … illicit arms trade in South and Central America and how that affects U.S. Foreign Policy regionally and globally. In Central and South America, the drug trade and the arms trade are completely linked. The problems of drug trafficking and the illicit arms trade are phenomena that are essentially related. It is practically impossible to deal with each issue separately.

As illicit trades, they account for the largest sectors of the black market.

They generally use the same routes, although arms production and the demand for illicit drugs are found in the industrialized countries like the U.S., whereas illicit drugs production and the demand for weapons are found in the so-called developing world such as in Central and South America. The war in Columbia…. [read more]

Economy of Latin America Term Paper

… In addition, the resulting emergency aid that emerged as a result (out of a fear of default on loans rather than any altruistic motive), only underscored its dependence on outside aid, investment, and influence.

Of course, no discussion of the damaging economic effect dependency has on the Latin American economy as a whole can be complete without touching specifically on the Argentinean Crisis. Indeed, many consider the recent extreme economic crisis in Argentina to be an embodiment of the problems associated with the entire region.

In Argentina, the economy suffered from a dramatic recession in the late 1990's to which various governmental leaders responded by implementing so called "austerity programs" in an attempt to gain control of the situation. However, these measures were so extreme…. [read more]

Brazil the Economy Essay

… Culture

Brazilian culture is very diverse due to its geography. It is the result of the melting pot of several races that have shaped Brazilian culture. Portuguese are not the only ones who have contributed towards Brazilian culture by components like religion and language. Other populations like native Indians, some Africans, Europeans, and people of Asia and Middle East who settled in this territory have also played a significant role in shaping rich and very distinct culture of Brazil.

Its culture is very famous throughout the world due to its kindness and hospitality. Moreover, the colorful Carnivals of Catholic style with musical activities are also very significant in the Brazilian culture. The diversity in the Brazilian society can also be recognized by its division into…. [read more]

International Trade Role of Leadership Research Proposal

… International Trade

Role of leadership in International trade: Appointment of WTO head Roberto Azevedo

The author has presented the theories of international trade and theoretical positions that researchers have taken regarding free trade as well as liberalization of trade policy. The author mentioned that Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) are increasing by every year and more than 50% of the all the trade conducted worldwide is through RTAs. Authors have described the pervasiveness of PTAs by stating that all parties to World Trade Organization (WTO) are also signatories of one or another PTA. Elaborating further on the theoretical frameworks of international free trade, the authors have divided theories of international trade in three broad perspectives. Each perspective holds responsible different category…. [read more]

What Defines Latin America Term Paper

… Latin America unites all countries of Americas where Romance languages are spoken (languages which derived from Latin language). From geographical perspective Latin America includes territories where Spanish, Portuguese or French dominated during colonization era: Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean. French speaking territories in Canada (such as Quebec province) are not included to Latin America, due to a number of reasons, mainly cultural differences. Latin America consists of 20 states and dependent territories. Even though that traditionally Latin America is considered to be Spanish-speaking world, French and Portuguese languages are also spread. In common understanding, the word "Latino" is referred to describe people of Latin-speaking cultures, those who have common Spanish cultural heritage, including Spanish nation. In 1990 Latino National Political Survey respondents had…. [read more]

Colonization of Latin America Research Paper

… Latin America has seen the rise of colonialism in recent times. This has brought on some problems. Colonialism brought to Latin America the quick spread and influence of Christianity into the land, replacing traditional religions. European languages like Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, and French have been introduced to the native people. With immigration from European countries and some Asian countries, millions of natives died and were killed due to the illnesses and diseases brought by the foreigners. Furthermore, a small minority of upper class control/controlled the vast majority of any colony or country's resources through generation of class societies.

Foreign invasion also brought division among numerous tribes from the result of European-generated borders. Lastly, much of the resources existent in Latin America were mined by…. [read more]

Latin American History Essay

… When Bello was installed as rector of the University of Chile in 1843, he gave an address praising the liberal, humanistic spirit of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. Modernity and progress began when the "intellectual heritage of Greece and Rome" was "reclaimed by the human spirit after a long era of darkness" (Bello 53). After one thousand years of feudalism, science, morality and politics began to advance again, proving that humanistic learning and cultivated minds were essential for the progress and happiness of society. Although Bello strongly supported the provision of primary and elementary education to the lower classes, he did not believe it possible to educate the masses without first training an educated elite, because "where science and letters do not exist, elementary instruction cannot…. [read more]

International Marketing Plan Term Paper

… S. They placed it in the appropriate containers and filled out the necessary documents and forms, following all export standards and procedures for inspection, etc. It was to shipped via barge form Costa Rica to the U.S. After the cargo wen through customs, meetinga lall the shipping procedurs and requirements, OOCL arranged for truck delivery. Because of the relationship between Costa Rica imports and OOCL, my cartons were mailed to my warehouse and all the prices were given by Costa Rica Imports on one itemized invoice.

The tables brlow are inclusive of costs oin manufacturing and shipping to my warehouse. This system is in place in order to help expedit my orders. After much research on independent transporation and delivery, I was satisfied that I…. [read more]

Does Immigration Hurt American Workers? Term Paper

… ¶ … Immigration hurt American Workers

The era of globalization can be seen as one of the most remarkable periods in the history of human kind. There is an endless and unlimited access to markets around the world, to resources, and to an endless variety of workforce. It is often considered to be a real revolution with similar impact as the industrial revolution or the bourgeoisie revolution. The information era we live in has made available to the production forces around the world the entire array of labor in the world, without any regard for national barriers or cultural differences.

The United States, as one of the most important countries in the world has attracted tens of millions of immigrants in search for a better…. [read more]

Political Science - International Relations Term Paper

… Political Science - International Relations

The paper discusses the rationality of creating a social institution for Latin American countries, resembling the mechanisms of the European Union. This is because Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American countries recently met in a conference to discuss such a possibility.

Paper starts by discussing the role of international institutions and organizations in the present world order. Here the scholars present the importance of international institutions in order to not only maintain inter-state and inter-regional and inter-continental harmony but also to enhance trade and commerce.

The paper follows up with complete, yet concise, literature review, which integrates the literature on the theories pertaining to the need to create international institutions and the modes, scope and extent of cooperation that can…. [read more]

U.S. and Latin America Term Paper

… S., so they add little money to the local economy: they therefore do not benefit positively the local economy. It is difficult to see what benefit Panama receives from U.S. troops stationed in the U.S., and it is well-known that U.S. troops are in Panama solely to safeguard its national interests with regard to the canal, not to help Panama.

Chile-U.S. fair trade agreement

The U.S.-Chile trade agreement (I will not call it fair, as it is not), is an extenspion of the failed NAFTA. This agreement, between the U.S., Canada and Mexico, was set up with the broad aims of liberalising trade between these countries; in effect, what happened was a further insurgence of U.S. business to Mexico, creating many of the problems already…. [read more]

Latin Music Industry Problems Term Paper

… (Cobo, 2003)

CDs by popular U.S. And Brazilian artists sell for $2 apiece on the streets of this gritty frontier city, but not all the buyers know the illegal bargains might be helping to finance international terrorism. But diplomats from several countries said Ali Khalil Merhi, an alleged "bigfoot" in Paraguay's criminal underworld, sold pirated CDs in neighboring Brazil to raise money for al-Moqawama (Resistance), an extremist arm of the militant Islamic group Hezbollah (the Party of God) in southern Lebanon.

Merhi, 32, who has a police record for assault and piracy, was arrested on Feb. 25, 2000 and charged with selling millions of dollars worth of illegally copied music and software. He fled Paraguay in June 2000 after Esteban Aquino, a prosecutor in Paraguay's…. [read more]

Nature of U.S.-mexican Trade Relations Term Paper

… This means in turn that goods that require a great deal of labor (such as the production of clothing) will be relatively more expensive to produce in countries with high levels of capitalization. Thus clothing produced entirely within the United States is very expensive vis-a-vis clothing produced in nations in which there is a relatively low rate of capitalization and low wages for the average worker -- such as Mexico.

However, it should be noted that this model correctly notes that not everything is cheaper to produce where labor is to be had cheaply. (This too accords with a common-sense assessment of the situation, for if everything were cheaper to produce in the Third World we should quickly have no First World production at all.)…. [read more]

International Capital Markets Term Paper

… International Capital Markets

Capital markets provide the means to raise capital for all ventures. The investments in the products available in the capital markets help generate funds and stabilize interest rates. It is also an indicator pertaining to the status of the economy as also the fluctuations in the capital market and lending rates creates far reaching changes in the economy in the short run. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when most countries were the colony of the European countries particularly Britain, the capital markets were institutions of international nature. After the first and Second World War, the fragmentation and independence of nations created institutions in each nation with regulators within the nation. The modern era has seen the emergence of the international capital…. [read more]

Company International Term Paper

… Soong also points out that there is a "fun" factor. To upwardly mobile Latin Americans, cell phones are seen as a status symbol. Soong concludes that "This, in conjunction with the other factors described above, has contributed to the explosion of cellular phone use" It is also a good reason to enter the market now, while it is on its upswing.


Of all the nations in Latin America that could become markets for our products and services, Chile seems to be the soundest choice for reasons of its projected internal cellular phone market growth, its current financial rating globally, its relatively stable government, and the ease of reaching the market from the United States, both physically and culturally.

In addition, the market itself seems…. [read more]

Growth of Latin America vs. East Asia Term Paper

… ¶ … growth of Latin America vs. East Asia (China)

Many researchers have quickly gravitated to the significant differences in per capita incomes between the Latin American and East Asian regions of the world to explain their major economic growth differences and trajectory of economic gains seen today. In fact the most conclusive set of findings comes from a series of regression analysis and econometric analysis completed by De Gregorio (2004) (pgs. 111-113) which shows that while income can explain the significant differences in the history and foreseeable future of economic growth of Latin America vs. East Asia, the far more telling factors are the fact that East Asian nations are much freer to engage in global commerce than their Latin American counterparts. Porter (1990)…. [read more]

Trade Barriers Term Paper

… Trade Barriers

Visible and Invisible Trade Barriers

Few of the countries of the developed world would openly espouse rampant protectionism as a dearly held national policy, given the popular lip service paid to globalization in the international community today. The existence of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), NAFTA, and the maintenance of the World Trade Organization are all seen as critical steps towards the creation of a truly fair and free global marketplace for international trade (Wood 1995). The European Community has attempted to curtail the protectionism that was once practiced by some of its member nations, and international lending organizations like the International Monetary Fund have encouraged free trade and discouraged the continuance of allowing protected, nationalized industries to keep the…. [read more]

Trade Agreements Essay

… International Trade

Pacific Alliance captures zeitgeist in era of 'mega' trade agreements

This article discusses a recent agreement between four Latin American countries (Chile, Columbia, Peru and Mexico) to lower tariff and non-tariff barriers and create a commercial framework that can increase and substantiate the connections and economic links between these countries. The overall objective of such an agreement is to make all four economies more competitive in the international arena, more able to compete with rising Asian economies.

The article looks in detail at the premises of such a deal, pointing out correctly that most of the large commercial blocks (the EU, the U.S., Japan etc.) have grown tired of the inconsistency of negotiations and, particularly, of the results of the latest Doha Round…. [read more]

International Business Essay

… A good example of this can be seen with their partnership with Gallant Precision Machining. As, the company formed this alliance to: provide support and distribution services for the products that they are selling in areas such as Latin America as well as Europe. This helped Acer to be able to maintain their low cost structure and effectively market their different products / services in these areas. While, allowing their partners to deal with issues (such as: repair and support) for their products. Over the course of time, this approach helped the company to establish transnational links around the globe. (Acer 2007)

As far as Hyundai is concerned, they have been concentrating on establishing these different connections within the organization itself. What they have been…. [read more]

Political and Legal Forces Essay

… International

Legal and Political Forces in Spain

The ideological forces in Spain include parliamentary democracy and constitutional democracy. Spain is a democracy that is organized in the form of a parliamentary government beneath a constitutional monarchy. It is an industrialized country with the ninth largest economy in the world by nominal GD. It has very high living standards. As of 2005, it had the 15th highest Human Development Index including the tenth-highest quality of life index rating in the world. It is also an affiliate of the United Nations, European Union, NATO, OECD, and WTO (Spain, 2009).

The Spanish nation is governmentally made up of a form known as State of Autonomies. It is one of the most decentralized countries in Europe. All Autonomous Communities…. [read more]

International Given That the United States Case Study

… International

Given that the United States has always championed free trade and has discouraged protectionism, should the country insist that only American raw materials, equipment, products and services be purchased with the stimulus dollars, or should foreign companies be allowed to benefit from the same as well?

In this paper we are focusing on if stimulus spending should be limited to American-based firms. At the same time, we are examining the impact of globalization on Burger King. These different elements are important, because they will illustrate how this is changing the way governments and firms are operating.

Over the last several years, the federal government has been involved in massive amounts of spending to help stimulate the economy. The reason why, is because the nation…. [read more]

International Business Environment Outline Essay

… Therefore, there is only limited impact of instability in the political dimension on the prospects within the country for international business. Thus, the savvy international company will merely seek to position itself to transcend whatever government might happen to be in place. Unless there is a risk of nationalization, it is unlikely that even political instability will have a profound impact on the opportunities for long-term growth.

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Comparative Politics Development in Emerging Economies of Latin American Countries Term Paper

… ¶ … Economies of Latin American countries

Comparative Politics

Latin America includes conceptually Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South American countries. In this culture is home to around 500 million people who speak mainly Spanish and Portuguese. The largest metropolis in Latin America is Mexico City with around 19 million.

Among the ten largest cities in the world belongs to the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo and the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. In Latin America, according to studies by the World Bank, especially in Brazil, the country is in a dynamic economic growth of around five percent a year. Many countries in Latin America will benefit because of the good relations with China from the economic boom of the People's Republic.

China has now…. [read more]

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