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International Organizational Structures Companies Engaging Essay

… government groups. The government tends to buy through soliciting and accepting proposed bids, often emphasizing lower cost and government-required specifications, criteria which is often distinct from the requirements of private industry buyers. To that end, company divisions dealing with the government-as-consumer, for example, will employ specialists in the area of properly manufacturing and submitting proposals for government customers. The advantage of this configuration is that these specialized divisions can become easily conversant with the specific needs and requirements of the division's customer group. The disadvantages of this framework is: it adds layers of management in order to sometimes redundantly deal with the same issues within different divisions and, therefore also increases cost structure of the company; it decreases local accountability as each division pursues its…. [read more]

International Expansion Essay

… China has in the recent years liberalized its trade policies (Lardy,2003; Ianchovichina & Martin,2001). This means that import and exports can be conducted freely. Red Bull can exploit this friendly policy in the importation of its products into the populous Chinese market. Red Bull must also tow the line in regard to adhering to the Chinese food and beverage importation policies.

Some of these rules and regulations as stated in the policy include the following;

The company must ensure that they declare the importation of its goods to the Customs at the port of entry or any other place of entry within 14 days from the declaration of entry date.

The imported Red Bull products must be given Chinese labels as stipulated by the Chinese…. [read more]

International Business Economics the Resource Term Paper

… International Business Economics

The Resource-Based View (RBV) theory suggests that a firm must protect its resources which are valuable, rare, inimitable, and non-substitutable in order to transform its short-term competitive advantage into a sustainable competitive advantage. A typical firm possesses four types of resources which play their individual roles in its operational and financial performance. In addition to its day-to-day business operations, a typical firm also expends some amount on environmental protection and social welfare projects. Research studies suggest that good environmental performance leads to or gives significant support to a firm's financial performance. This paper critically discusses the statement that there exists a win-win relationship between corporate environmental performance and corporate financial performance in the light of Resource-based View (RBV) theory.

The paper starts…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Research Proposal

… Corporate Governance

Much has been made of the debate between stewardship theory and agency theory as it relates to corporate government. Many say that agency-style theory is necessary because it's the only true thing that keeps corporations in check in terms of ethics and compliance with the law. However, the opposite side of the argument is that governmental at all agencies both over-regulate businesses in general and they over-react to corporate scandals and thus end up over-correcting with legislation that goes farther that it needs to or should. As with most things, the correct answer is surely in the middle as the proper rules of the game that no one should be strayed from and which also dictates how violators will be punished. However, the…. [read more]

General Electric Company (GE) SWOT

… The buyers have ability to switch from one company to the other. The company is facing competition within the industry. Thus, buyers have the power to switch to alternative company.

Threat of New Entrant: There are barriers to enter the industry. These barriers are economic of scale and huge financial resources to set up a new firm. GE is enjoying high market advantages with the threat of new entrants making the company to record huge profits over the years.

Threat of Substitutes: There are close substitute within the industry giving the buyers power to switch to other products within the industry. There are several substitutes in the U.S. And the Europe.

Competitive Rivalry: GE is facing stiff competition within the industry leading the company to…. [read more]

Business Plan for Freelancer Website Business Plan

… Before starting up a freelancer website, the owners will have to conduct a full-fledged environmental scan of the freelance business industry in order to operate the website in an effective and profitable fashion (Allen, 2012). The major environmental forces that can affect the business operations and profitability of freelancer website include political and legal forces; economic forces; social and demographical forces; technological forces; and the most importantly, Globalization and international competition (Ilasco & Cho, 2010).

Political and Legal Infrastructure:

Being an international freelancing services provider, the freelancer website will have to adhere to the local and international laws and regulations that govern freelancing industry. For example, it will have to pay taxes on its sales, technical services, software acquisitions, etc. (Entrepreneur magazine, 2012). It will…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Two Different Research Paper

… Hernon & Nitecki note the many challenges of writing about quality because everyone has it defined differently (2001). Quality has encompassed everything from quality collections, organizational quality, continuous quality improvement, and total quality improvement.

Customers that share information about their expectations create a unique opportunity for small businesses to provide unique services to them. Some small businesses measure because the parent institutions, such as universities, corporations, government agencies and school boards, have made commitment to be accountable to customers and compete for loyalty (Thomas & Robson, 2004 ). Service quality provides a way to improve their ability to meeting their mission of serving users regardless of external pressures. Attention to service quality enables an organization to develop a partnership with its customers while gaining a…. [read more]

Corporate Compliance Plan Research Paper

… Corporate Compliance Plan for General

Commercial Construction Company

This work examines the 'Corporate Compliance Plan' and specifically in relation to the General Commercial Construction company engaging in business. Corporate compliance includes adherence to external legal requirements which includes environmental, financial, employee and product safety requirements as well as other health and safety regulations. The United States Sentencing Commission in 1991, adopted Organizational Sentencing Guidelines which affect the effect that these criminal sentencing sanctions would likely have on businesses and corporation and findings show that these guidelines offer very convincing incentives for compliance programs to be put into place and for violations, upon their discovery, to be reported.


The work entitled: "Fighting Global Corruption: Business Risk Management" published by the…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Is a Concept Research Paper

… Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept and a movement that many companies worldwide are embracing that relates to positive actions that go over and above the legal and financial duties of a company. CSR pertains to the social and environmental concerns in the community in which a given company operates, and in the communities that are linked to a given company. Moreover, when a company reaches out to the community and involves its workers in the betterment of that community -- through volunteerism and other acts of generosity -- CSR becomes a winning idea for the company's stakeholders (including customers, employees, board members and shareholders). According to the European Union's definition of Corporate Social Responsibility, one of the key goals is to "…identify, prevent…. [read more]

Corporate Governance of Commonwealth Bank Essay

… The Board of Directors carries the main responsibility of ensuring that the officers and directors in the bank act appropriately and effectively. One of the main ways with which the Board handles issues and challenges that arise when directors are carrying out their duties is through education. Actually, the Board of Directors has established an education program to ensure that the bank's officers are kept up-to-date with the local and international developments in the industry. In addition, the corporate governance procedures in the bank are critically reviewed regularly in order to improve effectiveness. As a result of the regular review of the procedures by the Nominations Committee, the bank handles issues or challenges that may arise in daily operations suitably and effectively.

Impact of Global…. [read more]

International Financial Markets and Institutions Essay

… International Financial Markets and Institutions

During the past decades, a trend of increased volume and mobility of capital flows has been observed in the global financial markets. According to a rough estimate, global GNPs annual value is now less than financial transactions' volume in all the financial markets of the world. Increase in financial mobility can be attributed as a result as well as cause of the increased financial integration of the economy of the world. Increased financial integration also plays a vital role in creating an impact on the domestic financial markets. Some powerful economies' governments held negotiations among themselves so as to focus on the policy stances of each other with regard to interest rate, monetary and the exchange rate.

In earlier years,…. [read more]

International Financial Contagion in Currency Essay

… Those lessons should be learned and notes taken by important players lest a kind of deja vu rears its head. One scholarly opinion -- put forward by Land and Milesi-Ferretti, (2010) and Blanchard, Faruqee, and Das (2010) -- holds that the ratio of reserves to short-term external debt" explains how the crisis became so serious. Blanchard adds that short-term debt is the culprit more than reserves (Kanaoka, 2012). Another scholarly opinion -- by Llaudes, Salman, and Chjivakul (2010) -- suggests that the reserves were not the problem but in fact they helped "dampen the impact of the crisis on emerging market economies" (Kanaoka).

Still another scholarly viewpoint is expressed in this article with reference to how the Asian economies responded to shocks from other crises.…. [read more]

General Motors in China: Chinese Essay

… During this period the locally-based firms or domestic companies lacked modern technologies, design capability, and managerial capabilities. Nonetheless, these challenges were mainly overcome through permitting foreign investors to maintain joint ventures with the local firms. Despite of the success of this strategy, several concerns have emerged regarding its suitability in the future and the need for modification. The reason behind the need for a new strategy is because the business environment is changing significantly. Currently, this industry has new competitors from overseas and intense competition from domestic companies that are influencing it structure. The current projections on demand and supply appear to be subject to numerous uncertainties.

There are several major trends that characterize today's motor vehicle industry in China including consolidation. Consolidation is as…. [read more]

International Commercial Arbitration Term Paper

… International arbitration settlements might prove to be cheaper compared to litigation as well, particularly if several nationwide legal courts are providing their services and input. Generally, international arbitration expenses are a lot more than the local arbitration proceedings though. However, this structure of international arbitration will probably be more affordable compared to worldwide litigation structures (Philip, 1997).

International arbitration usually is actually much less adversarial compared to international litigations structures and could much better in conserving company human relationships and networks as well due to its open and honest nature of discussions (Rozas, 2005).

Arbitration is actually progressively approved, accepted, through the majority of countries from the globe. Arbitration was formerly seen in the past in the U.S. (as well as within some other countries)…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Has Attracted Attention Research Paper

… Some of these are;

1. Corporate Fraud

This type of conflict of interest occurs when a give corporation deceives someone or the general public in order to gain some kind of advantage to which it is never entitled. This affects the internal and external stakeholders but affect the external ones mostly.

2. Health Care Fraud

This type of fraud takes place when people or corporations steal money or/and services which is never availed to the people who need it.

3. Billing for services that are never rendered

4. Kickbacks

Discussion of whether Dr. DoRight has fulfilled his ethical duty by effectively reporting the illegal procedures.

There are several basic ethical concepts within the healthcare system that are specially designed to make the saving of life…. [read more]

International Training and Development Essay

… They believe that their employees are perfect in each way and as technical skills are required to carry out the job, there is no need for further training. Along with the perception of senior level management, the limited budget and lack of knowledge about proper training courses are two other factors that limit the use of international training programs in the West (Kissack and Callahan, 2010, p. 365-80).

The reasons for Chinese lack of training in Multinational Enterprises are somewhat similar to the Western world. They also believe technical skills to be the dominating factor leading to the success of assignments abroad, and their employees are technically sound so they do not need to go through the hassle of training programs. For Chinese MNE's cultural…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Dissertation

… Therefore, those who are provided with more assets have responsibility of sharing them with the deprived ones in the society. Hence, the owners of the assets are actually trustees in nature who are expected to serve the society, take from their assets as per their needs and use their property to the best interest of society. It is important to note that Gandhi was a supporter of neither capitalism nor socialism. However, communism was an unacceptable theoretical model for him. He believed in giving everyone equal rights of continuing their lives; therefore, use of non-violence and unjustified means was not expectable for him at all.

Due to his compliance to socialism and capitalism, he presented an idea of economy which was capable of using its…. [read more]

General Electric Short-Term and Long Term Paper

… GE's service centers focus on end users to become experts at organizing the front end by learning how to appeal to customers and understand their requirements, to price retail merchandize and services, and to sell products (using point-of-purchase displays, for case in point) -- all customary practice for retail companies. Additionally, for the reason that consumers already utilize the products of the corporations behind these service centers, they have been well positioned to sell accessories and attachments. Therefore, the qualified retail managers at GE are a benefit (Walter, Blacconiere and Patrick, 2002).

Locality converging on distributors, in comparison, excels at organizing the back end: forecasting and sustaining suitable catalog levels, giving speedy and low-cost shipping, as well as providing some services (for case in point,…. [read more]

General Motors Company Case Study

… The departments in the headquarters and regional offices of General Motors have an effective reporting and communication system through which all types of information flows through a defined chain of command. It makes the whole organizational structure of the company fully functional and centralized.

5. Leadership and Motivation

The managers at General Motors use both transformational and transactional leadership styles to lead, motivate, and encourage their subordinates effectively. Using transactional leadership styles, the managers ensure that every employee at General Motors works with full commitment and dedication towards the achievement of his assigned targets or fulfillment of normal job responsibilities. They use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques to keep the morale and satisfaction of these employees at the highest level (Rowley & Jackson, 2010).…. [read more]

International Business Machines Corporation Term Paper

… It is their responsibility to instill IBM's pride, motivation and clear perception and to inculcate a strong sense of responsibility in the entire workforce. IBM offers group life insurance (1934), survivor benefits (1935) and paid vacations (1936) to its employees and officers.

Moreover, the Executive Compensation and Management Resources Committee is also governed by the board of directors and cannot decide on any matter independently without the consent of the board. (Report on Executive Compensation)

Part III: Financial Status of International Business Machines Corporation

According to the IBM Archives, the top management at the International Business Machines Corporation held stockholder's meetings in the year 2002 in the states of Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, April 30. In these meetings, the board of directors approved a total…. [read more]

Electric Car Manual Instruction Essay

… The Nissan Leaf will even locate with GPS the closest electric refilling stations.

Figure 5 - Electric Charging Station (Singh, 2010)

Driving the electric vehicle has two primary differences when compared to traditional vehicles as well. Again the lack of engine noise is noticeable. Many people are somewhat disoriented when they do not hear the car accelerate as they would in gasoline powered vehicle. Another difference is that the source of power is more immediate in an electric vehicle because this power supply does not dependent on the engine reeving up for it to supply its power. In fact, some of the electric sports cars are among the fastest cars in the world in regards to initial acceleration. In an electric vehicle the battery gives…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility the Pyramid Research Paper

… Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

The pyramid of corporate social responsibility

The three-domain model of corporate social responsibility

Factors determining the importance of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility

Strategic issues with corporate governance and corporate social responsibility..5

The case of Wal-Mart

Importance of corporate social responsibility

Strategic issues

Concluding remarks

The contemporaneous society is changing at a rapid pace and organizations need to change along in order to remain competitive and able to attain their financial goals. Corporate governance and social responsibility represent modern day tools through which economic agents strive to improve their relationship with the stakeholders. In this light of events, a question is being posed relative to the roots of the organizational interest in the tools of corporate governance and social…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Saudi Arabia Literature Review

… Corporate Social Responsibility in Saudi Arabia

In this paper we are examining corporate social responsibility in Saudi Arabia. This is accomplished by conducting a literature review and focusing on why this is taking place. Once this occurs, is when we can see the underlying causes of these trends and how they impacting the Kingdom itself.

Over the last several decades, Saudi Arabia has been experience tremendous amounts of economic growth. Part of the reason for this, is because they have 20% of the world proven oil reserves. Yet, the sale of petroleum-based products is accounting for: 90% of Saudi Arabia's exports, 80% of their revenues and 45% of the nation's GDP growth. This is significant, because the marketing of crude-based products has improved the county's…. [read more]

International Marketing of the Winter Research Paper

… 2).

Nevertheless, it is clear that the marketing executives at Adidas found their brand was highly congruent with the three major themes of the Olympic Games as well as its core focus: "Athletic excellence has always been a core element of the Olympic Games, inspiring spectators -- especially youth -- to strive for their personal best" (Elam & Hamakawa, 2008, p. 2). Indeed, despite the costs involved, the marketing executives at Adidas were likely drooling over the potential clout of their efforts at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games given the global audience of more than 3 billion viewers that watched the games (Elam & Hamakawa, 2008).

Key International Market Entry Issues

Companies seeking to promote their brands at the Olympic Games are faced with some…. [read more]

International Management Ethics and Values Thesis

… International Management Ethics & Values

"Don't be evil:" Corporate responsibility in action at Google

The Google corporate philosophy: Overview

'Don't be evil.' This colloquial phrase, often quoted by company employees and executives, succinctly sums up the Google Corporation's philosophy of social responsibility to the community and its stated commitment to the triple threes of 'planet, people, and profit.' It strives to help its employees become more creative and to enrich their vocational lives, as well as the lives of the consumers the search engine serves as part of its mission ("Company Overview," Google Corporation, 2009) Google's stated purpose is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. It tries to behave in an ecologically-friendly manner as well as make a profit…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Regulatory Framework in Romania Article

… ¶ … corporate governace regulatory framework in Romania

Corporate governance regulatory framework in Romania

Romania is still engaged in a transition process since the fall of its communist regime in 1989. There is political and economic instability and the challenges to corporate governance are intense (Paredes, 2004). Still, the expansion of the country's operations at a global level forces it to adapt its corporate governance and align it with the frameworks in the more developed states (Sellar, 2009).

A report of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ranked Romania 7th on the list of corporate governance practices in the emergent states, with an overall score of 20.6. The highest score was obtained by Greece (32.5) and the lowest by Russia (14.1).

As it can…. [read more]

Corporate Sustainability Summary Essay

… 111).

This theory mostly concentrates on the fact that organizations have stakeholders who might not be legitimate. Relationships built on illegitimate terms will not only damage the organization but could be a waste of time for the organization that had been attempting to establish a better relationship with the employees and the rest of the stakeholders. An illegitimate stakeholder can turn from a good to a dangerous stakeholder and not only demeans the efforts of the management but could also pose danger to the organization (Santana, 2012, p.257). Legitimacy is a necessity for the establishment of healthy working and personal relationships.

Legitimacy Theory

The legitimacy theory is one of the most popular theories that is largely cited by organizations for a number of reasons. One…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Etisalat UAE Term Paper

… Corp Gov UAE

Corporate Governance at Etisalat and the UAE at Large

Corporate Governance in the UAE: An Overview

Corporate governance as it is understood and practiced in the United Arab Emirates is still very much under development, however is largely in keeping with established guidelines and principles as observed in the Western world (ADCCG, 2012; Hawkamah, 2012). The emphasis is on the practical nature of corporate governance, situation governance plans and issues as a part of the corporate infrastructure and thus the means by which value is created for shareholders and other stakeholders (Hawkamah, 2012). Abu Dhabi, long the economic and political hub of the UAE, also plays a prominent role in the determination of proper corporate governance guidelines and overview, and is a…. [read more]

Corporate Social Action of Mcdonald Business Plan

… iii. Society:

The society as a whole represents the individuals, entities, and environment that take a direct or indirect impact from the actions and strategies of business corporations. Today, McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's International, Burgers King, Pizza Hut, etc. are the leading fast food corporations in the world. Whatever tactic or strategy they adopt for the success of their businesses in the short run or long run has an impact on the society in which they operate. In this particular case, if McDonald's transforms its existing spicy and high-calorie fast food product line into a healthier and more hygienic product line, the society will observe some significant changes in the consumers' consumption patterns, health statistics, environmental dynamics, etc. (Environmental Action, 10).

First of all, the fast…. [read more]

Corporate Governance: A Review Essay

… , 2003). Increased need of capital resources to be raised from open markets has also led the importance of corporate governance to increase in recent years. Another aspect of corporate governance culture that has increasingly come to be scrutinized is the value-based governance and bottom line governance. Firms in Europe and specifically in the U.S. market have emphasized that their companies should reengage in value-based corporate governance (Du Plessis, et al., 2010; p. 11)In modern corporations, corporate governance arises through the severance of ownership and management control in the organizations.

Principles of Corporate Governance

Researchers have also identified the essential principles on which the conduct of corporate governance rests. These are:







Social responsibility (Du Plessis, et al., 2010).

Du…. [read more]

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