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Internet Abuse in Universities Case Study

… Internet Abuse in Universities

Why do you think universities may be reluctant to allow this type of research to be undertaken by students?

In the last decade or so, the Internet has had a tremendous impact on the arena of psychological research with lots of focus on interpersonal interactions and communication among other topics of focus (Niemz et al., 2005). There are a multitude of reasons as to why universities might not want this type of research to be undertaken by students. The first is perhaps the right to privacy. One could make a strong argument as to what students do in on the Internet in their own free time and in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. However, that argument…. [read more]

Internet and Global Finance Research Paper

… From the statistics presented by the Internet World Stats, 2.4 billion people around the world were using internet in 2012, which represented 34.3% of the world population. Between 2000 and 2012, there was a tremendous growth of 566.4% of internet users. Despite the growth in the internet users globally, the internet penetration rates varies across the globe. The North American region recorded the 78.6% in the internet penetration rates followed by Australia 67.6% and Europe 63.2%. The overall world internet usage is presented in Table 2 and Fig 1.

Table 2: World Internet Usage Statistics


June 30, 2012

World Regions


( 2012 Estimation )

Internet Users

Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users

Latest Data

Internet Penetration Rate



Users %

of…. [read more]

Internet Use in the Educational Setting Term Paper

… Internet Use in the Educational Setting

The use of the Internet in the educational setting has become in recent years an important consideration in the promotion of new and more effective teaching methods and protocols. In many quarters, the use of the Internet in the classroom situation has been seen as a positive advance in educational praxis. Many educators are of the opinion that the inclusion of Internet technology and resources can have a positive impact on the learning process and can enhance the teacher's ability to deal with more inclusive and diverse classrooms. The term " interaction" which has become synonymous with the Internet, has been touted as a valuable methodology in expanding and enhancing the general educational environment.

However, in recent years the…. [read more]

Internet Makes Children Smarter Integration Thesis

… (VandeCreek; Jackson, 71). Haugland in the year 2000 has evaluated a study revealing that children of the age of three to four years who make use of computers with other activities that strengthen the educational goals have more developmental advantages and that the kindergarten and primary students reveal developed motor skills, increased mathematical thinking, enhanced creativity, increased scores for problem solving & critical thinking tests, and higher scores on consistent language evaluations. (Wright, 44)

A study by Linda Jackson, a psychologist of the Michigan State University shows that internet usage enhanced test scores in standardized reading. Other analysts have shown that availability of internet at home leads children to be more self dependent learners. Jackson stated that even though the same advocacy was advanced in…. [read more]

Internet Fraud the Slashing Term Paper

… The "identity theft" literally refers to the resulting crimes by acquiring illegally others personal data like, name, date of birth, driving license number, financial identity, and using of the same wrongfully for their own goals. The personal data cannot be compared with the unique fingerprints that cannot be easily given to or stolen by some one else for their own use. The data what the Internet requires for personal identifications if fallen into wrong hands allows the criminals to profit at the victim's expense. Examples of identity theft causing devastating consequences to the victims are numerous. It may effect the bank accounts, credit records, jobs, loans, and instances of getting arrested for the crimes not committed is also seen as a result of identity theft.…. [read more]

Internet Ethics Refers to Responsible Term Paper

… Underage users are most vulnerable to negative effects of pornography. One report on cyber porn (2003) writes: "The Internet's wide range of information search and retrieval technologies, which make it possible to quickly find a vast array of information, also make it easy to access, disseminate, and trade pornographic images and videos, including child pornography." Apart from pornography, there is intellectual property infringement, which is a cause of major concern especially in the music industry. Theft of intellectual property is a serious punishable offence and Internet has only made it easier. With music piracy for example, not only do the artists not get paid for the music they have composed because of the reproduction of the music, the music companies also end up losing as…. [read more]

Internet Censorship Essay

… Many countries like the United States treat people participating in such activities with an entirely different rule book and set of standards and practices than people who commit perceived lesser crimes. Freedom of association is generally held to be a positive but when people are conversing with the outwardly stated purpose of overthrowing government and/or committing mass murder in all ways possible, the normal perceptions about freedom of expression and speech are generally thrown out the window.

A final con to freedom of expression is lack of accountability. Whether a person uses his or her actual name or not, a lot can be said and done on the internet that is very destructive. Posting compromising private pictures and revealing sensitive information are just some of…. [read more]

Internet and K-12 Schools Research Paper

… There are interesting articles that focused on elementary school students (Hirsch, 1999; Davidson-Shivers, Shorter, & Jordan, 1999; Madden, Ford, Miller, & Levy, 2006; Tancock & Segedy, 2004)


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National Science Foundation [NSF]. (2010). CISE cross-cutting programs: FY 2011. Retrieved from

National Telecommunications and Information Administration [NTIA]. (2008). Households using the Internet in and outside the home, by selected characteristics: Total, urban,…. [read more]

Internet Business Plan Business Plan

… Internet Business Plan

What does the 'Internet' mean? The Internet is nothing but a global connection comprising of more than millions of computers, linking more than 100 countries from all over the world into a network of a sharing and an exchange of data and information and news and opinions and many other things. There is an important difference between 'online services' and the Internet, the difference being, primarily that of online services being a business that provides its subscribers with a large amount and variety of data that is transmitted over lines of telecommunications. Online services, in effect, provide their users with a basic infrastructure wherein they can form a communication network with each other through the system of 'conferencing', or by communicating on…. [read more]

Internet Privacy for High School Term Paper

… This approach also erected on the special qualities of the Internet. The global attribute of the Internet and its decentralized nature confine the effectiveness of conventional government control. And the capability of interactivity of Internet permits the consumers to empanel their ideas instantly and precisely, radically enhancing the likelihood that the marketplace will search the optimal balance between data safeguard and freedom of information values. (Wellbery; Wolfe, 1998)

Secured Internet Access specifically in schools and public libraries continues to be of much concern. Many of the schools and districts are interested in placing the student information online to foster the community relations and make easier the internal communications. A district may like to apply its Web site to demonstrate its effectiveness with the community. The…. [read more]

Internet Access to Students Term Paper

… 99 each - $2,400.51

Patch Cables: 80 @ $6.99 $559.20 port Hubs - 6 @ $39.95 $239.70

24 port switched Hubs -- $1,999.80

Router - 1 - $2,750 $2,750.00

Cable $400.00

Miscellaneous Parts $550.00

Hardware Total: $8,899.21

Internet Connectivity year service $6,600.00

Technician Service days @ $600 a day $3,000.00

Training days @ $1,000 a day $2,000.00


The budget is based upon probable bids from area vendors. It is possible the bids could come in slightly lower than projected. Because of the competitive bid process, and a general economic slowdown in the area, it is believed the local vendors may be willing to offer a lower price in the hopes of landing this contract.


The following appendices are…. [read more]

Internet Accessibility Term Paper

… Internet Accessibility

Some technological change comes about because of the existence and interaction of systems. Rudi Volti cites the computer industry as illustrating the need for technology to develop "because of the availability of complementary technological developments that allow the resolution of fundamental problems" (Volti 36). The idea for an analytical engine dates back to the 1820s and Charles Babbage, but the system developed by Babbage was exceedingly complex and could not attain the speed and accuracy we can today. Babbage in his time lacked the necessary complementary technological developments to make his system work. That situation changed in the twentieth century as mathematicians and engineers developed the necessary systems that could store and retrieve information. The computer developed over the past fifty years as…. [read more]

Internet on Life Essay

… The Internet has also brought together more people for greater levels of communication and collaboration then ever before, creating an exceptional level of advertising, e-commerce and services performance. All of these factors are together showing the world that it is much more connected and interdependent than many may have ever considered before. With this recognition comes the responsibility to provide an exceptionally high level of performance in business, education and the arts on a consistent base to add value to the global communities of interest.

Works Cited

Bassamboo, Achal, Sunil Kumar, and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. "Dynamics of New Product Introduction in Closed Rental Systems." Operations research 57.6 (2009): 1347,1359,1532-1534.

Bernoff, Josh, and Charlene Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-so-Social Web." MIT Sloan Management Review…. [read more]

Internet and Society Research Paper

… For instance, studies have concluded that the old "you're the doctor, I'm in your hands" days of the doctor-patient relationship are long gone; as may patients do a considerable amount of internet research before going to see the doctor. (Slattery, 2008)

And the very nature of the healthcare system has also been transformed through the use of company websites. Appointments can be made over the internet, as well as the keeping and transfer of medical records, purchasing of medications, and the evaluation of things like X-Rays, CT scans, and MRI's. The internet can also be "particularly helpful in providing extensive information regarding treatment options." (Slattery, 2008) Internet medicine has become an important part of the overall healthcare system making it more efficient and less costly.…. [read more]

Internet Addiction Thesis

… Internet Addiction

From education to entertainment and business to communication, the Internet has touched upon every aspect of our lives. Paradoxical as it might seem, the Internet, which is widely touted as a broad socializing medium is silently causing social isolation among some of the users. The explosive growth of the Internet makes it a high priority to intervene appropriately to limit its deranging influence on our youth. Increasing the awareness about the potential negative effects of Internet (gaming, gambling, pornography) is the first step in controlling the development of aggressive and addictive behaviors.

The Internet has revolutionized the lives of millions of people around the world over the last two decades. It has bought a paradigm shift in our access to information, communication, entertainment,…. [read more]

Internet and Society Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… Internet and Society

Annotated Bibliography

Goldsmith, JL. (2003) "Against Cyberanarchy." Who Rules the Net? Internet Governance and Jurisdiction. Ed. Adam Thierer and Clyde Wayne Crews. Washington, DC: Cato Institute, 31-70.

"Against Cyberanarchy." Who Rules the Net? Internet Governance and Jurisdiction is a group of journal articles that detail the multifaceted development of the internet and who, if anyone if in "control" of it through its inner workings. The article demonstrates both the pros and cons of internet anonymity. The foundational work demonstrates the need for both the anonymity of the net and also the specific controls and constraints that reduce the ability of individuals to utilize the net to commit crime, but also to maintain the free expression that is associated with the information technology…. [read more]

Internet the Great Worm Term Paper

… Just like today when the majority of machines use Windows, at that time a huge number of machines met these specifications and carried the programs that were susceptible." [cue line 2] "The worm transmitted itself through the Sendmail service, which is notoriously buggy, and accepted the worms request to use it. Many administrators' first line of defense was to shut down their mail programs, however the worm had other ways of spreading as well and shutting down mail only prevented operators from hearing about the antidote when it was discovered." [cue line 3] "Finger is a program related to a webpage or blog, which allowed people to share information about themselves. It had a bug where anything overly complex was automatically accepted rather than being…. [read more]

Is the Internet Changing the Way We Think? Research Paper

… ¶ … Internet Changing the Way We Think?

Today, the internet has become a conduit of sorts for the exchange of information from all corners of the world. In a big way, the internet continues to ease access to information from a variety of sources. This is largely desirable. However, there are those who are convinced that such convenience has come at a price. With that in mind, questions are being raised on how the internet is impacting on our capacity for both contemplation and concentration.

In a way, the internet is increasingly becoming addictive for most people. According to Tun and Lachman, "...surveys show that adults of all ages have embraced the computer and the internet…" (560). Further, as GreenBlatt notes, were individuals to…. [read more]

Internet Research Process Steps: Develop Search Vocabulary Term Paper

… Internet Research

Research Process Steps:

Develop Search Vocabulary

Find Background Information

Find Current and Specific Information: Library Databases

Find Detailed and Historical Information: Library Catalog

Find Current and Specific Information: The Internet

Cite Sources

Distance Learner Services:

Search library databases

Apply for library card

Search library catalog

Request delivery of Truxal Library book

Request interlibrary loan item

Search catalogs of other Maryland libraries

Get help with research assignment

E-mail or call librarians

Live chat with librarians using AskItNow!

Determining credibility of Web site sources:

The first step to determining the credibility of a Web site source is the authority and reliability of its authorship. Ideally the author(s) should be unbiased and users should be able to contact the author to verify information. Author expertise in…. [read more]

Internet Control Essay

… Access Control Mechanisms

Online security has now become a very contentious issue worldwide. The ubiquitous nature of the internet provides individuals with access to information irrespective of location. Information can also be gathered seamlessly and effortlessly, thus creating efficiencies for society. Although the benefit of the internet overall are as difficult to explain as they are to enumerated, disadvantages still exist. For one, security and privacy is a concern for countries, governments, and individuals. Data breaches, viruses, identity theft, and other privacy issues cause concern for all internet stakeholders. In particular, businesses, who are tasked with the oversight of personal information, must contend with an every growing threat of security. To mitigate these concerns organizations often use various access control methods to help deter unwarranted…. [read more]

Internet Staffing and Recruitment Term Paper

… Internet Staffing

The advent of the internet has changed the way in which people interact with one another. Nowhere is this interaction more evident than in Internet staffing and recruitment. The purpose of this discussion is to investigate internet staffing and recruiting and discuss the impact of these hiring practices. The discussion will also focus on the whether internet recruitment is good or bad for businesses.

Internet Staffing and Recruitment

An article entitled "Firm Size and Internet Recruiting in Canada: A Preliminary Investigation" explains that internet recruitment is utilized fin both small and large firms. The article defines internet recruitment as "the use of the Internet as a channel through which jobs are posted and information is provided with respect to the application process. Internet…. [read more]

Internet the First Decade Term Paper

… Internet

The first decade of the Internet acquainted consumers with this new technology as well as the services that the Web has to offer. The consumers' initial naivete about the Internet has become much more savvy and sophisticated. The next decade will greatly enhance present technology as well as introduce new advances that will provide users with greater options. To remain successful, businesses will need to keep updated on these technological changes and determine if and how they fit into their marketing plans.

Ten years ago, terms such as the Internet, Web, and e-commerce were a mystery to most businesses, let alone the general public. What a difference a decade makes! The past several years have seen several births and rebirths of the online communication…. [read more]

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Term Paper

… The company is a pertinent member of social media marketing in the world. Through the social media, the company has managed to elicit its innate productivity plans and successes in the global market. The company has sponsored a number of events and activities that assist in boosting its awareness and sale of its products in the market. Through sponsorship of sporting events and other international activities, the company has established a permanent market. Samsung Company is a proud sponsor of Chelsea football club in the United Kingdom (Funk, 2012). Moreover, the company has established links and websites that are used to reach many clients in the global market.

With the use of the social media, Samsung Company has remained as a special hit in the…. [read more]

Digital Divide Access to Technology Resources Thesis

… Digital Divide Access to Technology Resources

Impact of lack of technological resources on the student body and teachers, plus the problems schools have on inconsistent provision of IT sources.

In the first section of this paper we will focus on how lack or inequality of technological advancements impacts the student body and teachers as well as the problems that schools face due to inconsistent provision of IT sources.

Not more then two decades ago, when computer technology was still under development, computer knowledge and use within the school dynamics was one of the most intriguing and daring recommendations made by A Nation at Risk (1983). It is true that even when technological advancements were still being tested, the use of computer technology in various domains…. [read more]

Internet, and the Ease of Access Term Paper

… ¶ … Internet, and the ease of access to this information thanks to advancements in technology, plagiarism has become an increasingly prevalent concern. No longer are students only privy to the works of their friends or family members, or those labor-intensive discoveries found in the library, but they now have access to thousands of written works on any number of topics with just a few taps of the keyboard and clicks of the mouse ("Plagiarism Today").

Occasionally, this plagiarism occurs accidentally; oftentimes it is more purposeful.

This report overviews what plagiarism is as well as the types of plagiarism that are often found. It also discusses how plagiarism can be avoided. These topics are explored in hopes of bringing to light the increasing prevalence of…. [read more]

Internet the Next Generation Term Paper

… Technological requirements

The new technology will require several advances in architecture. A local infrastructure, regional connectivity to a common point (referred to as a GigaPop) and transit to the commodity Internet are required for adequate functioning (SCV, 1997).


There are many benefits to the new system aside from increased performance. Higher speed transmissions and improved security are among the benefits expected from both projects. Faster access, richer video and sound and 3-D environments, as well as vast databases capable of storing greater quantities of information are expected (Swartz, 1997). The expectation of Internet2 is that it will be 1,000 times faster than the original and help medical diagnosis and scientific research efforts. Internet2 will also at minimum initially allow more directed usage of the…. [read more]

Internet and Democracy Research Paper

… 15). All throughout the 20th Century, there was a pervasive sense that society was controlled by managers, experts and technicians over whom the individual had no control, and the new technology has made these elites seem even more distant and omnipotent. Even among many computer professionals, there has been a growing fear of the potential for using the new technologies for repression and control, and indeed this happens every day in countries like Iran and China (Agre 1997, p. 10).

Repressive Regimes and Facebook Revolutions

News spreads more rapidly than ever before via cable, satellite and Internet, and anyone with a cell phone could become an instant amateur journalist. Even highly repressive societies like China, Iran and Egypt could not completely control this new medium,…. [read more]

Faculty Student Interaction in Online Learning Environment Literature Review

… Student engagement is important when teaching any class. It is especially significant when faculty teach in the online learning environment where students are not only isolated from their instructor but from fellow students. Advances in online technologies are creating exciting opportunities for learning in the virtual space. Benefits of online learning are well-known, but online learning also has its disadvantages including high attrition rates due to diminished student engagement, inadequate training and support for teachers tasked with implementing and administering online courses, and the relative newness of the technologies themselves.

Introduction to the Three Streams

Online relationships with faculty and students. The first stream considered is the types of online relationships that exist between faculty and students. The fundamental differences that exist between online relationships…. [read more]

Addictive Behavior and the Internet Essay

… Internet Compulsion and Addiction

Introduction to the Issue of Compulsive Behavior and Addiction

Concepts of compulsion and addiction are most often considered in connection with inherently negative behaviors such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and other activities typically associated with excessive behavior. However, in principle, virtually any type of human behavior can be the source of compulsion and addiction. In most cases, the distinction between healthy and appropriate behaviors and unhealthy and inappropriate behaviors is more a matter of degree and circumstances of involvement rather than the inherent nature of the behavior itself. Even alcohol is capable of being consumed responsibly and without any addictive quality; but it is also susceptible to addictive misuse by some individuals (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2008).

Other behaviors that are normally…. [read more]

Internet Gift Economy Term Paper

… ¶ … Internet gift economy: Does it really exist?

A gift economy was typical of many traditional societies. In this method of economic exchange gifts, or non-monetary items, were used to cement friendships between families or tribes. Sometimes the exchange would be mutual, other times one leader might dispense gifts freely, as a demonstration of largess and power or in an apparent sign of pure altruism. Capitalism and impersonal exchange relationships based upon monetary value have replaced tribal economies. The Internet and its seismic effects upon modern social life and commerce have prompted some to say that a new gift economy has been generated online, through file-sharing, open source software, and personal donations. But the question of whether such an economy is purely altruistic in…. [read more]

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