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Internet and Society Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… Internet and Society

Annotated Bibliography

Goldsmith, JL. (2003) "Against Cyberanarchy." Who Rules the Net? Internet Governance and Jurisdiction. Ed. Adam Thierer and Clyde Wayne Crews. Washington, DC: Cato Institute, 31-70.

"Against Cyberanarchy." Who Rules the Net? Internet Governance and Jurisdiction is a group of journal articles that detail the multifaceted development of the internet and who, if anyone if in "control" of it through its inner workings. The article demonstrates both the pros and cons of internet anonymity. The foundational work demonstrates the need for both the anonymity of the net and also the specific controls and constraints that reduce the ability of individuals to utilize the net to commit crime, but also to maintain the free expression that is associated with the information technology…. [read more]

Internet Censorship Essay

… Many countries like the United States treat people participating in such activities with an entirely different rule book and set of standards and practices than people who commit perceived lesser crimes. Freedom of association is generally held to be a positive but when people are conversing with the outwardly stated purpose of overthrowing government and/or committing mass murder in all ways possible, the normal perceptions about freedom of expression and speech are generally thrown out the window.

A final con to freedom of expression is lack of accountability. Whether a person uses his or her actual name or not, a lot can be said and done on the internet that is very destructive. Posting compromising private pictures and revealing sensitive information are just some of…. [read more]

Censorship on the Internet Kaul Annotated Bibliography

… " As a response to governments' belated response to regulating online content to protect specific groups in civil society and in the community of online users, governments have explored engaging in "public-private transnational form of filtering." It is through this initiative that a balance between freedom of expression and government protectionism and regulation of detrimental online content can be achieved, according to the authors.

Hom, S., A. Tai, and G. Nichols. (2004). "The rise of the Internet and advancing human rights." China Rights Forum, No. 3.

The rise of the Internet as an influential and central source of information globally has even permeated countries such as China, wherein Internet content is highly regulated by the government. In the analysis conducted by Hom et al., the…. [read more]

Censorship of the Internet Essay

… S. government should censor the Internet. The evaluation is based on the development of some legislation in the recent past, especially the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and the Privacy IP Act (PIPA).

Jyotsna, Kapil, and Aayush. "Internet Censorship." Indian Journal of Advances in Computer & Information Engineering 1.1 (2013): 6-9. Print.

The article discusses how Internet censorship is an issue that has always been characterized by huge controversies. It addresses the disadvantages of Internet censorship and creates awareness of the fact that Internet is not a single entity owned by an organization but an open platform of information sharing. equally by all.

Peace, A.G. "Balancing Free Speech and Censorship: Academia's Response to the Internet." Communications of the ACM 46.11 (2003): 105-09. Print.

The author…. [read more]

Humanities Related Library Internet Resources Annotated Bibliography

… Besides this, he extended his landscape design by realigning roads and developing water features in Wisconsin home, Taliesen

According to Wright, every American had the right to engage the services of an architect no matter what the price of the house was, instead of living in a cookie-cutter house. Lloyd helped in designing a wide variety of other buildings, including churches, factories, skyscrapers, resorts, museums, government offices, gas stations as well as bridges. One of Wright's famous buildings is the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, with its round shell-like design though he never saw its completion due to death caused by intestinal blockage.

Frank Lloyd had several tags to his name; architect, interior designer, writer and educator, and during his lifetime he designed more…. [read more]

Individual and Society Relationship Annotated Bibliography

… The individual achievement would be hurt largely due to the reason that it has become the primary source of their identity and the part that they play within the society

Besides, it has also been monitored that social and psychological disorders have increasingly been observed amongst the young generation as a result of individualism. The reason that has been identified by the sociologists declares that when the young people are not able to find the job best fits with their skills and capabilities or when the salaries are not according to the expectations, they are likely to fall under such circumstances with various disorders


The central idea of the article express that the individuals ought to navigate an extensive range of possibilities that can…. [read more]

Progress Report and Annotated Bibliography the Roaring Twenties Annotated Bibliography

… Roaring Twenties & the Prohibition

The Life of the Working Class in the Roaring Twenties

The term 'Roaring Twenties' in American history captures a time when, during the 1920s, American society experienced unprecedented economic prosperity and social freedom despite having recently experienced the First World War. The unprecedented affluence that society experienced found its way through everyone, increasing each individual's social mobility -- going up or down the social class ranks.

It was during this period that the middle, or working, class became more powerful socially. Particularly, it was during the period 1923 to 1929 that "the real earnings of workers "shot up at an astonishing rate" and "unemployment largely disappeared" (Hawley, 1979 as cited in Stricker, 1983:5). These descriptions of the economic status of…. [read more]

Internet and the Future of Computers in Society Research Proposal

… Internet and the Future of Computers in Society

Baker, W., Hylender, C., Valentine, J. (2008) Verizon Business Data Breach

This source is an extensive published report issued by the Verizon Information Security Team in 2008. It is a highly credible analysis of thousands of information system breaches conducted by Verizon. The source details the prevalence of specific types of security breaches, categorizing them by the nature of system intrusions and the identity of the perpetrators. It is a highly relevant source because the future of IT technology absolutely requires a solution be found to all of the potential dangers posed by malicious system intrusions of IT systems. Some of the principal findings of this source include the extent to which IT system breaches are preventable…. [read more]

Internet Has Grown Exponentially Term Paper

… For an educational institution, the ability to connect to various online journals and libraries as well as access resources of other universities can help improve and growth the curriculum and the courses supported by school is critical and all effort should be made to ensure that over-blocking does not happen.

Literature survey

There is no doubt that the Internet has impacted the way information is collected, disseminated and made available free of cost (mostly) to all users. As useful as the Internet has been with all the information that it provides, some of the content is not desirable for all sections of society that use the Internet. Research indicates that parents, schools and society are increasingly looking for ways by which they can restrict the…. [read more]

Media on the U.S. Society Research Paper

… A person's looks may mean nothing if the morals, values and beliefs of that person are not intact or if the person is a failure at leading life to benefit others and be sincere in what he or she does.

In the same way, the TV shows are promoting a culture which surrounds the freedom of these younger generations, giving them the power to do what they want and not be questioned for any of their actions. This reckless kind of life is increasingly becoming the subject of the TV commercials, serials and movies and this creates an urge in the young generations especially the teenagers to go ahead leading an adventurous life where everything seems like a mystery to them and they fail to…. [read more]

Health Effects of Abortion Scholarly Evidence Regarding Post Abortion Syndrome Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Post Abortion Syndrome." Specifically, the physical and mental side effects that post abortion syndrome causes and any evidence to support a connection between those symptoms and the abortion.

A, Rankin. "Post Abortion Syndrome." Health Matrix. Volume 7.2 (1989): 45-7.

This article, published in the Health Matrix, is the personal story of a woman who experienced post abortion syndrome. The article is an excerpt from a speech that she gave at the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life convention. In the speech she addresses the symptoms she experienced which included denial, repression, guilt, anxiety, and depression. As this author found personal healing, she began researching the disorder and mapping out a recovery program. She discusses that the recovery steps are similar to those used…. [read more]

Social Media Affecting Online Dating Annotated Bibliography

… The study reveals that the marriage market is working as a channel and has not only affected the opinion of people about online dating but has also influenced their practice of maintaining online relationships online.

Reflection: Although this is a complete study in which participants were chosen through theoretical sampling and studied, I simply intend to take out the extract of this study and give a simple definition of how online dating is proving to be a marriage market.

Jackson, C.K. (2012, August). Sex & Love: IT'S COMPLICATED. Essence (Time Inc.), 43, 76-82. Retrieved from

Summary: The article mainly emphasizes on the African-American women and their dating panorama which is characterized by sex as an informal matter. The article presents a contemporary social norm…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Many Same-Sex Couples Annotated Bibliography

… Many gay-rights activists, however, argue the status of civil unions nonetheless causes the public to perceive their commitments to be less than those of married people. Supporters, on the other hand, defend them as the best deal gay couples are likely to get in states resistant to gay marriage (Mach and Stepney: 2f.). Grant nearly all or some state-level spousal rights to unmarried couples (domestic partnerships): While similar to marriage, a domestic partnership does not necessarily grant the 1,138 rights afforded to married couples in the U.S. By the federal government, as tallied by the United States Government Accountability Office. Furthermore, domestic partnerships are determined by each state or local jurisdiction, so there is no nationwide consistency on the rights, responsibilities and benefits afforded to…. [read more]

Child Pornography Annotated Bibliography Crofts Annotated Bibliography

… Wells, M., Finkelhor, D, Wolak and Kimberly. (2007). 'Defining Child Pornography: Law

Enforcement Dilemmas in Investigations of Internet Child'. Police Practice and Research,

Vol. 8, No. 3, July 2007, pp. 269 -- 282

This article discusses the increasing child sex crime using the computer and internet technology. In order to better understand the problem, it explores the investigations of law enforcement dilemmas in child pornography possession in which no offender was arrested. The authors suggest the need for global infrastructure to support investigations, the need to increase law enforcement agencies resources and the need to for using latest technology for investigations.

Westlake, G., Martin, B and Richard, F. (2011) "Finding the Key Players in Online Child

Exploitation Networks," Policy & Internet: Vol. 3: Iss. 2,…. [read more]

Internet and Ethical Values Research Paper

… ¶ … Jennings, M.M. (2002).Ethics in Cybercafe. TechFocus. The author discusses the importance of ethics in the new economy, which shows that the ethical principle is still the major method of doing business. Within the last few centuries, business leaders have continued to integrate ethics in their business portfolios because ethics have been the critical tools that shape the present business environment. Any business that deviates from ethics is bound to fail.

Jennings was a lecturer in one of the top universities in the United States and when the author was invited to deliver a speech about the importance of business ethics, many successful and young e-commerce entrepreneurs received the message with chilly reception. Some people even challenged him on the ground that his thought…. [read more]

Break Out of War Annotated Bibliography

… Reflection

The above study will add another profound comparative depth to this proposed study as it will allow the study to have different form of comparative analysis. This differentiation of comparisons will help the researcher better understand the extent of PTSD as well as understand the various ways that it can impact women as well. The approach towards understanding PTSD amongst the female combatants is a rare investigation as most PTSD studies have concentrated on the impact on male combatants, which is why this is a very important study to consider.

Article 4: 'Personal, Family, and Multiple Barriers of Long-Term Welfare Recipients' by Taylor and Barusch (2004)


This piece of writing reports the outcome of an in detail, descriptive investigation of long-term welfare beneficiaries.…. [read more]

Women Are More Faithful Annotated Bibliography

… Christopher references the data from the National Health and Social Life Survey that shows about 25 of married men and 15% of married women report having "engaged in extramarital sex at least once" (1006).

A "higher lifetime incidence of extramarital sex is found among men, Blacks, remarried individuals, those in the lowest and highest education categories…and those low in religiosity," Christopher explains, based on research from existing literature. When a woman is found to have had sexual relations outside marriage, the man is "…more upset by the sexual aspect" of his partner's infidelity, but when a woman learns her man has engaged in sex outside the relationship she is more "upset by the emotional aspect" (Christopher, 1006).

One particularly poignant line from the National Health…. [read more]

Art in Non-Western Societies Ritual Object From the Iroquois Tribe Term Paper

… Art in Non-Western Society

The art object under review is an Iroquois ritual object; a turtle rattle, ca 1890,

Material used; turtle shell, wood, sinew, stone

Location; Northeast U.S., West of the Great Lakes, South of Virgina (today), Northeast coast of Canada and U.S.

Brief description:

The large turtle rattle, or 'snapping- turtle rattle' is composed of the complete shell and skin of a snapping- turtle, 12-14 inches long, with head and neck stretched and held by stick splints to form a handle. It is commonly used for ritual and ceremonial purposes in rituals such as the Great Feather Dance and in the performances of the Wooden False Face Society, "whose members also carry them attached by a string to their wrists. Smaller rattles are…. [read more]

Free Speech and Content Controls in Cyber Space Research Paper

… Free Speech and Cyber Space

Annotated Bibliography

Carr, J. & Hilton, Z. (2009). Child protection and self-regulation in the internet industry: the UK

experience. Children & Society. National Children's Bureau. 23. 303-308. The UK has been successful in apprehending child predators because of restricting access on the internet. Internet providers have done little to stop the spread and sharing of sexual images of children online. Self-regulation has been the most successful tool in the fight against online predators and needs to be continued and furthered.

Frechette, J. (2005, Spring). Cyber-democracy or cyber-hegemony? Exploring the political and economic structures of the internet as an alternative source of information. Library Trends. In this article, the author finds that the internet has the power to provide information, but…. [read more]

Nichols, M.W. and B. Grant Annotated Bibliography

… The result of the study was that there was no statistically supportable correlation between the presence of legalized casinos and suicide rates.

Basham, P. And Karen White (2002). Gambling with our Future? The Costs and Benefits of Legalized Gambling. Vancouver, BC. The Fraser Institute.

This report out of Canada examines the full range of issues related to legalized gambling including the economic and social costs. The authors recognized that there is increased public interest in the utilization of gambling as a revenue source but suggests that the benefits may not outweigh the costs. In the course of the article the authors also examine what role the various levels of government should play in not only monitoring but also in promoting the activity. Counterbalancing the economic…. [read more]

Literacy Annotated Bibliography the Origin Thesis

… Literacy

Annotated Bibliography


Bazerman, Charles (nd) a Reflective Moment in the History of Literacy. University of California, Santa Barbara. Online available at:

Bazerman, C. (2000a). Letters and the Social Grounding of Differentiated Genres. In D. Barton & N. Hall (Eds.), Letter Writing as a Social Practice (pp. 15-29). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Bazerman, C. (2000b). Rhetoric for Literate Society: The Tension between Expanding Practices and Restricted Theories. In M. Goggin (Ed.), Inventing a Discipline (pp. 5-28). Urbana: NCTE.

The work of Bazerman (nd) entitled: "A Reflective Moment in the History of Literacy" states that the history of literacy "extends about five thousand years, the history of inscription even longer." Bazerman writes that the conditions of literacy have been changed by "the…. [read more]

Social Engineering and Information Security Term Paper

… P address, mail servers, Phone numbers, address of the company, employee names and designations, etc. Further running the Maltego metadata transform provided more information in the form of more files with dates, creator information, etc. Particularly one file named InvoiceApril.xls grabbed the attention of Hadnagy. The file contents indicated that it was an invoice for a marketing venture organized by the local bank. Hadnagy immediately called the bank, posing as a Mr. Tom from the accounts department of the printing firm, and asked for the details of this particular marketing event run by the bank. It was found that it was the annual Children's Cancer Fund Drive organized by the bank.

Hadnagy gathered more information about the CEO like his native place NY, his favored…. [read more]

Barbas, M.P. Expanding Knowledge: From the Classroom Research Paper

… ¶ … Barbas, M.P. Expanding Knowledge: From the Classroom to Hyperspace. Educational Media International. 43 (1): 65-73, 2006. Retrieved from: ttp:// / search/detailmini.jsp?_nfpb=true&_&ERICExtSearch_SearchValue_0=EJ729235&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=no&accno=EJ729235.

Relationship to Social Sciences: Teaching and learning in the 21st century are quite different than the past. Distance and online learning allow materials to be communicated to a larger audience, faculty can teach more courses, and courses may encourage new types of learning and self-discovery, directly impacting the social sciences.

Annotation: This source primarily examines the relationship between teaching approaches and online learning outcomes using a sample of forty MBA level courses. Data suggests that most students have significantly higher scores in courses in which objectivist teaching approaches were supported by collaborative learning techniques, thus sometimes making it difficult or challenging in…. [read more]

Bacteria Pseudomonas Annotated Bibliography

… The conference included many different notable researchers who have been looking at the issue of waterborne bacterial infections in hospital settings. This is particularly concerning due to the increase in patients who have secondary infections after hospital stays. The conference looked at the prevalence of waterborne pathogens, where they come from and methods that have been used to mediate them.

The various lectures at the conference are summarized for the reader which makes this a particularly useful article. Since waterborne infections are among the major problems discussed in the articles gathered (this pathway seems to be one of the most common for the transference of pseudomonas aeruginosa), this article gives more information about how this problem is conveyed than any other. It is a seminal…. [read more]

Johnson, T.J. and Kaye, B.K. ) Annotated Bibliography

… Johnson, T.J. And Kaye, B.K. (2004). Wag the Blog: How Reliance on Traditional Media and the Internet Influence Credibility Perceptions of Weblogs Among Blog Users. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol. 81, No. 3. Retrieved from:

The article considers the relative credibility of "Weblogs" as opposed to traditional news sources. The authors argue that, although this sources of media information has largely been ignored by the scholarship, it deserves recognition for a number of reasons, including its growing prevalence in the media. Before examining Weblogs specifically, the article focuses on past studies of non-traditional media and their credibility. Four research questions are posed, after which the methodology is described in depth. Ultimately, the research finds that there is a correlation between talk radio use…. [read more]

Learning How to Identify and Deal With Emotional Disturbances Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … individual's power to change self-defeating patterns and emotional reactions.

you largely feel the way you think

*cognitive psychology contends you can change

*emotionally disturbed people retain irrational beliefs (IB's)

*humans have goals and if thwarted, then they may act constructively or deconstructively

*in REBT, clients must do work on own to change their own thinking/therapist can only do so much

How we create our own feelings

*Emotion is a life process

*emotion consists of: (1) perceiving, (2) moving, and (3) thinking

*emotions have no single cause or result

you can think yourself out of an emotional disturbance

*people CREATE unhealthy emotions

*if you change your thinking and follow it up with effective action, then you can change unhealthy emotions

*however, feelings of great…. [read more]

Social Contracts: Media Articulation Annotated Bibliography

… 174). Moreover, shifts in the popular perception of same-sex marriages will likely be reflected in the content of mainstream media coverage. For instance, Holz-Ivory et al. add that, "When these groups finally do attain visibility, their representation will reflect the biases and interests of those elites who define the public agenda" (2008, p. 174). Just as the gay and lesbian community has used high-profile events such as parades to heighten community awareness, there is a growing recognition among proponents of same-sex marriage that the mainstream media is a key strategic device to gaining support from the "straight" American public. For instance, according to Landau, "Countless communication scholars argue that visibility in mass media is an important goal of the gay and lesbian movement because some…. [read more]

Anderson, M.Z., Croteau, J.M., Chung Annotated Bibliography

… Belkin, A. (2003, Summer). Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Is the gay ban based on military necessity? Parameters, pp. 108 -- 119.

"In examining the relations of sexual orientation cover up, revelation, and harassment with military unit consistency, it is important to consider the difference between social and task cohesion. Particularly, unit social or interpersonal cohesion reflects the emotional bonds among unit members, whereas task or instrumental cohesion reflects shared commitment to and confidence in carrying out group goals."

This article questions the discrimination that homosexuals tend to face in military organizations due to their seemingly unusual sexual orientation. Belkin (2003) draws a fine line between social and instrumental cohesions that are existent in most organizations.

According to Berkins (2003) the work dynamics in military organizations…. [read more]

Religion in Public Schools: Religious Annotated Bibliography

… Estes, Yolanda & Curtis Bowman. J.G. Fichte and the Atheism Dispute (1798-1800). Burlington: Ashgate Publishing, 2010. Print.

This book is essentially a collection of previous texts as well as essays relating to the atheism dispute. The book's commentary helps the reader make sense of some of the writings which may seem out of context in some instances based on the time in which they were written. Basically, the book helps the leader grasp some key concepts relating to religion and philosophy.

Grudem, Wayne A. & Jeff Purswell. Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith. California: Zondervan, 1999. Print.

This book seeks to answer some of the questions individuals ask themselves regarding a wide range of biblical teachings and concepts. The authors address quite a…. [read more]

Remote Nursing Review the Roles Annotated Bibliography

… As long as nurses are seen as little more (and sometimes less) than backups to doctors, their independent research and practice guidelines will continue to receive short shrift by government entities. This, unfortunately, contributes to disorganization and a lack of standardization.

Disorganization is especially detrimental in the area of rural and isolated community health programs, as a lack of centralization is the key factor inhibiting effective treatment and care programs for such communities (Banner et al. 2010; Coyle et al. 2010). The establishment of more permanent and effective networks is needed not simply to help standardize care and ensure efficient information sharing and needs awareness among nurses in a given region or nation, but it is specifically needed to coordinate rural area health programs, outbreak…. [read more]

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