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Internet Globalization Good or Bad Research Paper

… Internet

The globalization of the Internet has spawned a rash of cyberattacks on the U.S. Department of Defense and a number of its contractors. One such example was the Poison Ivy attack on Booz Allen Hamilton, which was designed to pull sensitive data out of the company's computer network via an email attachment (Grow, Epstein & Tschang, 2008). Poison Ivy, along with other trojans and viruses, represents a new class of e-espionage, one that threatens the security of the United States. The Internet cat cannot be put back into the bag -- it has gone global and we are past the point of debating the merits of that. The real issue is how the United States can deal with these threats.

The Department of Defense…. [read more]

End Game of Globalization "Nothing Book Report

… The systemic eradication and assimilation of world cultures is an objective of American imperialism as demonstrated over the course of, according to Smith, approximately half of the country's history/existence. Therefore, those who consume American cultures without consideration, sustain the continuation of affects that globalization has upon the world in ways of which many people are peripherally aware.

The impacts of globalization via the imperialism of the United States upon forms of indigenous cultures around the world can range from a spectacularly positive, to political and/or social upheaval. The great shift and changes experience by global cultures is a direct result of the advent and distribution of a variety of new technologies including mobile devices, the Internet, and smartphones. The world is able to communicate with…. [read more]

Sovereignty a Good Thing or a Bad Essay

… ¶ … sovereignty a good thing or a bad thing?

The international political scene is in a constant state of change, transformation and development. Since the Concert of Europe was established in 1815 states have officially been engaged in different types of organizations, alliances that have often placed the idea of sovereignty and that of state authority over its territory in doubt. However, no other period in the history of our civilization has been able to raise such difficult questions related to international politics and order as the present moment has. From this point-of-view, Forsythe's inquires on the need for state sovereignty and authorities are legitimate and demand a debate, if not an answer.

Is state sovereignty a good thing or a bad thing? Should…. [read more]

Globalization at General Electric: Discussion Questions Case Study

… Globalization at General Electric: Discussion Questions and Corporate Profile

Case Discussion Questions

GE has invested very aggressively in the foreign expansion of its company. There are several reasons why the company would do that. Among those reasons is the attempt to exploit opportunities in various countries that were or are having financial difficulties (Carlson, 1991). When the Asian Crisis hit, GE invested in Asia. When Europe was struggling, GE invested there, because it was a good financial move.

This appears to be a pattern with GE, which is actually a very smart way for a company to get more international influence and attention. Foreign expansion was considered by GE originally, because it saw an opportunity to get into the market in other countries, and it…. [read more]

Globalization Term Paper

… There is an important connection between the spread of economic liberalism, which is one of the hallmarks of globalization, and the expansion of political liberalism (Danaher, 1997). More than half of the world's countries now have some form of democratic government. Proponents of what has been called the "democratic peace thesis" argues that democracies almost never fight each other and have far lower levels of internal armed conflict than non-democracies. Thus, the fact that expansion of market forces facilitates the emergence of democracy demonstrates that globalization has a positive impact on global security.

Globalization also has some negative effects (Danaher, 1997). Global demand for particular commodities, including timber, diamonds and drugs, has provided the funds that have allowed warring factions to keep fighting for lengthy…. [read more]

Internet Business Plan Business Plan

… Internet Business Plan

What does the 'Internet' mean? The Internet is nothing but a global connection comprising of more than millions of computers, linking more than 100 countries from all over the world into a network of a sharing and an exchange of data and information and news and opinions and many other things. There is an important difference between 'online services' and the Internet, the difference being, primarily that of online services being a business that provides its subscribers with a large amount and variety of data that is transmitted over lines of telecommunications. Online services, in effect, provide their users with a basic infrastructure wherein they can form a communication network with each other through the system of 'conferencing', or by communicating on…. [read more]

Globalization Our World Is Interconnected A2 Coursework

… Within the cost driver, companies that consider lifestyle of a country before price are included. The technology driver includes increasing technological systems, especially communication systems such as the internet, but also transportation systems. Fourth, there is the government driver and fifth, there is the competition driver, which can drive an organization to become a global center. [5: Unknown Author. (2011). "What are the drivers of globalization?" Retrieved May 8, 2011, <>.]

Next, we must discuss the kind of effects that globalization has had upon the world. It is clear, from all the above-written and cited that globalization is both growing and affecting a lot of people at the same time due to various fundamental changes and market forces that drive progress forwards around…. [read more]

Globalization and the Environment Term Paper

… Globalization and the Environment

This work in writing will examine and thoroughly analyze the impact that globalization has had on the environment of the world. "Global environmental problems are increasingly important because of their impact on industrial activities, infrastructures, ecosystems, natural resources, biodiversity and human health. These problems can be managed and solved only through international cooperation, policy coordination, and voluntary, widespread, equitable participation in the decision-making process."

This work seeks to answer the questions of 1) "What importance has global networking (via the internet, etc.) played in preserving wildlife and forests?"

"How has production changed (because of globalization)?"

"How does the WTO affect the environment by rules that are imposed?"

"How has environmental activism evolved over the years with the oncoming of globalization?"

Introduction…. [read more]

Apple: Finance and Globalization Term Paper

… Hence, the market capitalization of Apple was possible due to Steve Job's prized contribution (Apple Inc.: The Steve Jobs Effect, 2012)

Moreover, culture globalization has seen a phenomenon where people form a fetish for Apple products. A growing number of consumers consider it classy and trendy to have Apple products. They have given more significance than is necessary for Apple products to an extent that some people are willing to sell their organs so as to be able to afford these products. Brand effect has resulted in consumers pursuing products even with unjustified prices. Occasionally, Apple took to restricting purchases during a launch and this will result in people being willing to spend even double or thrice the recommended price. This fetishism shows Apple's significance…. [read more]

Is Globalization Good or Bad for Developing Countries? Term Paper

… Globalization and Developing Countries

As defined by the World Bank in its handbook on the subject, globalization is defined as "the growing integration of economies and societies around the world." It has been one of the most hotly-debated topics in international economics over the past few years, given that globalization, through creating a more united global economy, has generated "rapid growth and poverty reduction in China, India, and other countries that were poor years ago." These declines in poverty have been generated by such globalizing forces through the outsourcing of jobs and the extension of American factories to these nations. "But globalization has also generated significant international opposition over concerns that it has increased inequality and environmental degradation." In the short-term, poverty reduction may have…. [read more]

Globalization Profoundly Alters Relationship Essay

… In these shifting definitions, however, three tensions of globalization have been identified. Laurence Rothenberg, producer for, indicates the three tensions of globalization as: individual choice vs. societal choice; the free market vs. government intervention; local authority vs. supra-local authority (2002). The first tension between individual choice and societal choice is the conflict that arises when the desires of an individual person clash with what society deems as acceptable. An individual may exercise their right to pick their own lifestyle, or to buy a product, or have their own way of thinking, which can differ from what their society values for its citizens. This tension holds true in the discussion of globalization as Americanization. Some countries, such as France, object to the spreading of American…. [read more]

Globalisation Leading Cultural Damage Exploitation Essay

… Another area where cultural mix has been cited and is caused by globalization is the use of Chinese characters in tattoos by non-Chinese individuals.

Thou globalization has brought very many benefits to the World economy, but it is still blamed in many under developed countries for its negative impact on the cultures of its people. Hobson (2004), elaborate more on this point by saying that globalization has caused an irreparable damage to such cultures in the sense that such cultures are known for their strict adherence to cultural belief and practice, but on the onset of globalization their indigenous language are facing extinction due to large influence of language considered to be for global use such as English, French or Italian. People would prefer these…. [read more]

Globalization Financial Effects Essay

… Starbucks, for example, has changed the way in which people view coffee as a daily beverage of choice through its expansion into the Far East. It has also pursued a strategy of creating local partnerships with organizations in the nation into which it is expanding, to tailor its operations to local needs. Starbucks does not change its image and its core set of values (it would not permit smoking in its Japanese branches, because that would interfere with the classic Starbucks 'smell' of coffee in-house), while it still adapts to local needs by learning from the businesses with which it partners. "The peak time in China is not 7 to 10 in the morning, it is 4 to 6 in the afternoon. And there are…. [read more]

Phenomenon of Globalization Book Review

… [1]
Gandhi has also helped in promoting globalism, even if he wasn't aware of the fact. His words have helped in promoting peace around the world. When thinking about peace in the present, one can often relate to Gandhi as one of its main advocates.
In countries like India people suffer currently from overpopulation. In his attempts to make the world a better and more comfortable place, man has involuntarily created another threat. Overpopulation means that there is less living space for people and that disease and crime are present in much greater numbers than it would be normal. Western countries are not in danger of overpopulating because the birth rate there is much smaller than it is in the less-developed countries.
All in all,…. [read more]

Globalization Reaction Paper

… ¶ … Globalization has changed the face of the planet -- both in terms of how we communicate, what types of political and social issues we face, and even the choices we make in basic human needs like food. After viewing the movie Urban Roots, I was struck with the issues of sustainability, organic foods, mega-farming, and the issues of urban renewal and community as well. One commentator (the director of Moulin Rouge, in fact), noted that America is in the midst of another war -- a food war. The idea of urban farming and people taking personal responsibility for growing food and understanding that there are consequences to eating really changes the way one looks at the products at the local grocery store --…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Term Paper

… Economic Globalization

Today the world is much different than what it was 50 years back. We have entered a new phase where the world is aiming to become a global village. Markets, business and consumers have changed and the competition is no longer at a national level, rather it has stepped to an international level. Organizations, firms have to deal with other similar manufacturing or service organizations from across the globe. "Globalization can be described as '...a widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness in all aspects of contemporary social life, from the cultural to the criminal, the financial to the spiritual'" (Anonymous). Economic Globalization in other words refers to two factors which are "economic integration" and "market deregulation."

Economic integration: lowering national barriers…. [read more]

Economic Globalization a Positive Trend? Term Paper

… e. semi-developed) and those with less than $1,500 per capita income (i.e. underdeveloped), such as found in most of Asia, Africa and South America.

The vast differences between advanced and underdeveloped nations can also be placed into three groups of nations-first, the industrially-advanced market economies, dominated by the U.S., Europe and Japan; second, the centrally-planned economies, comprised of Russia and the People's Republic of China, and lastly, the so-called Third-World countries which are semi-developed or underdeveloped. According to Jeffrey Haynes, "the current industrialized market economies with less than 18% of the world's population generates about 62% of world output" and although the U.S. makes up about 5% of the world's population, "it enjoys about 22% of world output." In contrast, Third-World nations with about half…. [read more]

Human Rights the Challenges of the Modern Essay

… Human Rights

The challenges of the modern world, intended by many to be a connected and collaborative place containing a sense of recognition of sameness as well as one of cultural difference are many. In this ideal world the differences of tradition, culture and nationalism often challenge the collaborative ideals of universal codes of conduct, but especially those associated with human rights. In the recent past independence of states has been seen as a sacred underlying code of existence only to be trampled upon when gross injustices, mostly against other states, warrant armed or unarmed conflict and even then to be answered with as much force as such a state could muster. The borders of a state were considered sacred territory, not to be crossed…. [read more]

Comparing Assessing the Impact of Political or Economic Globalization Between Two Countries Thesis

… ¶ … Political or Economic Globalization Between Two Countries: China and India

The following work is of the nature that focuses on comparison and assessment of the impact of political or economic globalization and specifically as related to two particular countries which are those of India and China.

Despite its many critical views, globalization not only spreads democracy, but it also increases efficiency and therefore increases prosperity as well. Globalization is a realistic route out of poverty for the world's poorer populations.

The methodology employed in the present study is one that is qualitative in nature and that involves a review of literature and specifically peer-reviewed professional or academic literature.

Literature Review

In a 2003 speech entitled: "Globalization and Its Challenges" Stanley Fischer states that…. [read more]

Ruthless Overlords of Silicon Valley Essay

… com which was "uploading users' entire contact databases to its servers without permission" (The ruthless overlords of Silicon Valley, 2012, Newsweek).

The Newsweek authors also fault Silicon Valley companies for retaining a high degree of control over their ventures, or segregating "investors into the stock-market equivalent of first- and second-class citizens" which, in the case of Facebook means that Zuckerberg's share carry "10 times the voting power of the stock being sold to the public" (The ruthless overlords of Silicon Valley, 2012, Newsweek). But this is not necessarily a bad thing, given that more control may mean that the company is better able to remain true to its original ideals. Being profitable and socially responsible is not necessarily incompatible, which the authors seem to assume.…. [read more]

Globalization and Food in Film Term Paper

… Chocolat

There is no better commodity to discuss than chocolate, when looking at the globalization of food. Food can tell the most astounding stories as well as create a sense of identity for and entire culture. In the film Chocolat, through American eyes, is an example of the changes that can be symbolized by the power of a single food item, in this case the rich historical and global food, chocolate.

A food is the ideal cultural symbol that allows the historian to uncover hidden levels of meaning in social relationships and arrive at new understandings of the human experience. The tug of cultural anthropology and sociology is strong here, and underscores food as symbol and metaphor, a cultural numerator essential to the human equation.…. [read more]

Presumption, Often Promulgated by Scholars and Politicians Essay

… ¶ … presumption, often promulgated by scholars and politicians in the developed world, that social, political and cultural development are synonymous with a move towards modernization. In fact, modernization theory is also sometimes referred to as the developmental doctrine, a paradigm spurred on particularly after World War II when the United States formed its Cold War policy and understood that it had obligations to the developing world (e.g. unindustrialized or newly independent post-colonial nations). Modernization can thus be an evolutionary movement of technological progress or a reaction to the past and a new template for the future. However, we must understand that it is both a continuous, and open-ended, process. It is not the type of social change in which there is a clear beginning,…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Term Paper

… Financial Systems, Economic Growth, And Economic Globalization

Globalization has had significant impacts on all economies of the world, with manifold effects. It affects their production of goods and services. It also affects the employment of labor and other inputs into the production process. In addition, it affects investment, both in physical capital and in human capital. It affects technology and results in the diffusion of technology from initiating nations to other nations. It also has major effects on efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. (Michael Intriligator, 2001)

Economic Globalization

Economists and Environmentalists, Is Integration Possible?

Statement of Thesis

The purpose of this work is to research and examine the positive and negative impacts that globalization has and to examine the concept of 'economic globalization' and to examine…. [read more]

Passage to India Essay

… A fresh perspective on culture can change the way a person looks at the world and what he or she thinks about that world. Globalization is one of the ways that perspective is being provided to so many people today, and those who are more open to interacting with other cultures are learning a great deal about themselves and their world. That is valuable, because the globalization of the world is not going to go away. If anything the world will only continue to become more global in nature, because the internet and international travel have made things easier for those who are interested in the world outside of their own culture. Other cultures can be highly valuable for what they can teach people about…. [read more]

Mass Communications Globalization, Fractionalization Term Paper

… Presence technologies inform message originators of both the availability and optimum communications mode for reaching people now. Work needs to be done to achieve interoperability among different devices and networks, but progress is being made. Although it may be difficult to quantify, making better decisions faster is the ultimate productivity improvement that convergence can bring to the enterprise." (Bucci, 2004)

VII. Would it be a positive or a negative for our society

Convergence is a positive aspect for society in that all communications are streamlined. This allows for instantaneous communication on a worldwide basis.


Convergence has streamlined business process which results in lower prices in relation to costs of goods as well as services. Also, in relation to communication technologies with real-time communication via…. [read more]

Health Care Information Management and Internet Term Paper

… Health Care Information and the Internet

Due to the Internet, the health care information that is being passed along to consumers is changing greatly. This can be good or bad, depending on who is being asked the question and how the healthcare information is managed. In the course of this paper, health care information and the Internet will be examined so that readers can get a more complete picture of what is going on in this field today.

It is important to discuss this issue because Internet sites that offer health information are growing so rapidly today and many consumers are not aware of which sites are relatively safe and which may be dangerous. There many governmental regulations that address the idea of fraud, but…. [read more]

Media on the U.S. Society Research Paper

… A person's looks may mean nothing if the morals, values and beliefs of that person are not intact or if the person is a failure at leading life to benefit others and be sincere in what he or she does.

In the same way, the TV shows are promoting a culture which surrounds the freedom of these younger generations, giving them the power to do what they want and not be questioned for any of their actions. This reckless kind of life is increasingly becoming the subject of the TV commercials, serials and movies and this creates an urge in the young generations especially the teenagers to go ahead leading an adventurous life where everything seems like a mystery to them and they fail to…. [read more]

Republic of Fiji Multiculturalism Research Paper

… They will also get great resorts and quality accommodations, so they have much to which they can look forward.

Isolated individuals that are part of a specific culture may not realize the significance of getting involved in other cultures that may seem foreign and alien to them, but it is something that has to be done if they want to compete on a global level. They need to address any cultural issues or misunderstandings that they might have, as well, because it is very important that people who are of different cultures learn to work well together in the business world. If they do not make that effort, they may find that they have difficulty keeping their business moving forward and making a profit.

That…. [read more]

Unions Are Various Organizations Research Paper

… Thus, in American politics, unions still matter -- maybe more than most of us yet realize.

International agreements and globalization

With considerations on policies, globalization is likely to persuade governments to adopt policies that would be against the formation of unionization. Researchers have analyzed this concept by claiming that Globalization can improve the demand of new pro-market ideas that would ultimately increase competition in different products and the labor as well. With the impact of Globalization on investment and economy, the governments would be more inclined to side with the corporations' management to support competiveness and with it progress in the global market. (Borjas, 2009)

The results of detrimental government policies have seen an introduction of right-to-work laws, which permits working individuals to have more…. [read more]

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