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Internet Started Way Back Term Paper

… Due to the availability of such materials, some individuals download them without recognizing the danger in such action. Several accounts of becoming 'accidentally' involved in child pornography have

Internet Addiction 7

been reported. Perhaps more dangerous is the actual acting out of pedophiliac fantasies via the Internet. Several known cases of pedophiliacs meeting children in online chat rooms and luring them into real life sexual encounters have been reported. While such behavior is independent of Internet addiction (i.e. Internet addiction does not increase the probability of pedophilia), some pedophiliacs have displayed signs of this condition, and thus pedophilia does increase the likelihood of Internet addiction.

Online Games:

There are several anecdotal reports of addiction to (What is Internet Addiction? Davis A. Richard) 2 online gaming.…. [read more]

Internet the Great Worm Term Paper

… Just like today when the majority of machines use Windows, at that time a huge number of machines met these specifications and carried the programs that were susceptible." [cue line 2] "The worm transmitted itself through the Sendmail service, which is notoriously buggy, and accepted the worms request to use it. Many administrators' first line of defense was to shut down their mail programs, however the worm had other ways of spreading as well and shutting down mail only prevented operators from hearing about the antidote when it was discovered." [cue line 3] "Finger is a program related to a webpage or blog, which allowed people to share information about themselves. It had a bug where anything overly complex was automatically accepted rather than being…. [read more]

Internet Personal Jurisdiction Normally Term Paper

… (Bender, 1997).

The most important United States Supreme Court case arguing the course of business theory of personal jurisdiction is Asahi Metal Industry Co.v.480. U.S.102 (1987). The Supreme Court was estranged over whether the position of a product in the course of business is enough to grant personal jurisdiction. The plurality led by Justice O'Connor, gave a more limiting outlook of jurisdiction, holding that the positioning of a product in to the course of business without more, is not an act of defendant persistently aimed at the forum state Id. At 112 (emphasis added). The court also stated that a defendants knowledge that the course of business may and will sweep the product in to the forum state does not alter the sheer act of…. [read more]

Internet the First Decade Term Paper

… Internet

The first decade of the Internet acquainted consumers with this new technology as well as the services that the Web has to offer. The consumers' initial naivete about the Internet has become much more savvy and sophisticated. The next decade will greatly enhance present technology as well as introduce new advances that will provide users with greater options. To remain successful, businesses will need to keep updated on these technological changes and determine if and how they fit into their marketing plans.

Ten years ago, terms such as the Internet, Web, and e-commerce were a mystery to most businesses, let alone the general public. What a difference a decade makes! The past several years have seen several births and rebirths of the online communication…. [read more]

Internet Privacy for High School Term Paper

… This approach also erected on the special qualities of the Internet. The global attribute of the Internet and its decentralized nature confine the effectiveness of conventional government control. And the capability of interactivity of Internet permits the consumers to empanel their ideas instantly and precisely, radically enhancing the likelihood that the marketplace will search the optimal balance between data safeguard and freedom of information values. (Wellbery; Wolfe, 1998)

Secured Internet Access specifically in schools and public libraries continues to be of much concern. Many of the schools and districts are interested in placing the student information online to foster the community relations and make easier the internal communications. A district may like to apply its Web site to demonstrate its effectiveness with the community. The…. [read more]

Internet Business Plan Business Plan

… Internet Business Plan

What does the 'Internet' mean? The Internet is nothing but a global connection comprising of more than millions of computers, linking more than 100 countries from all over the world into a network of a sharing and an exchange of data and information and news and opinions and many other things. There is an important difference between 'online services' and the Internet, the difference being, primarily that of online services being a business that provides its subscribers with a large amount and variety of data that is transmitted over lines of telecommunications. Online services, in effect, provide their users with a basic infrastructure wherein they can form a communication network with each other through the system of 'conferencing', or by communicating on…. [read more]

Computers Internet Computer Technology Term Paper

… Internet


Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

As part of the proposed refurbishment of the former factory building, this proposal addresses the potential networking and Voice over Internet (VoIP) requirements for up to 50 apartments, 30 small retail stores, 2 or more full-service restaurants, a breakfast cafe, and office space. The business environment of the twenty-first century has become a more technologically advanced global spectrum that will remain extremely dependent on real time capabilities and seamless streams of information. The fact of the matter is that even small to midsized companies of today require the ability to fully utilize an available global communications infrastructure.

Historically, advantages were actually cost prohibitive…. [read more]

Internet Marketing Basically Term Paper

… Internet Marketing

Basically, Internet Marketing is the set of different strategies and techniques that are used on the Internet in order to support the various online services and marketing objectives that an organization would want to promote through the World Wide Web. Some of the more important goals may include the idea of diverting the traffic to any one particular website, so that the various features that may be present within the Website may prompt the visitor to the site into taking immediate action. The desired action may be to sell the product or service that would have been created and developed by the organization. Thus a sale would be accomplished, through the process of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing may include features like keywords, meta…. [read more]

Internet Safely Risks for Children Term Paper

… Whenever e-mail addresses are used publicly, there is a risk that these addresses will be used for advertising. If an e-mail address is posted on a web page or posted on a newsgroup, a spammer will probably gather it.

The best way to deal with spam is to create two e-mail addresses, using one for personal use and the other for public use. The first should be used only with family and friends, and the second can be used to subscribe to things. If the public address starts getting too much spam, it can be disabled.

Credit Card Usage

Many people are paranoid about sending their credit card number to an Internet site. However, the risks involved today are minimal (Jones, 2001). When using a…. [read more]

Internet Accessibility Term Paper

… Internet Accessibility

Some technological change comes about because of the existence and interaction of systems. Rudi Volti cites the computer industry as illustrating the need for technology to develop "because of the availability of complementary technological developments that allow the resolution of fundamental problems" (Volti 36). The idea for an analytical engine dates back to the 1820s and Charles Babbage, but the system developed by Babbage was exceedingly complex and could not attain the speed and accuracy we can today. Babbage in his time lacked the necessary complementary technological developments to make his system work. That situation changed in the twentieth century as mathematicians and engineers developed the necessary systems that could store and retrieve information. The computer developed over the past fifty years as…. [read more]

Computer Networks Essay

… "Small USB 2.0 flash drives are finally large enough and fast enough to be useful. They're able to backup 4-8GB or more one of these tiny and lightweight drives. I suggest you get a couple of them and back up your data in duplicate or triplicate" (Things everyone should know if using a computer, 2009, Aim for Awesome).

Principle four: Understand what a browser 'is'

In one of the examples of "They've heard them all," a man was frantic because he was unable to access his Internet information, because he had installed a new browser and not enabled cookies (Mears & Dubie 2006:2). Few users understand what a 'browser' is, and how different browser functions affect their experience online. Given that this is one of…. [read more]

Norman Cousins Gentleman Involve Internet Thesis

… After having his bill overruled by Octavius the first time, Tiberius confidently introduced it again and once again the former voted against it. This led to Octavius being deposed from office at Tiberius' request, an unprecedented fact in the constitution. The bill was passed and inoculated with Tiberius' influence growing stronger and demanding, something not exactly at ease with the senate that felt its authority undermined. Because Tiberius knew his own life would be at stake, he sought to gain political immunity by once again being elected as Tribune. However, such matters contravened with the constitution and when he actually got re-elected, some furious senators reacted and killed Tiberius.

Following the Social war, the senate granted full citizenship rights to Italian allies, something it did…. [read more]

Printing Press and the Internet Essay

… Printing Press and the Internet

The internet has completely revolutionized the way that people access knowledge, just as the printing press revolutionized the Renaissance era by exposing people to concepts that they had not heard of until the discovery. Despite their similarities in causing a great change among their respective generations, their direct impact varies greatly. The printing press was the original computer and Internet. It allowed a greater audience access to different perspectives. The printing press gave everyone equal access (to a degree) to ideas that they might not even have heard of until they became published. Because of people's fascination with knowledge, their literacy grew and their ability to grasp different stories grew into something that began the literacy era; everyone wanted to…. [read more]

Future of Internet Gaming Term Paper

… As the X-Box and Playstation 2 consoles become wired to the Internet, it will be all other companies can do to stay afloat in an easily dominated industry.

Sony's Playstation 2 will account for 72% of global console sales by the end of 2002 (Greenspan, 2002) with the average user being 23 years old. Games are currently being marketed towards an age bracket that includes teenagers, and within the next few years it will be evident what age group is dominating Internet usage, and namely, online gaming. Teenagers will probably continue to be a viable source of income, as more and more DVD releases are held in conjunction with game releases, like Reign of Fire, which conveniently has a T. rating.

So what can we…. [read more]

Social Media the "United Breaks Essay

… This approach will work well for companies that are not modeled to care for consumers. They might take the feedback into consideration, and spin it in ways that work for them. For example, United did use the "United Breaks Guitars" video as an opportunity to point out that 99.6% of all customers do not experience any baggage mishaps. Other companies can do the same, transforming negative publicity into a public relations strategy that works in their favor.

Moreover, companies can create their own viral marketing campaigns to disparage their competitors. It is likely that American Airlines might see a music video like "United Breaks Guitars," and spread it themselves. Alternatively, a company with panache could use an Internet fan base to cut costs on advertising.…. [read more]

Prezi vs. Powerpoint Module Essay

… However, given the need to engage people with visually interesting material, combined with the greater interactivity of Prezi, the ease of PowerPoint in this instance should be sacrificed for the visual acuity of Prezi. "Prezi allows for slight animations that seem sleeker and subtler transitions from point to point in a presentation" (Brown 2013). To appeal to members of the millennial generation, there are also enhanced abilities to use Internet-based sources and to easily create more visually-oriented presentations. "It also has features where you can search for an image straight from the Internet to use on your presentation and Prezi tells you whether it's Fair Use or not. Video integration is also extremely easy. PowerPoint, while effective, doesn't provide the creativity that Prezi does, and…. [read more]

Cliq-Up Internet Essay

… For one, the company must express the importance of sound ethical practices and social responsibility to all stakeholders involved. This can be done in numerous ways such as the annual report, 10-k report, 10-Q report, marketing campaigns, advertisements and more. The role of ethics in the developing a plan is that of trust. Companies must develop trust with each stakeholder group in order to be successful. By having a strong ethical grounding, companies are in better position to establish this trust (Kaplan, 2012).

Incentives play a very important role in aligning company objectives with those of management. In order to properly incentivize the manager ethics CliqUp should align the performance and ethical behavior to the managers overall compensation package. For example, 70% of the professional…. [read more]

Internet Term Paper

… Yet Putnam (2000) accounts that, subsequent to demographic controls, Internet consumers are no diverse than non-users on procedures of civic engagement. He remarks, on the other hand, that it is too early to develop this outcome onto future consumer cohorts, and further, he has doubts about the Internet's involvement to community capital at the society level. Putnam invites concentration to the need to recognize qualitative dissimilarities amid interceded, as well as, head-to-head dealings and to discover a tension amid the technology's prospect and the hazards of uneven access and cyber-balkanization. (Putnam 2000:177; Van Alstyne & Brynjolfsson 1997).

Additional studies point out that, under some conditions at least; Internet utilization might improve community capital. In a longitudinal research of Pittsburgh inhabitants, Kraut et al. (2001) established…. [read more]

Use of the Internet Term Paper

… ¶ … Internet to solve crimes

The internet has evolved into a complex and increasingly intertwined network of computer networks and programs. The complexity and popularity of the Internet has been increased by the development of ecommerce. This in turn has resulted in the Web as a new arena for crime and the advancement of organized criminal activities.

Fraud, identity theft, stalking, harassment, threats and mischief all take place online. Drug- and gang-related activities use computer-mediated communications. Child pornographers and pedophiles use the Internet as the primary means to exchange their wares or lure their next victim. These changes add levels of complexity when attempting to complete investigations.

(How can police agencies keep up with new technology?)

However, the Internet has also afforded the authorities…. [read more]

CPU Design Has Primarily Term Paper

… In regards to which processor design is best, the answer is dependant on which application the device will be required to perform. No one would expect a Hybrid Honda Prius automobile to compete in an NASCAR race, yet if the goal for the auto was economic fuel consumption, there are few other cars which can compete with the Prius. In the same way, selecting a CPU architecture for a specific devices depends on the design constraints, power consumption needs, and other engineering parameters. The CPU can be designed to meet virtually need, and will likely continue to evolve as computing needs continue to grow.


Burskey, D. (5/13/1996) CPU enhancements speed up multimedia, communications algorithms. (central processing unit) Electronic Design.

Kepple, R. (7/20/1998) 64-bit RISC…. [read more]

Midwest Financial Banks on Content Acceleration Case Study

… ¶ … West Financial Banks on Content Acceleration

MidWest Financial is a brick-and-mortar and a brick-and-click bank. It began providing online banking to its 16,000 members in 1997. About half of its members still relied on dial-up Internet connections to its site instead of faster broadband access.

Problem or Need

As a full-service financial institution, the market demands that Midwest Financial offer online banking services. The bank is worried about providing acceptable response times to its online customers, particularly the delivery of dynamically generated content such as account balances and information related to transaction processing to those users with dial-up connections. Customers require anytime, anywhere access.

Members accessing Midwest Financial's site via dial-up connections, often as slow as 28.8Kbits/sec, were seeing slow response times at…. [read more]

Com Industry Crash Term Paper

… On October 1st 1969 a researcher at UCLA attempted to send a message across the network to a researcher at Stanford. The network abruptly crashed. Needless to say, they got it up in running over the following months and gave birth to the Internet.

Through a combination of improvements in hardware, networking and software the use of the fledgling Internet grew until it was used by scientists and researchers worldwide. It was a bit cumbersome to navigate and instructions for navigating it could be cryptic at times.

On Saturday, January 23, 1993 a message appeared on several Internet bulletin boards:

"By the power vested in me by nobody in particular, alpha/beta version of 0.5 of NCSA's Motif-based information systems and World Wide Web browser, X…. [read more]

Google's Mission Is to "Organize Research Paper

… Thus, as a consequence of this apprehension of the Chinese government, Google decide to redirect users to Also in January 2010, China was accused by Google to have penetrated its corporate infrastructure. Google said that this computer attack had been originated from China and stole valuable information. It, thus, threatened to take away its restriction of certain items from its Chinese network. As a result of this finger pointing by Google, the Chinese government got exasperated and in return, accused Google of dodging Chinese law. In the end, Google's focus moved to Hong Kong (Thomas, 2010).


Google has achieved the position of a ruler in the technology arena. Undoubtedly, the internet economy has been ruled by Google since its creation in 1998.…. [read more]

Computers for the Organization Essay

… Software

While in other areas, these computers are relatively similar, there is a major difference in terms of operating systems and software. Apple uses a proprietary operating system and software. There are benefits to this and drawbacks. The Apple O/S is usually considered superior to that of Windows, both in terms of security and stability, although Windows has made significant improvements on both fronts in recent years. The Samsung comes with Windows Home Premium while the equivalent Toshiba comes with Windows Professional, a superior product. The quality of basic MS Office software on Apple computers is much better today than it has been in the past. All computers come with the option of purchasing full use MS Office products. With respect to other software, Windows…. [read more]

Starting Up a Bicycle Rental and Sales Business Case Study

… A second way is by offering customer service (through chat, i.e., by linking his business with call centers) and hence giving customers "a choice of ways to contact the company" (Kooser, 2013). A third way is to use technology to train employees in the most cutting edge communication tools to be proficient and responsive to all potential customer issues (weather forecasts and trail maintenance issues must be updated daily and employees need to know how to access that information instantly).

EIGHT: How would ERP benefit Ted's business? a) ERP tracks all of Ted's resources, including his cash flow, materials he needs to order, and the capacity his company has to integrate all its functions and responsibilities; b) ERP automates "many back office functions related to…. [read more]

VOIP With the Advent SWOT

… This includes all the assistance provided by the government as well as all government policies that hinder the business objectives.

Many governments such as Saudi Arabia has imposed restrictions on certain smart phone applications such as some application on Blackberry phones. This mean the company will have to face limitations in provisions of app related services in those regions.

On the political front Blue Wire Communication Solution is a viable venture. This is because the government recognizes telecommunication as an important industry and provides immense support to the industry in terms of infrastructure, ancillary services and international exposure.

Economic Factors

The Economic factors for the telecommunication industry are usually more favorable than political ones. The increased saturation of telecommunication market and the influx of newer…. [read more]

Owner of the Small Art Business Essay

… ¶ … owner of the small art business would like to begin selling paintings over the Internet. Whole books are written on this, but as web developer and system's administrator, I can give her a few steps that will lead her through the business.

Hosting operations

She can find someone to host the site for her, but it is more likely that she will host the site herself. This is due to the fact that she is presumably intent on running her business long-term. There is a lot of freeware to help her do so.

The first step to hosting her own site is picking an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The major difference between an ISP and a hosting service is that the ISP does…. [read more]

World Wide Web Term Paper

… ¶ … Technological Advances in Recent Years - World Wide Web

This work will answer a series of questions beginning with the broad question: How do social, technological, and economic changes impact the individual? The overall question of the work is: What is one of the most important technological advances in recent years? The subtopic of the work is: The introduction of the World Wide Web. Finally, coming to a specific question about the subtopic: How did the introduction of the World Wide Web change the way individuals acquire and share information? The answer to this question will be found as a result of exploring the hypothesis: The introduction of the World Wide Web helped make the Internet so much easier to use and understand…. [read more]

Wireless Broadband Technology Term Paper

… All the communication is done using a series of radio signals or radio specifications, the frequency of the signals being that of a low 2.4 GHz and the data speeds are up to a range of 721 Kbps. There is no one direction in which this technology can be used; it is omni directional. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; the greater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. The output power can be less than 10 mill watts. Basically, the Bluetooth technology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic device or be used as an adaptor. (How Bluetooth Technology

Any electronic device that is popularly used today can make use of these…. [read more]

Database Administrator Term Paper

… The number of database administrators to be working on the field is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2018. This is because the Internet and E-commerce will continue to expand massively, resulting in a continuing need to build and maintain database management systems. Also, the increasing importance that is being placed on cyber security, i.e., the protection of electronic information, will require many workers skilled in the task of information security. [5: Database Administrator." 19 March 2010. .]

The salary range for the job of Database Administrators is highly dependent upon the industry they are present in and the location of their workplace. Rates tend to be higher in the financial services and banking, investment and insurance…. [read more]

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