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Narrative and Craft Term Paper

… Narrative and Craft

On a world history scale, written narrative is a fairly recent phenomenon. It only developed after human beings had existed for thousands of years. No written narrative of the ancient past is therefore available to the investigator of history, and different means of narrative construction becomes necessary. The discipline of archaeology has brought about a connection between the visual and narrative, fusing the two to become object-based narrative. By examining ancient objects found during excavation expeditions, it has become possible to create a visual narrative, particularly of ancient history. This is not however limited to ancient history, and has also become a prominent part of art history in more recent terms. Indeed, art is deeply integrated in the object-based paradigm of narrative.…. [read more]

Narrative Analysis Sue Monk Kidd Essay

… Living among the werewolves, then, Little Red Riding Hood may well find that a male dominated society remains in place, even if this is no longer a human society or based on the traditional Christian religion.

Lily Owen's future prospects were probably considerably brighter than those of the Little Red Riding Hood character, although in their own way both young women found ways of escaping societies and family situations they found intolerable and finding alternative communities. In the original story, Little Red Riding Hood would most likely have married the hunter who killed the werewolf and lived respectably ever after, but Carter's ending was more interesting and inventive. She becomes the wife of the handsome young wolf, although even wolf society remains paternalistic and patriarchal.…. [read more]

Interpretive Narrative Term Paper

… ¶ … Civil War in American history. Specifically it will contain an analysis of James M. McPherson's Ordeal by fire: The Civil War and reconstruction and Why the north won the Civil War by David Herbert Donald, and answers the question "Why did the North win the Civil War?" The North won the Civil War for a variety of reasons, and not all of them have to do with manpower and might. The North won even though the South enjoyed several advantages, because the North, in the end, had superior forces and most of all, superior materials and more industry to create more weapons than the South had, and so, they simply outlasted the Southerners and their reserves.

As previously discussed, the North had several…. [read more]

Interpretive Narrative Term Paper

… ¶ … Civil War in American history. Specifically it will contain an analysis of James M. McPherson's Ordeal by fire: The Civil War and reconstruction regarding the question "Was Slavery the primary cause of the Civil War?" Many scholars point to numerous reasons from the economy to rapid growth as the main causes of the American Civil War. However, many of these reasons can be traced back to slavery, making slavery the primary cause of the Civil War.

In the Prologue to his book, McPherson writes. "The social and political strains produced by rapid growth provoked repeated crises that threatened to destroy the republic. From the beginning, these strains were associated mainly with slavery" (McPherson, 2001, p. 1). Thus, he makes his thesis clear in…. [read more]

Mary Rowlandson a Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson 1682 Term Paper

… ¶ … Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson by Mary Rowlandson. Specifically it will discuss Rowlandson's captivity with the Indians, and her strong will to survive. Captured by marauding Indians in 1675, Mary Rowlandson lived with the Native Americans for several weeks before her husband managed to ransom her. Her strong will to survive, coupled with her equally strong belief in God helped her survive the ordeal, and helped her write about it after it had ended.

Indians captured Mary Rowlandson alive after they attacked the town where she lived. Most of her family and friends were killed right before her eyes, so she understood the brutality of the Indians. However, she chose to accompany them rather than die at their…. [read more]

How Race Is Apart of Everyday Life Essay

… ¶ … Narrative Ethnography

The readings on ethnography suggest that when approaching a personal narrative on ethnography one should formulate "an ethnographic topic study" -- and for me that would entail putting my life, my ethnic culture, my employment and my socially-related culture into some perspective. Ethnography involves embracing "Patterns of cultural thought…" that my work associates, my neighbors, my colleagues at school and my family share with reference to racial matters. The readings (pp. 200-201) reflect the idea that scholarly studies on culture, psychology, sociology and contemporary values don't generally research "how laypeople in their everyday lives perceive and experience racial identity in relation to concept of 'blood,' 'genes,' or 'the environment.' The point is that people are not necessarily "deterministic in thinking about…. [read more]

Philosophy and Theoretical Frameworks Fit Questionnaire

… ¶ … philosophy and theoretical frameworks fit into the overall process of research? In its most basic form, the theoretical framework of research relates to the philosophical basis on which the research occurs, forming the link between the theoretical and practical aspects of the research. Identification of methodology forms a philosophical bias, following the scientific method, and forms the overall strategy or process behind using particular methods. Every person has certain beliefs and assumptions that they bring to the research process; for instance, a very basic issue might be the idea of human nature and the nature of processes in certain types of social science research. In other words, what are the underlying assumptions made prior to the research process? (Creswell, 2013, pp. 307-8; pp.…. [read more]

Creation Myth Analysis Term Paper

… The Law was both cause and effect in the recreation of the race after the Babylonian exile."

Unless this fact is taken into account, Wellhausen cautioned, "one will above all fail to understand the great work accomplished by the prophets in destroying Old Israel, and preparing the way first for Judaism, and then for the Gospel"; however, Wellhausen did not merely employ literary arguments as his predecessors had done. In fact, he went so far as to track the development of religious forms and practices and provided an examination of the religious cult of the Hebrews, their ceremonials and holy places, and an analysis of the historical books of the Old Testament. Furthermore, this historian had larger plans for the future including an analysis of…. [read more]

Management and Theory Leadership Application Essay

… initial success. But that would leave out other variables like geography, econometrics, type of product or service, technology, timeliness, etc. Strictly speaking, this is one of the difficulties in social science research. The internal validity must show that A caused B; while there still might be a trade-off between internal and external validity in certain situations. In general, looking at research into entrepreneurial activity we find that numerous threats exist: interaction of selection bias and treatment (issue may work only on a certain population); there may be reactive experimental arrangements that influence generalizations (e.g. actions between global consumers with different goals and belief systems), (Alvesson and Karreman; Locke).

Research is a step-by-step process that uses a systematic approach to the collection and analysis, and then…. [read more]

Alaska Border Dispute Essay

… S.

What are their underlying goals (defense policy/trade policy).

All three countries were interested in the islands based upon defense and trade policies. For the U.S., this meant maintaining control of these areas to ensure that they have access to natural resources and critical ports. While Canada wanted to use these inlets for similar purposes (especially after gold was discovered in Alaska). Great Britain felt that they could maintain a balance between the U.S. And Canada. At the same time, they were able to improve relations with America (which enhanced military and economic ties). However, they did not believe that Canadians felt so strongly about these issues and would use the event to create nationalist feelings.


Alaskan Boundary Tribunal. (Facsimile) British Possessions in North…. [read more]

Relationship of Museums to the Community Term Paper

… Relationship of Museums to the Community

The objective of this work is to examine what part that museums play in the life of a community and what new roles and responsibilities are the museums in communities adopting and what are the possibilities. This work will examine whether museums within a community recognize the community's stake in the decision making processing and programs of the museum and what collaborative relationships have developed among museums and the communities in which they are located. This work will further answer the question of whether museum exhibitions may be objective or if they must inevitably express a point-of-view and who controls the collection of the museum as well as the exhibition process and point-of-view. This work will answer how museum…. [read more]

Customer's Source Essay

… When research is focused on stories told by individuals this can also be considered a narrative. Narrative is noted by Pinnegar and Daynes (2006) to be the phenomenon of study as well as a method of study.

The biographic study is also a form of narrative involving the researcher recording and writing the experiences of another individual's life. Included are autobiographies, life histories, and oral histories. Narrative research is conducted through determination of the research problem or question, selection of the individuals with stories to relate, collection of information about the stories and their contexts, and analysis of the stories and a recantation of the stories into a sense-making framework. (Ibid, nd, paraphrased)

Phenomenological research is a study that seeks meaning for several individuals in…. [read more]

Bible: 1 Samuel 17 Essay

… "Israel! I say again, on this the morning of the 41st day of a war without with battle, COME AT ME! SEND ME A CHAMPION!!" Quiet. Stillness. A thousand implacable faces staring back at me. "Israel, I defy you! SEND ME A -- "

A ripple in the crowd began to part the Israeli forces. One by one, Israeli soldiers turned and made way for some as yet unseen force . . . until standing before me, all alight with an answering defiance, was a skinny little boy no more progressed in years than my own murderous offspring. At the sight of him, I felt my throat close and heart beat faster, so akin to that offspring he appeared to me. Could it be that…. [read more]

Remembering the 1960s Qualitative Research Essay

… The search for an objective reality, favored by quantitative researchers, is abandoned to the assumption that people construct their own personalized worlds. (Sage Pub, 2012,-Page 344)

Narrative research would clearly establish and reinforce the concept of the multiple realities of the 60s experience. Multiple realities further lends itself to fields in the hard sciences such as quantum physics, further underscoring how qualitative research, in the face of criticism related to accuracy or scientific merit, demonstrates applicability and relevance in a larger network of subjects and methods in a wide spectrum of directly related as well as indirectly related subjects.

A scientific standard demands a transparent audit trail from reliable data to conclusions, and a clear articulation of refutable claims. Where subjectivity is inevitable, it should…. [read more]

Anthropological Thought Essay

… Anthropology

Historical Foundations of Anthropology

How do the methods of 19th Century Evolutionists explain the development of marriage, family, political organization, and religion?

The development of the evolutionary theory of societal development arose from the precept that all cultures arose in a uniform manner. Early theorists believed that various cultures represented different stages along the path to development. Evolutionary anthropology arose from encounters with cultures that were different Theorists such as Tylor and Morgan developed opposing viewpoints on the development of society.

Tylor disagreed that groups, such as the Native American population, were a degenerated culture (Tylor, cited in Anthropological Theory, 1871:30). He felt that culture from simple to complex and that it progressed through three distinct stages. Tylor argued that civilization progressed from savagery…. [read more]

Deploying a Pilot Case Study

… ¶ … Deploying a Pilot Case Study Within a Research Project

Theoretical Approach to Research Study and its methodologies

The Purpose of implementing a Case Study Approach

Yin's Approach to Case Study Research

Creswell's Approach to Research Design

George and Bennett Theory Development in Social Science

Breadth References



The work of Robert K. Yin (2004) entitled: "Case Study Methods" states that the case study method has attained routine status as a viable method for doing education research. Other methods include but are not limited to surveys, ethnographies, experiments, quasi-experiments, economic and statistical modeling, hostires, research sytheses and developmental methods." According to Yin, case study research enables…. [read more]

Role of an Educator and Public Citizen Term Paper

… ¶ … role of an educator and public citizen, I have often used my skills in analyzing and integrating relevant information into my writing when preparing classroom materials and when writing letters to the editors of several local papers. I understand that it is absolutely imperative that when writing an opinion piece to go into a paper that all of my sources be evaluated for accuracy; I will not be taken seriously if I am not accurate. When evaluating information, I have learned that it is vital to make sure that they are accurate not only by double-checking facts (where possible) but also by assuring that the source is reliable and the data sounds plausible. I understand that information must be not only accurate but…. [read more]

Isaiah 57 3 13 Thesis

… Isaiah 57 can be divided into three sections, according to the audience. The chapter addresses the righteous and those who have fallen into idolatry. The chapter opens with a message to the righteous, comforting them that they will have peace, while those that have fallen from righteousness will suffer and perish. Verses 3-13 serve as a warning to those that choose the wrong path. The third section of the chapter expresses God's anger with the wicked and serves as a call for the righteous to prepare the road. In the following exegesis, we will examine verses 3-'3, the message to the wicked. It will support the thesis that Isaiah's key message is not about the individual, but in the ability to build a society that…. [read more]

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Research Proposal

… From what? Boring stuff." (2011)

Robinson states that the instance of ADHD "has risen in parallel with the growth of standardized testing. And these kids are being given Ritalin and Adderall and all manner of things. Often quite dangerous drugs to get them focused and calm them down. But according to this attention deficit disorder increases as you travel east across the country. People start losing interest in Oklahoma. They can hardly think straight in Arkansas. And by the time they get to Washington they've lost it completely." (Robinson, 2011) The model of education is a system of education "…which is modeled on the interest of industrialism. And in the image of it. I'll give you a couple examples. Schools are still pretty much organized…. [read more]

Teaching Methods and Intercultural Education Research Proposal


This work seeks to examine how intercultural approaches to teaching and learning might serve to contribute to New Learning for the 21st century in primary schools in Australia. Additionally this study intends to examine the role of education in improving relations between people across diversity and to improve equality, justice and freedom. This work will also give consideration to how intercultural education might be used and will examine possible links between intercultural education and other school-based approaches.

Multicultural -- term used to describe the cultural diversity nature of human society and which refers to the "elements of ethnic or national culture, but also includes linguistic, religious and socio-economic diversity.

Intercultural -- a dynamic concept…refers to evolving relations between cultural groups…has…. [read more]

Negative Impact on Children's Learning: ) Socio-Economic Term Paper

… ¶ … negative impact on children's learning: (1) socio-economic status or, (2) race. To explore this issue, the following qualitative data collection approaches are used: (1) interview studies (2) participant observation, and (3) historical review. Lin (1998) notes that when investigating qualitative research, one must recognize qualitative research may be either positivist, where it documents practices leading to consistent results, or "interpretivist," where it seeks to understand the concepts of poverty and race and their meaning (p.162). These notions are considered in the analysis below.

Interview Studies

This paper describes the sampling and data collection procedures used to capture information on student learning, and analyzes the findings in this area. Rank (1994) researchers the socio-economic impact of poverty and wealth on multiple dimensions including children's…. [read more]

Proust, Narratology F. Specifications Term Paper

… He explains: "From this perspective the sensible world as a whole becomes the object of the quest for signification. As long as it takes on form, the world appears, as a whole and in its various articulations, as potential meaning. Signification can be concealed behind all sensible phenomena; it is present behind sounds, but also behind images, odors, and flavors, without being in sounds or in images (as perceptions)" (Greimas, 1976) The bridge connected the disjointed tenets of language to their intended meanings are best presented in the roles of characters, or the view that characters come to symbolize.

In weaving the complexity of the story, often the necessity of revealing opposites is inherent in bringing forth the true nature of the character, s.a. good…. [read more]

Book for Academic Audiences Has Several Challenges Essay

… ¶ … book for academic audiences has several challenges. The most significant of these is the challenge of offering information that contributes to the existing knowledge base within a particular subject choice. I believe Donna M. Goldstein, author of Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence, and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown, did an admirable job of this in her work by focusing at least some attention on how laughter plays a role in the often harsh environment she describes. She also does more than merely focus on the academic description of this environment. By creating a leitmotif narrative with Gloria as her main character, the author also finds an entertaining, if often tragic, way to bring her facts to life. In this way, the…. [read more]

Rome One Could Be Important Essay

… I picture myself being led on into vaster...depths with every forward step. The task undertaken seemed to grow less with the completion of the early stages; now, in anticipation, it seems almost to increase as I proceed (ibid., 288)"

Foreign affairs (Rome's expansion) shaped the social order at home (the struggle of the orders), and vice versa. For instance, in Mellor, Livy, ambassadors were sent out from Rome to Athens to study their laws, a situation that led directly to the formation of a law code in Rome which helped to quell domestic disturbances (ibid., 215-217). Livy's thesis of a struggle of the orders is an over- simplification of a highly complex series of events that had no single cause. This can be seen as…. [read more]

Survey of Matthew's Gospel Thesis

… ¶ … Gospel of Matthew: Chapter outline

Heading: Biography

Subheading: Back story

Jesus' origins -- Davidic line

Infancy gospel

John the Baptist's insight

Jesus' temptation

Heading: Teaching and preaching

Subheading: Sermon

Sermon on the Mount: Loving thy enemies

Sermon continued: Forgiving trespasses

Sermon continued: Beware false prophets

Subheading: Establishing Jesus' mission

Healing leper

Authority to forgive sins

Twelve apostles

Subheading: Establishing Jesus' message

Wisdom of babes

Contradicting Sabbath laws


John's beheading

Subheading: Jesus' divinity established to believers

Loaves and fishes

Chapter 16: Jesus identified as Son of the living God

Chapter 17: Prophesy of the meaning of the coming death and resurrection of Jesus

Chapter 18: Theme of forgiveness in teachings

Chapter 19: Valorization of the poor

Last first, first last

Subheading: Foreshadowing of…. [read more]

Clinical Framework for Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

… By highlighting the use of master's-equipped nurses to oversee care from the hospital to within the home, this model has been able to reduce re-hospitalizations for elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions. Research shows that using the Transitional Care Model aids patients attain better long-term health results and evade repeat hospitalizations, all at a cheap cost. Experts agree the program does need more nurses in order to develop some innovations.

Person/Client/Client System

The research explains that each client system is unique, a composite of characteristics and factors within a given range of responses that are contained within a basic structure. Experts also make the point that many known, unknown, and universal stressors exist. Each of these stressors differs in its potential for troubling a client's…. [read more]

Cannes Film Festival Term Paper

… Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris

Malick's Tree of Life and Allen's Midnight in Paris: a Comparative Analysis

Two films that debuted at the 2011 Cannes Film Fest were Terrence Malick's long-awaited The Tree of Life and Woody Allen's nostalgic comedy Midnight in Paris. Malick's Tree of Life went on to win the Palme d'Or, and Allen's film screened out of competition. Yet both films (by American directors) employ the use of the fantastic -- Malick's by navigating the transcendental and the earthly through visions of cosmological grandeur and the simple day-to-day life of human existence in which characters experience joy, grief, innocence, guilt, love, hate, and redemption -- Allen's by sending his characters into an alternate reality in which they discover the limitations…. [read more]

Old Testament by Elemer L Book Review

… However, attempting to portray people in the Old Testament as ordinary people and actually accomplishing this feat are two different things, and the degree of efficacy that Towns' produces in his undertaking is somewhat questionable. The very nature of the Old Testament and the people depicted in it is considerably at variance with most people of the present time. One only needs to look at the lifespan of many Old Testament people, who routinely lived hundreds of years or at least past the age of 100, to note some very key distinctions between such subjects and the regular people who populate the earth today. Moreover, some of the feats accomplished by the Old Testament personages are almost ineffable and beyond the comprehension of many of…. [read more]

Positivism vs. Interpretivism Debate Epistemology Essay

… The first section of their paper is a discussion of how an interdisciplinary approach and perspective is more viable as a strategy. The graphic representation of their framework is contingent on the use and application of multiple theories, ideas, concepts, etc. from a variety of thinkers. Their approach is more integrative and holistic.

Ashforth and Humphrey argue for the use of labeling theory which they explain as the following:

An emerging theme in organizational behavior is that organizations are interpretive structures or frameworks…To act, an organizational member must come to some under-standing of what various social objects-actions, individuals, events, groups, decisions, structures-mean within the organizational context. However, given the inherent ambiguity and multiple causes and forces acting on many social objects, meaning is elusive. Accordingly,…. [read more]

Gloria Naylor's Novel Mama Day Term Paper

… All that matters is Bernice's life and doing whatever is within his power to keep her alive.

By examining these four relationships, the reader can understand that although the novel is about magic and women's strength, what functions as the thesis of the novel is that in every relationship between men and women, there will be a struggle for power. Women are supposedly the weaker sex. Psychologists and psychoanalysts of the past century were quick to note that society demands that women be subservient and submissive to men. Males are the supreme power and their relationships with their women, whether they be mothers, daughters, and particularly their wives, must underline this dichotomy. This is the struggle that is at the crux of Mama Day. If…. [read more]

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