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RTI Response to Intervention Term Paper

… In short, early childhood educators as a group may be more focused on basic skill development and more accustomed to flexible and responsive service delivery than their elementary school counterparts. Therefore, it seems possible that RTI would be more readily accepted in early childhood, as it likely represents less of a philosophical or pedagogical shift at the preschool level.

Principles of RTI

Four key principles that consistently appear in models of RTI include the procedure of (1) entire screening of students in the school to detect the ones who are at risk of low academic performance, (2) a school wide, multi-tiered approach to prevent such school failure, (3) continuous monitoring of progress (hereafter progress monitoring) to document a student's progress (or lack thereof) and to…. [read more]

Intervention of States and Human Essay

… The application of the Genocide Convention of 1948 prompts nations to uphold and respect human lives.

The international community can intervene in matters of other states, in cases of high casualties arising during natural disasters, which the country, cannot fully contain. The Myanmar Cyclone test brings to the fore the intervention of the international community in internal matters of nations. The huge magnitude of the cyclone presented extreme strain on both the personnel and resources of the affected country, prompting international intervention in the provision of both aid and human resource (Binder, 2008).

International intervention involves different tools. The primary tool involves the use of diplomacy in prevention and containment of conflicts. The international community engages diplomatic representatives in the negotiation process in attempts to…. [read more]

Intervention Programs the Value, Characteristics Essay

… "

Part TWO: select an educational environment to modify including a plan of action to accommodate a response to intervention.

Certainly inner city schools like those in Trenton, New Jersey, need modification because these schools are constrained by community issues such as gangs, crime in the streets, a sense of hopelessness, dysfunctional families (resulting in low parental participation in educational activities) and poverty. Hence, interventions should be designed help prevent the poor academic and behavioral problems found in those inner city schools. And moreover, a "Smart RTI" should be part of the process, because Smart RTI can make "efficient use of school resources while maximizing students' opportunities for success" (Fuchs, et al., 2012, 263). The whole point of Smart RTI is to "…implement tertiary prevention…featuring…. [read more]

Intervention Effectiveness Response to Instruction Literature Review Chapter

… Working with the RTI interventions are: (1) District general educators; (2) reading teachers; (3)special education resource specialists; and (4) the speech-language pathologist. At the end of the program, the children will have received "45 hours of intense, systematic, scientifically-based reading instruction in small groups. " (International Reading Program, 2011) Program results are stated as being "impressive." (International Reading Program, 2011) Specifically reported are the following findings:

(1) One hundred twenty-three fourth- and fifth-graders who lagged two to three years in reading have demonstrated statistically significant improvement as measured by GRADE, with gains representing more than a year's reading level growth in just nine weeks.

(2) These students have also improved on statewide assessments. Most gratifying is that over two years, of the 123 students who…. [read more]

Intervention Response Literature Review

… Responsiveness to Intervention (RTI) is a process of evaluation and intervention that is designed to methodically monitor student progress. It also includes a process to make decisions regarding the need for instructional amendments or introduction of intensified services via monitoring information. The key question in RTI procedures is: What are the conditions under which students will demonstrate successful responses towards the curriculum? Hence, rigorous conditions guide selection and implementation of interventions, in order to ascertain what works for individual students.

This move towards change springs from a disapproval of existing criteria, elements, and techniques for identifying specific learning disabilities (SLDs). Criticisms include: disability identification delays; cognitive and aptitude-achievement discrepancy measures' irrelevance to instructional plans or outcomes; and inequitable treatment in academic settings. However, prior regulations…. [read more]

Development of Crisis Intervention Essay

… The supportive environment helps in ensuring that the affected individuals enhance their coping skills and mechanisms in dealing with the critical incident. During the 9/11 attacks, this unit provided opportunities for people to team up and achieve group cohesion that helped in establishing a supportive environment while promoting individual resiliency. As a result, many volunteers and crisis counselors from various parts in the country showed up and were willing to engage in dialogue with the victims and responders regarding their experiences.

Interactive communication phase is the fourth stage of Psychological First Aid that seeks to promote normalization i.e. return to normal functioning and restoration. Notably, crisis responders enable victims to return to normal functioning as soon as possible based on the experiences of the respective…. [read more]

Police Crisis Intervention Term Paper

… The road users, specifically the motorists are angry, but it is apparent that they are willing to help because they made the call (Steadman et al., 2001). Nevertheless, the case presented seems a risky one; therefore, I will need to call mental health providers, who work in collaboration with the police officers. The woman is in the process of tearing her clothes, and this will require me to carry extra clothes, in a bid to handle the mayhem caused.

Apparently, motorists comprise of the large group affected by the woman's actions; therefore, a traffic officer will help in maintaining order, as we handle the woman. If the woman, even after handling her seems aggressive, I will let the mental health experts to help in calming…. [read more]

Nursing Intervention in Disaster Essay

… This is because all these are important phases of a disaster. Therefore the interventions should involve all the three phases because one phase leads to another.

The most favorable people or agencies I would work in facilitating the above proposed interventions are the state agencies and local governments; I chose on these agencies because they might be the same people being affected disaster but still fail to create awareness to the community, individuals and health care providers. Whenever there are disasters, these groups of people should be the first in quickly responding to the emergency whether it occurred naturally or not. The state agency and the local government should help in preparing and maintaining the current state emergency operations by providing for the prevention and…. [read more]

Group Counseling Intervention for Sarah's Case Case Study

… This would involve discussing the goals of the counseling process, discussing limitations of confidentiality, and developing a code of ethics to govern the group. Some of the legal and ethical concerns related to working with a client like her include maintaining confidentiality, promoting the client's well-being and safety, protecting the client's rights during the group experience, informed consent, and potential consequences of not adhering to treatment. The other concerns include cultural and diversity factors during group therapy and developing appropriate diagnosis ("Chapter 10," 2011).

Sarah's Honest Open Communication:

Group counseling environments are usually characterized by the need for honest open communication. Sarah's involvement in her group during the counseling process requires open honest communication in order to achieve the goals of the therapy. Despite avoiding…. [read more]

Collaborative Communication and Therapeutic Interventions Essay

… When the health care professionals are not able to meet the demands of their duty, they suffer from stress which makes their every response negative.

This negative response creates lot of problems for the health care unit as the staff and nurses cannot satisfy the patients and lose their ability of listening complains from patients and their families. Indeed, they shout back at them which further worsen the problem. Therefore it is very important that the staff at the health care units is not overburdened with work. Moreover, they should also be provided training in which they should be guided about the strategies for managing stress and doing effective communication with the patients, their families and other staff members.

Different strategies can be used to…. [read more]

Pyramid of Intervention Essay

… But for those students who need additional "focused instruction" this is where the pyramid's step-by-step strategy comes into play. Tier 2 offers instructions that are zeroed in on: a) identifying and expression emotions; b) "self-regulation"; c) solving social problems; d) "initiating and maintaining interactions"; e) "cooperative responding"; f) tactics for dealing with disappointment and anger; and g) skills at making friends (Fox, 4). Miller's explanation for Tier 2 is that it is up to the teacher to carefully observe what needs are unmet by students; the teacher can at this juncture request intervention support and may collaborate with professionals in the school system. Tier 2 instruction is "monitored" and is different than general education models because it is based on "needs," not a formula, Miller…. [read more]

Health Promotion Intervention to Raise Essay

… It is important for us to define what binge drinking is. It is defined as the consumption of alcohol of more than or equal to five pints in a row. Moreover, this kind of drinking has been labeled as one of the most hazardous public health concerns especially among college students. It has also been established that the young people who binge drink are more prone to getting health problems associated with drinking than their counterparts who do drink in some other way. These students are more likely to miss their classes because of the frequent black outs and hang overs. It has also been argued that binge drinkers indulge in unsafe behavior more than any other group of youngsters. Also, these people indulge in…. [read more]

Pbis Lit Positive Behavioral Intervention Essay

… A direct correlation was found in individual students between academic success in certain areas, specifically communication arts, and fewer disciplinary problems, and PBIS programs were co-indicated with increasing numbers of students with communication arts success/lower disciplinary problems (Tripp, 2011). Though the challenges to impoverished schools in designing and implementing a PBIS program are significant, the rewards also appear to be much higher than in other schools, and suggest that resources are better utilized after successful PBIS adoption, as well (Tripp, 2011).

For a school with limited resources and serving an impoverished community, both the problems and the benefits of PBIS program implementation can be cyclical; resource availability is directly related to data acquisition, analysis, and presentation, and these research capabilities and knowledge transfer relationships have…. [read more]

Interventions That Improve the Workplace Literature Review

… ¶ … Interventions that Improve the Workplace Behavior of Adults with ADHD

ADHD & the Symptoms of ADHD

The work of Robinson and McNamara (nd) reports that Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder has only been recognized recently as persisting into the adulthood of many people. It is reported that public awareness began to develop "when the New England Journal of Medicine published a research article." (nd, p.3) Robinson and McNamara report that differences between child and adult ADHD is not within the "symptoms themselves but in the manifestations of such symptoms. Symptoms for both are much the same: lack of attention to details, difficulty sustaining attention, apparent failure to listen, difficulty in following through with instructions, difficulty with organization, failing to "keep up" with task-associated materials,…. [read more]

Special Needs Intervention Client Profile Essay

… Brenda will not be asked to read the book, but instead will be asked to anticipate what she thinks will happen in the story based on the pictures. After she has made it through the entire book, she will be asked to use this knowledge to read the words on the page. Brenda will first be asked to identify any words that she already knows on the page and then fill in those that she does not know using he pictures. Eventually, pictures on the page will be replaced by phonetic combination. Brenda will be able to decode words phonetically through repetition of this strategy.

If Brenda reaches a frustration level with this activity, she will be redirected to return to her previous knowledge of…. [read more]

Homeland Security and Preparedness, Response Capstone Project

… (Edwards, 2012, p.26)

(2) Geo-Call Mapping A county map with colored push pins representing call types and locations. The color bar and pie charts correlating calls by day and time. Awareness of crime locations and nexus to day and time lead to meaningful patrol, prevention, and disruption. (Edwards, 2012, p.26)

(3) Deputies Resource Center The center offers professional magazines, intelligence pamphlets, and case law updates. This creates a professional culture with efficient and effective law enforcement. (Edwards, 2012, p.26)

(4) Intelligence Database Intelligence information is submitted. Intelligence is shared. (Edwards, 2012, p.26)

(5) All Hazards An intelligence analyst e-mails important information regarding potential public safety hazards. This leads to situational awareness among all public safety stakeholders. (Edwards, 2012, p.26)

(6) Open-Source Alerts An intelligence analyst…. [read more]

Response to Intervention Thesis


The response-to-intervention (RTI) program is a "multi-step" approach to providing services and interventions to students who are "struggling with learning at increasing levels of intensity," according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD). When the RTI approach is used correctly, it has the potential to "limit the amount of academic failure that any student experiences," NCLD explains; it also has the potential to greatly increase the accuracy of evaluations at the special education level of schooling. In addition, the NCLD points out that RTI can identify accurately determine if a child has a learning disability, or if their learning problems relate to "cultural differences" or from "a lack of adequate instruction" (NCLD).

How can RTI be used in the classroom? The National Center…. [read more]

Intervention and Addiction Therapy Theory and Practice Essay

… Intervention & Addiction Therapy

Theory & Practice, Intervention and Addiction Therapy

The study of psychology is a complex science integrating environmental, social, and biological factors to develop a successful understanding of the continuously changing structure of an individual's psychopathology. Implicit in that study is the assessment and evaluation of foreign substances within the body. A growing body of work has discovered several relevant biochemical and psychosocial mechanisms related to the phenomenon of addiction which must be accounted for in any discussion or practice of substance abuse counseling. Though there is a significant social component in the decision to use and abuse controlled substances, existing therapeutic practices are fairly effective in combating those relatively superficial desires often rising from deeper self-concept dissonance. However, for any therapeutic…. [read more]

Intervention for Mentally Disabled Children Research Paper

… 7%) and fine motor skills (58.3%) but had mean fine motor skill levels that exceeded their mean gross motor skill levels (50%). Based on the results, EIPs for children with Down syndrome appear to provide a foundation for subsequent learning and development.

Because Down syndrome children lack muscle tone, a condition termed hypotonia physiotherapy is critical for these individuals in the form of early interventions. Without physiotherapy the Down syndrome child will be "left with weaknesses, odd behaviors, and disfigurements that need not have happened." (Hudson, 2010) Psychological assessments for Down Syndrome children are important for assessing cognitive abilities, adaptive skills and behavior. Functional skills include communication and motor skills as well as self-help skills and socialization skills. (Cicchette and Beeghly, 1990, paraphrased)

Results of…. [read more]

Intervention Strategy for Grief Long Qt Syndrome Term Paper

… Intervention Strategy for Grief

Long QT syndrome is a congenital that can result in sudden arrhythmia death syndrome (SADS), where sudden death occurs as a result of cardiac arrest. Although rare, deaths from SADS, including those attributed to long QT syndrome, are not accompanied with any anatomic abnormality, which can make prediction and prevention very difficult (Meyer, Mehdirad, Salem, Kulikowska, Kulikowski, & Jamry, 2003). Long QT syndrome is characterized by arrhythmias that are associated with prolongation of the electrocardiographic QT interval, and it is also associated with hereditary genetic defects that affect the cardiac ion channels.

Since it is mostly asymptomatic, the presence of long QT syndrome often goes undetected until it is too late, and death has occurred. When there is an awareness of…. [read more]

Intervention Plan in Education Business Plan

… In that regard, this agency will make reasonable accommodations in scheduling and other aspects of the vocational responsibilities of its staff members so as to allow and encourage all personnel to pursue and succeed in any available continuing education opportunities.

Further, this agency will provide appropriate in-service training pertaining to all policies and procedures relating to all Early Intervention Program and Early Intervention Program core competencies among its employees, staff, personnel, and contractors.

Standard #7 -- Participation in State-Sponsored Training and Development

This agency shall establish appropriate policies and procedures as necessary to allow and promote the participation of all agency employees, staff, and other personnel in any available programs provided by the State Department of Health. That responsibility includes but is not limited to…. [read more]

School Children Crisis Intervention Term Paper

… It is important to note that when a school undergoes a crisis, it is usually considered a community/societal crisis. For example, consider the Columbine High School Massacre (or any other school shootings that have taken place in recent years). This incident was not only a community crisis, but it really was a cultural and national crisis because it brought up so many questions for society in the midst of a horrific event. It brought up issues about gun control, violent video games, and violence, in general, in our schools.

Forming a school-based crisis team is a wonderful idea, but the resources for these types of teams are often quite limited (UCLA 2008). However, not having a crisis team is considered a greater risk. Nearly all…. [read more]

Psychological Intervention to a Person Who Has Lost a Job Essay

… ¶ … Practice

This study focuses on an individual undergoing trauma arising from an indefinite loss of job: the position she was holding was scrapped completely. The individual went into a state of complete and utter shock characterized by the development of mixed emotions. It is not her first time to confront such a stressful experience: she has never been in the unemployed ranks for some time and does not know where to start. The individual felt overwhelmed because she lives in a town where there is limited room for employment opportunities and personal growth. As such, she believed the first step would be to speak with a counselor as it is evidenced in the subsequent sections of this paper. While presenting the issue, this…. [read more]

How Do Counseling Interventions Influence the Academic and Emotional Success of Students With Learning Disabilities? Research Proposal

… ¶ … Counseling Interventions on the Academic and Emotional Success of Students With Learning Disabilities

The academic success of the student with learning disabilities is influenced by both social and emotional aspects. Social skills are "the specific reactions, responses, techniques and strategies that a student uses in social situation." (Horowitz, 2007) Social competence "is the term used to describe how well a student performs in social situations." (Horowitz, 2007) Students with learning disabilities often demand attention in an inappropriate manner and are generally in need of assistance with establishing emotional intelligence. The objective of this work is to answer the question through a review of literature relating to counseling interventions and their influence on the academic and emotional success of students with learning disabilities.

LITERATURE…. [read more]

Humanitarian Intervention One of the Most Purposeful Term Paper

… Humanitarian Intervention

One of the most purposeful and successful undertakings that has benefited third world nations is humanitarian intervention. It is an act arising out of the human collective spirit as people come together through organized efforts and organizations to bring to relief and aid to those areas of the world where humanity suffers. The suffering might be as a result of mankind's own making, like war; or because of natural disasters like draughts, tsunamis, or destruction by forces of nature in weather. Humanitarian intervention is a no judgment zone. In other words, where there is human suffering others will respond to that suffering with aid, and will not use that suffering as a political platform from which to gain power over others, or to…. [read more]

School Response to Student Suicide Term Paper

… King asserts that the very day of the suicide, the principal needs to inform all teachers there will be a face-to-face session the following morning, ensuring that staff have the facts correct.

Each first period teacher the following day, has a duty to announce the death of the student, and inform students as to where and when counseling is available. "A straightforward announcement of the death," King suggests, "offering sympathy toward the surviving family members" should be offered. Returning to regular scheduled classwork as soon as possible is important, as well.

Psychological assistance. Counselors and other mental health professionals "should be made available" throughout the school - for staff and students - and if that means bringing in counselors from other schools, then that should…. [read more]

Behavior Intervention Plan for Emotionally Disturbed Student Essay

… Behavior Intervention Plan for Emotionally Disturbed Student

Recognizing the increase in school violence and most educational institutions, it is very important to enact a bill that requires a positive behavioral intervention plan for individuals with exceptional needs. Although special education teachers are required to develop positive behavioral intervention plans, most have been trained in the skills necessary to develop or implement goals or objectives. This paper describes how to build a positive behavioral plan to bring about lasting positive changes in an individual's behavior and ensuring the individual succeeds. The individuals to be dealt with are those emotionally disturbed students with passive-aggressive traits. According to this paper, the steps to building a plan are; first describe the learner, secondly define the behaviors of concern, then…. [read more]

School-Based Intervention Trials for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity Research Proposal

… School-Based Intervention Trials for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

When it comes to the issue of childhood obesity, there are many factors that have to be considered. Proper parenting is important, the media is blamed for a lot of the obesity that is seen today, and, increasingly, the schools are also being blamed for not working hard enough at ensuring that the children in their care eat properly and get enough exercise. This study looks at interventions in schools as a way to curb the rising epidemic of childhood obesity.

This is very important, because these overweight children turn into overweight adults, and as this takes place their risks for serious disease not only rise, but they start much earlier than they would have if…. [read more]

Pathophysiology Cardiovascular Interventions Cardiovascular Disease Term Paper

… For example, there is the use of blood thinners, or drugs that thin the blood in order to avoid a clog in the arteries of the heart. Some of the main blood thinners include anticoagulants, like heparin or warfarin are used to increase the time it naturally takes for the blood to clot (Dunn et al., 2012). Other drugs are known as antiplatlet drugs, and include aspiring. These help prevent the act of the platlet clogging altogether. Still, blood thinners can be dangerous because they increase the risk of bleeding in the event of an injury. Although drug therapies are good interventions, there are times where they might not be enough, or when too many drugs are being used and thus become problematic altogether (Dunn…. [read more]

Detection and Intervention in Childhood Term Paper

… Answers of the first analysis threw light on innumerous particular variations between parents and professionals in devotion of causation. (Pottick & Davis, 2001).

On the basis of the attribution research, in which actors bear a semblance to pinpoint cause for failure in the external surroundings, while observers have the likelihood to shift blame to individual reasons, the authors were of staunch belief that there would be variations in views between professionals and mothers about maternal undertakings for difficulties. Particularly, they theorized that mothers, as actors, would pinpoint external causes for children's difficulties, while therapists, as observers, would pinpoint more cause with mothers. Outcomes did, in fact, throw light that mothers designated themselves particularly less causal undertakings than did professionals, even though it is also viable…. [read more]

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