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Interview With Social Worker Essay

… However, she did stress that CBT has been proven to be one of the most useful approaches in dealing with substance abuse, versus a more psychodynamic approach of focusing upon the individual's past problems alone. Ms. A prefers to stay focused on the present, rather than dredging up past traumas. The focus is on improving the behaviors of clients in the here and now rather than on their childhoods and adolescents. There is a practical reason for this. Many clients need help finding jobs and patching together broken lives. Staying focused on the here and now is not simply beneficial for the recovery process; it is a practical necessity.

Ms A's philosophy of the group process was that the group provides structure and positive reinforcement,…. [read more]

Interview With Social Worker Term Paper

… Social Worker

Social work:

Introduction to the profession and applications in an agency setting

Social work has traditionally been defined as one of the 'caring' professions. Social workers can serve clients in a variety of settings, spanning from government agencies to private organizations. The profession draws upon psychological and interpersonal skills. It also requires biological knowledge of the processes of aging and mental and physical illnesses. The National Association of Social Workers defines the profession's duties as restoring the individual client to a state of mutually beneficial interaction with society, satisfying human needs, and bolstering human strengths.

Social work is a practical profession, even though it is based around abstract ideals of service. For example, social workers would largely agree that all human beings have…. [read more]

Social Worker Essay

… Social workers need to enhance their awareness in ethical issues as a fundamental part of the profession. The quality of service they offer is greatly dependant on their ability and commitment to base their work on ethics. It is therefore important for social workers to promote ethical debate as well as reflection among themselves and in their work places.

Communication skill and patience is also critical in social work. It is important for a social worker to be a good listener as clients will continuously depend on these to have their problems solved. Good listening helps in provision of helpful insights and feedback. It is common for social workers to be assigned cases involving challenging issues. In addition one needs to have patients so as…. [read more]

Conversation With Indigenous Social Worker Essay

… The tribe has a functioning, professional website, with organized events and information about its history. The social worker is employed by Kahnawake Shakotiia'takenhas Community Services, an organization specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the community with professional assistance, while still fostering Kahnawake social values. The social worker seemed very much aware that his role was to balance indigenous values with the pressures of living in a Westernized society. The organization recently sponsored a drug and alcohol-free holiday parade which included collecting food for holiday food baskets for the needy.

In some ways, I felt that the experiences of my own were reflected in the social worker's concerns. Everyone knows people who have struggled with addiction, unemployment, and other challenges. But these difficulties are…. [read more]

Social Work Narrative Henry Schein Term Paper

… Social Work


Henry Schein celebrated his 80th birthday last April, surrounded by his family. However, Schein's family is scattered across the United States, and none of his three children are on speaking terms with the other. The following facts about Henry Schein are useful to know:

Holocaust survivor; was interred in a camp until liberation, when he was 5 years old.

He was the only one in his family that he knows of to survive

Schein was reunited with an uncle who had already moved to the U.S.A.

Lived in New York until he was 35, then moved to Miami

Became a schoolteacher, then quit to follow a dream of starting his own business

Wife of 25 years died of breast cancer.

Believes in…. [read more]

Social Services Entity Social Work Term Paper

… Although these numbers are impressive, child abuse cases will continue. A direct relationship exists between economic factors and level of abused in the home; hence, maltreatment will persist. Moreover, this illustrates the criticality of the social worker's role within the Child Protective Services Agency. Emphasis is placed on parents' accountability for their actions, with the hope of decreasing child abuse cases. In turn, this will affect the social worker's caseload, and the subsequent associated stress. Such information corroborates the proposed research questions.


The effectiveness of social workers within the Child Protective Services (CPS) Agency warrants much attention. With increased caseloads, social workers may not meet the needs of its constituents. Furthermore, decision-making and judgment may be impaired due to the associated level of stress…. [read more]

Social Work Exercise the Imaginary Case Study

… Instead, I should have a core arsenal of questions and reflect back what the person is saying before coming up with a response. I can always take notes if necessary.

(c) My plans for becoming a better listener include practicing with my close friends and family. I can ask them for feedback, and keep track of my improvements. I also want to volunteer, and can practice my listening skills at the charitable organization where I work.

Exercise 6.5

1. Your husband thinks you are an alcoholic? Why does he think that? How does that make you feel? You said your husband "made you come." How did he make you come here? How did that make you feel? Do you think he referred you to us…. [read more]

Social Worker Australian Term Paper

… Australian Social Workers

The objective of this work is to research and examine service provision to Aboriginal children with intellectuality disability, possibly a more culturally-appropriate service and specifically "Early Intervention" or children under the age of six years old. This work will examine the department of human services for information as well as the Aboriginal community co-op that provides services. This work will identify a problem which suggests a gap in service provision and will then develop a proposal for a needs assessment. How the problem will be addressed will be examined in relation to changes needed in existing services or the development of new services.

Social work in Australia, specifically in relation to intellectually disabled children under the age of six years old is…. [read more]

Social Work DQ Case Study

… In this case, war emanating between the two family heads can only be solved by the two heads. Mr. S will also appreciate that the children strongly contribute to the healing of the family, if the two heads stop fighting each other.

Scenario 4 Mrs. F

The school system is very insensitive to the Latino population

My Kids have begun to disrespect me and berate their own heritage

My Mother is seriously ill in Peru

The Chief Problem in this study is the School System is very insensitive to the Latino Population

Mrs., F, did you ever know fighting racism in this country starts from oneself and spread to those surrounding you. I know you are not comfortable with that. I would like you to…. [read more]

Preparing for 3 Clients Case Study

… If I could not effectively arrange the room so that it feels like a separate space, I would ask my colleague to step out for the time of the appointment, explaining the sensitivity of the situation.


If I were in the shoes of the parents, I would probably feel scared, angry, and possibly even a little bit responsible. Their son is so young, but now he has a short lease on life because of his diagnosis. His entire world is going to change, as he will have to endure medical treatments for his condition constantly. The stress of watching their son deteriorate in front of them is going to be overwhelming. I do not have any children, so it may be difficult for me…. [read more]

Social Policy Analysis Case Study

… This study resulted in the acquired knowledge that it does occur that those desperately in need of assistance and eligible for assistance may not receive assistance due to breakdowns in the processes associated with service provision to clients.

Case Study

Photo identification is needed to assist seniors in the scenario in this case study however, the cost presents a problem for these seniors since the identification needed costs $20.00. The social worker should examine all community resources including state resources to assist seniors with the costs of the photo identification and should contact the local government for their assistance in this matter. Since the seniors likely have paperwork to assist the process of obtaining valid IDs legislative aides should be gained as witnesses to support…. [read more]

Learning Contract Social Worker Essay

… 1. Identify personal biases and value based issues related to the diverse client population with whom you work.
2. Discuss with peers and supervisor the management of personal biases and values in working with diverse populations.
3. Other

1. It is important to note that in this case, the client population shares common characteristics that feed personal biases. In essence, the client population has been exposed to emotionally draining and stressful familial situations ' leading to poor performances on the academic front. A significant proportion of participants are from single parent households.
2. The management of personal biases and values in working with diverse populations discussed with peers and supervisor


Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice
. Social workers:

apply…. [read more]

Social Work Is a Field That Requires Term Paper

… Social work is a field that requires some special abilities from the one that chooses this profession. These abilities, like compassion, empathy, sensibility, are obviously the attributes of a woman; this being the base of the idea that social work is more suitable a job for women.

However, not only women choose to become social workers, men do too. I will try to clarify why some men choose to become social workers while others think this is a completely wrong profession for men.

For this matter, I will elaborate a qualitative study, based on a qualitative interview with an experienced male psychiatric social worker. I chose these methods because they are in my opinion the most relevant for dealing with this subject.

The results of…. [read more]

Social Work Assessment Within Child Protection Research Proposal

… Social Work

The Importance of Assessment and Framework in Social Work

An Emphasis on Child Protection

Social programs and the existence of professionals tasked with facilitating goodwill and functionality in the public society is far from a new concept. In fact, certain social programs existed for peasants during the Middle Ages, and the United States has a rich history of social programs and social work dating back to the 1800s (Center on Human Development). The book Past Judgment suggests that the history of social work and social programs is similarly extensive, and perhaps controversial, in New Zealand. Through the feudal society of medieval Europe, fledgling democratic society of the post-colonial United States, and the ethnically diverse society of New Zealand, the field of social work…. [read more]

Social Work Roger Plachy's 1986 Essay

… Social workers who manage other social workers must take heed of basic communications procedures that help them to become genuine leader-managers. Listening skills and other hallmarks of effective communication are important. Moreover, Plachy discusses the three basic "communications channels which manager-leaders can make available to their followers," (p. 100). The first communications channel is ensuring that there is a direct line to the followers, usually via what Plachy refers to as first-line or first-level manager-leaders. The second communications channel is creating an appropriate grievance procedure or appeals process so that members at all levels of the leadership spectrum feel empowered enough to call for change when change is necessary. Third, Plachy suggest the implementation of an attitude survey. A questionnaire or interview system can be…. [read more]

Social Worker the National Association Term Paper

… As Neil Thompson points out, my role has involved much more than personal dedication to those in need. I have had to assess and interview patients, provide counseling and advice, and liaise with individuals from all walks of life. My youth justice team participation has required tremendous inter-agency collaboration. And, I've had to learn how to deal with a lot of hurt and pain. As I become more involved in social work, I am aware that the demands of the job will require significant training and a broader range of skills.

In summary, good social workers have empathy for the disadvantaged and troubled because they understand the changes in society and stratification that have led to the need for social work. Of course, they have…. [read more]

Social Workers Are Often Viewed Assessment

… ¶ … social workers are often viewed as someone who is a counselor and friend that is reaching out to various parties. In most situations, they will conduct their work in conjunction with other government agencies or private entities. In the case that we are studying, we will be examining a video clip tilted: Michael a Gay Son. It shows the kind of activities, that social workers will often engage in. Where, they will work within close group settings to: discuss the underlying problems that are affecting the clients they are helping. In this particular case, the social worker is assisting Michael and his family, in discussing their feelings about him being a homosexual. At the same time, they are examining each of the different…. [read more]

Interview With a Hospital Administrator Thesis

… Interview With Director of Patient Financial Services

An important issue in American health care, and in the current presidential race, is the large numbers of people who do not have health insurance. Without health insurance, people are reluctant to seek the care they need to stay healthy. To better understand the availability of services to people with and without health insurance, the following interview was conducted with a former director of patient financial services. The person interviewed, was employed at a corporate health care inpatient facility, reporting directly to the hospital's CFO, and indirectly to the CEO, and with reporting lines to the corporate business office director and the corporate CFO. While the person interviewed requested anonymity, he spoke openly and frankly about the health…. [read more]

Social Work Is an Important Profession Thesis

… Social work is an important profession that assists in stabilizing society. Social workers are individuals who are extremely dedicated to their work and understand the important and sensitive nature of the jobs that they hold. Within the context of social work Conceptualization in social work purposes within social work practice venues. The purpose of this discussion is to examine view on social work and social work practices.

Conceptualization of Clinical Social Work

A clinical social worker is defined as "A person with specialized post-graduate training in social work aspects of psychiatry who uses techniques pertinent to both fields. These individuals are concerned with helping people find ways of dealing with mental health problems (glossary)." According to the National association for Clinical Social Workers must be…. [read more]

Social Commerce in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

… The chaos that finished out a 30-year-old dominant system in Egypt ensued from the social media's bonding the youth, assisting them to establish and coordinate objections in contrast to the government. Currently, Syrian videos showed on social sites have kept individuals united and aware of what is taking place inside that nation. It is clear that the social media has taken people into a new era of legislations with the possibility of uniting a large amount of individuals all over the world (Eid, 2011). The said externalities are existent in the technical level of the agent and are able to guide to organization failures for instance low investment traps, corruption and crime. The underdevelopment trap, it was proposed, could be something that is owing to…. [read more]

Interview With an Immigrant Profile Research Paper

… He says that a lot of the information was available online and he could make plans for settling into his life in the new country. Around seven months after giving his final examinations at school, Smith bid farewell to his parents as he boarded a flight from Abu Dhabi to New York via a stopover at London. He arrived in New York in December 2000 where his uncle was waiting to receive him. After clearing the immigration checks he went to his uncle's place. Later on his uncle took him to the university and helped him mover into the hostel.

Problems Faced in Assimilation and Acculturation

Smith says he did not experience any great anxiety about assimilating in the local culture or acculturating himself to…. [read more]

Social Media Recently, the National Case Study

… These rules are at the heart of our labor system, because they provide the means for workers to protect themselves. Without specific and clear definitions on the part of either the NLRA or the company, workers will remain unclear about what speech is protected and what is not. While the company can work to clarify the language of its social media agreement, it cannot compel the NLRB to change the language of the NLRA. As such, companies run afoul with most social media agreements, unless those agreements are worded to specifically exclude all forms of protected speech.

3. The decision in this case is likely to harm employee relations for a couple of reasons. While the employees do gain benefit from the decision with respect…. [read more]

Mock Client Interview and Analysis Thesis

… Amal seems to be thinking of his parents, perhaps not at the beginning of the session, but indeed toward the middle and certainly at the end of the session it is evident that Amal is focusing on his parents. Perhaps his mother has a profound influence on him and were she not present, one may assume that the outcome could have been different.

The disposition of Amal at the end of the session indicates that his apprehension with regard to the worries that proceeded his visit have waned, and will continue to subside as he applies the tactics of adjustment which were discussed. His psychological adjustment throughout the session indicates that his adjustment is a function of the attention he receives. If he continues to…. [read more]

Macro Social Work Thesis

… Macro Social Work

Interview with Macro Social Worker

Rodrigo Ramos

Description: Licensed Master Social Worker and Advanced Practitioner. (LMSW, AP) with forty-one years experience

What are the activities you do in macro practice?

Rodrigo Ramos' responsibilities as a macro social worker for most of his career fell into two distinct categories. First, as an administrator of over ten years experience, spanning five counties, he was responsible for overseeing other Licensed Social Workers (LSW)s and accompanying them on home visits to make sure that they were doing their jobs. He conducted frequent 'audits' or case readings of individual LSW's work and the files of county social services offices. Additionally, he acted as a coordinator for a variety of local youth social service agencies to establish plans…. [read more]

Interviews: Choosing a Career in Psychology Research Paper

… ¶ … Interviews:

Choosing a Career in Psychology

Upon exiting college, many students still ask themselves whether they have studied the right thing and whether this will eventually lead them to obtain the perfect job. Many individuals today struggle with the consequences of the on-going recession, and the fact that despite years of study and thousands of dollars in loans, jobs are not readily available upon exiting. In order to prepare for this, many are choosing the medical field. To examine choosing a career in the medical field, this paper will focus on the field of psychology in particular, in a metropolitan area, such as in New York City, and on various interview conducted to collect insight as to whether this would be a fruitful…. [read more]

Black's Law Dictionary ), Child Abuse Essay

… ¶ … Black's Law Dictionary (1991), child abuse is "any form of cruelty to a child's physical, moral or mental well-being. Also used to describe form of sexual attack which may or may not amount to rape. Such acts are criminal offenses in most states" (p. 239). By contrast, the legal definition of abused and neglected children describes children who "are suffering serious physical or emotional injury inflicted upon them including malnutrition" (p. 11). The first step in providing social service treatment to physically abusive families is therefore to ensure the physical safety of the children involved (Herschell & McNeil, 2005). This response, typically from the law enforcement community, can range along the entire continuum of severity, up to and including incarceration of the offending…. [read more]

Mental Illness Interview Swk 354 Case Study

… Eventually George came clean about the ideation that had led to these episodes, which was part of what led up to his diagnosis.

5. Alcohol and Drug Use. George is now a regular drinker, but Ki-Sook keeps his consumption light to moderate. George no longer uses recreational drugs of any sort.

6. Medical/Physical/Biological. George is on anti-psychotic and other medications.

7. Legal. George is legally on Social Security Disability. George's father is a lawyer -- mostly criminal law, but he handles George's legal issues gratis.

8. Educational. George feels like his illness has impaired his ability to spend time with people of his own similar educational background.

9. Employment. George has held brief jobs here and there, but at present he is on disability and…. [read more]

Interviews: Int 1 Term Paper

… ¶ … interviews: Int 1 and Int 5. Considering first the commonalities reported in the interviews it seems reasonable to argue that both mothers were quite pleased with the overall care provided directly after the birth of their children. Both respondents noted that the social worker had been quite helpful in providing them with support. In addition, both respondents reported that the nurses working with their infants had provided considerable information and support. Despite all of these support areas, both mothers reported that they had not made any decisions about their infant's overall care. Neither mother seems to be upset about this reality; however both seem somewhat uncertain about the overall processes involved with caring for their infants.

In addition to noting similar experiences with…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Dissertation

… Therefore, those who are provided with more assets have responsibility of sharing them with the deprived ones in the society. Hence, the owners of the assets are actually trustees in nature who are expected to serve the society, take from their assets as per their needs and use their property to the best interest of society. It is important to note that Gandhi was a supporter of neither capitalism nor socialism. However, communism was an unacceptable theoretical model for him. He believed in giving everyone equal rights of continuing their lives; therefore, use of non-violence and unjustified means was not expectable for him at all.

Due to his compliance to socialism and capitalism, he presented an idea of economy which was capable of using its…. [read more]

Social Activism the World Today Creative Writing

… The shelter would do well to contact them or a similar entity to help with Mr. Paladin's case. Indeed, he appears to be in dire need of counseling, conciliation, and education. It would be even better if Molly could attend several such sessions with him to enhance his concept of her as a person rather than a helpless drain on the country's economic system.

The greatest challenge to overcome would be Mr. Paladin's attitude. He has made such a habit of abusing the rights of his tenants that an easy change in his ways would be somewhat unlikely. Indeed, as a final resort, one might need to threaten him with a law suit.

Another barrier is the low quality of housing he provides. Building inspectors…. [read more]

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