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Faith, Tradition, and Scripture Lewis Essay

… Staley also propounds upon this doctrine by asserting the providential relationship between Church, Faith, and Scripture:

Holy Scripture and Catholic tradition are joint and mutually corrective sources of the faith. The faith was delivered to the Saints and given to the Church, before the New Testament was written; yet the whole faith so given was, by God's providence, afterwards contained in Scripture. The Church received her faith before she received her Scriptures, yet the whole of the faith so received can be proved by Scripture. (Staley, 1894, p. 118).

Thus, Divine Revelation was granted to the Church -- Scripture is the Divine Word of God, but it is not solely the source of Divine Revelation, for it followed from it, not vice versa. To the…. [read more]

Multivalent Nature of Legal Traditions 4a Comparison Assessment

… ¶ … Multivalent Nature of Legal Traditions

4A comparison of the bivalent logic and the multivalent logic

The need for multivalence for a legal tradition's stability

How to sustain diversity

In this paper, we present an analysis of the multivalent nature of legal traditions with a view of exposing the underlining principles of the concept. The relevance and significance of the multivalence to the legal tradition systems is also analyzed.

The multivalent nature of legal traditions

When Glenn suggests that all legal traditions are 'multivalent', what does he mean?

Multivalent is the quality of having various values and meanings. According to Glenn the quality of multivalence does allow the competing of values that emanates from various traditions to coexists (Halpin,2006).In his book Glenn does confuse…. [read more]

British Traditions Essay

… America and British Traditions

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a literary metaphor that was commonly used was a crucible, or melting pot, that described the combination of numerous cultures and ideas into one -- just as one might put several different ingredients into a pot to make stew. This was a rather idealized tern that took the processes of immigration and colonization to the extreme -- almost a utopian vision of a number of different nationalities, races, and cultures blended into one new community -- all with the goal of making their new land the absolute best it could possibly be. In fact, in 1893, the historian Frederick Jackson Turner used this metaphor of immigrants melting into one new American culture in his essay…. [read more]

Experiences of African-American Women Who Have Lost a Male Son to Suicide PhD Model Answer

… ¶ … African-American Women Who Have Lost a Male Son to Suicide

A Re-Examination of cultural factors that mitigate risk and promote resilience in relation to African-American suicide: A review of the literature and recommendations for future research

Accoding to Utsey, Hook & Stanard (2007), there was the discussion of the history of African-American Suicides. Their reports about suicide of African-Americans brought out the confirmation of the acknowledgement of the Surgeon General in the U.S. As a grown crisis. Nonetheless, there is little research about suicide on the factor among this population and that leaves a huge gap for the mitigation of the issue. In the journal, there is a review of suicide among African-Americans, through study of the culture and overall view of African-Americans.…. [read more]

Japanese Women Gender Roles Essay

… Even a Shinto shrine that is especially revered as reflecting a compromise between the genders and that is sought after for help in marriage troubles does not provide a picture of true equality or even cooperation between the genders. Instead, it exists because Princess Yamato, married to a deity, became frightened when she saw her husband in the from of a snake. Her husband reprimands her harshly, saying, "Thou didst not contain thyself, but hast caused me shame: I will in my turn put thee to shame" (Tsunoda et al., p. 33). The husband-god leaves and treks up the mountain, abandoning his wife because she showed fear in his presence; she kills herself as a result of her own shame. This story is meant to…. [read more]

Milton Paradise Lost Research Proposal

… Darkness and Light Explored in "Paradise Lost"

John Milton's epic poem, "Paradise Lost," is filled with powerful imagery, metaphors, and symbols that contribute to the poem's theme of good vs. evil on a planet that seems always destined to be tempted with the latter. In describing Heaven, Hell, earth, mankind, God, and angels, the significant of darkness and light becomes one that cannot be overlooked. The obvious allusions to light and dark representing the concepts of good and evil become apparent with a close reading of the text but other less obvious ideas emerge, making and within these realms fall other characters and aspects to be considered. Creating an atmosphere that quickly becomes complex and symbolic. While Milton touches upon the obvious connections between goodness…. [read more]

"Paradise Lost": Satan Is Banished From Heaven Essay

… Satan even sheds a tear, and that incident brings the reader another angle of Satan. Satan is like a smooth-talking politician who can persuade almost anyone of his sincerity even though he is lying through his teeth. It can be said though that while a reader thinks of a hero as a good person that goes out of the way to do some heroic dead, that same hero may have flaws that he must overcome. Overcoming those flaws contributes to the individual being seen as a hero.

Hence, the way Milton has presented Satan, Satan could be seen as a heroic figure because in fact Satan puts up with and conquers a huge amount of pain and Satan suffers too. But Satan fights off that…. [read more]

Home Exam Explore the Economic Term Paper

… They have computers and cellular phones, PDAs and fax machines. All of these are technological advances, and even though they may seem commonplace now, there was a time in history when they were unheard of, and when no one thought that they would work or that they would be useful. Without being able to create new technology, society could not advance beyond where it is now. It is true that the American society today is quite advanced when compared to years ago, and also when compared to many other countries. However, this does not mean that there is not much more that can be done. However, an enforceable decision to halt the development of new technology in this country would stop society from advancing even…. [read more]

Fall Though in Paradise Lost Essay

… In fact, God had to fight a war to make them fall. "In Military prowess... lead forth my armed Saints ... And to the brow of Heav'n / Pursuing drive them [the rebellious angels] out from God and bliss / Into their place of punishment... which ready opens wide His fiery CHAOS to receive their fall." (book 6) If the fall were the sin itself, rather than the consequence, then they would not need to be pushed into Tartarus. One notices that likewise Adam and Eve would not have died naturally after eating the fruit, if God had not sent an angel to keep them away from the tree which had hithertofore given them eternal life. This is made clear in the verse where God…. [read more]

Paradise Lost Book II Begins Term Paper

… In any case, Belial thinks that open war is a mistake -- any possible outcome is likely to "procure…to our selves more woe" (225). Belial's speech, we are told, is seemingly rational ("cloath'd in reasons garb" 226) but not heroic (because it "counsell'd ignoble ease and peaceful sloath / not peace" 227-8).

Mammon speaks next, against Moloch's case for revenge and Belial's case for total inaction. In Mammon's view, "if Warr be best" (230), then the devils must either seek to dethrone God or to regain their former high position in heaven. But either outcome is impossible -- if the devils were accepted back to Heaven, it would mean acceptance of God's rule, and "wearisome / Eternity so spent in worship paid / To whom…. [read more]

Milton's Paradise Lost, Books Research Paper

… Milton Outline

Paradise Lost can be read on the surface as a purely religious parable, and hold a great deal of literary value as such

Solely reading the text for its religious implications means the reader is missing out on much of Milton's intentions and other possible interpretations, however.

Certain indicators in the first four "books" of the poem hint that a more psychological reading of the text, where God and Satan are two opposing inner voices in the mind or soul of man, is more in keeping with Milton's intent

The Frame

Milton begins his lengthy poem with a description of what he's going to do and then calling for assistance in helping him accomplish, which makes a more psychological reading likely for two…. [read more]

Keats Dickinson, Keats and Eliot Build Term Paper

… Keats

Dickinson, Keats and Eliot Build a Bridge

There is a tendency in certain academic disciplines to encamp either on the side of tradition or modernity. In the sciences, the constant thrust toward evolution suggests a certain predilection for modernization. In history, the preservation of tradition is of the utmost importance if we are to appreciate its impact on the present. However, perhaps poetry is a discipline well suited to the argument that such clear lines of distinction need not necessarily be drawn. This may be the best context through which to examine the claim by writer Octavio Paz that "between tradition and modernity there is a bridge."

This is an idea which is well exemplified in well-loved poetic works by Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot…. [read more]

Explore the Yoeme Yaqui Flower World Sea Ania and the Deer Dance Term Paper

… Yaqui

For the Yoemem, the Flower is "an empowering presence, an image perhaps, that while apparently objective, embodies personal or collective sacrifice which makes ritual efficacious," (Shorter). As an outward reminder of the sublime Sea Ania, the physical flower symbolizes the eternal soul. After death, a Yoemem soul ascends to the Sea Ania, the flower world. A blossom represents the divinity of the soul. Moreover, for the Yoemem flowers also blossom from Christ's sacrificial blood. As such the flower represents eternal life and in a more Christian context, the miracle of resurrection. Flowers can also embody grace in the Christian sense.

Flowers can also be used as protective amulets against evil because they represent the sublime beauty and purity of the Sea Ania. In contrast…. [read more]

Chronic Fatigue in the Aviation Research Paper

… Increased concentration and effort might assist the workers for a few minutes, but this does not compensate for fatigue during the entire shift. People need to understand that fatigue is real and can have a detrimental impact especially on safety in aviation. Employees need to balance between rest, work, and play for them to continue performing safety-critical tasks. Fatigue is not a sign of weakness, and it can reduce the flight crew's ability to fly safely John A Caldwell & Caldwell, 2005()

When fatigued a person's attention reduces, which makes the person leave out steps in the performance of their tasks. In aviation, leaving out a single step could have adverse effects on the aircraft. It is vital that the workers maintain their attention to…. [read more]

Daughter Mother Essay

… Mother Daughter

The mother-daughter relationship is central to Toni Morrison's novel Sula as well as Jean Rhys's novel Wide Sargasso Sea. In both these books, the role of mother is explored for its symbolic and functional content. Likewise, the role, symbol, and function of daughter is also a major theme. The mother-daughter relationship becomes the lens through which other female characters perceive themselves, and present themselves to society. It is a defining relationship, in that neither mother nor daughter can possibly imagine an identity that did not include reference to the other. The relationship between mother and daughter is therefore wrought with psychological baggage and turmoil. This baggage and turmoil can be analyzed using Freudian discourse, as Adalgisa shows. However, it can be equally as…. [read more]

Female Elements in Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison Term Paper

… Female Elements in "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison

Focus on Women

Critical Analysis

Reluctance to Support the Black Struggle

In Sula, Ajax would like to fly, and in Morrison highly acclaimed Song of Solomon (1977) the metaphor of flight takes center stage. Most critics judged the novel, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award, to be her most ambitious work, longer and more complex than the two earlier novels. One important difference is her switch to a male protagonist. In addition, Song has a number of settings, ranging from Michigan to the South and the roots of the characters. Morrison has said that in books about males, one must have a more expansive setting, since women have lived out their lives in houses,…. [read more]

Beloved Toni Morrison's Novel Term Paper

… Beloved

Toni Morrison's novel Beloved analyzes the effects of slavery on the lives of the African-Americans in a very interesting way. Instead of telling a story about the violence of the white slave masters and about the sufferings of the black people, Morrison reviews the way in which slavery affects the sense of selfhood and identity in the African-Americans. Thus, the text investigates the perpetuation of violence and possessiveness after the liberation of the slaves has taken place. The climax of the novel is indeed an extremely violent moment- Sethe, a runaway slave from the Sweet Home plantation attempts to murder her own children in order to protect them from future slavery. She only has time to kill her baby daughter, Beloved, before the white…. [read more]

Beloved and the Handmaid's Tale, Memory Book Report

… ¶ … Beloved and the Handmaid's Tale, memory is crucial for identity construction. Remembering the past provides the means to create social, political, and psychological empowerment. Remembering the past implies the ability to resist a reprise of trauma. Both Sethe and Offred are besieged by painful memories that construct their worldview and their personal identity. Moreover, memory serves as a means to use the past as a lesson rather than succumb to its power as a shackle. In its literary use, memory is "especially important to anyone who cares about change, for forgetting dooms us to repetition…all narrative is concerned with change," (Greene 291). Whether as warning or lamentation, memory-based narratives like The Handmaid's Tale and Beloved enable self-renewal.

In Beloved, a ghost symbolizes the…. [read more]

Toni Morrison's Usage of Ghosts Spirits in Beloved Essay

… Beloved -- Treatment of Ghost

Beloved by Toni Morrison, published in 1987, was written in the tradition of slave narrative. Set in 1870s, the story revolves around lives of Sethe, Paul D, Denver and Beloved and explores the effects of slavery both pre and post the Civil War. Ghosts play an important role in the book. They serve several purposes including psychological and physical. The ghost of Beloved is according to some an effect of slavery that can be felt even when it's gone and according to others, its only a figment of Sethe's imagination that helps her mitigate the immense guilt she felt at abandoning her child.

When the novel opens, we see Sethe living with her daughter Denver and two sons in an…. [read more]

Slavery Experience in Morrison's Beloved Slavery Plays Essay

… ¶ … Slavery Experience in Morrison's Beloved

Slavery plays a significant role in understanding Toni Morrioson's novel, Beloved. Slavery rests at the core of the existence of Sethe's life and it is directly linked to the presence of Beloved. Sethe and others yearn for freedom and their objective in life is to find that along with their sense of self. Self-identity becomes more difficult when one is a slave, as Sethe's character demonstrates. Motherhood is also affected by slavery as it becomes difficult for slave women with no real sense of self to devote themselves to their children. Slavery splits families apart and mothers can be separated from their children without notice. The lack of control revealed in these circumstances becomes a central issue as…. [read more]

William Sumner Appleton and Norman Morrison Isham Their Approach to Historic Preservation Term Paper

… Preservation of historic sites and of vintage architecture has become a major focus for many in the contemporary period, but the idea of preservation is much older than that. Preservation is not simply a matter of saving everything that is old or unique, and there are always a number of decisions to make as to what to preserve and how to do so within the business and social needs of the community. Not everything can be preserved, and not everything may deserve to be preserved. The needs of the population for new and viable structures means that some of the old has to vie way to the new, and how to decide when to take a stand requires a concept of preservation and of both…. [read more]

Bluest Eye Term Paper

… ¶ … Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison's book the Bluest Eye offers alert readers a number of useful lessons about life and about human nature. Some of the lessons are things that people should not do to one another, and other lessons are just explanations of how people really are in social situations, and why people do what they do, good or bad or indifferent. Of course one of the main reasons for reading good books is to take away some knowledge, or inspiration, or just plain old knowledge, when finishing the book. Just passing the time reading for pleasure is all right, but when reading a highly-praised book by a well-respected author like Toni Morrison, the reader should expect afterwards to be smarter about the…. [read more]

Novel Love by Tony Morrison Term Paper

… ¶ … Toni Morrison

Major Themes in the Novel Love by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison's novel Love is far from being a simple love story. Instead, it is a novel that delves into several major themes related to the family. This includes issues of child abuse and neglect, issues related to families and extended families, rape and violence against women, the role of the father in a family, and the role of friendship. Each of these major themes will now be considered, with the discussion showing how the novel deals with each theme and what Morrison is suggesting about each of the issues.

Child Abuse and Neglect

The main example of child abuse and neglect is in Bill Cosey's marriage to Heed. This marriage occurs…. [read more]

Nobel Prize Lecture by Author Term Paper

… It won her a Nobel Prize, but more than that, it is a medium that she can use to reach large amounts of people with a message she believes is important, even vital to the world. She wants people to use language for good, and not bad, and that is the ultimate message of her lecture. Finally, the old woman learns -- through language -- that she can trust the young people, and she recognizes they have changed their opinion after listening to her for a while. They have made a difference, and when they leave her home, they will continue to make a difference with language.

Morrison's lecture is highly political, because she decries language used to start wars and in bureaucracy and crime.…. [read more]

Life: Purpose Term Paper

… .. (therefore whoever) calls to mind the atrocities of the early migrations, of the invasion by the Huns or by the so-called Mongols under Genghis Khan and Tamurlane, of the sack of Jerusalem by the pious Crusaders, even indeed the horrors of the last world-war, will have to bow his head humbly before the truth of this view of man."

Throughout history, mankind built cultures and societies which have sought to establish a connection with a purpose higher than, and outside his own existence. The purpose of this statement is not the debate between religious belief systems, but to recognize that every human culture has worked to establish a functional belief system by which they approach, and seek interaction with a purpose in their life.…. [read more]

Atlantis or Any Lost Worlds Term Paper

… ¶ … catalog of earthly wonders, only a few exist in that realm of unsubstantiated rumor upheld by the broadest variety of source. The Lost Continent is, truly, one of these wonders - a city made of both earth and sea, created by Triton, Poseidon, Atlas, or whatever other ancient God created it as a point of union between the earthly and the divine, the surface and the underneath. What is striking, is that within Western culture, Plato is one of the first known mentions of Atlantis in a theoretical discourse - completely fictional account - used to explain the nature of the physical universe. but, the concept of the Lost Continent, whatever the name assigned, is one that has been shared by scientific exploration,…. [read more]

Leni Riefenstahl Term Paper

… Each piece is put together by human beings and it is approved by other human beings and if they believe it to be a good piece it is generally because the piece dovetails with their interests and beliefs. If they do not agree with the underlying message they will generally find ways to change it so that it does reflect their beliefs.

Those who are in a position to influence the world with their art have a responsibility to present things in an ethical manner. What Leni did was promote Hitler as a hero and ignore the atrocities that he was committing daily against mankind. She went so far as to leave them entirely out of her films and instead make him look like a…. [read more]

End of Life Issues in Tuesdays With Morrie Essay

… After reading this book, what do you think about that? Given a choice, would Morrie have taken that route instead of the path he traveled?

This is the opposite of how Morrie dies, slowly in agonizing pain

Quote Morrie on Ted Koppel: "my dignity comes from my inner self"

Quote Albom's description of Morrie not being able to move his own head

Morrie is an educator and death is an educational experience for him

He learns a lot about society's expectations and learns not to be embarrassed

Morrie has control over his situation because he has control over his thoughts

This might be the right place to bring in Morrie's Buddhist quote or else I should save that for the other question about Buddhism

Was…. [read more]

Classical Symphony Music Essay

… Most musical scholars believe that the Italian Overture, popular because of the new rage for opera, used a structure of three contrasting movements -- fast, slow, fast, and was the forerunner of the symphony. Instead of being part of an opera or other piece, the classical symphony was meant to stand alone as a concert performance, with themes and variations that were not necessarily tied to a specific story. The first symphonies were sometimes used as an entr'acte and followed the three movement style. Haydn and Mozart, in fact, composed their earlier symphonies in this style, but allowed them to evolve to a four movement work: 1) opening sonata or allegro; 2) slow movement or adagio; 3) minuet or trio, the scherzo; and 4) an…. [read more]

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