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Investing Capital Mutual Fund Essay

… Exchange traded funds have disadvantages such as: Since ETFs may not track a broader accepted index; they may bring higher risk and higher cost. In case an individual is making repeated purchases over time or a Dollar Cost Averaging, then ETFs may not prove to be cost effective, mainly due to the commissions that are usually associated with purchasing ETFs. As opposed to selling stocks, it may be difficult to sell EFT whenever you feel to especially if EFT tend to be a thinly traded issue or when there is high volatility in the market, (Deutsche Bank, 2009).

Tracking the Index

Generally fund manager will buy shares within companies that give them hope of beating the relevant index, which may be All-Share or FTSE. Meaning…. [read more]

Mutual Fund Manager Definition Research Paper

… S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2010b).

Managing Risk and Meeting Return Objectives

Mutual fund managers manage based on a specific investment objective. This investment objective determines which assets the fund manager decides to purchase. A fund may be broadly-based, with investments in both large- and small-cap companies across many different industries. Or the fund may have a narrower focus and concentrate only on blue chips, for example, or it may focus only on stocks in a single industry (TradeKing, 2011).

In addition to pursuing the fund's investment objective, the fund manager may follow a specific investing style. For example, a growth fund focuses primarily on stocks that are growing quickly and that appear to have greater than average potential for share price appreciation, whereas a…. [read more]

Risk Management in Hedge Funds Dissertation

… To become shrewd to reach total reappearance of the location instructions of hedge funds which are less controlled than those of mutual funds. Ever since hedge funds are less controlled likened to mutual funds, this stresses that the hedge fund directors own superior info that about the marketplace and the obtainable advantage lessons than the even fund directors (Cottier, 2000). Because of the assignments instructions being freer, the hedge funds will be more reliant on a liquid market, where both buyers and sellars that are ready to purchase and sell at fair market value (Ineichen,2003).

Figure 2: Kinds of investment vehicles are investors looking at.

The hedge fund business began to rise in sometime around the mid-sixties when Fortune magazine tinted this new financial vehicle…. [read more]

Mutual Fund Research Analysis Thesis

… Mutual Fund Research Analysis mutual fund is a professionally managed type of collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors and invests it in stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, and other securities. The mutual fund will have a fund manager whose job is to trade the pooled money on a regular basis. At present, the worldwide value of all mutual funds totals more than $26 trillion (Mutual Fund, (n.d.). The following are some of the traditional and distinguishing characteristics of mutual funds:

Investors purchase mutual fund shares from the fund itself or through a broker for the fund. The price that one pays for mutual fund shares is the fund's approximate per share net asset value (NAV) plus any fees that the fund…. [read more]

Mutual Fund Disclosure for the SEC Essay

… Mutual Fund Disclosure for the SEC

The Why of Regulation:

It is the general theory of economics that in the Capitalist society the government ought to follow the laissez faire policy and let market forces decide rather than compel the entities by regulations and controls. This was also applied to the stock exchanges and capital market. Thus in the earlier periods there were investors and 'mutual funds' had not been in vogue. In the U.S. during the early part of the 21st century, there was very little control of the securities and financial markets and until the stock market crash of 1929 occurred, the danger of unsupervised sales of securities, which also involved unscrupulous or incompetent issuers and other market participants, came to light. Thus…. [read more]

International Mutual Funds Term Paper

… Available at

7. Asian Funds. PFPC Distributors, Inc. May 23, 2004. Accessed 21 May, 2004. Available at

The description of the entrepreneurship of Asia is considerable, but there is no clear indication as to the proposed area of investment. The area has been talked about a good area, but there are no reasons given why it should be able to yield better results than an investment in United States.

Getting to some other investment experts, who have a clearer idea about the international market; let us first understand that the market has grown rapidly in the last decade. The available funds are of four types - international, global, regional and country. The funds which may be truly called international funds invest only in…. [read more]

Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund in America Europe and Asia Term Paper

… Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds in America, Europe and Asia

Mutual funds and hedge funds are part of a class of securities known as collective investment schemes. The basic premise of these schemes is that they allow investors the ability to invest in many different securities by purchasing just one. Each fund is essentially a financial intermediary. Groups of investors pool their money. The pool is managed by a professional, who takes the money and invests it in a range of securities. Each investor owns a unit of the fund, rather than the securities within the fund. The benefit is that the funds allow greater diversification than would be possible to the individual investor who would otherwise have to invest in each security on his…. [read more]

Are Hedge Funds Suitable for Retail Investors? Essay

… ¶ … hedge funds suitable for retail investors?

Hedging is profitable in trading with bigger lots and the retailer is not the entity expected to trade with big lots. That being one of the considerations of profitability in the type of investment, authors are at loss to explain what exactly is hedging. In simple terms some commodity or stock is purchased at a future determined price as against the current price depending on perception of future rise or fall in the price of the lot. The definition of a hedge fund is vague. The hedge funds can be analyzed in terms of the legal operation methods followed, and also based on the principles of hedging and strategies they pursue. 'Hedge fund' was a term used…. [read more]

Are Hedge Funds Suitable for Retail Investors? Essay

… ¶ … Hedge Funds Suitable for Retail Investors?

Hedge funds are one of the more attractive investment opportunities available. They generally perform very well, meeting or exceeding investments from other areas. This is because they can generally undertake a wider range of investment opportunities and activities than other funds, which means that they can be somewhat insulated from the dangerous downswings in the market. They do this by employing diversity in their creation, but they also engage in some investment strategies such as short sales and leveraging that are excellent at protecting the assets in the fund. However, hedge funds are also limited by regulators in a way that other investment opportunities are not. Only specific types of investors, generally institutions, can invest in hedge…. [read more]

Stock Investment Analysis Term Paper

… Mutual Fund Analysis

Investment management can be an extensive endeavor even for the most astute managers. For one, investment performance is often measured for the short-term which is counterproductive to wealth accumulation. Due in part to this short-term nature of fund expectations, managers often engage in activities that ultimately reduce shareholders. Aspects such as portfolio turnover create tax inefficiencies for shareholders as management quickly buy and sell "hot" stocks. High expense ratios make it harder for managers to outperform the market, as they must do so by at least the amount that they charge in fees. By chasing short-term performance, management often neglects undervalued securities with strong long-term potential. As such, fund managers must constantly juxtapose the interest of shareholders with the interest of the…. [read more]

Hedge Funds Are Essay

… Therefore, the long/short strategies are applicable to market-cap-specific stocks where everyone is attempting to differentiate themselves. Generally, the long/short strategy is market directional while the market-neutral strategy is non-directional as managers don't understand the general market direction (Inglis, n.d.). Moreover, the long/short strategies require the use of a low degree of leverage as compared to the other equity base strategies.

Unlike other hedge fund strategies, global macro has the highest profiles of risk or return as they usually place directional bets on prices of basic assets and are normally highly leveraged. Due to their global perspective, these strategies are appropriate for large markets and contain diversity of investments. While merger / risk arbitrage contains a range of risks and financing risks, the market for distressed…. [read more]

Hedge Fund Management Technics Research Proposal

… Hedge Fund Management Technique, the title for this thesis/Capstone, denotes the realm of research this study presents.



"...even the most promising hedge fund can fail."

Potential Profit "Promises"

Hedge funds "could make money [even] if stock, bond, commodity, and currency prices fell," however, as the introductory quote for this thesis/Capstone contends: "...even the most promising hedge fund can fail."

Initially, as techniques implemented were able to invest in ways that could make money even when stock, bond, commodity, and currency prices fell, the "promises" of hedge funds captivated investors' interest, who perceived hedge funds as a means to protect their money by "hedging" long-term stock investments' risks. Mutual funds' techniques, on the other hand, which invested solely in stocks and…. [read more]

Advice (Soa): Financial Planning Purpose Essay

… Almost all investments carry some risks and some have more risks than other. Generally, investments that produce higher returns have higher risks. Since you are balanced investors, your goal of increasing your wealth and double your money within 10 years may carry higher risks.

Based on this basis, my advice for you is as follows:

Invest 60% of your fund in growth assets such as managed funds,

Invest 40% of your fund in bonds such as Australian bonds.

Following this advice, the chance of achieving the negative returns is low, and you are expected to achieve your goal and objective.

Section 2: Investment Recommendations

This section provides the following:

my advice and why it is appropriate,

Risks associated with my advice.

First Advice

My first…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation of How Hedge Funds Research Proposal

… ¶ … Performance Evaluation of How Hedge Funds Can Be Used to Augment the Overall Efficiency in German Pension Funds

Much attention has been given to hedge funds over the last few years, but the industry itself remains to a large degree, opaque. A lack of clarity and understanding of how these funds work, what they do, and how they can be used in conjunction with other kinds of funds is at the forefront of the knowledge and beliefs of most people when it comes to these funds.

High and unseen risks are involved when investing in these vehicles. However, the returns generated have attracted the attention of a growing number of institutional investors, including those who work with pension funds. Past studies have suggested…. [read more]

To Get Started Investing Thesis

… To get started investing a number of events must take place. The
desire to invest is one that can be fulfilled quite easily if one knows a
number of basic items. Those items include questions such as, why do I
wish to invest? A primary purpose for investing from the perspective of
most individuals is so they can make money, and though most would love to
make a 'quick killing', the majority of investors seek to invest in order
to have the financial well being that comes with long-term investments.
This is a concept that most investors know and understand well, although it
is at times extremely difficult to remember when watching stocks go through
the ups and downs of a daily market, and it…. [read more]

Commodity Investing Are There Potential Dissertation

… Are commodity investments an appropriate tool for Norwegian Investors who wish to add different types of assets to their portfolio?

1.5 Purpose

The purpose of the study is to explore the relationship between the commodity market and the Norwegian stock market. It will also explore other diversification instruments in comparison to commodities. The results of this study will provide Norwegian investors with solid information that they can utilize in their investment decisions.

1.6 Delimitations

This research paper has limited its research to correlations between the Dow Jones commodity index and its various commodities sectors with the Norwegian stock market. It will utilize the years between 2000 and 2010. This period of time should provide sufficient data points for comparison.

In our assumptions it was noted…. [read more]

Investment in the Mutual Fund Term Paper

… This is the main calculation that they are required to do. It is basically the per-share value of a mutual fund on any given day. It lets investors determine the value of the funds that they have, and this helps them to determine whether they want to keep a particular stock or sell it and purchase something else.

Also important in mutual funds accounting is the management team. This usually consists of a Board of Directors, a Counsel that provides legal advice, and an Auditor that prepares the annual report. There is also usually a distributor, who sells shares of the funds to others, and an adviser, who makes decisions regarding buying and selling. An administrator, a custodian, and an accounting agent complete the group,…. [read more]

Hedge Fund Regulation Research Proposal

… Hedge Fund Regulation

The purpose of this document is to examine hedge fund regulation shift specifically as related to SEC regulations from systemic fraud fears begun in 1998 by the Failure of Long-Term Capital Management. This work will further examine the protection fears of investors resulting from the Bernie Madoff scandal and will examine as well systemic risk fears in recent financial crisis with emphasis on hedge funds. Toward these ends this work will examine online documentation available via the Internet

A 'hedge fund' is "a private investment vehicle that is less regulated than traditional investment companies." (Shadab, 2007)

Shadab explains that the hedge fund is thus named due to the role the fund plays in 'hedging' "against downturns in more conventional investments." (2007)

Historically,…. [read more]

Investment Portfolio All Equity Investing Is Risky Research Proposal

… Investment Portfolio

All equity investing is risky, by simple virtue of the fact that companies can and do go bankrupt, wiping out their equity and taking share values down to zero. Even without bankruptcy, stocks can fall in value and remain at low levels, representing a loss to the shareholders. Risk is typically measured against key stock market indices, such as the Dow 30 or the S&P 500. Modern portfolio theory holds that by building a diversified portfolio, much of the firm-specific risk can be eliminated. Total market risk remains, but in theory the fluctuations of one firm or industry are offset by movements in the opposite direction of other stocks within the portfolio (McClure, 2011).

A diversified portfolio can be obtained using a relatively…. [read more]

Rise of the Hedge Fund in Hollywood Term Paper

… Rise of the Hedge Fund in Hollywood

The work of Paul Grassi entitled: "The State of Hedge Funds" published in American Venture Magazine states that: "On the New York Stock Exchange, hedge funds account for more than half of its daily volume and have an equal affect on the global financial market. This growing industry comprises an estimated $1 trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM) in over 8,000 funds. Analysts current predict that the AUD will expand to $2 trillion by 2009." (2007) Since five years ago, hedge funds have doubled "and returns have averaged 13% since then, their best performance since 2003." (Grassi, 2007) the firms on Wall Street are stated to have "...collected $8 billion in fees last year lending cash and securities…. [read more]

Pros of Investing Research Paper

… For investors, this will help the firm to be able to remain competitive by directly understanding the problems and quickly dealing with them. In the future, this is increasing productivity and the returns they are realizing.

The source that was written by Becker is focused on how to: implement organizational behavior and control. This is because his ideas are providing managers with a blue print to improve the operating environment where it is supportive of various stakeholders. When this takes place, everyone is willing to go the extra mile for the organization. This is the point that there will be a transformation in the atmosphere of the firm by focusing on specific areas that will address day-to-day issues. For investors, this will provide them with…. [read more]

Retirement Options Term Paper

… The idea of no longer enjoying a place in the workaday world can be downright disturbing," he adds. "In a society as geared towards work as ours, the place of someone who no longer works is poorly defined. Society promotes the idea that older people have less to contribute by mandating retirement at certain ages. If you happen to be President, like Ronald Reagan, or a member of the Supreme Court, age may not be a problem. After all, President Reagan served well into his seventies, surviving an assassination attempt, while Supreme Court justices often serve well into their 80s."

However, for the majority of the population, working becomes more and more difficult after the age of 60 (Starchild, 2002). Therefore, age 65 is the…. [read more]

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co Term Paper

… With the help of a network of specialists, financial representatives provide innovative solutions using world-class insurance products and internationally recognized investments." [Official Website 2003].

The mission tells us of what Northwestern Mutual business is all about as it identifies itself as a tool for marketing. That is the company is the marketing strategy. To an extent this is correct as one finds that people tend to trust Northwestern Mutual as compared to other companies. Furthermore the company aims to "develop enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance" is inherent in all of its business aspects. From offering advice on which plan to choose to checking out which portfolio to invest in Northwestern Mutual maintains a responsible professional panel for this specific purpose. With specialists…. [read more]

Investing and Mutual Funds Research Paper

… Investing in the Future

The Importance of Investing

The financial planning process basically takes into account the different financial needs that a person expects to have in their life, and ensure that they are able to meet those needs. Sam is forty years old with two children aged 3 and 8. He wants to put them through college. He also wants to retire in 20 years at the age of 60. He claims to be putting $150/mo into a savings account, at 1% interest, but there is no record of how much money he actually has saved to this point. There is no information about whether he has equity in a home, what his income level is, what his risk preferences are, what happened to…. [read more]

Bogleheads Guide to Investing Research Proposal

… Bogleheads Guide


When it comes to investing, whether in stocks, mutual funds, IRA's or Treasury bonds, most people have no idea as to how to get started and perhaps even knows less about what to invest in and how much to devote to their investments in the form of time and money. In today's recessionary economy and as a result of what has transpired on Wall Street and at the large investments firms like AIG in the last several difficult years, a good number of potential investors have become very reluctant to take any risks when it comes to investing their hard-earned dollars into a mutual fund or something similar in nature. In essence, in order to become a wise…. [read more]

Pros and Cons of Variable Annuities Research Paper

… Annuities and Mutual Funds

A variable annuity is an insurance contract by definition, which explains why they are almost always offered by insurance companies. In essence, a variable annuity has the insurance company guarantee a minimum payment early in the annuity, and then in the later stages the performance of the portfolio determines how much the payment will be (Investopedia, 2016).

The SEC cautions that there are a different types of variable annuities, and as such investors should take the time to understand the type of variable annuity that they are contemplating. Insurance companies promise to make payments to you over a set period, and these are annuities. Over the life of a variable annuity, the payment will vary. There will also be a death…. [read more]

Investment and Portfolio Analysis Term Paper

… If we consider the commodity market, 10% of the amount will be invested on Gold and real estate.

Industry Analysis:

With the economic growth in past two years there are different sectors which have outperformed and hold strong potential for investment. The total capitalization of the technological sector is more than 2971.8 billion and has the potential growth of approximately 16%. These sectors are Technology sector, Energy and power sector, Commodity and Food and processing sector.

Technology sector:

With the advancement of technology and globalization, there has been thrive in different technological firms. This is the sector which is quite volatile. Some of the companies under technological sector which will be focused on investing are Apple Inc., Infosys, Ceva Inc. According to the report of…. [read more]

Warren Buffett's Perspective Case Study

… If one can not beat the benchmark then it is better to buy it. This will save money and time in the long run (Traganidas, 2010). If a stock or fund consistently shows good performance over a ten to twelve year period then to me it is a good investment and one that should be strongly considered.

(b) What might explain the fund's performance? To what extent do you believe an investment strategy, such as Miller's, explains performance?

When using a valuation approach in order for investors to choose a company that will be worthy of the investment, investors often use a payback period. The payback period is the number of years needed to return the original investment from the net cash flows (net operating…. [read more]

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