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Adoption Gay Term Paper

… Gay Adoption

Adoption is an important social and legal process whereby children without parents are placed in homes and given full status as members of a family. Adoption goes beyond the sort of temporary placement that is common in foster homes and is seen to serve the needs of the children, to benefit the adoptive parents, and to strengthen society. Adoption for many people stands as the only viable option they have to become parents because they cannot conceive on their own, and yet there are usually far more children in need of adoptive parents than there are parents. Some children are harder to place than others, usually because they are older, and adoptive parents prefer small children as a rule. Children who have certain…. [read more]

Computer Hacker Term Paper

… Computer Hacker

Nefarious Notions

III Prevention

Cost to Companies

Concluding Considerations


Nefarious Notions

"The Hacker Ethic: Access to computers and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works - should be unlimited and total.

Always yield to the Hands-on Imperative!

All information should be free.

Mistrust authority -- promote decentralization.

Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position.

You can create art and beauty on a computer.

Computers can change your life for the better." (Levy, (1984 (1996).

"You pay the guy . . . Or we burn your store down." According to Paulson (2006), today's ransom attacks by computer hackers reflect the old protection rackets in Chicago back in…. [read more]

Strong Sense of External Community Term Paper

… A sense of strong community involvement is therefore not the domain of exceptionally performing companies only. The economic system and government regulations may also influence the participation of the business sector in external communities.

Reasons for Active Community Participation of Successful Companies

We do not need to be too critical of large business giants and discredit their participation in the external community activities. Exceptional business success of any company needs to be appreciated. Successful companies contribute to the national economies. Corporate tax being paid by successful businesses helps keep the economy afloat. Successful businesses are required to support any community. They generate both direct and indirect employment in the area and just by their presence in an area they are serving the community.

Human beings…. [read more]

Social Theory Term Paper

… However, answering what this means should also be done in a historical context. The seven widely accepted features of what is considered to be the phenomenological approach have already been noted above by Wilson (2002). Phenomenology, however, began in the various philosophical reflections of an individual named Edmund Husserl back in the 1890s in Germany (Embree, 1997). Because of this, phenomenology to over 100 years old.

It began to spread before the First World War and had already made its way to Russia, Japan, and Spain by that time (Embree, 1997). In addition to this, it moved out of philosophy to a certain extent and into the realm of psychiatry (Embree, 1997). In the 1920s it began to spread rapidly and moved to France, Australia,…. [read more]

Japanese Business Management Term Paper

… Online available at:

Altbach, E. (1997, August 15). Small and medium-sized businesses in the changing Japanese economy. Japan Economic Institute Report, No. 31. Retrieved April 23, 2001: (c20012202)

Chandler, C., & Kashiwagi, A. (2000, February 13). Angels in America rain dollars on Japan. The Washington Post. Retrieved September 12, 2000: (c2002378)

Dana, L.P. (1998). Small but not independent: SMEs in Japan. Journal of Small Business Management, 36(4), 73-76. (c20010590)

Gov't to Promote Nation-Wide Internet Project - 'e-Japan'. (2001, March 28). Japan Economic Newswire. Retrieved April 23, 2001 from LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe:

Hadfield, P. (1999, July 7). Young, small companies energize Japan's economy. USA Today. Retrieved July 7, 1999 from LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe: / (c2000844)

Japan: A nation in crisis. (2001).…. [read more]

Interest Rate Risk Management Term Paper

… The management of interest rates is more than managing inflation -- through interest rate manipulation, the Federal Reserve controls outcomes such as mergers, bankruptcies, overcapacity, relocation abroad, state and federal subsidies, competition, taxes, and many other business needs and trends. When businesses need to borrow money, the Federal Reserve's actions are paramount to the overall process.

The risk associated with interest in both the public and the private sector is controlled by these banking institutions including the Federal Reserve Bank. Consider that there are both banks and non-banks that participate in the United States. Banks are made up of commercial banks, savings & loan associations, mutual savings banks, and credit unions. The majority of the lending and credit surprisingly is not handled by banks.

One…. [read more]

South Korea and the United States Term Paper

… South Korea and the United States

South Korea and North Korea, the two parts of the peninsular nation called Korea who shared identities for more than 5,000 years, have still not recovered completely from the fight for the division of the borders between them, fifty years after the War that took place called the 'Korean War' that started in June 1950. However, it has been noticed, in recent months, that the tensions between the two sides are in fact subsiding to a certain extent, and a series of historic incidents point towards this fact. People from one side were allowed to meet their relatives and friends on the other side for four days at the border, an old cross border railway line that had been…. [read more]

Stock Broker Career Essay

… Stock Broker Career

A career as a stock broker is potentially stressful and challenging, but financially rewarding.

Career Overview

Overview of Duties

Types of Stock Brokers

Useful Skills and Traits



Work Environment

Potential Stressors

Career Map

Person-to Person Interview

Conclusion career as a stock broker is potentially financially rewarding, but stressful and demanding. Stock brokers can work in a number of different environments, and often require specific personality traits and skills. Starting salaries are low, but established stock brokers can earn a substantial income. A four-year college degree is generally required, as well as work experience, and the completion of several qualifying examinations. We're conditions are good, but the pace of work can be fast, and stresses can be high. A career map…. [read more]

Italy Is a Cultural Hub Term Paper

… As society becomes more secular in nature however, one would assume that the traditional religious associations with masculinity and femininity would fall away, leaving room for growth and expansion. This has not necessarily however, been the case in Italy and its European counterparts, where religion perhaps still has more of an influence on society.

Interestingly, concupiscence was often coded as feminine. Lansing cited previous studies on the Bible that explained original sin in terms of the psychological difference between men and women: "Adam because of his rational nature would not have listened to the serpent alone. It was Eve who was moved by concupiscence and acted as intermediary" (Lansing, 1997). This idea points to the notion that that feminism in Italy is associated with the…. [read more]

Private and Legal Issues Term Paper

… Beyond that some information brokers provide their databases for a fee on Internet websites. Therefore, legal and privacy issues have become so common that more employers are conducting background checks on their employees without their permission. The problem that is occurring is that a significant percent of background checks are retrieving information that is either incorrect or misleading.

In the past, one could access the public records by traveling to the courthouse or to the government office. In recent years, however, a growing number of government agencies and court systems have made these records available on the Internet databases. It might be considered useful that the public can access government records easily via the Internet. But these open records can create havoc from the hands…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Term Paper

… Time Warner had gotten big slowly, and by trading on things people had known and loved since the beginning of time, news and entertainment.

AOL, on the other hand, had gotten big when those who built Time Warner were dead or dying, and when the upper echelons in management were too old to have had computers when they were in college. Literally, Steve Case was almost that old, but had managed to keep his boyish outlook and adopt the new technology like a Gen Xer. His company was divorced from the necessity of building on past successes; its motto became, by 1996, Get Big Fast.

No one, apparently, mentioned that big is not always better. Executives roamed the halls talking on cell phones at AOL…. [read more]

Africa's Political Crisis Most African Term Paper

… Africa is in need of improved political leadership, but not a stronger or bigger state. For Africa to succeed in its post-independent state, it needs leaders who can rise above their ethnic origins and who will create a sense of fair play and rules that apply to all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Democratic processes would accommodate the development of this sense of fairness.

The government has a key role to play in building a stable, democratic nation, as does the international community. The government must invest in education and health to populate the civil society with independent and activist citizens. It must also create a safe and impartial judicial system to protect private property and contracts, as well as develop effective rules for private competition…. [read more]

Dream Content as Therapy: Ego vs. Repression Dissertation

… For example: a parent has repeating nightmares, and the child "dreams his dreams " because the child is in a psychic resonance with the parent. The child's dreams end when the parent's does. Four, it might be a repetition of a past traumatic event in current lifetime. For example: a person might dream of a recent rape, a childhood assault or a wartime battle. This type of nightmare is so deeply etched in the psyche that it can require heavy use of behavioral dream-work techniques to modify the content and emotional intensity.

A fifth factor could be that the dream is a depiction of a past or probable life. For example: a client might dream the last events prior to a violent…. [read more]

Evolution of Market Data Term Paper

… Anniversary of NASDAQ

We are looking to this next phase with great excitement as we recently celebrated the 30th

Anniversary of NASDAQ's commencement of operations on February 8, 1971. We are now proceeding with our plans to develop an integrated order display facility - SuperMontage - that will form the backbone of our market as we transform NASDAQ into a national securities exchange. With this in mind, we would like to review briefly the role and contribution of NASDAQ, as an exclusive processor and consolidator of market information, its operational reliability, and its leadership in reducing market information fees." (NASDAQ)

This was NASDAQ in 1971 talking about market data. Market Data is a resource allowing exchanges to define clarify and publish all obligations and requirements…. [read more]

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