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International Financial Markets and Institutions Essay

… Unlike the other categories, directional funds permit portfolios to take on market risk and usually include general market direction intentionally through systematic or discretionary manager decisions. The main aim of non-directional or absolute-return fund is to generate steady returns despite of market events whereas directional funds focus on generating higher-than-expected returns. The absolute-return funds use some investment techniques that may not be used in other hedge funds such as low liquidity or distressed securities.

Borrowing in the International Capital Markets:

International capital market is the financial market of center in which bonds, shares, currencies, mutual funds, debentures, hedge funds and other long-term securities are bought and sold ("International Capital Market," 2010). In addition to being group of various capital markets in a country, the international…. [read more]

Stock Portfolio Management Project Selected Term Paper

… But, if the $10,000 was kept in reserves and then invested one year later, the present value of the $10,000 would be different. The present value of the $10,000 in the future would need to be calculated. Calculating present value forces investors to first subtract the accumulated interest. In other words, a future payment amount must be discounted by the current interest rate or the previous calculation can be rewritten to replace the P. variable with present value (PV):

If and when the investor chooses not to invest in an interest bearing investment, choosing option B, they are deciding to invest in an investment that does not pay, in this example, four and half percent.

First Year Return = $10,000 x (0.045 + 1)-1 =…. [read more]

Investment Analysis Investing Money Term Paper

… The key word in this goal is expected price performance. The Timeliness rank identifies those stocks followed in The Value Line Investment Survey which are likely to have the best relative performance. Stocks are ranked in relationship to each other, from 1 (the highest rank) to 5 (the lowest rank). Stocks ranked 1 and 2 are expected to show stronger price performance than the remaining stocks, while those ranked 4 and 5 are projected to underperforms or have weaker price performance.

Safety Rank

Value Line ranks stocks in regards to a level of investment safety by analyzing the total risk of a stock compared to the rest of the Value Line universe. Each of the stocks tracked in The Value Line Investment Survey is ranked…. [read more]

Asset Allocation Funds Term Paper

… The first is that it does recommend a high amount of equity. This I agree with -- I was thinking 100% equity would be good for me. I can understand having some of this in cash as well, because if I put a little bit of money aside each month, then that money will sit in cash until I invest it. The one thing that I am less sold on is the merits of having any bonds at all. I told the calculator that I have very little savings, and I'm not sure what it recommended for bonds can even be bought -- even my mutual fund has a $1,000 minimum purchase. So I'm not sure the logic of having any bonds at this point.…. [read more]

Role of Hedge Funds in Financial Markets Essay

… ¶ … Bank for International Settlements 2010 Triennial Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivative Markets reports that big banks (reporting dealers) are undertaking a steadily diminishing share of derivative trade and other financial institutions - prevalent amongst them hedge funds and pension funds are undertaking a steadily larger share. Why might this trend be occurring, and what is its potential significance

Over the last several years, the total number of hedge funds has been rising dramatically. Part of the reason for this, is because of the strategies that they are using to achieve a higher return in the markets. The most notable include: selling short, put buying and becoming involved in arbitrage situations. as, each of these different areas is designed to: provide these funds…. [read more]

Dimensional Fund Advisors Analysis Philosophy Essay

… References

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Ossinger, J.…. [read more]

Public Budgeting Comparisons Research Paper

… In the FY 2011 it was mentioned that the St. Lawrence Seaway remained open for 99% of the time during the shipping season. Continuous efforts are also being made to ensure that the flow of traffic on the roadways is improved as well. Although decrease in delay was noticed in many areas but these results were not very clear due to the delays that took place on the borders. It was noticed that in NY, WA, Buffalo and Blaine, the delays increased. However, five crossings were observed and it was noted than from among those, in three, the delay decreased (U.S. DOT, 2011). Please refer to the details below for performance measures on global connectivity (U.S. DOT, 2011).

Environmental Stewardship

When it comes to the…. [read more]

Washington Mutual Thesis

… ¶ … banking and the current fiscal crisis. Specifically it will discuss the failure of Washington Mutual (WaMu). The financial crisis in the United States is mounting, and it shows no signs of ending anytime soon. The American automakers are seeking a financial bailout, Congress passed a massive bailout for the banking and financial industry that seems to have stalled, businesses are failing at a high rate, and people are losing jobs at the highest rate in decades. The economy is in serious trouble, and the Washington Mutual failure, the largest bank failure in history, has helped make this crisis memorable and painful for many investors across the nation. Washington Mutual, a Seattle-based lender failed on September 26, 2008, when the FDIC seized the bank's…. [read more]

Saudi Stock Market Term Paper

… ¶ … Saudi Arabian Stock Market

Measuring Consumer Confidence in the Saudi Stock Market?

The Saudi Arabian stock market is heavily dependent upon oil as a key to its survival. From 2001 to 2006 the Saudi stock market experiences incredible growth. In the last part of 2005 the price of oil outpaces the Stock Index. This caused a drastic drop in the Saudi stock market. There are many theories as to the reasons and effects of the fall. The survey indicated that the effects were not as wide as they were at one thought. The markets are driven by consumer confidence. A recent survey of Saudi students in attendance at American universities indicates that consumer confidence is high and indicates that the markets are likely…. [read more]

Investment Instruments an Upsurge Research Paper

… AOne can at any time within the term of the contract, cancel the contract can be cancelled and receive a final settlement is distributed to the contract holder. If a trader believes there will be a coming rise in the market will soon rise, a long (buy) position will be taken. When the market is expected to decline, traders will whereas a belief in declining market in the future, takes a short (sell) position. Futures are typically bought on a margin -- usually 5-10% of the underlying value -- which makes futures a high-risk investment fFor speculators., futures can be extremely risky due to the fact that futures typically are bought on a margin, typically 5-10% of the underlying value. In other words, investors leverage…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Corporation Business Analysis SWOT

… Thus, in 2007 McDonald's changed to coffee supplies that have certification from Rainforest Alliance as a way of supporting environment principles. McDonald's has also gotten Repak membership, and it is presently a leading company in waste management. The company has vehicles that patrol and collect litter in areas it operates.

The company also operates its business in an ethical manner. The company believes that sound ethical practices create good business. Accordingly, the company carries out its business in fairness, honesty and integrity, and upholds high standards. This has allowed the company to attract and keep competent employees.

McDonald's tries to assist the local community by getting involved in corporate social responsibility. To this end, the company has a strong principle of giving back to the…. [read more]

Identify and Analyze the Feasibility of Investing FDI and Portfolio in Pakistan Term Paper

… Pakistan FDI and Portfolio Investment

Without a doubt, the tone of foreign investment in Pakistan's economy has been reset by President Pervez Musharraf's willingness to act as an ally to America in that country's "war on terror." American President Bush and Musharraf have reaffirmed the obligation to strengthen financial bonds between the two countries as their political bonds have been twined together after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

When President George W. Bush and President Pervez Musharraf met in New York on September 22, 2004 they reaffirmed their commitment to widening and strengthening the American-Pakistan economic relationship in staying in line with the concepts and goals agreed to in their meeting at Camp David in June last year.

According to the Weekly Compilation…. [read more]

Money Management and Investment Essay

… The paper starts with the analysis of ETF because ETF allows an investor to build a diversified and low cost portfolio similar to buying an individual stock. Moreover, investors can buy and sell ETFs daily meaning that the ETF is constantly updating at every second investors buy and sell shares.

Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation is to balance our risks and rewards by apportioning our investment portfolios based on our assets and according to our goals, investment horizon and risk tolerance. Essentially, three types of asset classes such as cash, equities, and fixed income possess different types of risks and returns. Within an investment environment, there is no universally accepted formula for the asset allocation; however, the consensus among financial professionals is that an asset…. [read more]

Financial System Reforms and Emerging Property Markets Performance in the Middle East Literature Review

… Financial System Reforms

Over the last several years the property markets of: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates followed the performance of what was occurring worldwide. Where, prices are in a steady free fall following many years of appreciation. However, due to the overall amounts of speculation that was taking place meant that many of these once promising markets turned cold rather quickly. A good example of this can be seen in Egypt, where prices have fallen 37% in 2009. As many homebuyers canceled their down payments, which had a ripple effect on the commercial real estate market. This is despite the fact that on the lower end of the housing market there is a short of 40,000 units per…. [read more]

Conflict of Interest Term Paper

… This procedure updates the price of securities to reflect information that emerges after the market closes. Unfortunately, most firms do not actually use fair-value pricing to eliminate opportunities for arbitrage. This leaves the funds vulnerable to market timers who seek to trade on, or arbitrage, stale prices, by buying fund shares at outdated prices and selling them a day or two later. A few firms actually do use delayed or confirmed exchanges to discourage speculators, forcing them to wait up to seven days to move money from one fund to another. Here again, though, very few firms actually enforce this sort of a policy. Another widespread trading abuse is late trading, where fund shares are bought and sold after the markets close. This practice is…. [read more]

Corporate Finance East Coast Yachts Research Paper

… 2. Dell's beta is 1.41. The risk-free rate is 0.15% for a 1 year treasury. The company's bonds are at -0.754% for the 2014s ($400m), 0.431% for the 2015s ($700m), 2.631% for the 2019s ($600m), 3% YTM for the 2021 maturities ($400m) and 4.769% for the 2028 maturities ($400m) and 4.908% for the 2040 maturities ($300m). The cost of equity for Dell therefore is 10.02%. The latest stock price for Dell is $14.32, which gives it a market cap of $24.9 billion. There are 1.74 billion shares outstanding.

3. Today, HPQ has a beta of 1.13; Hitachi has a beta of 1.27; EMC has a beta of 1.02; Corning has a beta of 1.44 and Western Digital has a beta of 1.47. The industry average…. [read more]

Walk Down Wall Street Stock Book Report

… In the post-bubble period, they found that stock prices benefited when dot-com was deleted from the firm's name.

4. The relationship between profits and share price had been severed.

5. Security analysts $peak up:

a. Mary Meeker was dubbed by Barron's the "Queen of the Net." Henry Blodgett was known as "King Henry." Henry flatly stated that traditional valuation metrics were not relevant in "the big-bang stage of an industry." Meeker suggested that "this is a time to be rationally reckless."

b. Traditionally, ten stocks are rated "buys" for each on that is rated "sell, but during the bubble, the ratio of buys to sells reached close to 100 to 1.

6. The writers of the media: the bubble was aided and abetted by the…. [read more]

Contrarian Investment Strategies Thesis

… Contrarian Investment Strategies

Over the last several decades a number of different investment strategies have evolved. All of them were designed to help investors be able to successfully time the up and down moves, that occur on the world equity markets. However, the overall results have varied dramatically as investors, traders and analysts argue about which theory is the best one to achieve this objective. At the heart of this argument, is the belief that the markets will overshoot in both directions. Where, some will claim that the markets reflect all expectations and available information in the price of the stock (commonly called the Random Walk Theory). This makes it impossible to determine if the markets will move up or down-based past market conditions. While,…. [read more]

Conventional Wisdom Term Paper

… "

Several qualifications have to be satisfied in order that the invested money retains its tax status as "life insurance" under the Internal Revenue Code.

The policyholder can not have too much control over the underlying investments. While policyholders may talk to the manager about the fund's performance, they cannot exercise influence on investment decisions. The insurance company, not the policyholder is considered the client of the hedge fund and the owner of the investment.

In accordance with section 817 (h) of the Internal Revenue Code, no more than 55% of the value of the total assets of the account can be placed with any one investment. No more than 70% may be placed with any two investments; no more than 80% with any three…. [read more]

Portfolio Tracking and Analysis Research Paper

… ¶ … Investment and risk are the two sides of a same picture. The essence of risk is at the heart of investment management. The investors as well as analysts are concerned with the association of risk in an investment. There are numerous tools available to judge the level of risk associated with an investment. This particular assignment is about discussing the different assets categories along with the provision of risk association with each. There are five assets' classes that have been selected to complete this piece of work which predominantly are Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options and Precious Metals. In this piece of work all of these asset classes have been analyzed from three different angles: the historical performance of each asset class, how…. [read more]

Investments Assets Stocks Research Paper

… Precious Metals

Precious metals define a classification of metals that are considered to be rare and/or to have a high economic value. Their use as an investment commodity, as well as uses in industrial processes, along with their rarity drives their higher relative value. Precious metals include, but are not limited to the following: gold, platinum, silver, iridium, rhodium and palladium. Precious metals are used for jewelry, art, coins, dental work, medical devices, and electronics as well as for investment and holding purposes (Precious metals, 2011).

One can invest in precious metals in several ways: either by buying the physical asset, or by buying futures contracts. The investor can also purchase shares in publicly traded companies that deal in the exploration or production of precious…. [read more]

Asset Classes Thesis

… Asset Classes

According to Value Line (Value, 2008), Bank of America (BAC) is classified as a Large Cap stock. Large cap stocks are usually well-known companies that generate billions of dollars in revenue and expenses and have the capability of assuming a large amount of debt. Looking at large cap stocks in general it can be said that as a whole they are very important to the American economy because of their capabilities as listed above, as well as the fact that they employ large numbers of people, and usually produce valuable goods, commodities or provide necessary societal services. The definition of large cap stocks is usually that the company has over $5 billion in capitalization, but this is not an arbitrary number, some industry…. [read more]

Institutional Investment Research Proposal

… ¶ … Skill Hypothesis

The regulation and incentive hypothesis

The reasons as to why companies shun hedge mutual funds

In this paper we evaluate the question "Are hedge funds suitable for retail investors?." We use the relevant theory in showing the reasons as to why retail investors too can benefit from hedge funds. A conclusion is also provided

Hedge funds which is defined by Connor and Woo (2003,p.28) as an investment vehicle which is actively managed and pooled and is open to just a limited number of investors. The performance of hedge funds is measured using absolute term units. Agarwal, Boyson and Naik (2007,p.2) noted that in the recent past, companies have began offering funds using hedge funds as an option.They employ them as trading…. [read more]

Investment Portfolio Diversification Research Paper

… Investment Portfolio Diversification

Over the last several decades the world economy has become more globalized. Part of the reason for this is: increased amounts of cooperation and an effort to reduce trade barriers as much as possible. This has had a dramatic impact upon the world of investing, as the markets have become increasingly interconnected in one way or another. For many investors, this has meant the opportunity to increase their overall returns. Like with any form of investing, some of the emerging economies that promise above average returns; could have a number of different factors that may increase the underlying risks. To mitigate these different effects, a strategy known as international portfolio diversification has been used. Simply put, this is when an investor is…. [read more]

Financial Management the Role of Financial Intermediation Essay

… Financial Management

The Role of Financial Intermediation in the Modern World

Financial intermediation is the complex concept associated with the distribution of money within any given economy. Evidence of financial intermediation exists since early antiquity, but its role has exponentially grown since then. This basically means that, despite the occurrence of technological advancements, the highly developed modern world continues to heavily rely on financial intermediation to insure a sufficiency of liquidities as fuel for economic prosperity. Financial intermediaries generally attract money deposits from the population and offer them in the form of loans to economic agents that invest the money into economic growth. The field also deals with operations on financial markets, such as the trading of stocks, forex and a multitude of financial products…. [read more]

Investor Portfolios Term Paper

… ¶ … volatile economic market, it is essential that an astute financial manger address the psychological as well as the financial concerns of a client. The article on "Investor Portfolios" acknowledges the psychological difficulties many clients have with focusing on holistic fund performance, rather than upon the performance of individual stocks. Despite the acknowledged benefits of creating a diversified portfolio to maximize portfolio return and mitigate potential investor risks, financial advisors must take the client's risk tolerance into consideration when providing guidance. Of course, it can also be quite frustrating for experts to deal with risk-averse behavior, as investors are quite inconsistent about the types of risks they feel comfortable making.

One possible suggestion for such wary investors is to limit their number of investments.…. [read more]

Stock Trak Analysis Research Paper

… Stock Track Analysis

Over the last ten weeks, the S&P 500 has been mirroring the optimistic reports that are coming out on the economy. Part of the reason for this, is the fact that consumer spending has not been as bad as it was over the last year and improvements in key industries (such as the auto sector). Recent evidence of this can be seen with Black Friday sales, as they would rise by .3%. While customer traffic, would increase by 2.2% over one year ago. (Kavilanliz, 2010) This is significant, because these events would have an impact on the S & P. 500, by helping it increase 8.04% during that time. This would have ripple effects on the portfolio that we constructed, as it…. [read more]

Susan Is Young, Earns Essay

… d. As noted, an appropriate portfolio for Susan would be 100% equities. The equities currently in her portfolio are not appropriate, as they have high dividend yields, and with low betas are not likely to be strong growth stocks going forward.

e. Essentially, all of the assets in this portfolio need to be divested and replaced with good growth stocks. The purchases should be gradual, when opportunities present themselves. There is no point to buying at the peak of the market, even when long-term growth is the objective. The portfolio can be fully diversified with as few as 10 stocks, depending on how well they are chosen. Somewhere between 10-15 stocks would give sufficient diversification while minimizing transaction fees incurred during the restructuring of the…. [read more]

Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements Term Paper

… ¶ … Accounting and Financial Statements

Non-profit making organizations are those organizations, which are not allowed to make any profit on their day-to-day activities. They are required to offer their activities to the clients without any intention of making a profit. The kinds of financial statements prepared by the accountant include; budget, balance sheet, and income statement (Feldman & Libman, 2011, p. 26). Budget is a written plan that predicts income and expenditure in a given time, which is usually one year. The budget is based on the realistic planning of the programs and goals of the organization. Members of the organization use the budget to coordinate and control programs and finances. Balance sheet is the summary showing the financial status of a business in…. [read more]

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