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Investment Portfolio Diversification Research Paper

… Investment Portfolio Diversification

Over the last several decades the world economy has become more globalized. Part of the reason for this is: increased amounts of cooperation and an effort to reduce trade barriers as much as possible. This has had a dramatic impact upon the world of investing, as the markets have become increasingly interconnected in one way or another. For many investors, this has meant the opportunity to increase their overall returns. Like with any form of investing, some of the emerging economies that promise above average returns; could have a number of different factors that may increase the underlying risks. To mitigate these different effects, a strategy known as international portfolio diversification has been used. Simply put, this is when an investor is…. [read more]

Investment Management After Holding a Meeting Essay

… Investment Management

After holding a meeting with our client named Robins Hewins on the January 1st 2007, our organization presents the client the best performing portfolio that we believe will suit his requirements. NYZ Investment Fund will manage the investment portfolio of our client with initial investment of £100,000 starting from May 2012. Classification of our client reveals that Robins Hewins is a risk averse investor, and would like to achieve a return of not less than 8% per annum from his investment. While investor is enthusiastic in investing his money in our investment portfolio, however, the client is not ready to put his money into a fund unless he is fully satisfied about how his investment will be created and will be managed. The…. [read more]

Investment Plan Term Paper

… Investment Policy

The time frame for the accumulation of funds is 35 years (65-30). At that point, Paul will be 37 years old. The total time frame for care for Paul is going to be 48 years (85-37). One question not addressed is the need that John and Mary have for their own retirement. At present, it is assumed that they will live off of social security and any pensions, rather than from their own savings, but it would be best to ask the clients that.

The first thing to assess is the level of risk aversion that these clients are going to have. Normally, a long time frame implies that a fairly high amount of risk can be taken with the portfolio, but in…. [read more]

Investment Portfolio Research Proposal

… Investment Portfolio

Over the last several years, the stock market has been through a tremendous amount of ups and downs. Part of the reason for this, is because of the recession that began in 2007, caused the price of stocks to decline sharply from: the global financial crisis and subsequent recession that occurred. This is significant, because it shows how the volatility in the equity markets can become very extreme, as the economy moves between the different cycles.

For investors, this is challenging in trying to find the right areas that can provide significant long-term growth. As most people will often utilize: the latest strategy that is working in the current market conditions. This is problematic, because it can mean that they are purchasing an…. [read more]

Investment Report and Analysis Harley-Davidson, Inc Term Paper

… Investment Report and Analysis

harley-davidson, inc.


Harley-Davidson, Inc. is the parent company to a group of companies doing business as Harley-Davidson Motor Company including Buell Motorcycle Company and Harley-Davidson Financial Services. Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles along with a complete line of motorcycle parts, apparel, accessories and other general merchandise. Harley-Davidson manufactures five lines of motorcycles. The corporate headquarters of Harley-Davidson are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley-Davidson employs approximately 9,000 individuals.

2004-2006 Annual Balance Sheet

Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Annual Balance Sheet

Currency in Millions of U.S. Dollars as of: Dec

Restated Dec



Assets Cash and Equivalents

Short-Term Investments


Accounts Receivable



Prepaid Expenses

Finance Division Loans and Leases, Current

Deferred Tax…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Management Systems Term Paper

… It Portfolio Management Systems

Portfolio management in it is a system that enables organizations evaluate technology systems available at a point of time or planned for the future and leverage them for improvement in performance. There are different portfolio systems - the application portfolio management, which deals with current it resources and project portfolio management, covering proposed it investments. The it portfolio management market is still in its early days and estimated to be worth U.S.$15 million today. Since the concept is catching the fancy of information technology specialists, it is projected that the portfolio management tools market will expand rapidly. Forrester Research claims that the market will grow to over U.S.$400 million by 2008, while a few others such as the Meta Group are…. [read more]

Alternative Investment Vehicles Essay

… Determine the holding period return for each of the 3 investment alternatives open to Hector Francisco.

Return from buying shares:

Purchase price per share

= $57.5/-

Expected dividend per share

=$1.2 per share

% Return

($80 - $57.50 + $1.2)/$57.50 = 41.2%

Return from the call option of $50 strike = $2,200/$800 = 275%

Return from the call option of $60 strike = $1,500/$500 = 300%

c. Which course of action would you recommend if Hector simply wants to maximize profit? Would your answer change if other factors (e.g., comparative risk exposure) were considered along with return? Explain.

I would recommend buying $60 strike call option to maximize the profit because it gives the highest return than other two alternatives.

If we consider other factors…. [read more]

Investment Strategy Project Essay

… Investment Strategy Report


Beatrix and Karl are breaking even and have little savings. Their expenses in retirement, depending on estimates, could leave them with a deficit as their only source of non-investment income is Karl's pension. Therefore, the portfolio will be constructed with income generation in mind. The couple has a low risk tolerance and a short time horizon. They have three years until retirement that they can use to build the portfolio before they may have to start taking out. Their income needs may range from zero to €7000 per annum. Their budget does not include any abnormal expenses, but those will be included in our calculations, and we are seeking a portfolio that can generate €10,000 a year for the couple.

Because…. [read more]

Investment Portfolio All Equity Investing Is Risky Research Proposal

… Investment Portfolio

All equity investing is risky, by simple virtue of the fact that companies can and do go bankrupt, wiping out their equity and taking share values down to zero. Even without bankruptcy, stocks can fall in value and remain at low levels, representing a loss to the shareholders. Risk is typically measured against key stock market indices, such as the Dow 30 or the S&P 500. Modern portfolio theory holds that by building a diversified portfolio, much of the firm-specific risk can be eliminated. Total market risk remains, but in theory the fluctuations of one firm or industry are offset by movements in the opposite direction of other stocks within the portfolio (McClure, 2011).

A diversified portfolio can be obtained using a relatively…. [read more]

Property Portfolio Ownership and Management Marketing Plan

… Warrington -- Enterprise Park - Industrial

Value as of 2004 1,485,000

Value as of 2009 1,250,000 loss 235,000 (15.8%)

Highest Value 1,725,000

Total Net Income 807,056 50.18% 10.03% per year

Total Return 37.04% 7.40% per year

This industrial property provided the second highest total net income in the portfolio averaging just over 10% per year. The overall capitalization of the property is only about 5% of the entire portfolio, thereby lowering the risk of ownership by a huge margin, especially when considering the high total net income generated by the property. Another factor to consider regarding this property is that it is industrial in nature, the only property with that characteristic. It might well be worth purchasing an additional similar property to this one if…. [read more]

Corporate Investor Essay

… This is because these organizations are engaging in strategies that can provide more stable results and performance. For creditors and ratings agencies, these kinds of practices will give them greater amounts of confidence in the management's ability to deal with a variety of challenges. These views, will lead to lower interest rates for debt offerings in the public markets. This will have a positive impact on the costs of capital by illustrating how the firm is making prudent financial decisions. (Elton, 2009) (Francis, 2013) (Scherer, 2005)

Clearly, the reason why the portfolio theory has become so popular is because it provides corporate investors with a way of establishing predictable returns and reducing the underlying amounts of risk to the portfolio. This ensures that the management…. [read more]

Identify and Analyze the Feasibility of Investing FDI and Portfolio in Pakistan Term Paper

… Pakistan FDI and Portfolio Investment

Without a doubt, the tone of foreign investment in Pakistan's economy has been reset by President Pervez Musharraf's willingness to act as an ally to America in that country's "war on terror." American President Bush and Musharraf have reaffirmed the obligation to strengthen financial bonds between the two countries as their political bonds have been twined together after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

When President George W. Bush and President Pervez Musharraf met in New York on September 22, 2004 they reaffirmed their commitment to widening and strengthening the American-Pakistan economic relationship in staying in line with the concepts and goals agreed to in their meeting at Camp David in June last year.

According to the Weekly Compilation…. [read more]

Stock Investment Project Term Paper

… Stock Investment Project

In examining the stock portfolio , it was necessary to extrapolate a current or final price for the holdings in the portfolio. The final price used was either the sale price of the stock or the price on June 11, 2005. This allows us to project a gain or loss, not only on the sold stock (realized gain), but also on the unsold stock (unrealized gain). We can also determine the percentage gain or loss on the transaction, as well as the overall gain or loss on the portfolio.

Looking at the overall portfolio, the total loss at this time is 1.8%, calculated as a total loss of $2,094 on total purchases of $118,762. This covers a period of approximately three months…. [read more]

Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq Literature Review

… Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq

Private investment in developing countries

An overview on early Empirical studies

In 1980s, the developing countries encountered some increment in their development behaviours with debt crisis, which affected the formation of capital. Concurrently, the affected countries were transforming from the post-era to a structural reform efforts. In mid 1980s, the developing countries adopted the reform programs within the new paradigms (Serven&Salimano, 1993) & (Jaspersen, Aylward&Sumlinski, 1970). Consequently, this led to the formation of environmental private sector that highly relied on the existing market. The formation and implementation of the new policies affected the availability of response to the private investments. The debt crisis lowered the private investments within the developing countries and this disheartened them. The…. [read more]

Opportunity to Make an Investment of $900,000 Term Paper

… ¶ … opportunity to make an investment of $900,000. If you make this investment now, you will receive $120,000, $250,000 and $800,000 one, two, and three years from today, respectively. The appropriate discount rate for this investment is 12.00%.

Should you make the investment?

What is the net present value (NPV) of this opportunity?

If the discount rate is 11.00%, should you invest? Compute the NPV to support your answer.

In order to find out it it's reasonable to make an investment we need to compare present value (PV) and cost of investment, if PV is smaller than cost of investment then we should not make an investment.

Present value can be calculated using the following formula:

PV = $120,000 / (1+.12) + $250,000 /…. [read more]

Finance Essay

… This is illustrating how these industries have select firms that can provide investors with reduced amounts of risk and greater appreciation. The higher yields and the potential for greater rewards are what have been leading to more demand. ("Utility Common Stocks," 2012) ("Dow Jones Industrial Best Dividend Stocks," 2012)

Dividend Weaker Performing Industries

However, despite the strong yields and consistent earnings with many dividend stocks, there are select firms that have trouble maintaining these high levels. This is because some companies are using dividends to entice investors to become interested in the firm based upon the large yield they are offering. Yet, they do not have a consistent track record of paying and increasing these amounts. (Graham, 2005) (Hutchinson, 2012)

This is problematic, as some…. [read more]

Foreign Direct Investment Term Paper

… ¶ … Foreign Direct Investment and the Impact of External and Internal Factors on an Industry-sector in Singapore

The objective of this work is to prepare a business management research report on industry in Singapore. This report will follow the outline as follows: (1) Assess impact of external and internal factors on the Singapore Industry-Sector chosen for this study; and (2) Evaluate the Singapore Industry-Sector Response.

On December 2, 1996 an immediate release news wire from Singapore entitled: "Upgrading Capabilities in the Manufacturing Industry" stated that" The National Computer Board's efforts in the Manufacturing and Distribution Cluster are focused on the areas of: (1) upgrading the internal capabilities of companies in this sector; (2) enabling enterprise integration; (3) manpower upgrading and re-skilling, and (4) creating…. [read more]

Personal Investment: Financial Management Essay

… 2. (Elliot, 2014). Currently, the companies total resources income proportion is .70 and this goes well inside the business's standards of .8. (Elliot, 2014). The organization is imposing when it comes to their whole balance to total stock price ratio.

Right now they have 90.2% of their balance that has been sponsored, although the average for the business is great about 98.3%. (Elliot, 2014). The organization has its own financial subordinate and uses it to their benefit by keeping down how much balance they experience. (Elliot, 2014). The company's return on assets is robust at 8.3, although it is somewhat below the manufacturing average. People are fooled when while looking at the financial statement but that is only because there are the facts that Toyota…. [read more]

Yahoo! A Critical Analysis Case Study

… However, Facebook has opted for rather aggressive approach in response to Yahoo's allegation of "puzzling actions"

Yahoo had first threatened the suit last month. It demanded that the giant social network, which is preparing to go public in what may be one of the largest public offerings ever, should license the patents. I n response to Yahoo's lawsuit, Facebook replied, "We're disappointed that Yahoo, a longtime business partner of Facebook and a company that has substantially benefited from its association with Facebook, has decided to resort to litigation,." This particular lawsuit has its consequences for Facebook which holds only fifty six U.S. patents whereas Yahoo has filed more than 1000 patents for coverage of its extensive operations (Arthur, 2012).

This particular lawsuit has added more…. [read more]

Voice Over IP Term Paper

… Voice Over Internet Protocol Report

The Impact of Voice over Internet Protocol on Enterprise Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)'s market adoption and growth are being driven both from a cost reduction standpoint in addition to the agility this technology provides for companies looking to serve their customers through Internet-based service and support strategies. The mid-tier and low-end of both manufacturing and services industries however are leading adoption of VoIP technology, driven by the need to stay more focused on key customer relationships. The high end of manufacturing and services industries including financial services focuses on technologies that deliver enhanced data analytics, and the low end of the market is increasingly focusing on having a single view of their customers, strengthening relationships with them in…. [read more]

Investment Plan Analysis: Procter & Gamble Research Paper

… With $6.6bn Gillette contributed 9% to Procter & Gamble’s net sales.

The net sales of all three competitors are Million figures therefore, P&G stands out with $8.124bn which contributed 12% of P&G’s net sales.

In the Fabric Care and Home Care segment, Unilever with $10.1bn comes closest to P&G’s numbers. The Fabric and Home Care carried 33% of Procter & Gamble’s net sales in 2019.

In the Baby, Feminine and Family Care, major competitor is once again Unilever. This segment accounted for 27% of P&G’s net sales. After analysing all market segments and numbers - Unilever is P&G’s largest competition.

4. Company Analysis

The assessment of a company’s performance is usually dependent…. [read more]

IPO Term Paper


In the last few years there has been a marked increase in the number of company's that have gone public or gone through the process of initiating an initial public offering or IPO.

The completion of an IPO, dramatically alters the way managers of the company approach their duties and establish their operational and financial goals (Gutterman 1994; Evans & Strenski, 1996). The purpose of this discussion is to describe the process of going public, the incentive associated with an initial public offering, the reaction to new IPO's and new trend in IPO's.

The IPO Process

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission "IPO stands for initial public offering and occurs when a company first sells its shares to the public (Initial Public Offering)."…. [read more]

Stock Trak Analysis Research Paper

… Stock Track Analysis

Over the last ten weeks, the S&P 500 has been mirroring the optimistic reports that are coming out on the economy. Part of the reason for this, is the fact that consumer spending has not been as bad as it was over the last year and improvements in key industries (such as the auto sector). Recent evidence of this can be seen with Black Friday sales, as they would rise by .3%. While customer traffic, would increase by 2.2% over one year ago. (Kavilanliz, 2010) This is significant, because these events would have an impact on the S & P. 500, by helping it increase 8.04% during that time. This would have ripple effects on the portfolio that we constructed, as it…. [read more]

Portfolio Management Project Thesis

… Finance Portfolio

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX)

Industry: Air delivery & freight services

Investment Style: Large Blend

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)

Industry: Application software

Investment Style: Large Growth

Target (NYSE: TGT)

Industry: Discount, variety stores

Investment Style: Large Blend

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

Industry: Drug manufacturers

Investment Style: Large blend

Ford (NYSE: F)

Industry: Automobiles

Investment Style: Large Blend

Citigroup (NYSE: C)

Industry: Banking

Investment Style: Large Blend

Altria (NYSE: MO)

Industry: Cigarettes

Investment Style: Large Blend

Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B)

Industry: Property & casual insurance

Investment Style: Large Growth

Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM)

Industry: Oil & Gas

Investment Style: Large Growth

JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU)

Industry: Airlines

Investment Style: Large Growth

Portfolio, based on November 2 purchases, as of November 24th, 2009.

Economic Indicators

The leading…. [read more]

Strategy Research Paper

… They also have: consistently increasing earnings growth of 45.2% per quarter, they have delivered an ROE of 22.20% and they have low amounts of debt. At the same time, they have been paying a strong dividend going back to 1983. This is important, because the purchase of this security will provide: added amounts of growth and it will protect the portfolio against rises in the price of commodities. (Standard and Poor's, 2010)

In the case of Nue Core Steel Holdings (NUE), this stock is considered to be more of valuation purchase. The reason why is because the company has seen a tremendous slowdown in ROE. However, it has been modestly increasing by showing a return of: 2.22% over the past year. At the same time,…. [read more]

Contrarian Investment Strategies Thesis

… Contrarian Investment Strategies

Over the last several decades a number of different investment strategies have evolved. All of them were designed to help investors be able to successfully time the up and down moves, that occur on the world equity markets. However, the overall results have varied dramatically as investors, traders and analysts argue about which theory is the best one to achieve this objective. At the heart of this argument, is the belief that the markets will overshoot in both directions. Where, some will claim that the markets reflect all expectations and available information in the price of the stock (commonly called the Random Walk Theory). This makes it impossible to determine if the markets will move up or down-based past market conditions. While,…. [read more]

Multinational Global Operations Company Essay

… (Bank for International Settlements, 2010).

McDonald relies on the funds from the public for its business operations. Through financial market system such as bonds, money and equity, McDonald have been able to raise fund from the public.

Method McDonald use Financial Markets to Finance its Global Operations

Corporate bonds are the money a business organization owed the public. One of the techniques that firms use in raising fund from the public is by selling bonds to the public. The corporate bond sold to the public attracts interest rates, and the company pays interests on the bonds sold to the public. The corporate bonds that McDonald sells to the public may be short-term, medium-term and long-term. Selling bonds to the public is one of the major…. [read more]

Capital Term Paper

… This stimulates venture capitalists to be more than just a financier and involve deeply in management, strategy and operations of the companies they invest in. It is the entrepreneurial spirit in venture capitalists that separate them from the convention financers such as banks and financial institutions. Although they involve in the affairs of the investee companies, most venture capitalists seek to exit from the ventures once they realize the desired rate of return. This enables them to continue investing in other young companies and continue to make higher returns.

Evolution of Venture Capital in the U.S.:

In the United States, venture capital has been in vogue right from the early stages of industrialization, with wealthy individuals, families or closed groups funding companies or projects, which…. [read more]

Predatory Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Seminar Paper

… Predatory Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The issues with subprime mortgages are recognized by now, with many evasions and consequences for businesses and financiers in a similar way. A lot of writers have been swift to charge what they call hungry, predatory lenders who oppressed poor, simple and uneducated borrowers. This is expected for the reason that lenders have been blamed of many comparable sins in earlier periods. For instance, the uproar following the printing of Apgar et al. (2006)

, which has been extensively deduces as proof of racial bigotry, is renowned. So far other explanations of the data exist, with Elliehausen & Staten (2004) being a well-known case in point.

Analysts state that minorities disburse bigger overages or yield spreads than Caucasians,…. [read more]

Abu Dhabi Stock Market Efficiency and Transmission Mechanisms Case Study

… ¶ … Abu Dhabi stock market: Efficiency and transmission mechanisms

Like many of its neighboring countries, the United Arab Emirates has made enormous efforts in recent years in an attempt to reduce dependence on the dominant public sector and to provide private investors a bigger role in the economy. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the Abu Dhabi stock market is efficient, what type of analysis mechanism is best suited for identifying investment opportunities, and its implications for investors and the state. For example, the weak form of the efficient markets hypothesis suggests that it is impossible to earn superior risk-adjusted profits based on the knowledge of past prices and returns. To this end, this study examines the United Arab Emirates in…. [read more]

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