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Recession Is a Topic of Much Concern Essay

… ¶ … recession is a topic of much concern these days. With no money to do anything and unemployment rates going up through the roof, it may seem impossible to even imagine the long-term survival of small businesses, especially those that are deemed to provide luxury, or unnecessary services to the people. This is the case with the Washington Post article titled, "Virginia house painter fights to keep business as recession becomes a way of life" (Saslow 2011).

This article depicts the life of a small business owner who climbed his way up the American dream ladder only to find himself broke, without a home, and barely making enough to survive as this recession continues. He emigrated to the United States from El Salvador when…. [read more]

Great War in Africa 1914-1918 by Byron Farwell Essay

… Great War in Africa, 1914-1918 by Byron Farwell.

Farwell, Byron. The Great War in Africa, 1915-1918. New York: W.W. Norton & Company,

Although World War I has been the subject of countless fictional as well as historical surveys in recent years, the fact that it was indeed a total 'world war,' encompassing Africa as well as Europe, Asia, and the Americas, is often forgotten. One of the reasons for this may be that the African theater was a largely colonial war, fought between England and France vs. Germany, and involving the conscription of their respective colonized peoples. America was not a 'key' player in Africa. However, it is important for all students of the period to study this part of the conflict, as it has…. [read more]

Depression and Improper Treatment Term Paper

… Doctors may get paid readily by patients who want to be handed a bottle of gelatin-covered miracle pills, but giving in to the desires of uneducated and uninformed patients is unethical. Doctors often do not take into consideration the long-term consequences that might come about from overly medicating depressed patients instead of seeking other treatment options. Doctors have years of schooling and intensive training to prepare them for making the best decisions possible for each patient, yet too often they will just hand over whatever medication the patient requests.

The consequences of overly prescribing antidepressants are many. Like the growing problem with tolerance to antibiotics, the depressed population of America is becoming immune to the drugs they are taking and needing stronger and stronger prescriptions.…. [read more]

Image Enhancement Techniques Research Shows Term Paper

… When it is bright, it gives the picture a lot more contrast and also more details unlike the negative images where there is not much detail.

Many individuals like this technique because the brightness of a dark image can effortlessly be augmented by putting in a constant to gray value of the entire pixel. Research about this enhancement, shows that this operation can possibly shift the histogram in the direction of a brighter side with a factor that is constant. In spite of the fact that applying this technique to increase brightness of an image, an individual will have to select the continuous more wisely in order for the complete range of gray values to lie somewhere within the 0 to 300 range. Most will…. [read more]

Great Wall of Los Angeles Essay

… Great Wall of Los Angeles

There are few who would argue with the fact that Los Angeles is one of the most major metropolitan cities in the United States. Because of its preeminent status as an urban environment which is on par with (and in some ways surpassing) other dominant urban environments in the country such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, Los Angeles is representative of the general melting pot motif in which this country was founded. There are a variety of people and cultures living and expressing themselves within Los Angeles, all in relative close proximity to one another and all of them sharing the city and its resources in mutuality. This degree of variety found within the city is perhaps best…. [read more]

Great Wall of America? Research Paper

… ). Supporters of the wall see these workers, trapped in unfortunate economic developments, as "criminals" and propose border control that endangers their safety. But humans are not the only ones who are put in danger by the wall. As widely reported, the DHS waived environmental rules, circumventing "a series of laws, from the Endangered Species Act to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, outraging environmentalists" ("Environmental Rules Waived for Border Fence"). As environmentalists noted, the border would place various ecosystems in the area at risk, isolating border animals into smaller groups and thus affecting their genetic diversity ("U.S. Border Fence 'an Eco-danger'").

Most importantly, closing the U.S.-Mexico border with a wall is against American ideals. The United States was…. [read more]

Mirror Reaction Paper

… Some groups, such as Chinese women, often experienced double forms of discrimination, both as women within their own community, and as Chinese people in Caucasian communities. (209) Plus, some White missionaries used the plight of 'poor' Chinese women to justify discrimination against Chinese culture. Also, discrimination against oppressed groups has resulted in different kinds of revolt. Indians used military tactics in revolutions such as Wounded Knee. (228) Groups that were discriminated against such as African-Americans have resisted not only through legal action but also fleeing America -- as African-Americans often did not come to America by their own free will, they would go 'back' to Africa. (126) This "Nostalgia on the Niger," as Takaki calls it, resulted in the founding of Liberia in Africa.

But…. [read more]

Great Moderation Provides Insight Into the Macroeconomic Case Study

… ¶ … Great Moderation provides insight into the macroeconomic environment of the past couple of decades, and perhaps also some insight into the recent changes in the environment. This should provide insight into how firms and investors can react to the new environment. The Great Moderation case points out that prior to the onset of recession in 2008 there was a period from the mid-1980s onward where macroeconomic output was relatively free from volatility. Businesses and investors alike became accustomed to this stability, but the recession might presage the end of that era, which was dubbed the Great Moderation.

There are many different theories as to why the Great Moderation occurred. One theory argues that the effects of more hands-on fiscal policy since Paul Volcker…. [read more]

Substance Abuse Associated With Depression Research Paper

… Substance Abuse Associated With Depression

How is Substance Abuse associated with Depression?

The dissertation is a research-based paper to evaluate the association between substance abuse with depression. Depression is considered to be one of the common mental illnesses present in a significant percentage of the United States population. A wide range of studies have clearly exposed the fact that substance abuse is closely related to depression and comorbidity with depression amongst the general population. Depressed people usually turn out for substance abuse to alleviate their pain. A number of theories have been identified to determine the causes that lead to substance abuse addiction and depression. However, the outcomes of comorbid depression and substance abuse treatment have clearly exhibited positive results (that is decreased depressive symptoms…. [read more]

Great Depression Term Paper

… 2. How do you see the concept of "rugged individualism" as an influence on the Great Depression? Justify your response.

Many individuals were unwilling to accept aid from the federal government, out of shame and in adherence to the principle that one ought to pull one self up by one's own bootstraps to succeed, and also the popular Horatio Alger notion that had fueled the previous prosperity, that merit alone determined one's ability to succeed in America.

3. How was the American family affected by the Great Depression?

The birth and marriage rate declined because of the social and economic uncertainty, but many women lost their jobs and tenuous economic and social footholds and positions of leadership and advancement, as male labor was seen as…. [read more]

Social Entepreneurship Social Entrepreneur a Slum Term Paper

… Social Entepreneurship

Social Entrepreneur

A slum is a dwelling that is built on public or private real estates unlawfully. In Turkey, these illegal settlements started with movement of people from urban to rural areas in the 1950's. Main causes of the migration incident were subdivision of agricultural lands which was caused by the then heritage systems and lack of urban public services like health, education and culture among others in rural areas and job opportunities in metropolitan areas. Currently, on average 10% of buildings are slums in Turkey.

These are mostly in industrialized cities where accessibility is available and public real estates are common. As a result of the political and socio-economic factors, doing away with these slums owned by low income persons is a…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies Competing in Today Essay

… This occurs when consumers have unit demands and the producer knows each consumers reservation price and can prevent arbitrage between consumers. It then suffices for the producer to charge individualized prices, equal to the consumer's reservation price. Third degree discrimination should also be used, where the producer observes a signal related to the consumers preferences like, age, occupation and location.


a) Improvements of SLP through my own thinking

The SLP has improved through constant change of marketing strategies, which ensure that the business performs well in the market. This has been achieved by putting goals in place and working to achieve the goals. The SLP has also improved through understanding of the external environment surrounding the business; by understanding customer needs and changes…. [read more] a Strategic Assessment Essay

… The focus in the case study often reverts to the customer loyalty aspects of Amazon and its web design. The case also makes the point that the accuracy, speed and precision of the experience are contributing factors to profitability (Amazon Investor Relations, 2012). These are two strong contributions to Amazon achieving its revenue, profit, sales and service strategic plans on an annual basis. Without the build-out of the e-commerce infrastructure, Amazon would not have been able to deliver such an exceptionally positive and consistent level of customer experience. In aggregate, the e-commerce infrastructure strategies all contributed to this significant contribution (Lindic, Bavdaz, Kovacic, 2012).

A second major contribution e-strategies have made to the company is the wealth of analytics, business intelligence (BI) in addition to…. [read more]

Mobile Computing: A Disruptive Innovation Term Paper

… The use of cyber-foraging servers running Web Services that can quickly parse the taxonomies of consumers around them and deliver advertising content of interest and value is being piloted globally today by Google, Microsoft and others. This approach to selectively providing content is also delivering performance gains in the from of additional funding for middleware research and development, as companies including IBM, Oracle and others seek to create a highly differentiated and valued user experience by analyzing ePC profiles of consumers then selectively providing content of interest all in real-time. This equates to the flexibility of users being able to determine just what specific areas of their taxonomy they are interested in receiving data and potential advertising specials on or not. This model also allows…. [read more]

Coping With Organizational Change Research Paper

… Coping With Organizational Change

A Study of Enterprise Software Companies and Disruptive Change

New developments in an industry are as disruptive as the fundamental re-ordering of their economics with a corresponding shift in the balance of political power that defines boundaries of influence. Organizational change and its many dynamics take on added significance in the study of how disruptive technologies re-order organizational cultures with significant cultural, economic, social and political implications (Bordum, 2010). The role of transformational leaders in successful change management initiatives is that of stabilizing force for employees on the one hand, and visionary defining the future direction of the enterprise on the other (Boga, Ensari, 2009). One of the most volatile industries today is enterprise software, and the transformational change that is…. [read more]

Great Depression of Argentina Thesis

… Depression of Argentina

The Great Depression of Argentina

The depression that Argentina experienced in the 1930s was related to the Great Depression in the United States and other countries during that time. The entire world struggled because financial markets were slow and imports and exports dried up to the point that it was difficult to get things. Those who could get things often had no money to pay for them. The main exports of Argentina were things that people needed but that failed to help the country stay strong financially during that time. As time passed, however, the country of Argentina recovered and became stronger for the adversity that it had been through. Now it has paid off large debts and is growing in strength,…. [read more]

Great Depression Dorothea Lange's Iconic Essay

… The use of the image to promote New Deal programs is understandable, although it would have been more ethical to have credited Thompson and pay her royalties. Perhaps Thompson could have become more involved in political activism that prevents poverty; but perhaps like many Americans, Thompson is not politically inclined to do so.

The poor are deserving of help for ethical reasons but also for reasons related to improving the quality of life of all Americans. It is in the best interest of all Americans to reduce poverty. However, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. For some, a low-income but steady job is sufficient for economic and personal well-being. For others, an entrepreneurial program would be the best option. For others still, enrollment in post-graduate education…. [read more]

Depression and Addictive Behavior Thesis

… Depression and Addictive Behavior

Double Cruel Hand

Comobid Conditions

Contemporary, Challenging Concerns Worldwide

Derangement of the Volition 7 Contemporary Addictions



Role of Cocaine Use in Depression

Clinical Techniques of Helping



Tried and True" Techniques


Points for Treatment Consideration

Clients' Reported Med Use When Admitted to Substance Abuse Clinics

Personal Growth and Maintenance (adapted from Daley, 2007)

"To Do" Recommendations

Physical and Lifestyle Areas Meriting Focus in Recovery

Emotional Areas Meriting Focus in Recovery from Addiction and Depression



Addiction and depression are common comorbid conditions." (Daley, 2007)

Double Cruel Hand

Comorbid," the term Daley (2007) purports in this study's introductory quote, denotes addiction and depression. According to Webster's New Millennium ™ Dictionary of English, comorbid, an…. [read more]

Depression in Young and Older Term Paper

… However, approximately 10 to 20% of older women still experience "clinically significant depressive symptoms (Simonds, 2001, p. 121)."

The most important risk factor for depression in older women, according to studies, is physical health problems, such as pain, functional problems, and side effects of medications and treatments (Simonds, 2001, p. 122).

Structural brain changes, vascular risk factors, and cognitive impairment in older women are often to as vascular depression, which can render patients less affected by antidepressant treatment and may have a more chronic course than other forms of depression. Late onset depression can also be a symptom of dementia in older women.

In the past, many researchers have suggested that the "empty nest syndrome" is the major cause of depression in older women (NIMH,…. [read more]

Great War the United States Essay

… By governmental action many millions of people became employed to support the war efforts and now people wondered what else the government could do to help the U.S. spur economic activity. This debate has not yet been settled and many of the same questions are currently being asked in today's weakened economy as well.

There were many other changes that occurred domestically after the war. One was that racism seemed to spike and tensions between white men and minorities grew rapidly. One incident that illustrates these tensions is the "Red Summer" of Chicago in which a young African-American in avertedly crossed over an invisible line that served as a racial barrier in a swimming area on a Chicago beach. The young man was killed by…. [read more]

Depression and Eating Disorders Term Paper

… The researchers classified a sample of college students as asymptomatic, symptomatic, or eating disordered using the Questionnaire for Eating Disorders Diagnosis. The researchers found that self-esteem was negatively related to the presence of eating disordered behavior, whereas perfectionism was positively related to eating disordered behavior. They also were able to classify 59% of their sample on the continuum from asymptomatic to eating disordered using these variables.

Reference two: Green, M.A., Scott, N.A., Cross, S.E., Yu-Hsin Liao, K., Hallengren, J.J., Davids, C.M., Carter, L.P., Kugler, D.W., Read, K.E., & Jepson, A.J. (2009). Eating disorder behaviors and depression: A minimal relationship beyond social comparisons, self-esteem, and body dissatisfaction. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65, 989-999.

The article begins with a discussion of how downward social comparison, low self-esteem,…. [read more]

Depression in the Elderly Mental Disorders Case Study

… Depression in the Elderly

Mental disorders are becoming more prevalent in today's society as people add stress and pressure to their daily lives. The elderly population is not eliminated as a candidate for a disorder just because they may be retired. In fact, mental disorders affect 1 in 5 elderly people. One would think that with disorders being rather prevalent in this age group that there would be an abundance of treatment programs, but this is not the case. Because the diagnosis of an individual's mental state is subjective in nature, many troubled seniors remain untreated. Depression in the elderly population is a common occurrence, yet the diagnosis and treatment seem to slip through the cracks (Ellison and Verma, 2003).

Depression is often difficult to…. [read more]

Depression Term Paper

… Depression may come about preceding stressful events, related to work, marriage, children or close relationships. A family member's death, a job loss, a marital crisis, a disagreement or a physical assault increase one's risk of depression. The early loss of a parent due to death or separation also increases later vulnerability to depression, by children. Loneliness, awareness that one's social relationships are deficient, is a contributor to depression, as well. Also, women are twice more likely than men to get depressed. Women are more vulnerable to passive disorders such as depression. They tend to internalize things. Some people may get depression due to genetics. A family member may have been depressed leaving them vulnerable to the disorder, especially if immediate family members experienced depression.

Help…. [read more]

Depression and Family Essay

… "Data suggest that depression itself may be a risk factor for heart disease as well as its increased severity. Patients with heart disease who are depressed tend to have more severe cardiac symptoms than those who are not depressed, and a poorer quality of life. Depression can worsen the prognosis of heart disease and increase the risk of death, " (Simon, 2013).

Depression can cause real physical pain in those suffering in the grips of this dreadful illness. Marano (2002) identified the confusing nature of depression on the physical operations of the body. She wrote "In a study of over 25,000 patients at 15 primary care centers on five continents, Seattle researchers found that 50% of all depressed patients worldwide report multiple unexplained physical symptoms.…. [read more]

Walt Disney Including: A History Essay

… In 1949, the Disney Corporation was flagged by the U.S. Department of Labor for inconsistent awarding of pensions and its poor treatment of workers and shareholders alike (Krasniewicz 79). Disney thus placed emphasis on his vision inspiring his workers to excel, rather than using conventional incentives such as salaries and bonuses. The attitude at the company from the beginning was that workers should be happy for the chance to be working at such an excellent organization, rather than worry about something mundane like pay. All training and mentorship was focused on making a better product for Disney, not nurturing the skills of the individual employee.

However unjust this may seem, this also underlines Disney's status as a transformational, rather than transactional leader and the darker…. [read more]

Nuclear WMD a Real Threat A-Level Coursework

… Nuclear WMD a Real Threat within the Next 10 Years

Q 2) the value of non-proliferation treaties in today's environment

The United States has been seen to use the Non-Prolific Treaty in a way that satisfies is selfish interests. They are proud of the idea that their greatest rival has reduced the production of nuclear arsenals and have stopped other states from developing original arsenals. This is how the non-prolific treaty may possibly affect foreign policies in the United States. Other countries are under the fear of nuclear weapons that are spreading across the globe (Forsberg, 2005).

NPT was developed so that countries could protect their boarders from the nuclear warfare that was pending. During the commissioning of this treaty, United States and the Soviet…. [read more]

Great Awakening in America Essay

… The Great Awakening made people aware and urged them to revisit their relationship with religion so that they would not yield to the temptations of the New World.

There is certainly a need for a Great Awakening movement in America today. The pioneers of the Great Awakenings saw that a love for material wealth could lead people astray from religion and make them susceptible to moral lapses. Down the centuries, greed and corruption have increased in American society. Notwithstanding, the lies, corruption and deception perpetrated by business and political leaders in recent times has shaken the confidence of people and trust in one another. Notable examples are the scandals of Enron and Arthur Andersen and the misleading propaganda that led to the 2003 invasion of…. [read more]

Great Gatsby the Negative Side Thesis

… He is involved in bootlegging and is associated with characters like Meyer Wolfsheim who is involved in fixing the 1919 World Series. Gatsby also does not consider that his desire to attain the love of a married woman is unethical. According to Tiur and Ghasemi (117), "The grandeur and pathos of Gatsby are that his enormous vitality, ambition and power of creation are all lavished on a "vast, vulgar, and meretricious beauty" unworthy of the emotion that cannot discover a worthier ideal."

A materialistic society places very little value on compassion and affection. People are judged solely by their wealth and social standing. Without it, they are nothing. This is reflected in the fate of Gatsby where he is murdered surrounded by his wealth despite…. [read more]

Special Ed Philosophy a Special Education Term Paper

… Special Ed Philosophy

A Special Education Philosophy Driven by Epistemology and Axiology

It is sometimes taken for granted the Special Education philosophy generally revolves on the demand of providing an education for the disabled which is commensurate to the education available in mainstream settings. However, the philosophical principles of placement, policy and approach are quite a bit more complex than this assumption suggests. It is thus that the discussion hereafter proceeds to delineate a particular philosophical understanding of special education.

Special Education Philosophy:

Much research on special education philosophy points to epistemology as a crucial element of the profession. Certainly, it is reasonable to argue that a versed understanding of the way that knowledge is obtained, formulated, recalled and utilized is essential to pedagogy in…. [read more]

George Magnus Is a Leading Term Paper

… Even though, the crisis in 2008 didn't led to a collapse of the capitalism. The way Marx analyzed the misunderstandings between the labor and capital and it causing political and economical unrest politically. Where Smith was sure that public institutions were necessary to good working economy, Magnus didn't agree with notion. As mentioned earlier, Magnus is more inclined towards Marx's economist theories as opposed to Smiths. In his opinion, the economic crisis of 2008 revealed due to the environment created in different economies simultaneously. The house hold debt to GDP augmented and kept on increasing.

The theories and works of Magnus are strongly affected by and are somewhat in favor of Marx's work as well. Just as Marx pointed out, there would be conflict between…. [read more]

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