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Islam and the Clash Term Paper

… More precisely, the author makes reference to the clear confrontation between the Western and the "so-called terrorists." Therefore, it is argued that the difference between the two sides is not necessarily determined by the significant gap between civilizations but rather by the historical background the relations between the groups have in terms of colonial experiences. In this sense, the historical legacy of the colonial period, when all states on the African continent, in the Middle East were at one point the colonies of a Western power. This attracted certain reluctance in terms of accepting and dealing with cultural differences such as the one between the Western image of religion and the Islamic one.

At the same time however, there are certain cultural differences that do…. [read more]

Islam Ibn Khaldun Conceptualized History Research Paper

… Non-Muslim residents in regions now controlled by Muslim groups were accepted, tolerated, interacted with and traded with in unprecedented waves of inter-cultural communication. Baghdad became a central point of power for the Middle Period Muslim world, and yet was still not a centralized government by any means. Constantinople and Cairo vied with Baghdad as just a few of several centers of learning, arts, and politics. The spread of Islam throughout the Maghreb and into Spain further diversified the cultural and political landscapes of the Muslim world. The impact on regional economies was tremendous, as trade not only flowed more freely but also with a greater diversity of products, services, and ideas. The Middle Period of Islam heralded globalization.

The period was not without bloodshed though,…. [read more]

Islam Is One of the Largest Thesis

… Islam is one of the largest and fastest growing religions in the world, and its tenets have permeated the culture and politics of many regions of the globe. The religion is staunchly monotheistic. Islam borrows much from its predecessor faiths Christianity and Judaism and collectively the three Middle Eastern religions are referred to as being "of the Book," since all three value the Old Testament as a sacred text. However, Islam represents a significant divergence from both Christianity and Judaism. Clashes between Islam, Christianity and Judaism have as much to do about clash of culture and power struggles as about differing theologies.

The evolution of Islam, like the evolution of Christianity, has been inextricably woven in with the evolution of political structures and social institutions.…. [read more]

Islam Is Not a Violent Religion Term Paper

… Islam

For all the destruction and bloodshed inflicted upon the world by Muslim fanatics, Islam is, in essence and in its original form, not a violent religion.

Burhan, Faysal. The Prophet of Islam and the Jews: Basis of Conduct, Acceptance,

Respect and Cooperation. Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, 2007. Retrieved on November 21, 2007 from

The author writes about the basis of conduct as taught by the Koran. The Islamic faith is founded on certain principles. These include free will and choice, peaceful dialogue, acceptance and understanding, disapproval of terrorism and non-violence. Every Muslim is bound to conduct intellectual dialogue with others to establish and improve relations. Islam teaches Muslims to be kind, tolerant, and understanding and to develop bonds with all…. [read more]

Islamic Extremism in Britain Term Paper

… Islamic Extremism in Britain

How Did a Minority of the Current Generation of British Muslims, Mainly Children and Grandchildren of Muslim Asian Immigrants to Britain After World War 2, Turn to Islamic Extremism, and How Much Influence Did the Preachings of the Fundamentalist Cleric Abu Hamza Al-Masri and His Contemporaries, Have on Them?]

"Euro-Islam: A Cultural Phenomenon" states that the Muslim population in Europe "bears many similarities to other immigrant groups. A large proportion of Muslims have withdrawn into isolation, partly because it is imposed upon them and partly as a matter of choice. Many seem to live alongside, rather than constitute part of, European society." (Schwerin, 2004) This fact has led many to have the concern that these communities, closed as they are, might…. [read more]

Clash of Civilizations Essay

… Clash of Civilizations

There is much controversy in regard to Samuel Huntington's theory concerning the clash of civilizations and the reasons for which major conflicts will take place in the future. Whereas most people prefer to believe that some of the divergences that the world is expected to witness in the following years will be fueled by economic and political principles, Huntington puts across his beliefs about how cultural values will represent one of the main motives for which people will go at war against other people. James Cameron's 2009 motion picture Avatar deals with the disagreements that can emerge between two cultures when each of them is dedicated to fight for the principles present in their communities.

One can actually understand Avatar from the…. [read more]

Islam Many Muslims Are Proud to Think Term Paper

… Islam

Many Muslims are proud to think that their religion, Islamism, was the least endangered by the passing of the centuries. The clash between tradition and modernity, the changing of society structures and the industrial revolution, all these factors have led to religious reforms. Tradition is very important to Islam, but the diversity of the people who share this religion is so big that even the pillars of this monotheistic religion are coming into question and feel shaken at some points in history. According to Seyyd Hossein Nassr, a billion two hundred million people have this religion in common (Nasr, p. 2).

Donna Lee Bowen and Evelyn a. Early have edited the book Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, a book that gathers short…. [read more]

Clash of Civilizations Samuel P. Huntington's Book Term Paper

… ¶ … Clash of Civilizations

Samuel P. Huntington's book the Clash of Civilizations and the Coming of the New World Order emerged from an essay he wrote in the journal Foreign Affairs in the Summer of 1993 in which he set forth his main thesis, a thesis he would expand and develop in his later book:

It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will be…. [read more]

Clash of Civilizations Term Paper

… ¶ … Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order written by Samuel P. Huntington is actually an expansion of his 1993 article entitled the Clash of Civilizations. The main aim of article was in fact to imagine a new post-Cold War world order. The new world order that Huntington puts forward in his article, and then book, is based on the thesis according to which "The most important distinctions among peoples are [no longer] ideological, political, or economic. They are cultural" (Huntington 1993: 21). This means that after the Cold War, societies were no longer divided according to ideological differences - such as the opposition between democracy and communism, for instance - but by cultural differences which will determine new patters of cohesion.…. [read more]

Islam the Main Argument Set Forth Term Paper


The main argument set forth by Edward Said in "The Clash of Definitions" has much to do with countering the conclusions of political scientist Samuel P. Huntington whose "Clash of Civilizations" maintains that cultural and religious ideologies and differences will serve as the major source of conflict in the 21st century. Overall, Huntington puts forth the suggestion that all future conflicts, whether based on political, social or economic differences and attitudes, will revolve around the "clash" of various cultures with each attempting to come out on top of the other, resulting in one culture being subdued by another. As Huntington sees it, the main source of conflict within what some call the "New World Order" with the United States as the dominating power will…. [read more]

Cold War Has Brought Renewed Term Paper

… It was simple. Divide the world as it had been prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union but replace the Soviet threat with the Islamic threat. This is what many political theorists did but, as has already been pointed out, such characterization is short-sighted and inaccurate. There is no monolithic Islam world. The Islam world is diverse and there is no unified civilization which is rising up and organizing to defeat the influences of the Western world (Eksteins).

Whether or not the clash of civilization theory holds true will be determined by future events. There are strong arguments on both sides of the issue and there is substantial evidence to support either argument. The reality is that only time will provide the answers. Somehow…. [read more]

Islam in Bosnia Essay

… Bosnia Islam

The Islamic Faith in Bosnia: A Critically Overlooked Diversity

The Islamic faith represents one of the most widely spread and acknowledged religions in the world. Often misunderstood and even more often exploited, members of the Muslim faith have developed an identity in the modern world which is problematically associated to such issues as conflict and terrorism. However, an examination of Islam finds it to be a deeply complex faith based in a rich history of tradition. Moreover, it demonstrates that the perception of Islam as a violent and archaic faith driven by political aggression and a set of laws governed by an extreme orientation on human rights is neither universal nor accurately representative of all Muslim faith. An exemplary Muslim population for consideration…. [read more]

Huntington's Clash of Civilization Confirm Thesis

… According to Djilas (2006, 49) his is assertion is that the world is comprised of multiple civilization because each country has become bi or multi-cultural mainly due to globalization and using religion as a criteria for classification cannot be sufficiently substantiated. Huntington also made an assumption that the world is not highly un-secularized, that every corner of the world is highly religious, an assumption that his thesis has failed to prove to be correct.

The claim that western civilization is trying to antagonize other civilization by advocating for democracy is faulted because countries in other civilization are already democratic states like South Korea, Turkey and Taiwan, while in the western civilization there are still constitutional monarchies in some of the countries.


The objective of…. [read more]

Cause of War Term Paper

… Clash of Civilizations - Samuel Huntington

In his book the Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington explains that the end of the cold war also brought to a conclusion the way wars are fought based on ideology. Huntington asserts that the absence of the international image of two superpowers dominating world politics has opened the door to regional cultural and religious wars. He makes his points by combining statistics to prove his oversimplified theory of world demographics as an "indispensable guide to international politics." His arguments in that regard seem valid, lucid and convincing, but there are those who take issue with his positions. In fact much of what Huntington asserts can be objectively (based on history and the world today) challenged and indeed morally challenged…. [read more]

Globalization in "The Clash of Civilizations," Samuel Term Paper

… Globalization

In "The Clash of Civilizations," Samuel P. Huntington claims that cultural differences will be the greatest source of conflict in the 21st century world: more so than economics or political ideology. Huntington notes, "the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural." Prior to World War One, most of the culture clashes took place regionally: such as those between various European tribes. During the 20th century a new type of culture clash emerged: one that would reveal the deep chasm between East and West. Framing the world in terms of East and West indicates how important the division is in defining cultural…. [read more]

Birth of Islam and Muhammad's Teachings Thesis

… Birth of Islam and Muhammad's Teachings

Islam, one of the three major monotheistic religions of the world with more than a billion adherents all over the world, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since the 9/11 terror attacks. Almost every terror attack around the world nowadays is invariably attributed to 'Islamic terrorists' and the publicity generated by such attacks tend to put the religion of Islam in an unfavorable light. It is important, therefore, to learn more about the great religion of Islam: its early history, the personality and life of its founder, its basic beliefs, the teachings of the Qur'an, the concept of Jihad in Islam, the various sects in Islam, and the challenges faced by the Muslims and…. [read more]

Women and Islam the Western Perception Term Paper

… Women and Islam

The Western perception of Islam is of a religion that is especially restrictive of women. Christianity has had its own more restrictive policies toward women in the past, but the West believes it has evolved to a more equitable view of the rights of women and of equality of the sexes. Islam is seen as living in the past and as failing to modernize, while Islam sees its restrictions as socially constructive and as elevating women rather than keeping them down. Such differences in perception are based on historical differences and also on the way the West has changed and now expects others to do the same without necessarily making the case in a way that appeals to Islam. There are some…. [read more]

Islamic Criminal Justice System Term Paper

… The integration within the western society mostly go beyond the national systems which parallel between the civil law and the common law are much more important than the practical disparities. For instance, Quebec civil law is identical to the French law that have similarity of ideas with British law and the traditional absurdities of 19th Century regulations; to put it differently, the encoding and severity of the rule of model are two alleviating observation of the industrial period that goes parallel. 9

Eighty percent of the people in the world are administered either by the common law or civil law. Bijuralism indicates to a proclamation of facts in the Canadian perspective. Canada is grateful to its history and together with the harmonizing correlation that fasten…. [read more]

Sayyid Qutb's Transformation From Pro-Western to Pro-Islamist Research Paper

… Sayyid Qutb's Transformation from Pro-Western to Pro-Islamist

When most people hear the words Sayyid Qutb, they will often associate his views with radical Islam. This is because, his ideas are famously known for their criticisms of the West and its way of life. Yet, a little further beneath the surface, it is clear that this was a part of a transformation that occurred during his lifetime. As many of his views and beliefs; were designed to serve as way of criticizing modern Islam. Then, after studying and spending significant amounts of time in the United States, is when his ideas changed once again. This is illustrating the kind of impact Qutb had on: the Middle East and different interpretations of Islamic principles. To fully understand…. [read more]

Historical Islamic Faith Essay

… Islamaphobia is one of the most catching illnesses of nowadays and on the rise. However, Islamaphobia is caused by an erogenous impression of Islam where people make the mistake of mixing up Islamists with Moslems. Moslems, according to the way I see it, are the true practitioners of historical Islam that had developed throughout the generations but stayed close to religion. Islamism, on the other hand, is a politicized Islam that attempts to constrain the Islam of the Koran to a contemporary political agenda. Knowing more about historic Islam and the underpinnings of the Islamic faith can help us make a distinction between Islamism and between Islam or between Islamists and Moslems.

The following essay provides us with a brief historical background of the Islamic…. [read more]

Islam in East Africa Analysis Term Paper

… Today, it is active in all three territories. The present head of the mission is Sheikh Mubarah Ahmed, whose first task was to prepare a Swahili translation of the holy Koran with a commentary, then to produce other Islamic literature. Muslims have primarily been involved in conducting village Koranic schools, where the standard of religious and secular learning is low:

As many Muslims are afraid of religious pressure if they send their children to Christian schools, the African and Arab communities are apt to be backward and economically handicapped. Nor has the Ahmadiyya mission yet undertaken hospital work of the type undertaken by the Christian missionaries. The Muslims who follow H.H. The Aga Khan, on the other hand, established schools, hospitals, dispensaries and libraries after…. [read more]

Pre-Islamic Semitic Tribe Term Paper

… Pre-Islamic Semetic Tribe

The history of the world has sometimes rather untraceable origins and there are many situations in which certain elements or historical evolutions cannot be accounted for. However, at the same time, history also gives the possibility of discovering the miracles and mysteries of civilizations long gone. Through such a process, one can see that in fact ancient civilizations all have followers that have defined the world we live today. Therefore, their history is in fact the process of evolution and acculturation which in the end defines their identity and the one of the succeeding civilizations.

The Babylonian civilization is a worthy example in this sense. It offered the precise cultural, political, and economic background for the creation of a grand culture along…. [read more]

Culture Clash Article Review

… However, there are other trends that work to drive the conflicts among cultures. These include trends such as globalization, economic modernization, and economic regionalism. These factors also work to make the cultural differences more apparent because they are less mutable than not easily resolved by economic and political influences as many of the second and third world countries have become more powerful and less dependent on the first world.

One fault line that was noted was between Western and Islamic cultures and these tensions have been building for over thirteen hundred years. At the same time, military conflict among Western states in unimaginable given the level of technology that has developed. A modern war between developed nation would be unthinkable because of the level of…. [read more]

Regional Studies Islam in Europe Term Paper

… ¶ … European Muslims in the Aftermath of 911

The impact of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorist related events have had a profound and far - reaching impact on the situation of Muslims in Europe. The very structure of Muslim life as well as the way that they are perceived in Europe has undergone a significant change. While the integration of the Islamic religion and culture in Europe was problematic before the events of 9/11, the situation has been exacerbated by the events of 9/11 and has impacted on a variety of aspects of Muslim life.

These various aspects will be explored in this paper, as well as the changing perceptions of Muslim in Europe. An important issue is how…. [read more]

Fawaz A. Gerges' America Book Report

… "

Interestingly, in his case study of Iran, Gerges deals with the phenomenon of Osama Bin Laden. Gerges sees Bin Laden as an extremist, who is involved in terrorist activities. Bin Laden is seen as simply one of many extremist terrorists.

Gerges' book is clearly informative, well thought-out, and thought-provoking in turn. The book should be a must-read for Americans whose sole knowledge of American-Islamic relations is taken from the popular media.

The book is even-handed, and fair, and Lebanese native Gerges refrains from the easy temptation to demonize the United States' foreign policy in the Middle East. Instead, Gerges methodologically looks into the complex cultural, historical, political, and security issues that surround American-Islamic relations. Further, he painstakingly provides case studies to help illustrate his…. [read more]

Iran Afghanistan and American Perspectives on Islam Essay

… Iran, Afghanistan, And American Perspectives on Islam:

Since the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States, the global perspective on Islam has changed significantly, especially because of the global war on terrorism. After these attacks, Osama bin Laden rapidly became America's leading enemy as the Bush Administration planned for war against Iraq. While officials started to avoid mentioning Osama's name in public during this period, the administration officials continued to link Saddam Hussein with the threat of terrorism. This initiative of linking Saddam with terrorism threats is regarded as an attempt to generate public support for the war against Iraq (Althaus & Largio, 2004, p.795). However, there have been major concerns about America's perspective on Islam since the country's war on global terrorism seems to…. [read more]

Christianity the Role of Religion Essay

… The two religions share the same history; Muslims refer to the Jews as the children of Israel and regard them as an integral part of their religion. Moses is considered as God's messenger in Islam and mentioned more than any other prophet in the Quran. Similarly, he is the most regarded prophet in Judaism, both religions share a common origin through Abraham, commonly known as Abrahamic religions. Prager & Telushkin (2003), explain that Islam grew out of Judaism and share fundamental religious outlook, setup as well as theory and philosophy of law. Based on the facts here, if religion is the cause of war in the Middle East, then there is a great possibility that religion can end it.

Proper religious education is necessary in…. [read more]

schisms heretical sects christian and islam Term Paper

… Part Two: Islam and Christianity
The birth and spread of Islam from the eighth century onward transformed the geopolitical landscape of much of the world. Islam was perceived as threat to Christian identity, theology, and most importantly, political power. Yet many areas such as Baghdad and Alexandria boasted a pluralistic community that included by Muslims and Christians, as well as Jews and members of other religious and cultural groups. Thus, the perceptions of Christians and Muslims would have varied considerably depending on geographic, temporal, and cultural contexts. The penetration of Islam into Christian regions threatened the construction of a unified Christian identity.
Theologically speaking, Christians perceived Muslims as they did any other non-Christian sect. Muslims were a theologically wayward group, believing simultaneously in the reality…. [read more]

Clash of Identities Essay

… Unlike the majority of the African-American race Hurston did not trying to run away from her private identity, instead she embraced it. She embraced and protected the town she grew up in and the people she grew up with, with in her private identity. After all she did "belong to them, to the nearby hotels, to the country" (159-160). By preserving her private identity Hurston was able to be unique. She was different from everyone else. This absolutely meant a hard life for her and she knew this. Hurston says, "I shall get twice as much praise or twice as much blame" (160). This is the realization by Hurston that this hard life might help her have future success.

Maybe the decision of choosing to…. [read more]

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