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Islam Many Muslims Are Proud to Think Term Paper

… Islam

Many Muslims are proud to think that their religion, Islamism, was the least endangered by the passing of the centuries. The clash between tradition and modernity, the changing of society structures and the industrial revolution, all these factors have led to religious reforms. Tradition is very important to Islam, but the diversity of the people who share this religion is so big that even the pillars of this monotheistic religion are coming into question and feel shaken at some points in history. According to Seyyd Hossein Nassr, a billion two hundred million people have this religion in common (Nasr, p. 2).

Donna Lee Bowen and Evelyn a. Early have edited the book Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, a book that gathers short…. [read more]

Islam and Women Term Paper

… Islam and Women

Not a few Muslims have carelessly accepted and adopted the Judeo-Christian view or assumption on woman's natural weakness and inclination to error for seducing Adam to disobey God's order into eating the forbidden fruit in Paradise (al-Qaradawi). They fault her for the disgrace and the expulsion of Adam with her out of Paradise and thereon assume that she is the weaker and faultier sex and deserves her inferior status. Those who openly or secretly ascribe the total responsibility of the fall from grace to Eve or woman do not have solid ground to stand on because the prejudice is nothing more than a Biblical myth and a baseless prejudice. Allah clearly states in the Qur'an that Adam's decision was entirely his and…. [read more]

Stereotypes Practitioners of Certain Religions Essay

… The photographer who wanted the hairpiece wanted to use the accessory to show how women were struggling during the time of the Taliban in the Muslim society. Al-Marayati writes: "She didn't understand that her assumption was the equivalent of assuming that every Latino has a Mexican sombrero in their closet" (1). This photographer, who is a person that lives outside of the culture, can only understand the Muslim people through the stereotypes that they have beforehand.

Much of the world's perception of the Muslim culture has been determined, not by the actual population of people who practice the religion, but by the media portrayals of certain individuals who do happen to wear traditional garb. What the authors of "An Indentity Reduced to a Burka" are…. [read more]

Saudi Female Expats in Paris International Migrants Research Paper

… Saudi Female Expats in Paris

International Migrants make up about 190 million of the population of the world today. (Balbo 5) the ratio between migrated men and women is roughly the same. Regardless of the reason a person migrated, the main concept here is that they left their country of origin and moved to another location. Many say that migration goes on to on economically build up a country and it significantly contributes to the GDP of both the countries. (Balbo 5) it should be noted that change of funds, services and economies is not the only thing that takes place when migration occurs. Seeing the altitude of diversity that we have today, it is believed that migration has created third diversity. (Balbo 7) it…. [read more]

Indian Nationalism as a Response Essay

… It is their own power and profit that they seek rather than that of the country (Erich Kofmel 18.). That is no path that I wish to tread.

Look again at the formation of a democracy. Who actually constitutes it? Do you think it is all the people who have a say as our popular myth of what a democracy should be? No siree! It is a few influential people who have the power in the kingdom, and it is they that run the country. My fear will be that these people will be in our case the Muslims and they will run the country to the dogs. They will push m e and m y family out for they want an Islamic ruler. I…. [read more]

Racism in a Multicultural Society Research Paper

… When in 1950s, new job opportunities emerged and the employment rate increased dramatically, black community was again hit with ugly realization that they were not being treated equally, and they came to the conclusion that Civil rights policies in the past had failed to give them equal opportunities and thus Kennedy administration was forced to pass the civil rights bill in 1963 that paved the way for Civil Rights Act of 1964. This was a major victory for the black community as this law finally gave them most of the civil rights that they had demanded. Chicago strike played an important role in this connection. (Graham, pp. 334-335).

Civil rights movement did grant blacks many rights they had been hitherto denied but it did not…. [read more]

Martin Luther King Jr Term Paper

… '


Different people have interpreted the message of Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X in many different ways over the years. This is probably because both leaders were cruelly cut down in the prime of their lives and did not get the opportunity to fully elaborate their philosophies. This is especially true of Malcolm X who went through several phases in his life and had embarked on a new one before the end. It is fair to say, however, that the two leaders had a common goal -- the emancipation of their people -- but adopted vastly different approaches to achieve them.

Works Cited

Finkelman, Paul. "Malcolm X" Article in Microsoft Encyclopedia Encarta, 2002

Large, Jerry. "Martin & Malcolm -- two differing voices."…. [read more]

Iraq War Term Paper

… C., that every major move Bush makes in terms of publicity or PR or policy, is orchestrated or at least partially tweaked by Rove.

According to Time Magazine (Elliott, 2003), on May 1, 2003, Bush landed "in flying gear on the deck of the aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln" - which had a huge banner reading "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." Bush strolled across the deck of the carrier and made a speech in front of proud sailors. "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended," he declared to the troops assembled. The war, he continued, had been carried out "with a combination of precision and speed and boldness" which the Iraqi forces did not expect; "the world had not seen" such precision, speed, and boldness, he boasted.…. [read more]

Leo Africanus by Amin Maalouf Term Paper

… The following year he undertook a long voyage to Asia and North Africa.

In 1520 AD (926 AH), his ship was seized by Italian pirates along the shores of Naples. He was led in front of Pope Leo X finding himself in a European setting totally alien to him. He recovered quickly and remembered that he was the product of a refined culture and as such had all reasons to be proud of his prestigious heritage. His intellectual professionalism took over once he became aware that he was dealing with the papal institution, one that was omnipotent throughout Europe. The pope was an exceptional man of the times; he patronized the sciences, literature and the arts. Thus, when they presented Hassan Al Wazzan to him,…. [read more]

Terrorist Organizations and the Media Term Paper

… Two Italian anarchists, Malatesta and Cafiero declared in 1876 that the fact of rebellion would make the socialist principles of their organizations accepted by means of violent acts. To this end, it is of significant importance to terror groups to engage in at least one sensational violent act for which they are remembered. Following are the reasons given for armed propaganda in preference over theoretical propaganda:

Theoretical propaganda could slander the bourgeois press.

Bourgeois speakers could conceal issues at their meetings by speaking pleasantly.

Workers returning home after their tiring working day might not be eager to read socialist publications.

Consequently, one act would ensure the transmission of propaganda rather than millions of statements in a day.

Armed propaganda promotes public perceptions of the efficiency…. [read more]

Hamas the Word Essay

… Almost 50% of its expenses are afforded by Saudi Arabia. In 2002, the Saudi Charity announced to finance the families of the militants who were killed in suicide bombings (Hroub, 2005). Hamas money is kept in the Saudi bank al-Taqwa for the past 15 years. The Islamic Republic of Iran gives 10% financial aid, providing approximately $30 million annually. However, the financial aid to the Hamas group is decreasing day by aid, Saudi Arabia has dried up its aid, and similar is the case with Iran, Syria and Egypt due to their own financial and political crisis of the country. Due to shortage in the supply of aid, employees of Hamas were not paid their salaries in July 2011.Domestically funding is gathered from the governmental…. [read more]

Voting Behavior Term Paper

… Voting Behavior

Religion has continued to play an important role in the politics and society in the contemporary world which is characterized by ideas that are interconnected. In fact secularization theories have been found to be wanting in comparison to the influence of religion in politics. The mass influenced that is present in the religious grouping has an overarching effect on the individual's decision which seen the subjugation of personal conscious in the voting behavior. There have been subsequent studies on the voting behavior with various conclusions made on the factors which influence it most. This paper will try to analyze the relation of religion and voting behavior while addressing two research questions. The first one is how religion influences voting behavior and the second…. [read more]

Gay and Lesbian Torture in Iraq and the International Human Rights Violations Term Paper

… Torture and Abuse of Gays and Lesbians in U.S. Occupied Iraq

The United States has always presented itself as a model of fairness and equality. A champion of human rights around the world, the American government is a signatory to wide range of treaties that guarantee equal protection and treatment for persons of diverse races, religions, creeds, and ethnic groups. The American government condemns gender bias, age discrimination, and prejudice against the physically and mentally disabled. So, when George W. Bush's original justification for the invasion of Iraq i.e. "anticipatory self-defense" collapsed, the President quickly substituted the idea of human rights. Yet, the new Iraq that is emerging after five years of often bloody U.S. occupation can hardly be described as a humanitarian paradise. Numerous…. [read more]

Ethnic Diversity in Democratic Research Paper

… ¶ … Ethnic diversity in democratic states

Democratic France

With the process of globalization experiencing rapid progress, the international public starts to deal with more and more issues, given that most countries are not effectively prepared to deal with some of the problems that arise. In spite of the fact that democracy has come to be widely used by a series of nations, it would appear that little countries actually employ democratic principles in all fields of work. By using democracy as one of its guiding principles, France has come to be one of the most respected nations, considering the incomes it gains every year and the freedom people enjoy in this country. However, judging from the events happening during the recent years one might…. [read more]

Fall of the Soviet Union Term Paper

… Because this process of trust-building in an ethnofederation is so delicate, state leaders quite often rely on the threat of force to hold the entities together.

As we know, the Soviet Union won most of its republics by conquest over the years; dating back to the days of the Russian Empire. The individual conquered states never had the opportunity to decide their own fates with regard to the Soviet Union.

And what was the nature of the makeup of this awkward ethnofederation? During most of the 20th century, the vast territory between the Caspian Sea in the west and China in the east was part of the great Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. There were a few old archaic monarchic states in this region…. [read more]

Myth of the First Amendment Term Paper

… Brandeis, a liberal hero, once wrote - albeit in dissent. Yet, today it seems the unconscious issue is that we believe that speech should and must be limited for a greater good - or else. Whatever one may call this blinkered vision, it has nothing to do with freedom.[Author Not Available, Free Speech for Speech 2002]


Author Not Available, First amendment: an overview Cornell University Accessed April 27, 2002

Detweiler, George Flag Burning Is Not the Issue Vol. 12, No. 07 April 1, 1996 American Opinion Publishing Incorporated

Americans United for Speration of Church and State Accessed April 27, 2002

Freedom First Amendment Accessed April 27, 2002

Author Not Available, Free Speech for Speech We Don't Like?

Accessed April…. [read more]

Defining Terrorism Term Paper

… Terrorism

Encyclopedias and dictionaries define terrorism in the easy to understand language but in reality it is a concept that is hard to grasp. In the last two decades terrorism caused more damage to the world then anything else. Especially after 9/11 the word terrorism was being redefined. Despite differing definitions terrorism, is considered a crime in most of the countries. Statutes of different countries have different version of the definition of terrorism.

Looking up a dictionary we would find the definition in the simplest form. For example, the American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or…. [read more]

Highlights of 500 CE to 1500 Assessment

… Ancient Societies and Their Philosophies

The Influence of the Arab World

As Daren Lin (2008) states, the Arab world did not discover humoral pathology on its own, but inherited it from the Greeks: "The knowledge of the earlier Greek medical teachings came to Islam through Nestorian Christians driven out of Byzantine and settling in Persia" (p. 41). The Greek texts were translated into Arabic (which served as the common language for all scholarship in that area). While the originals are gone, many Arabic translations still survive. The Greeks had perhaps the most humane and sensitive forms of medical treatment of the ancient world. It is Plato who "wrote that '…to think about curing the head alone, and not the rest of the body also, is…. [read more]

Decline of the Ottoman Empire Today Term Paper

… ¶ … Decline of the Ottoman Empire

Today, there may be a few people alive who personally experienced the fall of the Ottoman Empire, but like their World War II counterparts in America and Europe today, the empire is a rapidly fading living memory, but like the war, it remains much more than a historical footnote. The legacy of the Ottoman Empire can be found in a modern secular Turkish nation today that is poised to join the European Union as an equal partner in the international community. The causes for the downfall of the Ottoman Empire seem fairly concrete to some who believe that the economy was in a horrid state and that most were near starvation while others think that the internal economy…. [read more]

Democratic Nomination of Obama for President Research Paper

… 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary -- Clinton vs. Obama

Why -- and when -- did Obama decide to make a run for the White House? Did he believe his chances were good -- or was he just setting the table for a future run?

"…I have chosen a life with a ridiculous schedule, a life that requires me to be gone from Michelle and the girls for long stretches of time and that exposes Michelle to all sorts of stress. I may tell myself that in some larger sense I am in politics for Malia and Sasha, that the work I do will make the world a better place for them. But such rationalizations seem feeble and painfully abstract when I'm missing one of the girl's…. [read more]

Three Cups of Tea Analysis Term Paper

… ¶ … Cups of Tea Analysis

Three Cups of Tea:

study in low and high-context communication; the power of communication to alter the world

Climbing a mountain is a highly individualistic effort. Although many poor communities may live in the Himalayas, mountain-climbing is an expensive sport usually only possible for people living in highly Westernized countries. In 1993, Greg Mortenson failed in his personal attempt to climb K2, a mountain still known as 'the climber's mountain,' a peak that makes scaling Mount Everest look easy. Mortenson's efforts left him in a state of almost total physical ruin and his spirit was also crushed by a sense of having failed in his efforts. He was forced to throw himself upon the mercy of a small mountain…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

Ecclesiastes, Chapter Essay

… Exegesis on Ecclesiastes - Chapter 2

The task of elaborating on the second chapter of Ecclesiastes is not to be taken lightly. The perfection of Solomon's words are revealed in the fact that God chose to use him as a trumpet many times. The book of Ecclesiastes both autobiographical and proverbial. Since Solomon had the means to accomplish any desire, he was able to sample anything humanity could wish. He was able to sin against God with all the depravity of his heart. He says "my mind still guiding me with wisdom" in verse three meaning that throughout the entire process he maintained his wisdom. Thus, he was able to analyze, better than any man, the extent of his depravity, and the extent to which…. [read more]

Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Essay

… The second perspective focuses on the links between international divisions based on learning and information transfer (Handout 1). In addition, such founding principles of the practice of counseling encompass key elements of what it takes practitioners to achieve their professional goals. Practitioners who do not create connections with clients fails to create learning that can only be derived through interaction with different clients. High diversity levels are driven by the benefits of tapping communicative, cultural, and creative skills of different clients. Practitioners engage such skills to enhance their counseling policies, client experiences, and services. Diversity practitioners have cited the benefits of having an open discussion with clients because this profession requires that clients must come out of their areas of comfort and have an experience…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Cause of War Term Paper

… Clash of Civilizations - Samuel Huntington

In his book the Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington explains that the end of the cold war also brought to a conclusion the way wars are fought based on ideology. Huntington asserts that the absence of the international image of two superpowers dominating world politics has opened the door to regional cultural and religious wars. He makes his points by combining statistics to prove his oversimplified theory of world demographics as an "indispensable guide to international politics." His arguments in that regard seem valid, lucid and convincing, but there are those who take issue with his positions. In fact much of what Huntington asserts can be objectively (based on history and the world today) challenged and indeed morally challenged…. [read more]

Middle East Fashion Capital: Beirut Lebanon Dissertation

… They also provide funding and in some instances they collaborate with locals to establish creative businesses or industries back home. The country also has a specific association to develop funding for culture-based businesses and initiatives. This organization and the other factors explained for it show that culture is being taken seriously in the country and that there are many stakeholders who are already actively involved in trying to improve the already-amazing culture of the country. It is safe to conclude that the future is looking bright in terms of culture. 

The capital of the Lebanon is Beirut. It is also the largest city and the commercial center of Lebanon. The city has an international airport and road and rail links to all parts of…. [read more]

Assassination of the Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri Term Paper

… Assination of Rafik Hariri: Extinguishing a Light in the Middle East

Lebanon is an oddity in the Middle East; a diverse cultural mixture that were it not for outside influences vying for power and control of the country might perhaps achieve a culturally and economically successful society. It has on more than one occasion in its war torn history attempted to do that. To become a Singapore of the Middle East; or at least such was the vision held by Lebanon's late former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (he had resigned in 2004), who was assassinated in February, 2005 (Denoeux and Springborg, 1998, p. 158). "Consciously striving to emulate its putative Phoenician heritage, Lebanon was the only truly cosmopolitan Arab country (Denoeux and Springborg, 1998, p.…. [read more]

Terrorism and Drug Trafficking Capstone Project

… In particular, heroin from Mexico poses a formidable threat throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware, as evidenced by the increasing availability of high purity, low priced heroin and the resulting escalation in abuse, drug treatment admissions, and overdose deaths. This threat is exacerbated by the widely-reported trend of prescription drugs abusers migrating to heroin, seeking a cheaper and more available high. The DEA Philadelphia Division routinely assesses and ranks the drug threats to Philadelphia and the Delaware area as determined by availability, threat to public health, community impact, attendant crime, enforcement activity, seizures, drug abuse and treatment statistics, as well as propensity for abuse. Analysis of these factors, supplemented by investigative reporting, human intelligence, liaison, and open source data, allows for a comprehensive overview of each drug…. [read more]

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