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Israel Country Study Research Paper

… Political/Government Assessment

There is no constitution that is followed in Israel. Instead, the affairs of the country are regulated and administered under the Declaration of Establishment (1948) in addition to the laws made by the parliament and citizens. The Head of the State is always the President which is regarded as a principally ceremonial responsible position. The legislature has the responsibility of electing the President for a term of 7 years without any term limits. On the other hand, the Prime Minister is responsible for heading the government. Normally, the largest party's leader is given the mentioned position after the completion of legislative elections. The unicameral legislature has a Knesset consisting of one hundred and twenty seats. The members of Knesset are selected by ballot…. [read more]

International Marketing: Qatar Country Term Paper

… International Marketing: Qatar

Country Study of Qatar Today

Qatar has been ruled by the Al Thani family since the mid-1800s, but there have been some dramatic changes in the country's actual leadership in recent years. Today, Qatar has transformed itself from a poor British protectorate famed mostly for its pearls into a modern independent state that enjoys significant oil and natural gas revenues (Qatar, 2005). Reminiscent of the recent charges being level in the UN oil-for-food program, the Qatari economy was severely damaged during the last two decades of the 20th century by illegal activities by the current amir's father. In 1995, the amir's son, Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, assumed the country's leadership from his father, who was in Switzerland at the time…. [read more]

Iran Country Assessment -- Economic Research Paper

… [10: CIA. 2012. The World Fact book -- Iran. Online, available from Internet, accessed July 17th, 2012.]

Physical Resources

Natural Resources:

Iran has been bestowed with rich natural resources in the form of lands, forests, minerals, natural gas and oil products, etc. In its rich agri land, Iran grows a number of food products; including wheat, rice, wool, cotton, fruits, sugarcane, and dry fruits. The excess quantities of these products are exported to other countries.


Iran exports oil and natural gas, chemical and petrochemical products, and fruits to China, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Spain, South Korea, and India. China is currently the biggest export partner of Iran by taking more than 19% of its export commodities. Iran's total exports for the year 2011 were…. [read more]

Israel Explanation Term Paper

… With both sides of the equation being labeled as both victim and perpetrator, it becomes difficult to propose sensible national security policies.

The securitization process of Israel has been recently built on the labeling mechanism. Labeling Palestinians with the blanket term of "terrorist" has become the major means by which Israel garners domestic and international support through the media and popular culture. As Finkelstein (2003) puts it, Israel "has defined Palestinian terror as an existential threat to the survival of the Israeli state and society," (p. 3). The speeches of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echo the existential threat theory that permeates Israeli public consciousness. As a direct method of promoting right-wing security strategies, propaganda such as this helps to establish an ethnocratic regime under the…. [read more]

Israel Internal Security Case Study

… Israel Internal Security Case Study

Nature of the state

Israel is a young nation, developed following WWII, when Britain withdrew from Palestine and the United Nations partitioned a portion of it for the resettlement of displaced Jews following the war. Arab nations in the region and Palestine itself rejected the arrangement, but it was followed through with nonetheless. The arrangement developed into several costly wars in which the Israeli army was successful, with the aide of foreign backing but many deep rooted tensions have not been resolved since. The Israeli government also occupies additional lands, which were acquired through these costly wars, most notably the Gaza strip and a few other regions, though some have been returned to their nation of origin since.

On 25…. [read more]

Israel International PoliticsTerrorism Case Study


Locked in a history of persecution, religious discrimination, and national consciousness, the Jewish people were granted their own land when, following World War II, the British withdrew from Palestine and the United Nations divided the war-torn land into two separate states. The UN created an Arab state and a Jewish state, Israel, against tremendous rejection by the Arabs, who felt that what was once their land was being redistributed without their approval. The 1947 UN Partition created a very small state in the area of Tel Aviv, and, through a series of wars, Israel ambitiously expanded its borders. The Jews and the Arabs, both inextricably psychologically tied to this holy land, continue to mar the narrowly defined lines of the nation of Israel, Medinat…. [read more]

Iran Societal Assessment Research Paper

… Analysts say the continuation of this trend will take Iran far beyond and above its Muslim counterparts. But the Neo-conservative government and President Ahmad-Nejd are not happy and want to introduce reforms to help take the population to 120 million

. This seems to hint at the modernization of the populace and the fact that the government and people don't get along very well.

NATIONAL COHESION: If Pakistan has a diverse population with a variety of cultural, social and ethnic groups residing in the country Iran is not far behind. The Iranian nation is composed of more than 10 ethnic groups and a similar number of languages here. The religious composition of the country is also equally diverse. The official religion is Islam and there…. [read more]

Iran Country Vulnerability Assessment Outlook Research Paper

… Nevertheless, there have been constraints caused by different factors. The gross-Domestic-Product has shown decline last few years. This may be as a result of the population growth. The government is also spending a lot in the military despite the fact that it is not enough. External pressure has been reported especially because of the attacks from Iraq and Afghanistan. This has made the country exposed to attacks because of the many resources it has. The war seems endless and as much as United States of America has shown interest in defending it, United Arab Emirates and Iraq are not giving up.


CIA, "World Fact Book: Iran," [database online], Country Profiles; accessed July 29, 2012.

Library of Congress, "Country Profile: Iran"; available from; Internet;…. [read more]

Israel Is a Country Caught Term Paper

… Israel is a country caught in multiple kinds of crossroads. The country is in the middle of the Middle East, an area fraught with tensions literally for millennia. The land currently called Israel has been fought over from Biblical times, and who should and should not be allowed to live on that land remains a topic of debate among some to this day. Many people are acutely aware of the long history of the region. Put the words "Israel" and "History" into GOOGLE, and the first two websites found trace Israel's history back to events in Genesis. Although some groups of people dispute that claim in important ways, the view Israel has of its history plays an important role in the historical events of the…. [read more]

Welcome Israel Case Study

… ¶ … Israel

Case Analysis: Wellcome Israel

Situation Analysis:

The process of corporate acquisition and merger is typically extremely complex. It is exponentially more so in the case of Wellcome Israel, a pharmaceutical division of Promedico, a payee of Wellcome Hellas and a prospective addition to Glaxo. These overlapping forces have created a particularly challenging scenario for CEO Ozra Sherman, who must navigate Wellcome Israel through a decidedly uncertain period. This is true in spite of the company's excellent performance, or perhaps one might argue, even in light of it. The profitability of Wellcome Israel has been ironic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the relative struggles of its parent company in Promedico. This was true to the extent that…. [read more]

Country Company Social Responsibility Thesis

… Country/Company Social Responsibility

McDonald's in Iraq

The sole common feature that unites all players in the contemporaneous society is change. This is obvious in the way we live our lives, our modifying hobbies and interests, our living standards or our purchasing habits. But the changes are also obvious at corporate levels, which now place an increased emphasis on the employees, the customers and the environment. The ultimate purpose remains however the registration of high profits. What has changed then is the approach to this desiderate, in the meaning that corporations no longer use machines to expand, but people, strategies and policies. One of these expansionist measures refers to globalization, the buzz word of the twenty first century, which sees the transfer of numerous values from…. [read more]

Geography Israel: Resource Limitations Requiring Specialization Term Paper

… Geography

Israel: Resource Limitations Requiring Specialization

The geography and resource distribution of Israel has a significant impact on the economic and political success of the nation, perhaps as much as its embattled relationship with its neighbors and the Palestinians. Because of Israel's relatively small size -- 8,019 square miles or roughly the size of the state of New Jersey -- the nation has significant limitations placed on its available natural resources (Linge 79). Combined with this resource reality is a compromised geographical position that surrounds the nation with political enemies, a modified Mediterranean climate, and a wide variety of terrains and microclimates. In whole, the economic and political success of Israel is very much dependent on these factors as will be evident from a discussion…. [read more]

PESTLE Analysis Country's Profile Political Essay

… Poor water management and inadequate storage are the main causative agents for this situation. There have been various plans been rolled out in Pakistani parliament, however most of them failed to secure the support of majority so there has been no substantial growth in this regard. The country has been working in a close liaison with United Nations Development Pogramme and has been taking measures for saving wildlife, and maintaining adequacy of natural resources (See Figure A in Appendix A).

Out of all these factors, poor infrastructure and shortage of energy and fresh water resources are main factors which can act as a major hurdle in carrying out manufacturing in Karachi, Pakistan. According to Pakistan Textile Journal, more than three hundred factories have shutdown only…. [read more]

Country Experience Being Essay

… ¶ … Country Experience

Being in a foreign country is not easy. This is because it is a relatively new experience which one is not used to and thus it might feel awkward and is even worse when you are in a non-English speaking country. Not all countries in the world speak English there are others where they speak other languages apart from English. I really had a rough time when I went to study in Iraq. At first I had thought of it as an opportunity to go outside my country of origin and get to know how people out there lived. However, when I got there it was the least of my expectations. First of all in Iraq the official languages are…. [read more]

Camp David Accords Camp Davids Case Study

… Prime Minister Begin achieved both of his main goals; he wanted to secure a peace treaty and demilitarize Sinai Peninsula without compromising on the Palestinian issue.

On the other side, President Sadat was successful in getting Israeli withdrawal from Sinai and few other concessions but unfortunately he failed in establishing the Palestinian self-determination which was actually very important for gaining Arab support. Sadat wanted to solve this issue so that he could regain his position in the Arab but it didn't happen. In the final document both parties agreed on calling for the creation of an administrative council in the West Bank Gaza. However, no time period was mentioned for the development of this authority; this way Israelis got the chance to block this issue…. [read more]

Gaza Conflict. It Explores Essay

… A number of the affected families sought shelter together with their relatives. On the thirteenth day of the military operation, approximately 21,200 Palestinian individuals who had been displaced were residing at the shelters. As the third week was approaching, the number of displaced individuals increased by approximately 14,300. This made the total number of displaced Palestinian individuals to reach 35,520. The number of displaced Palestinians continued to rise steadily. This resulted into the opening of additional emergency shelters all over Gaza.

Destruction of Buildings

A number of buildings were destroyed as a result of the Gaza Conflict. A report that was provided by the Red Cross indicated that in Jabalia, more than one thousand households now lives on the ruins of their houses. It was…. [read more]

Playwright Israel Zangwill Is United Essay

… This is fascinating because while Muslim immigrants are deeply diverse of their national and ethnic backgrounds, hailing from as far east as Indonesia to as far west as Morocco, their experience especially in view of the events in recent memory has given them a special sense of unity and formed a superset of ethnicity. The broader Islamic culture militates against time honored American traditions and cultural icons. There is no alcohol involved. Muslims do not even eat the same meat as Americans following instead the Kosher traditions of their Semitic Jewish brethren. Pork is a big no! Muslim girls do not go to prom and are not allowed to date or intermingle with boys. Away from their traditional homelands, Muslims cling much more staunchly to…. [read more]

Israel Debate Continue Essay

… Resolution 242 did not have anything to do with establishing a Palestinian state, as I said previously, nor did it need to in order to carry the same weight in the West Bank as in the Sinai Peninsula: this was another State's territory that Israel invaded and currently occupies, and though the statehood of this territory has undergone many changes in the ensuing decades it was unequivocally part of a State in 1967. To suggest otherwise is either to display extreme ignorance or to be disingenuous.

You also make an assumption regarding my "agreement" with the representative of the Soviet Union regarding which countries certain territories belong to. I cited this representative specifically in regards to the interpretation of Resolution 242 and what it called…. [read more]

Sub-Group Americans in Muslim Countries Thesis

… Americans in Muslim Countries

Minority Communities: The Effects and Challenges of Americans Living in Muslim Countries

Few minority groups in the United States in the past decade have received as much direct attention, both from the media and from the political and scientific communities, than Muslims. Indeed, Islamic radicalism and fundamentalism has raised many questions about the religion and its adherents -- most of whom, it should be noted, are not radical or fundamentalists -- on the global scale. Islam is also one of the fastest growing religions in the world, making this demographic one not only worthy of study, but demanding it. The focus on most of the scholarship concerning this group over the last decade, however, has dealt with the interactions and assimilation…. [read more]

Christian Missionary Work in Iraq Today Research Paper

… Family. Pursuant to mixture of shari'a law and civil law, men are the heads of the household and of Iraqi society.

Some indication of the composition of contemporary Iraqi families can be discerned from the breakdown of the current Iraqi population provided in Table 2 and depicted graphically in a population pyramid in Figure 2 below.

Table 2

Demographic Breakdown of Iraqi Society Today

Age Group

Percentage of Population



0-14 years




15-24 years




25-54 years




55-64 years




65 years and over




Source: CIA World Factbook at

Figure 2. Population Pyramid for Iraq: 2014

Source: CIA World Factbook at

A Survey of Mission Work

History of Mission…. [read more]

Memory Studies Memories of Cyprus Term Paper

… However, these are official histories and don't not entirely represent the memories of the residents of the two societies. Furthermore, where the history has been twisted for political purposes, one needs to understand that these both the states have a synchronized culture, presenting them to have an identical identity. This is where the concept of Cypriotism emerges. Hence, a combined Cyprus has an ethnic nationalism rather than Turkish or Greek nationalism.

It is further important to note that the official history can also be used to verify limited claims rather than the complete reality. As Bryant mentioned in her work how the official histories were shown to have faulty information which has been used by the politicians to instigate heat in students. There have been…. [read more]

Interventionism From the Perspective Case Study

… These studies serve as the foundation for this present analysis.

Other studies have shown that foreign military intervention can easily be conducted even if they are in violation of the United Nations charter and lack authorization of the Security Council (Cassese 1999). This shows that countries can and do act on their own in engaging in interventionism. The motives for doing so are what this study plans to investigate.

A number of Western countries support humanitarian interventionism but they have not yet intervened in Syria. The reality behind humanitarian interventionism is that there are clear political, geopolitical, and economical consequences to every foreign intervention. Intervention is not merely a humanitarian crusade but rather a highly explosive affair that can cripple countries' infrastructures and have global…. [read more]

Nations and Nationalism Since 1780? For E.J Essay

… Nations and Nationalism since 1780? For E.J. Hobsbawm

Analysis of Israel as Potential Destination for Conducting Business

Based on the opportunities created by globalization and market liberalization, more and more economic agents cross boundaries to geographically expand their businesses. The Middle East is generally a controversial territory, one in which contrasts are obvious between the few rich ones directly involved in the oil business and the poor majority, which finds it difficult to get skilled jobs or conduct agricultural activities to increase their food sustainability. Despite its location in this land, Israel is fairly different from its neighbors through elements such as reduced oil supplies or economic and industrial diversification. The aim of this report is to critically assess the country and offer a solid…. [read more]

Effects of Zionism on the Peace Process Between Israel and the Palestinians Term Paper

… ¶ … Zionism on the peace process between Israel and Palestinians brief history and forms of Zionism

Brief history of Jewish way to the own state

Creating an own state - Israel

The history of Israeli territory

Arab anti-Semitism and conflicts

When talking about such complicated and very uneasy question as Zionism is, we have to research the process during which it was formed and developed. Zionism is rather spread among Jews and has many followers among both Israelites and Jewish Diaspora because many "religious Jews today possess the sole remaining form of Jewish nationalism with any of the basic building blocks of a living idea:(Yoram Hazony, the Zionist Idea and Its Enemies).

Unfortunately practically all countries blame Jews for being Zionists as they find…. [read more]

Political Boundaries and Conflicts Research Paper

… Political Boundaries and Conflicts

Boundaries refer to physical or psychologically established separations, which mark the ends of agreeable operations and internalities within two or more nations. Every country in the world has its own boundary in the partition, which marks the geological exemplification from one country to another. For instance, the United States of America has boundaries, which separate it from its neighboring countries like Mexico. Germany is a nation with boundaries and shows the end of its geographical dominance with its neighboring countries. Any nation has boundaries and possible most of which are politically instilled. For instance, rivaling political parties exhibit political boundaries, which denote the depth of their political dominance in the region. Still between two or more countries, political boundaries are bound…. [read more]

George W. Bush Administration Policy on Syria Essay

… Syria

An Analysis of the U.S.-Syrian Conflict

This paper will analyze the G.W. Bush Administration's justification for conflict with Syria and show how the disparate reasons of internal organs within the White House and those offered to the public by way of the national press suggest that an ulterior motive much broader in scope and ideological in nature was (and is) actually the basis for justification. In doing so, this paper will utilize Conflict Theory to help bring into perspective the opposing rationales that are presented throughout the analysis.

The Bush Administration had very clear reasons for initiating conflict with Syria, outlined by such neo-conservative think tanks as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) (members of which were highly placed in the Administration…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Analysis of the Middle East From the President's Perspective Essay

… American foreign policy as it manifests itself in the Middle East has long been a struggle. The last few decades have demonstrated America's attempts at finding allies and the challenges of controlling the area. After a tremendous amount of analysis and assessment, the best methods to be taken in this particular area are ones of strategic humanitarian action and development. As this paper will demonstrate, much of the discord of the area is directly connected to the fact that it's so impoverished and disadvantaged. Helping the Middle East and building where other governments would blow up, is the best way to develop the area. Such actions not only help develop the global economy, but they help to stabilize America' footing in the rest of the…. [read more]

Arab-Israeli Conflict Tensions Between Israel and Palestinians Term Paper

… Arab-Israeli Conflict

Tensions between Israel and Palestinians have been of great concern to the rest of the world ever since they began, in 1947. In that year, Great Britain, who governed the area as a protectorate and with the approval of the United Nations (Bennis, 1997), partitioned the land so that both Palestinians and Israelis could live in what was then called Palestine. This action was taken as a response to the Holocaust of World War II. World powers felt that Jewish people needed a homeland, and some Jews had been quietly moving to Palestine for some years. These "Zionists" believed they had an historical claim to the land, but the Palestinians currently living there viewed it as theirs, and they had been there for…. [read more]

Liberal Position in the U.S Essay

… As Zbigniew Brzezinski has argued, if the U.S. In the past dealt only with Arab governments, today America has to deal with the Arab public. The United States therefore cannot continue its policy of supporting peace talks rhetorically but continue its unequivocal support of Israel in action (a policy pursued by the Bush Administration). The United States should be ready to support Palestinians as well, pressuring Israel to embrace negotiations because the current impasse is bad for Israel as well as the United States ("Brzezinski Says Peace Impasse Menaces Israel, U.S.").

Why More Support for War Veterans Needed

The number of servicemembers transitioning to the veteran status has dramatically increased in the last decade due to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of…. [read more]

Syria I Am Osmane Arslanian Term Paper

… Consequently in May 2004, President Bush decided that Syria failed to meet these conditions and, as sanctions, prohibited exports to Syria of items in the U.S. Munitions list and Commerce Control list, of U.S. products except food and medicines and the landing or take-off of Syrian government-owned aircraft in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Treasury also intended to order American financial institutions to cut off correspondent accounts with the Commercial Bank of Syria on money-laundering reasons and pursuant to section 311 of the U.S.A. Patriot Act (Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs 2004). And using his international emergency economic powers under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act or IEEPA, President Bush also authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to freeze the assets of certain Syrian…. [read more]

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