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Israel Is One of the Most Interesting Essay

… Israel is one of the most interesting nations on the earth. The interest in Israel is not only due to the past and present conditions of Israel, but also the future of the nation. The place of Israel in prophecy has been closely examined for centuries. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the final stages of prophecy in Israel, concerns of the final prophecies and the events or situations replacing prophecy.

The final stages of prophecy in Israel/Judah

One aspect of the final stages of prophecy involving Israel is tied to the tumultuous past and present of the nations. Israel has been the scene of wars and calamity for decades and at the current time it is at the center of the Middle…. [read more]

Israel Country Study Research Paper

… Political/Government Assessment

There is no constitution that is followed in Israel. Instead, the affairs of the country are regulated and administered under the Declaration of Establishment (1948) in addition to the laws made by the parliament and citizens. The Head of the State is always the President which is regarded as a principally ceremonial responsible position. The legislature has the responsibility of electing the President for a term of 7 years without any term limits. On the other hand, the Prime Minister is responsible for heading the government. Normally, the largest party's leader is given the mentioned position after the completion of legislative elections. The unicameral legislature has a Knesset consisting of one hundred and twenty seats. The members of Knesset are selected by ballot…. [read more]

Israel's Celebrated Prophets Research Paper

… 1, 53.3). These lines suggest that the individual will suffer for the transgressions of the Israelites, in order for them to receive the forgiveness. The theme of suffering continues, "he carried [their] diseases… He was wounded for [their] transgressions, bruised for [their] iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that made [them] whole, and by his stripes [they] are healed" and "the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of [them] all" (Isaiah 53.4-5, 53.6). The Israelites believed this to mean that salvation, redemption, and spiritual renewal would be fulfilled through an individual's life, suffering, and death. Furthermore, these promises would have been believed to be delivered at no cost to those who want it, as expressed in the metaphor, "everyone who thirsts, come to the…. [read more]

Isaiah Delivered the Jubilee Message Essay

… Isaiah delivered the Jubilee message to the people of God who are now free from captivity, restored, and exalted, culminated in the message of Jesus. This message, delivered in Isaiah 61:1-11, gives hope to the oppressed, images of a new land, and a song of rejoicing for those that have been in exile. Throughout the text, Isaiah draws upon the message to communicate the hope, justice, and love of God to God's chosen people.

"The book of Isaiah, according to most scholars, is rooted in the actual prophetic personality, Isaiah, 'son of Amoz,' whose conventional dates for life in Jerusalem are perhaps 742 to 689 B.C.E."

Isaiah is one of the largest, and is a vitally important text in the canon. Isaiah is referenced in…. [read more]

Isaiah 1 10 20 Research Proposal

… Isaiah

The Holy Bible has been studies for centuries and remains as one of the controversial religious books in the world. The Old Testament holds special treasures concerning the relationship of God with His elect people, Israel. The book of Isaiah is particularly significant in this regard. The purpose of this discussion is to interpret Book of Isaiah 1:10-20. The research will explore the meaning of the passage and will include a questioning of the historical context of the research, the literary context of the passage and the structure of the passage. The discussion will also focus on the relevance of this passage for the original audience. In addition the investigation will answer the following questions

What was God attempting to convey to His people…. [read more]

Playwright Israel Zangwill Is United Essay

… This is fascinating because while Muslim immigrants are deeply diverse of their national and ethnic backgrounds, hailing from as far east as Indonesia to as far west as Morocco, their experience especially in view of the events in recent memory has given them a special sense of unity and formed a superset of ethnicity. The broader Islamic culture militates against time honored American traditions and cultural icons. There is no alcohol involved. Muslims do not even eat the same meat as Americans following instead the Kosher traditions of their Semitic Jewish brethren. Pork is a big no! Muslim girls do not go to prom and are not allowed to date or intermingle with boys. Away from their traditional homelands, Muslims cling much more staunchly to…. [read more]

Isaiah 58 Term Paper

… Isaiah 58 is a warning from God to his people. The chapter fits with the message contained in the entire second half of Isaiah (40-66). God expresses his displeasure with his children and gives them specific instructions that he wishes to be followed in order to return to his good graces. This research will support the thesis that Isaiah 58 is a call to action that provides essential clues as to the management of our resources today.

An Introduction to the Chapter

Isaiah served as a prophet in Jerusalem at a pivotal time in the relationship of the Israelites to God. He began his public ministry late in the reign of King Uzziah, just prior to the death of the King in 740 B.C.

Isaiah…. [read more]

Isaiah 57 3 13 Thesis

… Isaiah 57 can be divided into three sections, according to the audience. The chapter addresses the righteous and those who have fallen into idolatry. The chapter opens with a message to the righteous, comforting them that they will have peace, while those that have fallen from righteousness will suffer and perish. Verses 3-13 serve as a warning to those that choose the wrong path. The third section of the chapter expresses God's anger with the wicked and serves as a call for the righteous to prepare the road. In the following exegesis, we will examine verses 3-'3, the message to the wicked. It will support the thesis that Isaiah's key message is not about the individual, but in the ability to build a society that…. [read more]

Prophets Old Testament Term Paper

… Prophets

Abraham Heschel passionately challenged Christians, as well as Jews to become partners with God in creating a compassionate and just world. His dedication to social justice and confidence that he spoke for God to an unwise people were the same motivations that the ancient prophets felt. As he knew God to be just and loving, so must His people be. He marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. And led in the anti-War movement during the Vietnam era. He constantly called for "spiritual audacity and social justice" in a culture that blindly followed leaders who sought war and advocated violence. His upbringing in Poland and his deportation from it by the Nazis gave him insight into the consequences of impious domination and hatred, leading him…. [read more]

Prophet Isaiah Term Paper

… He often brought the words of God to the people, and warned them the Assyrians were the messengers of God, coming against Israel because of their worship of pagan gods, and their sins.

"Because this people has rejected the gently flowing waters of Shiloah and rejoices over Rezin and the son of Remaliah, therefore the Lord is about to bring against them the mighty floodwaters of the River -- the king of Assyria with all his pomp. It will overflow all its channels, run over all its banks" (Isaiah 8:6-7).

Eventually, the Israelites fall to Babylon, and Isaiah's prophecies come true. When the people return to their reverence of God, he releases them from their bondage and they return to their fulfilling way of life.…. [read more]

Course Is Comparative Politics Term Paper

… ¶ … Israel's Security Policies Relating to the Building of the Wall

The problem is terrorism or rather in general terms, the lack of security for the state of Israel. Since its inception in 1948, the Jewish state has been subjected to numerous attacks from its Arab neighbors, each of which has, as its stated aim, the destruction of the state of Israel. Winning independence in 1948, after a bitter fight, it would be forced time and again to fight for its existence. Israel's reaction to the security problem over the years has been to build a series of fixed structures or walls to keep its enemies out. These structures have done more to increase the security of the State of Israel, than any other…. [read more]

Major Prophets Term Paper

… ¶ … Prophets

In speech we often use terms "sovereign" and "sovereignty" in reference to politics, as we associate them with power, authority and rulership. In King James Version of Bible these words are never used. Today word "sovereignty" is used to show power and almightiness of God. In Webster dictionary it is defined as "above or superior to all others; chief, greatest, supreme; supreme in power, rank or authority." It says sovereignty is "the state or quality of being sovereign; the status, dominion, rule or power of a sovereign; supreme and independent political authority."

The sovereignty of God is very important concept in Christian religion, it's the basis on which one builds his faith. It's generally agreed that without understanding sovereignty and supreme power…. [read more]

Future of a Place Strangling Term Paper

… ¶ … Future of a Place Strangling in Its Past

When one reads or watches news coverage of the Middle East, one can all to easily come away with the sense that there is nothing that can be done to ameliorate the situation there. It often seems as if the earth has somehow shifted underneath the region and the Israelis and the Arabs were inhabiting the territory of Ancient Greece and the players -- the ultra-Orthodox Israeli settlers determined to push the borders of their nation ever-farther outward, the Holocaust-deniers, the dispossessed Palestinians, the state of Israel as the lone democracy in the area, Saudi billionaires disbursing their money -- are trapped in a play by Euripides or Sophocles.

As this paper explores, this play…. [read more]

Israel's Religious System at the Time of Christ Research Paper

… Israel at the Time of Christ

In order to understand the life of Jesus, it is important to understand the circumstances in which he grew up. So many times the focus is on Jesus, the God, but his humanity was as critical as his divinity, perhaps even more so because it was his humanity that made his self-sacrifice such a significant factor. Divine, Jesus is universal and can be accessed by anyone, which is a wonderful feature for a deity. "A universalized Jesus, on the other hand, is always in danger of losing the limitations and concreteness of his actual existence; he loses his identification with our lives in the world today. Jesus lived, but he often seemed to live only as a theory in…. [read more]

George W. Bush Administration Policy on Syria Essay

… Syria

An Analysis of the U.S.-Syrian Conflict

This paper will analyze the G.W. Bush Administration's justification for conflict with Syria and show how the disparate reasons of internal organs within the White House and those offered to the public by way of the national press suggest that an ulterior motive much broader in scope and ideological in nature was (and is) actually the basis for justification. In doing so, this paper will utilize Conflict Theory to help bring into perspective the opposing rationales that are presented throughout the analysis.

The Bush Administration had very clear reasons for initiating conflict with Syria, outlined by such neo-conservative think tanks as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) (members of which were highly placed in the Administration…. [read more]

Israeli Politics and Society Term Paper

… Israeli Politics

Separating Religion from National Identity: Interview with Avraham B. Yehoshua."

Palestine - Israel Journal of Politics, Economics, and Culture

When researching the Middle East, one of the most important concepts to question is the idea of 'identity.' The state of Israel is based upon the commonly shared Jewish identity, religion, and history of all of its citizens. However, its notions of citizenship and identity extend far beyond its physical borders. Everyone who is Jewish is potentially a citizen of Israel. This sense of citizenship encompasses many different individuals within its definition, including people of different races, ethnic groups, and levels of religiosity. The state of Israel illustrates one of the paradoxes of the region. Every Middle Eastern person has intense tribal loyalties, not…. [read more]

Arafat's Images Examined Arafat's Origins and Early Essay

… Arafat's Images Examined

Arafat's Origins and Early Life


Clinton Camp David Summit and the "Clinton Parameters"

Arafat's Death and Legacy

Yasser Arafat has been described throughout his career, both by many detractors and supporters, as the "father of the Palestinian people." The view in Colin Shindler's A History of Modern Israel provides a more pro-Israel approach and accurately describes Arafat in all of his duplicitous glory. In this essay, the author strives to provide additional support with other portrayals of Yasser Arafat in an attempt to enhance Shindler's portrayal of the deceased leader of the PLO, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

This admirable study faithfully retells Israel's national story, Shindler mostly concentrates on how the Jewish Commonwealth has been historically unable to fulfill…. [read more]

Palestine How Would You Feel Term Paper

… However, when they felt that Palestine was not taking this seriously, they reversed their steps which paved way for yet another failed effort (Erin, 143)

The Road Map for Peace was an agreement designed by America, EU, UN and Russia. All the countries agreed for the formation of an independent state of Palestine. It was the first one in which the country would get the status of being a separate state. The planned objectives were for both countries to end violence and live in harmony with each other. Failure of the plan was due to in cooperation from both sides. Out of all the peace accords ever proposed, the road map to peace b [picked up some pace after the death of Yasser Arafat. The…. [read more]

Amos Hosea Exploring Ways Message Essay

… "On Jeroboam's death, Israel fell into near anarchy as almost everyking was assassinated by his successor. This, combined with the rise ofan invigorated Assyria under Tiglath Pileser III (745-727 B.C.) and hissuccessors Shalmanesar V (727-722 B.C.) and Sargon II (722-705 B.C.),sealed the fate of Israel" (Garret 1993, p. 2).

Similar to Amos, Hosea is principally recognized for how he described himself, as there is little to no outside information relating to him. Amos focused on prophesying in regard to the southern part of Israel while Hosea concentrated on the north. Even with this, they both saw similar attitudes in Israelites and realized that a period of great suffering would begin. It is difficult to determine the exact period that Hosea lived in, as he related…. [read more]

Gilgamesh and Isaiah - Views on Life Term Paper

… Gilgamesh and Isaiah - Views on Life

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, written circa 1700 B.C.E. And discovered in the ruins of Nineveh in 1853, the view on life is basically centered on civilization itself, meaning that man, through "temperance, wisdom and piety... learns to rule himself and therefore his people" (Mitchell, 2004, p. 7). Gilgamesh, the main character in this epic, sees the world around him as a very mysterious place filled with much danger and personal challenges. His journey, composed of various adventures with the goal being to defeat the forces of evil in the world, leads to "a spiritual transformation, a sense of gratitude, humility and deepened trust in the intelligence of the universe" (Mitchell, 2004, pps. 51-52). Thus, life is replete…. [read more]

Bible Hosea Amos Isaiah Essay

… Bible-Hosea, Amos, Isaiah

Hosea, Amos, Isaiah

There are various figures of speech that are used by Hosea in the book of Hosea that are geared towards portraying God in a supreme and superior manner than man himself. Most of these figures of speech are repeated throughout the book of Hosea and are used with specific purposes, some of which overlap. For instance, in Hosea 11:10, there is a reference to God as the lion that roars and the people of Israel hence should follow Him,"… They will follow the LORD; he will roar like a lion. When he roars, his children will come trembling from the west…" (NIV). This verse uses the figure of speech roar like a lion to invoke obedience and supplication among…. [read more]

Bandits, Prophets, and Messiahs the Scholars Richard Book Report

… Bandits, Prophets, And Messiahs

The scholars Richard a. Horsley and John S. Hansen entitled their book on ancient, Roman-occupied Israel Bandits, Prophets, and Messiahs. and, one could add as a kind of 'punch line' to the apparent extremity of these roles in the Wild, Wild Ancient Near East -- those figures are just the good guys in Horsley and Hansen's portrayal of the Romans in Israel! But all humor aside, Horsley and Hansen suggest that the world of ancient Israel was a considerably more socially complex society than is portrayed in the texts of the Bible. It was more than a world of rich and poor, of faithless and faithful, as is often portrayed, even in the work of Biblical scholars of this period of…. [read more]

Idolatry Social Injustice and Religious Ritualism in the Old Testament Essay

… The second practical application from these teachings is that God desires His people to remain faithful to Him. This implies that out worship should be exclusively to God since deviating from worshipping God has undeniable consequences. Third, it is important for believers to follow God's commands and live within the confines of His will since it's the premise for exclusive worship of God. Finally, the teachings show that failure to worship God is the root cause of other evils such as religious ritualism and social injustices. Therefore, for today's Christians worshipping God is the ultimate reason for living and avoiding His wrath.
In conclusion, the prophetic books in the Old Testament provide practical guidelines for living a godly life. Through these books, major and minor…. [read more]

Ethiopian Jews Interesting Story Term Paper

… Kashrut is the body of Jewish law. The food prepared in accordance to the Kashrut law is known as Kosher food. During the migration to Israel has affected the Israel's cuisine as well. Many different places in Israel such as Tel Aviv, Haifa and Be'er Sheva have restaurant which serve Ethiopian food. These offer outstanding unique taste to the people of Israel for a very reasonably price making it affordable by many. (Daniel Rogov)

Even though Israel is the only state which has accepted the Jews of Ethiopian, there are still many issues faced by most of the Beta Israelis. The government of Israel has done a great job in organizing and welcoming the Jews to assist them in many different aspects. The Ethiopian Jews…. [read more]

Egyptian Culture. The Writer Explores the Food Term Paper

… ¶ … Egyptian culture. The writer explores the food, family life, and music, spiritual and other elements of Egyptian culture.

The Culture of Modern Egypt

While the western culture is relatively new when compared to the history and age of mankind, the Egyptian culture dates back more than 5,000 years and is filled with traditions that have been handed down through many hundreds of generations. The culture, though quickly become more western in its imported products and foods has held fast to its core values and traditions.

Before one can begin to understand modern Egyptian culture it is important to understand the roots that it was built on. Modern Egypt was founded in the long ago traditions of Egyptian pharaohs and a polytheistic system of…. [read more]

Democracy Survive in a Patrimonial State? Term Paper

… ¶ … Democracy Survive in a Patrimonial State?

Like other areas of the world, the Middle East is today very much a product of colonialism. Even though the Middle Eastern nations of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, and Iran have long been a patrimonial society, that is, having inherited its Islamic tradition from the Prophet Muhammad; Britain nonetheless colonized these nation states and imposed its imperialism upon the citizens of these Islamic nations. The individual Arab states, having in common Islam, stood as independent states; that is, they had separate governments and their ethnic mix of their populations differed. When Britain colonized these countries, it was akin to force feeding Western culture to a society that had no taste for the culture, choosing instead, as would any…. [read more]

Ancient History of Yemen Research Paper

… In the south it is important to remember that the League did not always have influence but it tried to do so without ceasing, frequently depending upon its own internal evolutionary strife and who its power brokers were at any given time.

Intermittent clashes took place along the frontier in 1954. The leader of the north (San'a) signed a tripartite military alliance with Saudi Arabia and Egypt on 24 April 1956 (Jidda Pact) and, in 1958, federated with the United Arab Republic (the federation was called the United Arab States). These arrangements were dissolved in 1961. San'a also claimed South Yemen (Aden). When the treaty was broken, a long period of Egyptian-supported subversion began in San'a. [as a direct result of Arab League influence by…. [read more]

Victims Become the Aggressors Essay

… These individuals must daily endure militaristic blockages, refusales to see family, strip searches, inexplecable delays and outright refusals of entry, substandard housing, and a level of pscyhological subjugation that would demean even the strongest culture. These people have no semblance of self-determination and, in some definitions, are treated as prisoners rather than citizens (Halwani and Kapitan).

The Jewish State, and the Jewish press, has rationalized itself as the victim for so long that "the stage in which superior virtue is attributed to the oppressed is transient and unstable" (Russell 74). This logic that then supports their mistreatment of others is backwards, but somehow tolerated on the world stage. What is likely a combination of cultural guilt from the West for at least tacitly refusing to…. [read more]

About Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… Saudi Arabia

The official name of Saudi Arabia is Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SAMIRAD 2008). It is located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, north of Yemen. Its land area of more than 2 million square kilometers consists of deserts, plateaus and mountains, the highest point of which is Jabal Sawda. Most recent statistics say it has close to 25 million people, 72% of whom are Saudi citizens. The official language is Arabic and the official religion is Islam. Its flag is the Green Banner of Islam with the inscription: "there is no God but God and Muhammad is his Messenger." A sword was added to this flag in 1906, which symbolizes Islamic victories…. [read more]

Social Effects Did the Early Arab Conquests Essay

… ¶ … social effects did the Early Arab Conquests towards Byzantine (632-750) has on Byzantine and Arab society?

Civilization is a process that takes time to reach the point of becoming a norm in the recipient society. From the inception and establishment of the world, it is clear there are several changes that took place. These changes resulted in the creation of the vast continuum of culture and beliefs evident in the society. The propagation of these changes comes in diverse forms, some of which are peaceful whereas others take a struggle to take root. In the ancient worlds, most of the civilizations happened by means of invasions and bloody struggles. As a result, these interactions, took a long period to adopt, and effect to…. [read more]

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