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Issue of Turkey Joining the EU Research Proposal

… Turkey EU

In December 1999 at the Helsinki European Council, Turkey became a candidate country for EU membership. The prospect of Turkey joining the EU is one of the most ambitious -- and contentious -- moves that the Union has made. Negotiations began in 2005 and have proceeded at a relatively slow pace. There are a wide range of issues that need to be addressed before Turkey can be accepted into the EU. The issues are not simply practical. Turkey's status as a Muslim country, albeit a secular one, is of concern to many in Europe. As well, Turkey's poor relations with EU member Greece in the past century and a half threatens negotiations. Furthermore, instability in the country, in particular with respect to the…. [read more]

Principal-Agent Model in Economics Dissertation

… The entire implementation procedure was accomplished in twelve sequential steps, staring mainly from the reduction and the removal of the customs and import quotas among the trading coalition. The Tunisia-EU free area trading agreement after affects and whereabouts are discussed in order to explore the findings about the research question that is the impact of the Tunisia-EU agreement on the trading patterns of Tunisia.

Literature Review

The international political perspectives of free trade

A Global Analysis

The growth of world trade has consistently outstripped rates of world output in post-war years, a trend that has continued to play a key role in the internationalization of economic activity and to deepen global inter-dependence of regions and nations. In 1994 world trade was valued at $5.14 trillion,…. [read more]

Political Events in Ukraine Term Paper

… His promises in inauguration speech inspired Ukrainians but at the same time they mean that the nation has to make a tremendous effort in order to overcome its dark past. Economical development and gross product growth rate which is by the way the highest in Europe (13% in 2004) doesn't mean that forecast of Ukraine's economy will be optimistic.

Ukraine is not the member of WTO, without this membership it can not even dream about membership in EU. The U.S.A. had not abolished restrictions on trade with Ukraine as Ukraine is still the country subjected to the amendment of Jackson-Vennik

(Which imposes restrictions on trade with countries where human rights are not fully protected. This amendment was a reply on the demands of Russian-Jewish emigrants…. [read more]

Cyprus Problem Ancient History Establishment Dissertation

… This agreement forestalled actual admission as a British possession for a time; Cyprus remained under Turkish control while the British occupied the island for military purposes. The British performed the duty of protectorate nation until 1914 when, at the advent of the First World War, the island was "formally annexed" (U.S. State Department, 2011) by the United Kingdom. The island officially became a crown colony in 1925. During this time period many ethnic Turkish inhabitants left Cyprus for Turkey.

After the Second World War, there was great turmoil regarding who was to gain possession of the island. There remained a large number of Greek Cypriots who were the earliest inhabitants of the island, a smaller number of Turkish Cypriots who had remained during English occupation,…. [read more]

Business Development in Serbia Country Research Paper

… Pensions

With the adaptation of Euro that is by joining the European zone Serbia gained an advantage for the old age citizens as well. It was initially considered that the lower rate of the interest will impact the pensioners. Irrespective of the low interest rate the pensioners will be benefited in the following by initially the value of the pension funds of the primary and secondary shareholders will increase with a fall in the interest rate ratio. And secondly the pension fund once a part of the European zone will have a broader range of existence, in a way that the risk associated with these funds will be broadened across the euro zone and this will ultimately result in the creation of a larger than…. [read more]

European Union Enlargement to Include Either Croatia Term Paper

… European Union enlargement to include either Croatia or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (select one)

The enlargement of the European Union is viewed as a way of promoting the values that stand at the basis of the creation of the European Union throughout Europe. The enlargement of the organization has always been a controversial issue, as there are pro and con opinions about the necessity of the enlargement and about the future members of the Union. As EU starts analyzing the accession applications from different European countries, controversies arose. This has been the case with every wave of accession that took place so far, the most recent being in 2007 with the accession of Romania and Bulgaria.

The idea of a European organization created…. [read more]

BP Construction Gas Pipe Line Essay

… This document was legally binding to all the three countries, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. The principles are based on the universal declaration of human rights, the UN code of conduct for law enforcement officials and the UN basic principles on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials. They also demanded that the signatories be mindful of the highest applicable international standards in their conduct. This was meant to protect the parties involved because of the resent volatile atmosphere in both Azerbaijan and Georgia due to political reasons.

The principles specifically were meant to address the conduct of BP in its risk assessment related to the implementations and security for its energy infrastructure projects, its relations with the private security and the relations…. [read more]

Free Trade Agreement- Jordan-u.S. Middle Term Paper

… " But globalization is still a highly controversial and volatile issue which might give rise to numerous problems once Jordan begins Free Trade with United States. The only way to avoid these possible conflicts in the long run is to become aware of them beforehand and develop certain rules regarding issues likes political intervention and globalization.


1. Daniel Pipes, The real 'new Middle East, Commentary: Volume: 106. Issue: 5. Publication Date: November 1998.

2. King Abdullah Ii - Heir Jordan: one state's story of economic transformation. Journal Title: Harvard International Review. Volume: 24. Issue: 4. Publication Year: 2003.

3. Ahmed Galal and Robert Z. Lawrence: Building Bridges: An Egypt-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Publisher: Brookings Institution. Place of Publication: Washington, DC. Publication Year: 1998.

4.…. [read more]

NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Term Paper


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949 when twelve nations from Western Europe and North America signed the North Atlantic Treaty in Washington, DC (, 2011). The first NATO members are listed in Appendix A along with the current membership role. The key stipulation in the treaty was that "an armed attack against one or more…" of the members "…shall be considered an attack against them all." The structure of NATO began to take shape in 1950, when the outbreak of the Korean War heightened the sense of urgency felt by the NATO members. Gen. Eisenhower was appointed Supreme Allied Commander Europe and began the task of setting up NATO's structure.

The first forty years of NATO were defined largely by…. [read more]

Trade Act of 1974 Term Paper

… The BBC reports that the "Japanese trade minister Takeo Hiranuma warned his country may retaliate with measures to protect its own steel industry. EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy said late on Tuesday that it would be "a question of days" before the EU issued quotas on steel imports to prevent its own industry being damaged by steel redirected from U.S. markets." (BBC News, 2002)

The BBC is quick to address the argument by the U.S. that the "dumping of foreign steel on the U.S. market" has been the sole reason for the economic down turn. The European Unions says that their firms are just more efficient than American producers. The EU and Brazil threaten retaliatory tariffs of their own to protect their industry (BBC News,…. [read more]

European Union Term Paper

… (Enlargement)

These include border conflicts, ethnic disputes and others that were longstanding security threats to Central and Eastern Europe. When these issues are resolved to adapt more acceptable policies on the treatment of minorities, the strategic interests of North America as well as those of Europe would be served. It will now become easier and more viable for the U.S.A. To fight, with the co-operation of Europe, for the betterment of the several regional as well as global issues of mutual concern, such as the stabilization of the Balkans and the Caucasus, and the fight against the instability found in the Middle East and the effective measures to be taken in dealing with the problem of terrorism and of International crimes.

When Europe engages in…. [read more]

Multi Polar World Essay

… Multi-Polar World

We are living in a world of multi-polarity and the notion of existence of superpowers is neither here nor there. Opinions have been advanced to the effect that the United States and the U.S.S.R. were the superpowers in the cold-war era. Some political commentators also asserted that the United States became an undisputed world superpower when the U.S.S.R. disintegrated in 1991. These propositions are subject to debate. As at this time there are complex economic interdependence on international stage that have been occasioned by globalization and the concept that a state can gain enough power to become a superpower is next to impossible. In fact, the notion that the United States and the U.S.S.R. were superpowers in the cold war error cannot hold…. [read more]

Applied Logistics and Supply Chain Management Dissertation

… ¶ … oil and gas industry in Libya is also directly reliant on global prices that are based on supply and demand; and any revenues generated at a given point in time depend in large part on how effective the supply chain is in mitigating the high costs of production and transporting the final product to customers. The purpose of this study was to provide a comparison between an American oil industry firm, Mobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the field of supply chain management in the United States from the perspective of the Toyota supply chain approach. This analysis will then be applied to a Libyan oil industry firm, Alwaha, to identify best practices for Alwaha in developing…. [read more]

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