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Food Justice Many Facets Essay

… Food Justice

Many Facets of Food Justice

Background on Gottlieb and Joshi's Food Justice.

Background on Garcia's The Future of Food.

Introduction of the broader issues of social, economic, and political justice.

Labor Issues (mainly related to Food Justice)

Modern-day slavery


Need to introduce labor issues into the food justice discourse.

Consumer Issues

Awareness, knowledge of pesticide content, GMOs.

Awareness of social justice issues

Labeling of products

Ecological Issues

Control over life itself

Disempowerment of people

Related to Omnivore's Dilemma.

Food Justice Politics and Power

Power over food = power over life

Power over the genetic content of food = power over life on a grander scale

Power over workers' lives

D. Knowledge is power; keep consumers and workers in the dark

Food justice…. [read more]

Food Safety, Urban Sprawl Essay

… In the field of environmental psychology, research indicates that contact with highly aesthetic environments can impact well-being. Research indicates that being able to contemplate natural landscapes generates various affective responses that are correlated with the aesthetic judgments of the landscapes. These affective responses of pleasure and stimulation are associated with biological well-being. Sterile environments in which there is no reference to nature or access to natural visuals, can lower energy levels and increase stress. Different types of urban nature, such as gardens, parks, and even derelict sites, impact health and well-being, both positively and negatively.

Access to natural environments and gardens have been shown to reduce mental fatigue, reduce aggressive tendencies, increase relaxation, and have important restorative impacts on people who are ill or recovering.…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management in Fmcg Term Paper

… The focus of business in terms of reaching out to new opportunities for growth is also a notable factor in reducing business challenges faced in current environment. Large product volumes and increased customer preferences effects global manufactures and distributors. The internal and external factors influence business performance. The developments in technology have also enabled the manufactures to perform mass customizations and developing environment friendly products and services.

The capabilities of supply chain management have enabled the companies to treat suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, distributors, and customers as strategic business partners. The concept of one time sales has long been vanished from almost all industries including FMCGs. The strategic partner's status also helps small scale partners to increase their capacity and overcome capacity shortages through…. [read more]

Food Nutrition and Culture Term Paper

… Food Nutrition and Culture

Food, Nutrition, and Culture- food safety problems

Radiation in Japan

Food safety is not an option but a compulsory condition to maintain life on earth. While the food is responsible to fuel human body to perform daily tasks, the bad quality of food can also risk human lives and health. The importance of food safety programs has increased in Japan second time in the history when the country faced nuclear disaster a couple of years ago. The radiations have spread in a vast area and the lives of people are in danger. While the country exports seafood internationally of worth over one and a half billion dollars, it is vital to ensure that the seafood does not contain radiations and is…. [read more]

Food Safety for America Research Paper

… However, others would counter that the food supply is growing safer, and the increase in recalls is a good thing, because it indicates that contagions are being caught before they can impact the lives of massive numbers of consumers. The Grocery Manufacturers Association says "it may look like the food supply is getting less safe, but it actually means that we're getting better at detecting the outbreaks" (Jana 2009). But critics note that the fact that American tables are now filled with foods 'sourced' from all over the world, which makes it more difficult for the food system to be appropriately regulated. Only the recently-passed food safety bill ensured that "imported foods would be subject to the same standards as those made in the United…. [read more]

Food Intake Analysis Food Inake Essay

… If I eat less fiber, then various types of digestive issues may occur. With certainty, too much of any macronutrient that is consumed more than what the body needs will either impair bodily functions or be deposited under our skin in the from of subcutaneous fat. Insomuch, the key is to find a balance of macronutrients.

Fiber Intake Ranges

Unfortunately, my fiber intake does not come close to the 25g that are required. Based on food intake, I consumed 8g, 14g, and 11g respectively. On my best day, I only achieved 56% of the recommended dietary intake. On the day that I had a sub-sandwich with vegetables, my fiber intake was high. Similarly, on the day that I had a baked sweet potato, fiber count…. [read more]

Food Sustainability Research Proposal

… The way foods are packaged being sustainable cannot fix other problems if the way the food is processed is unsustainable. It is important for the food system to become fully sustainable for maximum benefits to the health and environment.

The cost of going sustainable may be expensive, but with the rising costs of other areas, such as obesity issues in health care or higher utility costs because of climate change, are we not paying the same price, or more? The purpose of this study is to prove that the costs of sustainability in the way foods are processed, produced, and packaged would still be cheaper in the long-term. While the costs of productivity may increase in the food supply, the costs of other areas, such…. [read more]

Food Biotechnology Term Paper

… Food Biotechnology

The objective of this work is to critically review at least six sources of literature related to food biotechnology which contain arguments against the use of food biotechnology and to then summarize the key concerns and arguments and construct an Issues Management Plan which outlines how a food company or the client of the food company would manage consumer concerns of incorporating a GM ingredient into food products. Some of the issues may include legal labeling, responses to public inquiries and proactive strategies.

Due to the increase in food biotechnology there exist an increasing requirement for packaging and labeling both for health and consumer concerns. This work examines the specific issues in today's food biotechnology specifically as to the concern of consumers in…. [read more]

Food Inc. Robert Kenner's Film Film Review

… Food Inc.

Robert Kenner's film Food, Inc. is a documentary about industrial food production in America, and the problems associated with it. The film depicts animal food production facilities, showing how animals are treated when they are being raised for mass slaughter. In addition to showing where American meat is coming from, the film shows how large-scale agriculture works in the United States. As with the factory-raised meat, the agriculture production in the United States works fairly well from a business perspective, but entails the use of potentially dangerous chemicals. In conjunction with these issues, Kenner discusses the problems with corporate control of food, which is why the film's name is Food, Inc. Food production, manufacturing, and marketing is big business, and it is linked…. [read more]

Food Inc. Film Film Review

… Food Inc.

Film Inc. is a documentary that covers the subject of the food industry, specifically in the United States. It works through a series of vignettes that study the issue from a number of different perspectives, each woven together by three common themes. These three themes are

the forces that lead to the mass production of food

the toll of current food production methods of humans and animals

the rights of consumers to what is in their food

With respect to the first theme there are a number of forces at work that have led to the mass production of food. In part, farming has simply become a job few want to do, and urban flight forces the agriculture industry to concentrate. There are…. [read more]

Food Wars Place of Publication Book Review

… " This agreement may have been drawn up and agreed to in 1948, but it would do us good to review it and to remind ourselves of its importance. This is what Susan Waltz, in her article "Reclaiming and Rebuilding the History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," would have us do. Reviewing this document "indeed raises questions about great power support for efforts to craft international human rights standards," she writes (Waltz 437). Taken one step further, we can look to the work of Jack Donnelly. As he points out, in the UDHR "we can see a set of rights formulated to protect basic human -- not merely cultural -- values against the special threats posed by modern institutions" (Donnelly 415).

The urgency…. [read more]

Food Prices Research Proposal

… ¶ … food prices over the past few years has been the result of several factors. Supply tightness increases volatility, so the high prices of the past few years indicate significant supply tightness in key variables. One of those variables is the supply of food itself. The supply of food has been adversely affected by demand for other agricultural cash crops. In the United States, for example, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for corn and soybeans. The spike in demand derives from increased biofuel demand. Corn and soybeans are converted into ethanol, which has been extensively promoted as a "green" solution to fossil fuel consumption. This demand reduces the supply of corn and soybeans available not only for food consumption, but for…. [read more]

Global Economy Relate to Food Essay

… The objective is to obtain nationwide food security for all Canadians. This is particularly important in light of the findings of Tarasuk and Eagin (2009) that food banks cannot be relied upon as a last resort against food insecurity in their current form. The defenses against food insecurity therefore need to be more robust, more formalized, and should in all likelihood stem from specific government option.

Wealth distribution is the key to increasing food security. In poor areas of our cities, wealth distribution is an obstacle to food supply availability and an obstacle to food procurement. The issue of wealth distribution within a society is complex, with a multitude of different underlying issues. New immigrants in particular are vulnerable to wealth distribution problems, but other…. [read more]

Issue With Food Supply Term Paper

… ¶ … Food Supply

Technology, Industrialization, and the Problem of the Modern Food Industry

One of the interesting features of modernity is that human beings today are almost obsessed with efficiency, trying to achieve the maximum at the shortest time, get the most out of least effort, and earn as much profit as possible. There is certainly nothing wrong with efficiency -- it is essentially a good thing -- but the way efficiency is pursued today somehow blinds people to the extent that they no longer see hidden costs of many of their efforts. For example, because of too much focus on the directly quantifiable costs of production, industries, and to a lesser extent ordinary folks, cannot differentiate between the price of producing a good…. [read more]

Food Security Research Paper

… Food Security

Over the last several years, the issue of food security has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because there has been major declines in fish production. To balance out this shortfall, farmers have been increasing their crop yields to ensure that major population centers have more than enough supplies. However, despite this upsurge, the underlying demand is continuing to rise exponentially. This is putting pressure on food supplies in some of the fastest growing regions of the world. For Asian countries, this is challenging as they have to balance out population growth. While at the same time, it is ensuring that there are enough resources to prevent any kind of shortages. To fully understand how this…. [read more]

Genetically Modified Foods Essay

… 1).


There are always at least two sides to every contentious issue. To wit, the National Research Council (in 2010) issued a report that detailed "…the long and impressive list of benefits" from GM crops (Ronald, et al., 2010). The report showed that a sorghum breed has been genetically engineered to produce helpful "micronutrients like zinc," and that GM technologies have produced a "potato designed to contain greater amounts of protein" (Ronald, p. 2). Moreover, the report reflects on that fact that the Hawaiian papaya was about to be wiped out by the "deadly papaya ringspot virus"; but a due to a genetically engineered breed of Hawaiian papaya, the important crop is now resistant to the ringspot virus (Ronald, p. 2). On the other…. [read more]

Nutrition the Food Service Industry Term Paper

… Nutrition

The food service industry has long relied on meeting customer needs, in particular with respect to taste and speed of service. However, as tastes change and new trends emerge, the food service industry must change with the times. One of the major trends today is towards nutrition. This change manifests itself in a number of different ways. One example is the emphasis on nutrition in school lunches, which not only affects institutional food providers but has also extended guidelines for the private restaurant industry as well (Jones, 2012). These guidelines will change the eating habits of the new generation, making the move to improved nutrition a long-term trend for the industry to address. In addition, regulators have taken aim at trans fats and other…. [read more]

Food Increasingly Popular a Leisure Essay

… She provided significant advices related to how individuals would experience better results from their eating experience if they were to cultivate the food they ate themselves (Adema).

The Food Network is an icon when discussing the issue of television chefs who gained international recognition. More recent food-related television programs are directed at specific audiences and provide viewers with a realistic account of a cooking experience. These people influence audiences in changing their perspective concerning food, considering that they bring charisma into the affair (Adema).

Modern-day consumers are especially educated when concerning food and there is most probably no one who is unaware of the disastrous effects that unhealthy food can have. Young individuals are usually the most vulnerable to outside influences and the mass-media is…. [read more]

Food Choices in Australia Today Essay

… According to Lyons, "Healthy food, including natural, fresh and minimally processed food, is believed to be a necessary basis for a 'proper' family meal" (2006, p. 156). In addition, Lyons (2006) found that many Australian consumers living in small regional communities lack access to organically produced foods, thereby restricting their choices. In sum, Lyons determined that for Australian consumers, "Food choices therefore often reflect a compromise between values and practical constraints" (p. 157). In addition, organic foods frequently cost more than their conventionally produced counterparts, meaning that even when organic foods are available, some Australian families may be unable to afford them (Lyons, 2006).

Indeed, the confluence of the three factors, food availability, individual preferences for flavor and taste and, increasingly, the environmentally responsible manner…. [read more]

Food and Water Supply: Rwanda Term Paper

… above might provide the quickest results, the U.S. And its allies have publicly denounced this tactic and those in power in similar situation are rarely willing to give up that power unless compelled to do so. Therefore, an analysis of Alternatives A and C. is in order. Providing the hungry and thirsty people of Rwanda with improved access to clean water sources is an urgent priority, and better healthcare has been directly related to helping the body use what nutrition is available in better ways. Unfortunately, the results of this alternative may take years to realize in any substantive way. Consequently, it is the recommendation of this study that Alternative C, providing the Rwandan people with soy food supplements and the tools and education they…. [read more]

Food Security Thesis

… If there is no food, productivity will diminish those decreasing GDP growth of emerging nations. Secondly, food preservation is needed in the event of adverse climate or cyclical weather changes. For example, if a typhoon or tsunami engulfs Hong Kong, it will need sufficient reserves to mitigate the losses incurred by the unforeseen circumstance

As emerging markets population and middle class increases so too will the demand in food or commodities. Without a corresponding increase in productivity in these commodities, prices will subsequently rise. With rising food costs, will come rising storage costs, and costs to insure or preserve any excess commodities. Realizing this concept in a global economy, terrorists would be much more effective in attacking the financial markets that govern the prices of…. [read more]

Corporate Food Regimes Profit From Global Food Crises Essay

… Fair Trade certification has historically been available only to farmers and farms in developing countries. Of the food consumed in the United States, more than 80% is produced domestically, which means that most of the people and sources associated with this food production fall outside the scope of Fair Trade certification. Moreover, Fair Trade certification has far-reaching and substantive impact beyond sustainability and commodity prices. Food growers who seek Fair Trade certification must meet and "adhere to stringent social and environmental standards" (Gonzales, 2014). These standards include equal opportunity employment, freedom of association, regulated chemical use, recruitment best practices, and safe working conditions (Gonzales, 2014). Moreover, Fair Trade certified participants can also benefit from the premiums they earn by improving education, healthcare, and housing (Gonzales,…. [read more]

Food Security and Feeling Secure in the World Research Paper

… And in Baltimore, 46% of lower-income neighborhoods have limited access to healthy food (based on a healthy food availability survey) compared to 13% of higher-income neighborhoods" (Treuhaft & Karpyn 2014:8). The reason such profound health disparities exist between poor and rich can be traced to food access. Without remedying this situation America will quickly become divided into a community of the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' -- those that have food and those who do not. And having access to food means having access to health. Additionally, the consequences of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions associated with poor access to food can also impede the individuals' efforts to seek social mobility.

Some initiatives to address this problem include distributing unused, still-good but unsellable foods…. [read more]

Food Safety Essay

… The ammonia process is generally simple and effective, which is why cases like Smith's are rare, but there is always the possibility of a problem with the ammonia wash rendering the system ineffective -- when the system only has one meaningful safeguard and that fails, this puts the risk on the consumer.

For me, I think it is unacceptable to put this risk on adults, let alone children. While I think most Americans would accept some streamlining of production processes, regulators allow incredible lengths at this point that simply do not provide adequate safety. Some changes should be made to the system to improve its effectiveness.

The biggest change that I would make it to focus on bringing production back to the United States --…. [read more]

Food, Inc Film Review

… Food Inc. summary and critique

Food, Inc. (2008) aims to bring attention to how food processing in the United States has changed during the last 50 years and the pressure farmers are put under by the major food producing companies that they work for. The documentary focuses on three different aspects of food production: the meat industry including beef, chicken, and pork; the corn industry; and the soybean industry.

Food, Inc. (2008) begins by explaining how the food production industry has transitioned from independent farming that supplied a limited amount of food to an industry of mass production that will do anything and everything possible in order to produce the most food in the shortest amount of time including genetically modifying food. The film begins…. [read more]

Food Prices Heading Essay

… Even as heat destroyed the wheat crop in northern Europe, catastrophic rain storms drowned the wheat crops in Australia, limiting both internal and external harvests, even as similar increases in the average rainfall as well as the severity of storms to cause similar damage in Pakistan. Unusually hot periods have also led to drought in China, which in turn will lead to a reduced wheat harvest in that country (Peters, 2011).

It should be noted here that the term "global warming" has been changed to "climate change" to reflect the fact that the changes in the world's climate brought about by the human use of fuels and processes that increase the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere increase both temperature itself as well as a plethora…. [read more]

Food Inc. Food Essay

… 217).

I find it interesting how we can see a correlation between the increasing rates of obesity and the higher intake of sweetened beverages, but the leaders of beverage companies keep insisting that there is no connection between consumption of sweetened beverages and obesity.

3. "If you need some inspiration to get you excited about how you're going to make a real and lasting difference, start by curling up with a good read" (p. 225).

I really like this quotation. It reminds me that having a good reading can help us in so many ways. It truly can be inspirational to read something good.

4. "Twenty years ago, boys consumed twice as much milk as soft drinks, and girls consumed fifty percent more milk than…. [read more]

Whole Foods New Service Proposal Business Plan

… Many of these might have a cost advantage due to the locations that they operate in or their retail size which makes square footage more cost effective.

Barriers to entry also is inclusive of them having a more timely and reliable access to various distribution channels and networks (such as supermarkets having their own delivery services).

Bargaining power of Suppliers

The timely availability as well as reliability of suppliers with whom one works with downstream in the supply chain is an important consideration. Since Whole Foods has acquired many of the organic organizations downstream, they have a great deal more control of their supply chain than most firms.

The importance of being able to switch over to a different supplier in case one relies on…. [read more]

Politics of Food Research Paper

… Political Science

Politics of Food

Food politics refers to the political aspects that are related to the manufacture, control, regulation, inspection and delivery of food. These politics are often influenced by the ethical, cultural, medical and environmental factors that concern appropriate farming, agricultural and retailing methods and regulations. Government guidelines often have a major influence in the making, safety, and allocation of food. The government often has power over the appropriate storage and preparation of foods. The enforcement of these rules has been strongly influenced by the public. As a result the examination of food has become a job of the government (Political Economy of Food, 2010).

Whether it is pursuing the 100-Mile Diet or eating less meat, declining bottled water, eating organic or sustaining…. [read more]

Food Supply Safe and Adequate? Term Paper

… This raises another concern regarding disease control. Some ranchers give their cattle and chickens antibiotics to prevent disease. It is believed by some that small amounts of these antibiotics may carry over to the people who eat the meat. If that happens, they argue, disease-causing microbes might develop the ability to resist those antibiotics.

Two other concerns have emerged particularly about the beef industry. We have had several instances of people who ate incompletely cooked ground beef becoming extremely ill. Several small children have died from these infections, with the result that the public has been cautioned to cook beef, especially ground beef, thoroughly. However, many people find hamburgers cooked until they're well done unpalatable, and most people do not like steaks cooked in this…. [read more]

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