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Church Death Penalty the Evolving Position Research Paper

… Church Death Penalty

The Evolving Position of the Catholic Church on the Death Penalty

Capital punishment is the most extreme of legal penalties. The notion of granting the state or nation an entitlement to impose this punishment is therefore a subject of great and continued debate. So is this the case within the Catholic Church, where the death penalty has been treated with nuance and an evolving perspective. Indeed, like many organized religious traditions, the Catholic Church can trace its historical acceptance of the death penalty to a combination of biblical endorsement and sociological commonness. Indeed, as the discussion will show, for many generations, the Church viewed the death penalty as an appropriate power to be wielded by the state. What's more, in addition to…. [read more]

Henry James Scheiber, Andrew Term Paper

… The aspects of scene alternation, the physical presence of the characters in a scene, the degree of relationship and emotional proximity, and the reader's inability to access to the thoughts of the characters, are all elements that invites the reader to study each situation. With all the ambiguities that lie behind certain circumstances in the story, it seems that Henry James is encouraging the reader to infer the motivations from the actions of the characters. Thus, allowing the readers to participate in the story. This method used by James in narrating "Daisy Miller" is clear evidence why the subtitle "A Study" was used. The story involves various studying process, from the study performed by the characters in the story, to the reader's analysis of the…. [read more]

Harley-Davidson Today: A Brief Business Essay

… Another objective of the company was to produce more than 200,000 motorcycles per year by reducing the costs ("IT Governance Institute," 2003).

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) model was introduced to the company by one of the risk specialist. The company accepted this model because it was in a common language and every manager, auditor and security offers were able to use it. By the adoption of this model all the stake holders of the company had same objectives and there was no ambiguity in the attainment of the overall objectives of the firm. All the cost control activities of Harley Davidson Company are addressed under the umbrella of COBIT.

Total Revenues in 2009 and Net Profit in 2009 (Slide 5)

Total…. [read more]

Minority Groups Research Paper

… Racial segregation is always about the color of the individual; therefore as long as the issue of racial profiling occurs in the country, the African-Americans will always remain behind in terms of ownership of property and other sociological activities like education housing and governance. This is as according to the U.N's special report on racism in 2008, which in the investigations observed that racism is still an issue in the United States as was extrapolated using the socio economic indicators. The special rapporteur while presenting the report linked the current prejudice to the heritage that was left by their fore father sin terms of slavery and segregation. He attributed the Native Americans segregation from the social strata as a result of the forceful resettlement by…. [read more]

History of Economic Thought Mercantilist School Term Paper

… History Of Economic Thought

Mercantilist School a) the mercantilist trend was focused on a simple thought: the wealth and status of a nation depends directly on the accumulation of bullion (gold, silver and other precious metals). This led to the formation of a protectionist policy where exports were increased as much as possible and imports were reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, investments were reduced and all revenues went into savings. The mercantilists offered significant power to the government and state authorities, which became increasingly active in the commercial and trade operations.

A b) the ideas promoted by the mercantilist school can be linked to the history of the era. The geographical discoveries and the development of the European countries meant more trade opportunities. They represented…. [read more]

Ethics in Cyberspace Summary Term Paper

… Irrespective of the real influence of the industry in our thinking the cyberspace crucially has become a new centre point in consonance with the neo-classical economic program of global capitalism. The corporate interests have paramount prioritization in the sphere of information technology, as is evident from the regulations for piracy, privacy, competitions in cyberspace along with, to some extent, the reluctant interests put forth in support of the public benefit like universal access, diversity in cyberspace, unprofitable cyberspace however are not taking into account the digital democracy, justice, human security and freedom. It is felt by Cees that the only method of evolving a popular and acceptable global controlling system of cyberspace is active participation of the associated community in the controlling process and ensuring…. [read more]

Using Fuzzy Logic for Scheduling Multiple Chapters

… 315). Even when executives make the effort to plan their projects carefully, they may overlook the most important ones in their attempt to organize all of the enterprise's projects in a cohesive fashion. In this regard, Dinsmore and Cabanis-Brown point out that, "Most executives are aware of the need for drastic change in multiproject management practices, but many place the emphasis in the wrong place. Unfortunately, a great deal of such investment is misdirected into multiyear efforts to implement software tools and time sheets before dealing with the highest leverage points" (2011, p. 315).

There are three discrete roles that organizations must formally define in order to develop an effective project portfolio management system as follows:

1. Governance: This executive role is one of decision…. [read more]

Diversity in Business Thesis

… Diversity Management With Respect to Ethnicity, Culture and Gender

Diversity is an increasingly real and defining aspect of the American business culture. With respect to the globalization of the economy, the increasingly balance of gender in the workplace and the assertion of such forces as Affirmative Action, there is a clear emphasis on improving the diversity orientation of the American workplace. This discussion considers some of the theoretical and practical aspects of this condition, discussion such matters as Hofstede's Dimensions theory, Communication and Diversity and Gender Discrimination. These core subjects guide a literature review and, subsequently, direct an interview with a set of subjects who reflect this condition of diversity in the managerial role.


Diversity is widely considered to be a beneficial quality when…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Dissertation

… Therefore, those who are provided with more assets have responsibility of sharing them with the deprived ones in the society. Hence, the owners of the assets are actually trustees in nature who are expected to serve the society, take from their assets as per their needs and use their property to the best interest of society. It is important to note that Gandhi was a supporter of neither capitalism nor socialism. However, communism was an unacceptable theoretical model for him. He believed in giving everyone equal rights of continuing their lives; therefore, use of non-violence and unjustified means was not expectable for him at all.

Due to his compliance to socialism and capitalism, he presented an idea of economy which was capable of using its…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Subprime Loans Essay

… 7. Corruption and Larceny in Banking Sector:

Money laundering activities and illegal business transactions by customers has spoiled the image of banking sector in the eyes of customers. The corruption and mismanagement at the Top level has also put a negative impact on the customers' perception towards efficiency and reliability of banking companies. Now customers have to evaluate all the banks on their credit ratings, asset management, and other parameters of financial performance before putting their savings with them in the form of deposits. All these black marks are caused by corruption and larceny which has also made the efficient and transparent functioning of banks doubtful in the eyes of their stakeholders. The decisions made at the Top level affect the entire business relationships of…. [read more]

Historical Context of 1984 Research Paper

… 1984 is one of the most visionary, compelling novels of the 20th Century. It still holds tremendous influence today among a broad swath of the liberally educated. 1984 resonates with fiction writers, politicians, and journalists alike. Fiction writers are drawn to its visceral, compelling image of a dystopian future, politicians to its various political messages, and journalists to its focus on the state's control of information.

The least visible fanbase for 1984, however, are historians. A discussion of history is often included in evaluations of the novel, especially by journalists and politicians. However, 1984 deserves an evaluation focused primarily on its historical context. Thesis: 1984, inspired by Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, illustrates the most disturbing political trends of its time, the forces that dominate…. [read more]

Ethics in Psychology Academic Fraud Term Paper

… Academic Fraud - Psychology

Ethics in Psychology: Academic Fraud

A Notorious Case of Academic Fraud

This paper discusses the "notorious" case of academic fraud by Sir Cyril Lodowic Burt as presented by Beloff (1980). The research will focus on the ethical problem presented, the ethical principles breached according to the Australian codes of ethics, the motives and justifications of a commitment of this breach, justification for such actions and solutions for dealing with instances of academic fraud such as this one. While a brief discourse on the case of Sir Cyril will be provided, the primary purpose of the case is to address motives and justifications for academic breach, and actions or solutions to such cases that academic institutions can implement to prevent fraud from…. [read more]

Poisoning Our Planet Term Paper

… Poisoning Our Planet

If it is the air we breathe, the land we use, or the water we drink, we do not pay any heed to the indiscriminate use of the resources of our planet. Nevertheless we are dependent on these resources for innumerable part of our present and future welfare. Similar to as we human beings are dependent on the planet Earth, every part of the ecosystem depends on the other. This feature of co-relatedness is obviously palpable when the situation becomes out of control. (Preserve Planet Earth Program) Lack of awareness of threats to the environment is the reason which lies behind many destructive activities combined with man's greed for wealth and short-term gains. For the bygone 4 billion years, our planet has…. [read more]

Superheadism Policy of the Labour Party Term Paper

… Education

Throughout the world there is an emphasis placed on education; the United Kingdom is no exception. The United Kingdom has long been revered for the educational structure that exist with the country, The country has always believed that headmasters play a vital role in ensuring that educational institutions provide students with the best instruction possible. More specifically the Labour Party has initiated a policy of Superheadism. The purpose of this discussion is to describe the aforementioned initiative and discuss what role it plays in fostering school improvement. In addition, the essay will discuss other education initiatives that have been wrought by the Labour Party. We will also discuss the likely success or failure of the superheadism initiative.

Origins of the Education problem in the…. [read more]

Sovereignty a Good Thing or a Bad Essay

… ¶ … sovereignty a good thing or a bad thing?

The international political scene is in a constant state of change, transformation and development. Since the Concert of Europe was established in 1815 states have officially been engaged in different types of organizations, alliances that have often placed the idea of sovereignty and that of state authority over its territory in doubt. However, no other period in the history of our civilization has been able to raise such difficult questions related to international politics and order as the present moment has. From this point-of-view, Forsythe's inquires on the need for state sovereignty and authorities are legitimate and demand a debate, if not an answer.

Is state sovereignty a good thing or a bad thing? Should…. [read more]

Equitable Funding System for California Public Education Term Paper

… Equitable Funding System for California Public Education

The past trend in the rate of public spending on elementary and secondary education for K-12 classes in United States depicts a lengthy evolution. Even though the Constitution of United States has not embodied any section for making provisions in federal budget for the purpose, yet the Constitutions of States emphasizes on provision of some sort of free public schooling for the citizens. Public education system in each state is administered independently by the states and it is up to the states to decide about its costs and provisions. The quality of the education depends upon the amount of budget provision and the methodology of public spending on it. It is pertinent to be aware of the amount…. [read more]

ECB Can Be Successful Term Paper

… Even though this veto existed it was never used, this may be due to the manner in which Wilhelm Vocke, the president of the Bank deutscher Lander, managed the difficult political situation of the bank (Uwe, 1994). He was able to negotiate and co-ordinate policies with the Commission, creating a stable banking environment and one that was able to negotiate through the political difficulties, which were external but influenced the bank.

By 1950, the legislation for the creation of the central bank had begun. The legislation was formed under Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. During the creation of the legislation differences emerged between the parties involved regarding what the correct leadership should be between the central bank and the political authorities. It was argued by Fritz Schaffer,…. [read more]

Optical Revolutions How the Telescope Essay

… Optical Revolutions

How the Telescope was a More Significant Invention to the Microscope

Advances in optical technology made it possible for early modern scientists to explore both the vastness of the universe and the minute complexities of the microbial world. However, while the invention of the microscope has transformed medicine and, ultimately, the lives of virtually every living person on Earth, these advances took decades to play out and were initially considered trivial. In contrast, the telescope may have had a less profound impact on everyday life, but, through its influence on a seminal figure, sparked an explosive revolution in early modern European thought, challenged the intellectual hegemony of the Church, and, ultimately, shifted our sense of the universe and our place in it.

The…. [read more]

Economic Globalization Essay

… However, international adoption of IFRS or convergence based upon a system emphasizing principles-based accounting standards means that there must be some common agreement as to what constitutes the principles by which all companies should abide.

Q4. "There will be problems. There will be situations in which it seems that existing IFRSs do not consider or cover a particular situation that may be important in the country of adoption. Successful jurisdictions build a mechanism for identifying those cases and bringing them to a group charged with addressing them" (Upton 2010). An institutional framework must be created for the challenges of shifting to a new system to which practitioners can appeal regarding any ambiguities about changing policies.

Q5. Implementation of IFRS without the requisite infrastructure will result…. [read more]

HRM and Culture Term Paper

… The major burden of rearing children has been instilled on women this has imposed extra responsibility on women professionals, which are not experienced by their male counterpart in the company (David, 2007).

Discrimination based on organizational policies and structures. Informal cultures and networks that are dominated with men are potential barriers to the progress of women. Inequalities in corporate in opportunities to advance and rewards demoralize women from going for top managerial positions in the company. These pose a challenge to manage workplace diversity. Managing a diverse work population requires more than just acknowledging the variations seen in people. It entails realizing the value of these differences, promotion of inclusiveness and combating workplace discrimination. In addition, managers are likely to face the challenge derived from…. [read more]

How Are We to Live? Essay

… Life: A Philosophical Perspective

The concept of self-interest which is central to many of the themes in Peter Singer's work of non-fiction, How Are We To Live?, has been existent for several hundred years and influenced many previous philosophers and their principles. This particular doctrine simply states that mankind is primarily motivated by an inherent interest in one's own self, and that virtually all actions, thoughts, and decisions are made by people to further their own particular interests. Political philosophers such as the 17th century author Thomas Hobbes claim that even seemingly altruistic acts of sacrifice and interests in the welfare of others can be reduced to principles of self-interest, which merely prefer such a sacrifice to the alternative of the guilt one may feel…. [read more]

Nationalism of Spain and Russia Essay

… As same historical pattern is being repeated in the contemporary Russian nationalism structure, this paper concludes that further work is needed to determine the foundation of the recurring historical patterns in Russian nationalism (Kaempf, 2010).


From Europe, Spain has gone through many changes in recent times. Changes over here are not restricted to governance or politics only. Changes over here extend to social revolution and paradigm changes. No clue exist that can tell what was the catalyst for this change, such as culture, social, or economic factors. Such ambiguity can be associated with the chicken-and-egg situation. However, the important point to note is that these changes occurred at the same time. They were all related with each other, influenced each other, and fed each…. [read more]

Ethics, Torture and Psychological Issues Term Paper

… Ethics, Torture and Psychological Issues


Who is the chairman of the APA Ethics Committee and under what circumstances should a professional consultation be sought?

The American Psychological Association Ethics committee has the power to receive, initiate and investigate reports of unethical conduct to members of the profession; to recommend or dismiss action on such incidents; to formulate rules and principles of ethics as they surround the profession; and to interpret, apply and administer any rules regarding ethical behavior and professional psychology. The current Chair of the committee is Dr. Nadya Fouad of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and there are seven other standing members of the committee (American Psychological Association, 2012, par. 3).

The Ethics Code applies only to psychologists 'activities that are…. [read more]

Organizational Leadership: A Literature Review the Turn Term Paper

… Organizational Leadership: A Literature Review

The turn of the 21st century brought with it a plethora of global challenges, particularly in the area of higher education administration, but also in other administrative areas. Leaders in higher education have had to call upon many different theorists for use with their evidence-driven leadership theories. These have been addressed as approaches to explore, and they have also worked to explain the complexity of needs that are facing many of the global challenges today. A review of the related literature has cited many theorists' suggestions as being models which, though diverse, seem to contain some common threads among them. However, most of these theories also seem to point toward organizational leadership, and to a lesser degree toward educational leadership.…. [read more]

Hammurabi Comparing the Code Essay

… Having just fought a war for independence from Great Britain, the U.S. had, after all, a reason to show that it could tend to its own affairs. Hammurabi, likewise, had reason to show his subjects that he was fair, just, and would not tolerate any abuses. To be a powerful monarch meant being a respected monarch. Hammurabi's Code is meant to inspire respect, just as the U.S. body of law is meant to inspire confidence.

Hammurabi's Code did one other thing that allows it to be likened to the law system founded upon the U.S. Constitution. It put into writing so that all might see the laws of the land and the repercussions for breaking them. Like Justinian, who updated and revised the old laws…. [read more]

Cybersecurity as an Organizational Strategy Research Paper

… An effective strategy is to develop the best possible benefit approximation of benefits and assign a monetary value to those benefits (Gordon, 2010). This exercise provides a platform for allocating funds that can be monitored for needed reallocations at some future time (Gordon, 2010). A more cool-headed approach to resource allocation for cybersecurity will enable enterprises to examine how they are spending money rather than just focusing on an amount that has been committed to cybersecurity (Gordon, 2010).

The development of informational technology requirements must align with the business demands throughout the enterprise, with the aim of ensuring that IT systems will be resilient, reliable, and fit with the organizational mission ("PCAST," 2007). The bottom line is that "technology is about engineering and implementing solutions…. [read more]

Origin of Cold War Research Paper

… Origins of Cold War

The long Telegram

The policy makers in Washington and Harry S. Truman overlooked the views and beliefs of Kennan, those that he expressed, in Moscow. The policymakers were continuously convinced by Kennan to back out with their plans for collaboration with Soviet Union in support of Europe and to favor a sphere of power approach in order to deteriorate the influence of Soviet Union in Europe (Keene, 1946). The development of a federation was required to oppose the power and control of Soviet Union in Western Europe and to stand against the monopoly of Soviet in Eastern Europe, as asserted by Kennan (1946).

Until the mid-1946, U.S. mission residing in Moscow as the deputy head was Kennan. With the term ending,…. [read more]

Comprehensive Study of Offshore Financial Centers and Their Effects on Global Economy Dissertation

… ¶ … Offshore Financial Centres and Their Effects on Global Economy

The past 3 decades or so have witnessed the proliferation of offshore financial centres that have drawn both criticism and praise for their cumulative effect on the global economy. These offshore financial networks included 36 jurisdictions by the end of the 1970s that involved three main types of geographical locations, inland enclave states, coastal enclave states and island states. The enclave states have established a global pattern of so-called satellite clusters that are compatible with four main business time zones with linkages to the major global and regional capital markets. The Western Hemisphere is generally served through the New York epicenter by the Caribbean and the Central American Basin; European enclaves, coastal enclaves and…. [read more]

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