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Politics and Ecological Sustainability Article

… Politics & Ecological Sustainability

The relationship between politics and ecological sustainability has involved an inverse power struggle between political leaders whom seek to enable corporate success and the ecologists whom fear the poisoning of the earth and other forms of ecological damage. Ostensibly, this relationship is facilitated and watched within the auspices of Greening Environmental Policy, (Litfin, 1996). According to Litfin (1996), "Greening Environmental Policy grapples with sustainability beyond narrow economist and technical parameters to which it is often confined, thus the term greening, which entails participatory politics as much as ecological sustainability." (Litfin, 1996)

Greening Environmental Policy describes the link between participatory political debates to that of ecological sustainability. Certainly, however, such policy is destined to be a misleading representation of the true effect…. [read more]

Values and Morals Capstone Project

… Moreover, the word "maslahah" means "benefit or interest," and this suggests that the public interest must be protected. Hence, believing in maslahah means doing what is in the best interest of the public. Taken at face value, this should be the rule of thumb when a person is going into the accounting field; if it is not in the best interest of the public, or of the client, or of the company, than it is unethical and should be avoided (Yunanda, 131).

A peer-reviewed article in Accounting Education: an international journal points out that an Ethics Education Toolkit is available courtesy of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). The Toolkit is designed to stimulate discussion and debate regarding ethics education, and this is necessary because…. [read more]

Bentham Jeremy Bentham Is an Interesting Character Term Paper

… Bentham

Jeremy Bentham is an interesting character in that he entered the legal profession after graduating from Oxford University in 1763 but was appalled by the level of corruption that he witnessed; consequently, he left his law firm in order to investigate and work to rectify the underlying social ills that could result in such a widespread miscarriage of integrity. Largely, his efforts in this regard are considered to be near to as much success as one man could hope for: two days after his death in 1832, British Parliament passed the Reform Bill, which wrested political power from the ruling nobility and afforded it to the general public. Largely, this bill came as a result of his continual activism.

Fundamentally, Bentham's approach to social…. [read more]

Corporate Strategy of Multinational Organizations Capstone

… Conventional strategy formulation is not inventive, unique, or imaginative, thus resulting in strategic rigidity. One fundamental issue when it comes to making strategies within complex environments is the achievement of edge-of-chaos "adaptive innovation" while simultaneously attaining dependable, steady strategy implementation. This is accomplished through "improvisation" – balancing between excessive chaos and structure (Seidl & Werle, 2018). Improvisation calls for substantial competitive moves and experimentation for destabilizing markets and pushing them to edge-of-chaos positions, with structure suf?cient for change to be effective (tasks, priorities, and deadlines), though not rigid enough to discourage change. One of the strategic structures for managing complex environments indicates that organizations need to create chaos using repetitive innovation.

Merely becoming the ?rst mover does not suffice (competitors can get "free rides"),…. [read more]

Complex Military Research Paper

… Junior Leaders in Counterinsurgency and Complex Military Operations: A case study of the Northeast Nigeria

Counter Insurgency

Complex Military Operations

Junior Leaders in Armies in Counterinsurgency

The Nigerian Context & North Eastern Conflict

The Troubled North East Nigeria & the Boko Haram

The Counter Insurgency Operations in North Eastern Nigeria

The Boko Haram Counterinsurgency and the Junior Leaders

Counter Insurgency

Government Counterinsurgency Guide describes counterinsurgency or COIN as the military and civilian efforts that that are undertaken simultaneously in order to defeat and contain insurgency and the causes of the insurgency (Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Department of State, United States Government, 2009).

It is also important to understand the definition of insurgency to understand the actual meaning of counterinsurgency. Insurgency is an attempt by rebels…. [read more]

Glaxo Smith Kline Term Paper

… Glaxo Smith Kline

GlaxoSmithKline - Business Case Analysis

Case Issue Number 1: Abroad Purchase

GlaxoSmithKline is faced with lower sales revenues within the United States as the population prefers to purchase their drugs from abroad at lower prices.

Case Issue Number 2: Product Development

GlaxoSmithKline has been criticized for the side effects of some of their medicines, so they need to invest more in product research and development

Case Issue Number 3: International Expansion

However GlaxoSmithKline already operates in 150 countries around the globe, they desire to penetrate the markets of the developing and less developed countries in order to increase patients' access to medicines.

Current Situation

GlaxoSmithKline is the world's most renowned pharmaceutical company, with annually increasing turnovers, investments and profits. They play a…. [read more]

Teacher Certification Impact on Student Achievement Literature Review

… By raising requirements for teaching, the legislation would presumably end the employment of non-certified or under-qualified teachers in public schools.

Nonetheless, the legislation mainly emphasized subject matter knowledge and introduced constraints in teacher certification (Townsend, 2014). This was one of the major shortcomings of the legislation. By emphasizing subject matter knowledge, the NCLB gave little attention to pedagogy and curriculum. This resulted in a narrower view of teaching accountability in which teaching effectiveness was measured by the ability to pass tests as opposed to more meaningful aspects such as teacher characteristics. Schuster (2012) also criticizes NCLB’s attention to content knowledge, pre-service tests, and experience, contending that such measures are not necessarily useful indicators of teaching quality. Another shortcoming of the NCLB stemmed from the…. [read more]

Codes of Ethics in Business Research Paper

… Code of Ethics

The organization, XYZ company, is a start-up company that develops supply chain software. The software is intended to provide real time updates about any aspect of a company's supply chain, on any device, through a simple platform. The tracking functions and interface are the key elements of the product/service offering. The company is marketing its software to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Most similar applications are either proprietary, or are built for very large companies. The objective of XYZ is to win market share by offering high-end supply chain management software to companies that otherwise cannot afford it. There are several competitors in this industry, mostly falling into two categories. The first category are the large companies (SAP, etc.) that develop solutions…. [read more]

Comparing Between the Two U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan and Pakistan After 2001 Term Paper

… ¶ … U.S. Interventions in Afghanistan and Pakistan

intervention in Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and its involvement in Pakistan since 2001, although of diametrically opposite nature, are intertwined in many ways. Its intervention in Afghanistan was essentially a revenge attack for the 9/11 terrorism in order to punish the Taliban for their support of al-Qaeda; it was purportedly also aimed at capturing or killing Osama bin Laden, who lived in Afghanistan at the time, and to destroy the Islamic militant training camps in the country. Its involvement in Pakistan was basically aimed at stopping its government and its intelligence agencies from supporting the Taliban forthwith, to extend full co-operation to the U.S. In its "War against Terror," and to disband…. [read more]

Human Resources Development Annotated Bibliography

… Bundy, R. "Changing role of human resources has vast implications." Wichita Business Journal, Wichita: July 11, 1997.

During the past ten years a number of companies in American have really endeavored to obtain and maintain competitive advantages over their competitors. However, in the present times, many managers are realizing that the management of human resources is the only way through which companies are capable of remaining competitive. The managers are also realizing that workers are important assets that are the most valuable in the organizations. They have also found out that if a lot of effort and time is spent on these assets (employees), the organizations will achieve higher returns. In a landscape that changes speedily and due to the increasing demand for better provision…. [read more]

Risk and Insurance Management Research Paper

… The third risk acknowledged above is client association risk. For instance, profitable insurance is obtained mainly through the use of insurance managers or dealers. Up till now it is not known if technical progression, e.g. The outcomes of searches just like the one carried out by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, will cause the profitable insurance market to grow into a straight trade market. If it does, then profitable insurance firms will discover themselves contending in an entirely new field where previous dealings may no longer be successful.

Investment Risks

Investment profit hazard creates typical methodical hazards just like those originating from interest rates and the money markets. Nonetheless, as a lot of insurance firms have huge fixed earning assets there is also a…. [read more]

Perceived Effect of Culture on Event Leadership Research Proposal

… ¶ … perceived effect of culture on event leadership style at the Jet Metropolitan Night Club Thailand?

Event managers all over the world fear that they may end up loosing their jobs. Research shows that nearly 25% managers loose their jobs when companies streamline their business processes and rely more on teamwork to do the job. Versteeg (1990) outlined two typical aspects of managerial jobs that lure managers into looking away from adopting business structures which depend on high performing teams from different cultural and social backgrounds: they are accustomed to be in control; and they are inclined to having perks and privileges. Some of the most common perks and privileges include: reserved parking; executive bathrooms; and time cards.

These along with other perks that…. [read more]

Lawyer's Philosophy of Lawyering Research Proposal

… Immigration Lawyer Interview Assessment

Every person who comes before a court in the United States has a Constitutional right to representation. That is not a right reserved for citizens alone, but is a right that is extended to everyone, because it is justice that serves as the premise for the social structure in America. This is a right that our forefathers were emphatic about, because they had been falsely accused, held, and tried without representation. When America won her freedom from Great Britain, the forefathers wanted to be sure that everyone who came before the justice system in our country had the benefit of a trained legal mind to represent them. Unfortunately, this does not assure that the legal mind is an ethical one, or…. [read more]

Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role in Enhancing International Law Term Paper

… Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role in Enhancing International Law

Legal Status of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Development of the International Institutions

The Public International Unions

The Private International Unions

Historical background of the IPU

Brief Overview of the IPU Statutes (Assemblies and Committees, Members,

Functions, Goals and Activities)

The Relationship between the IPU and the United Nations

Beneficial Cooperation between the IPU and the United Nations (Common

Goals, Agenda and Concerns)

The Importance of the Recognition of the IPU Contribution

The Role the IPU Played in Implementing Decisions taken by the Assembly of the United Nations and the Implementation of the Millennium Development


The UN as a Framework of International Machinery for the Peaceful

Settlement of Disputes

What Role can the IPU Play in…. [read more]

Economics Politics Trade Term Paper

… Economics, Politics, Trade

Geopolitical base


Political Systems

Monetary, trade and economic backgrounds



Economics, Politics, Trade

This paper shall be a comparison of two countries of the world-one which is a developed country and another developing country. The developed country chosen for the study is Germany and the developing country is Peru. The paper shall deal with the geopolitical base and the Monetary, trade and economic backgrounds of the two countries.

Geopolitical base


Germany occupies 356,959 square kilometers. It is the sixth biggest country in Europe with Alps in the south and extending 853 kilometers from Denmark as its northern border. Germany measures roughly 650 kilometers from the Belgian-German border in the west to the Polish frontier in the east. The province…. [read more]

Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Research Paper

… The main technique for controlling stormwater releases is the application of best administration practices (BMPs) that stop or diminish the release of contaminants into a water body (e.g., building of a stormwater holding pond to stop stormwater drainage straight into getting waters). best administration practices appropriate for one airport are not necessarily appropriate for another. Issues that may have some kind of an affect on permit supplies (i.e., suitable best administration practices), include the local climate (dry vs. rainy/wet, cold vs. warm); (Suzanne & Fallacaro, 2011).

the size or type of neighboring water bodies -- contaminants are weak depending on the size of the water body getting the release (a stream or creek vs. A river or ocean);

the water excellence of neighboring water bodies…. [read more]

Iran Instability Thesis

… ]

Rise in occurrences of terrorism

It was back in 1979 when Islamic Revolution was complete and since then Iran has grown consistently to be among those countries that actively support terrorism and terrorist cells across the world. Tehran is one the major states in Iran that is reputed to have equipped, educated, monetarily supported, stimulated, prepared, and otherwise encouraged a large number of terrorist groups through the years. Iran has been known to support not just terrorist cells in the Persian Gulf region, but have also been known to support additional terrorist cells and groups in the regions of Lebanon, Palestine, Bosnia and Philippines amongst other places. This encouragement and backup has sustained to stay strong in recent times as well: the U.S. administration…. [read more]

Enron's Misleading Accounting & Fraud Tactics Thesis

… Enron was the seventh-largest corporation in the world. Enron Company was divided into five distinct parts including; Wholesale Services, Transportation and Distribution, Broadband Services, Retail Energy Services, and Corporate and Other. By the late 1990's, Enron had gone from a gas pipeline company to an energy trading company and then to a company based on trading gas, oil, water, forest products, minerals, broadband, and any other product that could be made into a commodity. Ultimately, the company began trading derivatives. Derivatives are useful because they provide a hedge against future business risks such as hikes in oil prices, changes in interest rates. When used legitimately derivatives can be beneficial to a company. The paper endeavored to explain the tactics that Enron used to evade detection…. [read more]

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