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Security Information Is the Power Term Paper

… Many such enterprises constitute parts of critical infrastructure and susceptible to attacks both for the data and power. (Cyberspace threats and vulnerabilities; How secure are your information systems)

Thirdly, forming of organizations of critical sectors or infrastructures in the sphere of economy, government or academics is positively viewed for counteracting the vulnerability of cyber attacks. Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) created by such sectors for tracking cyber attacks sharing information on trends, identification of vulnerable factors and practices to counteract. This collaboration is also noticed to have produced shared institutions and mechanisms that resulted in vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Fourthly, some vulnerability are also viewed as national rather than limited to individual enterprises. Some key factors like threat to the protocols and routers used…. [read more]

IT Security Plan to Prevent Cyber-Attacks Research Paper

… Therefore, there should be monitoring being done on the internal network to ensure that no attacks originate from within the network. All network traffic should be routed through a firewall to ensure that internal attacks are discovered early and they can be slowed down. When there is a malfunction of the network there should be redundancy in place to ensure that employees will still be able to access the network. The organization needs to look into the cause of the fault and have it rectified as soon as possible. There should be a separation between the internal and external network to ensure that employees are still able to perform their work even when the external network is down.

Protecting the Network and Assets
…. [read more]

Cyber Espionage Term Paper

… (Thornburgh, 2005)

However, after his employer was attacked, is when he began to compare notes with a friend who worked in military intelligence. What he determined is that there were a series of patterns that identified which served as a digital foot print of the trackers. After composing a list of common characteristics, is when he quickly discovered that the scope of the attack was focused on the entire U.S. defense infrastructure. He subsequently disclosed this information to the FBI who took the investigation even further. Yet, once his employers found out about his activities is when he was subsequently fired. They claimed that his affiliation with law enforcement was a violation of his employment contract. (Thornburgh, 2005)

This is showing how there must be…. [read more]

Preventing Terrorist Attacks Research Paper

… This is one of the reasons for which precautionary measures have been taken in order to limit the capacity of terrorists from infecting the drinkable water. These measures include the replacement of "chlorine gas as disinfection to alternatives which are believed to be safer, such as sodium hypochlorite or ultraviolet light. However, some consumer groups remain concerned that many wastewater utilities, including facilities that serve heavily populated areas, continue to use chlorine gas. To prepare for potential accidental releases of hazardous chemicals from their facilities, more than 2,800 wastewater and drinking water utilities, water supply systems, and irrigation systems already are subject to risk management planning requirements under the Clean Air Act" (Copeland, 2010). This measure taken per se however is not aimed at particularly…. [read more]

Security in Cloud Computing Research Paper

… The users using the infrastructure need to ensure that they maintain an effective security policy. These controls are developed and implemented to cater the hostile internet environment for multi-tenant usage of user applications hosted through cloud computing services (Mather et al., 2009).

Mather et al. (2009) further elaborates that the security controls for data in various stages. It is required for data in transit, data at rest, and data processing. It is also required for data lineage, data provenance, and data reminisce. The informed decision are required for increasing data security in cloud computing. All security measures are not a responsibility of the cloud services providers. There are various cases where security of data at cloud computing is compromised due to clients negligence. Therefore it…. [read more]

Security Plan for the Maryland Term Paper

… Therefore the access privileges attained by that specific person could get into wrong hands if they are forever and if the smart cards are place in wrong hands after the personnel have left its post.

Often critics question regarding the levels of perimeter security, they tend to ask security professionals if they should keep multiple layers or single layer? The answer here is that multiple layers tend to give better protection as compared to a single layer.

2.3 Protective systems and access control

Access control is known to be a very common methodology to identify personnel before they enter their designated areas. Access point can be any gate, id verification, security check or any other way to protect any premises from harm. The protective systems…. [read more]

Security Issues of Online Communities Term Paper

… Security Issues of Online Communities

Online communities have emerged in recent years as a result of the rapid growth of the Internet, arousing intrigue in citizens, policy-makers and government officials. An online community is a group of people who interact in a virtual environment. They have a purpose, are supported by technology, and are guided by norms and policies. The problem with the term "online community" is that it often refers to a wide range of online activities, and has as a result, been subject to different definitions. Although online communities exist predominantly online, they vary depending on the software environment supporting them, purpose, size and duration of existence, culture of their members, and governance structure (Preece,, 2003). The characteristics of an online community…. [read more]

Security an Institution of Higher Term Paper

… The way that the government has handled this problem in the past is to write a broad body of law, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and then allow court cases to work out the specifics.

To that end, there have been three Acts from which the largest body of cyber-security comes. The first is called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This Act protects people from having their private health information stolen and provides penalties for such acts. The second was the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 which sets standards for financial information security. The final major federal law from which judicial precedent is set is the Homeland Security Act of 2002 which basically fills in the holes…. [read more]

Security Software Business Plan Capstone Project

… ¶ … Business plan Version page

Business Plan

Business Identification:

Mission, Goals and Objectives:

Keys to Success:

Company Summary

Industry History:

Legal Form of Ownership:

Location and Facilities:

Management Structure:

Products and Service:

Market Analysis

Target Market

Industry Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Market Strategy

Price List-

Selling Strategy-

Sales Forecast-

Implementation Strategy

Overall Strategy-


Control Plan-

Financial Statements and Projections

F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate-

Error! Bookmark not defined.F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet-

Financial Projections

2G1a- Breakeven Point-

2G1b-Financial Position:

2G1c-Capital/Investment Needs:


Executive Summary

AAA Software, a security software vendor with proposed headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherland aspires to foster innovation by developing outstanding security solutions to make life simple while working on computers. There is a growing demand for antivirus/security solutions with the increase in…. [read more]

Metrics, Implementation, and Enforcement (Security Research Paper

… Cridex has been a bot Trojan that operates by opening the rear door on the compromised Computer and putting in a form of the Necurs rootkit to avoid conventional operating-system-based security and safety applications from reading through its binaries. This targeted breach generally starts execution around the target system via a drive-by-download breach that makes use of system susceptibility or perhaps a social engineering strike with an e-mail attachment. After that it installs the Necurs rootkit, which has also been utilized by a number of malware groups, such as Advanced Pc Shield 2012 along with Banker, to endanger the operating-system. Cridex subsequently assumes charge of the victim's computer system and enables it to gather data and possibly make deceptive transactions simply by manipulating genuine bank…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Risk Management Cyber Crime Research Paper

… it Risk Management -- Cyber Crime

Over the last several years, the issue of cyber crime has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because it is seen as tool which can be used to conduct espionage, terrorism or criminal activities. The results are that the more rouge nation states and other organizations are taking an active part in these activities. According to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center, they received a total of 336,665 reports of cyber related activities occurring last year. This is accounting for $559.77 million in losses. (Liu, 2013)

What makes these figures so troubling; is they are from just one organization which is monitoring the scope of cyber related crimes. When this is applied around the world, these statistics…. [read more]

Internet Security Measures- an Assessment Term Paper

… A coordinated action has to be taken against the security threats, by the Internet security providers as well as the companies that use these services. Finally, each and every person who uses the Internet would also have to use security measures for their systems like anti-virus software and firewall technology. Keith Lowry, Director of Security at Pilot, feels that a hacker has the time and the opportunity and the need to do harm and these are the facts that have to be addressed for the user to be able to deal with him effectively. This can be achieved when information is shared freely between the various users. Even though providers insist that basic security is a must for all users, not all Internet users have…. [read more]

Cyber Crime Task Force Term Paper

… In fact Schnucks Fresh Goods & Pharmacy in St. Louis was victimized by criminals in 2013. This is a classic example of how the task force can become effective, because the commercial stores (like Target and other retail firms) are vulnerable. Schnucks was attacked in 2013 and an estimated 2.4 million debit and credit card information were compromised between December 2012 and March, 2013, according to a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Gustin, 2013). How this works for the criminals -- and why the task force is so important in this aspect of cyber criminality -- is they hack into a vulnerable site where credit and debit cards are available. Then they insert "random access malware" into the site, which steals credit and debit…. [read more]

Malware Attacks the Democratic Process Essay

… The candidate's rivals actually visited campaign headquarters disguised as representatives of a major software firm, an unusually bold method of insinuating malware.

The good thing for the campaign staff is that Trojan horses are actually relatively easy to remove. The difficult aspect of Trojan horses is to find them. It can also be difficult to detect their presence to begin with if the results are relatively subtle. In this sense, the cyber-criminals who have attacked the candidate's site made a serious tactical error: By introducing so many and such serious attacks at the same time, they immediately alerted the staff to the attack.

Trojan horses often escape detection by anti-virus programs, which is the reason that the staff were unable to locate it in the…. [read more]

Social Engineering and Information Security Term Paper

… P address, mail servers, Phone numbers, address of the company, employee names and designations, etc. Further running the Maltego metadata transform provided more information in the form of more files with dates, creator information, etc. Particularly one file named InvoiceApril.xls grabbed the attention of Hadnagy. The file contents indicated that it was an invoice for a marketing venture organized by the local bank. Hadnagy immediately called the bank, posing as a Mr. Tom from the accounts department of the printing firm, and asked for the details of this particular marketing event run by the bank. It was found that it was the annual Children's Cancer Fund Drive organized by the bank.

Hadnagy gathered more information about the CEO like his native place NY, his favored…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Security Term Paper

… There is no "magic bullet" or single approach that will allow for complete computer security safety and allow for the proper and needed ease of use at the same time (Samson, 2013).

The concerns about cloud computing are numerous. However, they all mesh together to some degree. They include loss of data, syncing issues, keeping data segregated from customers when needed and pooled for mutual access when desired, the overall security culture and mindset of some vendors, how threats are evolving with the new technologies and trends and even attacks from other customers. While it may seem like common sense to secure networks and such, many companies (even before the cloud computing revolution) did some very obtuse things when it came to data security (Samson,…. [read more]

System Security Thesis

… System Security

Every organization which is dependent on computer systems for its vital activities needs to have a certain degree of system security, the level depending on the nature of data and the vulnerability of its system. With cyber-crime and computer-related crime on the rise, system security has become a necessity. System Security can be implemented in hardware, software, network or the information system. Apart from limiting remote and local access to the physical components of the computer system, security also focuses on limiting the coding errors which compromises system security. These source code errors may include buffer/integer overflows, faulty string manipulations, password mismanagement, improper function calls, etc. Servers which contain valuable personal, organizational and system information, and are connected to other vital system resources…. [read more]

Computer Security Research Paper

… Computer Security

Information Warfare (IW) is one of the latest forms of threats that poses great security risk to the national peace and order in the U.S. In this paper we present an analysis of all the emerging trends of information warfare. Our goal is to formulate appropriate recommendations and strategies for mitigating the risks associated with this new form of threat. In our study we present various literatures that are dedicated to the context of Information Warfare. An identification of all the vulnerable points in the institutional and governmental infrastructure is also presented. The overall goal is to ensure that our nation and the world as a whole is protected from the dangers associated with cyber terrorism.


The modern world heavily relies on…. [read more]

Homeland Security Strategies Research Paper

… They also emphasize the Department's commitment to securing the U.S. from terror and beefing up security along the United States borders, enforcing immigration laws, securing cyberspace and generally building resilience to disasters (DHS, 2007). The other function often overlooked is to secure the major infrastructure like bridges and towers, airport as well as key natural resources and also respond to and recover from the incidences that may occur within the U.S. The mention of maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of the tax payer's dollar implies that the leaders of this Department are people of integrity.

From this paper it is clear how an organization's missions, goals, and objective are integral in coming up with a strategic plan. It is also clear that a strategy must have…. [read more]

Attack Causality in Internet-Connected Cellular Essay

… S. information infrastructure for intelligence collection, intellectual property theft, or disruption" because "terrorist groups and their sympathizers have expressed interest in using cyber means to target the United States and its citizens" (U.S. Department of Homeland Security 16).

While the calamitous conflicts still simmering throughout the Middle East provide conclusive proof that predicting future events is an untenable approach to counterterrorism intelligence, there are many circumstances which dictate the adoption of preventative strategy. The advent of the internet has enabled likeminded individuals across the planet to connect and exchange ideas on an instantaneous basis, allowing the once isolated realm of jihadist ideology to flourish under the cover of online anonymity. By monitoring suspicious activity through the use of wiretapping technology and other clandestine means, the…. [read more]

E-Communities' Impact the Impact of E-Communities Table Term Paper

… E-communities' Impact

The Impact of E-communities

Table of Contents ( 35 ref - 45 p, -- MLA)

E-community Characteristics

"Being a Member" Benefits

Etiquette Examples.

Danger and miscommunication from E-communities.

Summary of evidence supporting the Hypothesis

Explanation of methodological approach of investigation.

i? Conclusion: further thinking or the term, egoboo.

The Impact of E-communities

E-community Characteristics

The "sayings" of a community, its proverbs, are its characteristic comment upon life; they imply its history, suggest its attitude toward the world and its way of accepting life.


Egoboo and Other "Everyday" Terms


Online Bully"

Virtual Communities?

Cather (1925) obviously never referred to these contemporary "sayings" or terms, related to online communities, when commenting on community characteristics. Today, albeit, terms such as these, along with a…. [read more]

Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Single Research Paper

… DDoS is an approach used to attack a victim from several undermined systems. The former are central to similar mechanisms as those of DoS attacks (Chang, 2002). However, for an attacker to accomplish an attack, they will need to execute DDoS software on many vulnerable computer systems. In DDoS attacks, the attacker will use numerous sources hosts to launch attack traffic to the target systems. Previously, DDoS attack software was deployed manually, but currently worms serve the purpose.

In addition, DDoS attacks rely on three parties: an offender, helpers and victims. In this case, the offender refers to the individual who plans the attack, and helpers refer to systems, which the offender has undermined to initiate attack against a victim (target). The offender commands the…. [read more]

Attack of 911 Has Posed Term Paper

… TWIC involves an assimilation of the standard background screenings and biometrics in order that a worker can be securely matched to his or her credential. With complete adoption of the program The TWIC card will emerge as the standard credential for airport workers and will accepted by all modes of transportation. Besides, TSA has been developing the next-generation Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System or CAPPS-II. (Aviation Security Progress since September 11, 2001, and the Challenges Ahead)

CAPPS-II is one of the automated passenger screening systems that embody personal information so that the identity of the passenger could have easily ascertained at times of contingency. The security requirements envisages running of the identifying information against national security information and commercial databases and assignment of a risk…. [read more]

Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gangs: Threat to National Security? Thesis

… ¶ … predominantly Latino Gangs, Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13), and the 18th Street Gang operating on the streets of communities across America. This study is significant because it will provide a snapshot in time concerning how these violent gangs operate in this country in ways that can inform and alert both civilian society and government agencies concerning optimal responses to the problem created by these gangs. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of documentary evidence and governmental statistics about the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang, this study developed several conclusive findings on the negative effects of these groups in the United States. The Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang are becoming transnational criminal organizations given the fact that they originated in Central America and…. [read more]

Airport Security Design Term Paper

… The section on the aircraft movement area should provide a description of any area that may be potentially used for landing, take-off and surface maneuvering of aircraft. This includes all intermediate unpaved sections of the airfield on the airport property. A map or diagram should be attached. This section should provide a description for perimeter barriers or access controls including: Fencing; Gates; Access control systems; AAF locks; and Key Control Systems. (Department of the Interior Aviation Facilities Security Procedures, 2006)

Airport Security Features

In addition, a necessary section of the Airport Security Plan is the section, which describes any airport/AAF Security Procedures including: (1) aircraft security requirements; (2) pedestrian/vehicle access; (3) challenge procedures; and (4) procedures for reporting suspicious behavior. (Department of the Interior Aviation…. [read more]

Risks Are Associated With Implementing Case Study

… Anonymous implemented the DDoS attacks by forcing targeted computers to reset. It also used a method of consuming the target websites resources so that it can no longer provide its intended service. Finally, the attack obstructed the communication link between website users and the overall website so that they can no longer communicate in an effective manner (Saylor, 2010).

6. Which policies should be in place to help companies manage the risk of using mobile devices?

Traditionally, a company would standardize on a small number of smartphones and usually no more than two operating systems to minimize support issues with device programs. However, as the above case illustrates, employees want to use whatever device they own. The company needs a strategy that enables choice while…. [read more]

Cyber Warfare Continues to Grow Term Paper

… " (Rollins and Wilson, 2007, p.8) Computer systems in the United States were reported as attacked "at a rate 10 times higher than the next most highly targeted nation." (Rollins and Wilson, 2007, p.8)

It is additionally reported that there has been criticism of U.S. federal agencies about the effectiveness of their computer security programs and additionally, in a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) it was stated that due to the "…growing sophistication of malicious code on the Internet, the federal government may increasingly be limited in its ability to respond to cyber threats. It is cited in the report that there is great difficulty in "…ascertaining the intentions, origination, and groups behind cyberintrusions and attacks as a reason for DHS and the…. [read more]

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