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African and Asian Influences on Western European Art Essay

… She is standing on a Chinese carpet and wearing a Japanese kimono. However, Asian influence was just one out of several styles that affected European art. African art had a profound effect.

African art influenced 20th century styles of European art which is evident in cubism. Looking at the Bakota reliquary guardian figure from Gabon, Mbulu-Ngulu, we see an intermediary between the living and the dead. It is formalized into geometric shapes, the base taking the shape of a diamond, the solid contrasting the empty space (Soltes). The head depicts the connection to the soul and the realm of the dead. Another geometric piece of art is the Fang mask from Gabon, with geometric reduction and geometric emphasis on light and shadow. The Kifwebe mask…. [read more]

Museum Displays of "Non-Western" Art Essay

… The Benin room is one of the most remarkable in the Africa, Oceania, and Americas set of galleries because of lighting. Each of the statues is encased in protective climate-controlled glass and the light refracts on the floor to create a unique viewing experience. The experience adds an interesting and interactive dimension to encountering the statues, but the curators could have provided the viewer with more information about the cultural context.

Moreover, the curators could have unfolded and displayed proudly the ceremonial paintings from Papua New Guinea. Ideally those cloths, which did have a significant religious and cultural function, would have enjoyed a display against a natural background. It is important to view such works of art in context, if viewing them in situ is…. [read more]

Art Deco a Long Era Essay

… The screen is abstract in its design, and it lacks any anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, or floral motifs. Rendered in wood, Gray uses a lacquer technique to apply black, red, and silver leaf. Although it lacks the nature motifs that are often present on original Japanese interior screens, Gray's screen has an earthy feel because of the materials she uses and the final form the item takes.

Pierre Legrain's stool from 1923 presents a return to Egyptian motif and design, as it resembles the hard "pillows" that were often placed in mummy sarcophagi. Rather than use the curved base for the neck, however, Legrain envisions it for the behind. The result is an item that is likely far more comfortable than the pillow version used by the…. [read more]

Art Memo Essay

… Justly controversial, it would be fruitful to hang a painting like this in our corporate headquarters. The rich red hues would add a lot to the otherwise drab color scheme of our boardroom.

4. Claude Monet's "Femme a l'ombrelle tournee vers la gauche."

Another obscure or lesser-known Monet painting depicts a woman in a field, holding a parasol on a warm spring or summer day. The color scheme is opposite to that of the other Monet painting proposed for our boardroom. Here, we see luscious cerulean blue, mint green, and white. The femininity is palpable in this painting, which is a critical component of any fashion house.

5. Edgar Degas's "L'etoile"

Edgar Degas created a series of paintings and sculptures focusing on the theme of…. [read more]

Asian Art Research Paper

… 1967 was the heart of the Cultural Revolution, and this poster, where bears the caption "destroy the old world, forge the new world" enforces the message -- with a sledgehammer -- central to that theme. Interesting to note that there is a much greater visual emphasis on the "destroy" part than the "forge the new world" part.



Artist: Katsuhika Hokusai

Date: 1829-1832

This was a piece from a series called 36 views of Fuji, and indeed Fuji-san is in the background here. The Great Wave bears with it European influences, which made it different in a time when Japan was cut off from the rest of the world. The boats show how nature dwarfs man, but there is something interesting in the…. [read more]

How Were Catalan Modernista Painters Influenced by French Art? Term Paper

… French Influence Upon Catalan Modernists

It is difficult to imagine the art world without a French influence. It seems that throughout history much of art has been based out of French culture and social ideas. The central location for such artistic creation has primarily been that of Paris, France. It seems that many artists have journeyed there for education or intellectual freedom of expression. It is a special place, a place that thrives on the energy art represents to the world. Even today, it is the place to be an artist. There is a certain allure and safety as if an artist's identity automatically fits with Paris. Maybe the draw can be attributed too much of its pulse is generated by art and the museums…. [read more]

Basic History of Western Art Term Paper

… ¶ … History of Western Art

Donatello's David is a clear influence of the classical style over the Renaissance art. The sculpture features a nude representation of carefully studied anatomy that depicts a certain level of feminity. It reminds of the Greek pursuit for beauty and realistic representation of the human figure, as well as the illustration of a major biblical event. It is an important work of art of the Renaissance period that shows a clear vision of the ideology of an era, where the religious crisis of the Christian church was bringing new solutions for society. On one hand, because of the many conflicts the church had over the middle ages period that resulted in a loss of spiritual faith from the people,…. [read more]

Martial Arts Capstone Project

… " It mainly includes various practices that may be deadly in some situations. It includes various different techniques. There are many factors that are focused upon in jujutsu such as; rolls, grappling, locks and throws. As compared to the other kinds of martial arts which have a lot of different rules, this is the kind in which anything and everything is fair. Student that start their training for jujutsu are taught poking, gouging and biting which can prove to be very deadly when they are used along with some of the other standard practices (Mol, 2001).

Various instructors introduced different styles and were able to create their own school. Various forms of martial arts such as aikido, bartitsu and hapkido came into existence through jujutsu.…. [read more]

Butoh Dance Butoh Is a Japanese Art Term Paper

… butoh DANCE

Butoh is a Japanese art form that emerged in 1959 as a response to western oppression. Western political dominance had a serious impact on aesthetic sense of dancer Tatsumi Hijikata who developed a new form of dance that comprises strange body movements, gestures and jerks. West was viewed as an oppressive force with technological and political dominance to effectively curtail powers rested in other nations. The U.S.-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty of 1959-1960 is in many ways responsible for the creation of Ankoku Butoh that expressed deep resentment over western domination, power and authority (Klein, 1988). Butoh means ancient dance in Japanese and it is an intense and extremely rebellious avant-garde art form that was described by Bonnie Sue Stein as "shocking, provocative, physical,…. [read more]

Post-Impressionist Artists Were Interested Term Paper

… " (Noa, p. 28) Whether he saw himself as following a cultural destiny - the European raping the virgin land - or working off a purely personal frustration, we cannot know. Nietzsche had written about an apocalyptic event for which the ubermensch needed to prepare; perhaps, Gauguin, far away from societal pressures, was attempting to precipitate his own apocalypse. The notion of a crisis born of blood and self-mutilation relates to the masochism that had been experienced in European religious tradition as a symptom of repressed sexuality, for example, the practices of flagellation and stigmatization. It would seem less than healthy that Gauguin chose to brutalize and destroy Tahiti, rather than to celebrate its abundance.

His relations with the natives are also problematic. He seems…. [read more]

Vincent Van Gogh, Frank Lloyd Term Paper

… Iron and Steel were used in order to open up the interior of buildings to an unprecedented scale. Architect Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo was one of the first to implement Oriental aspects into designs, using black and white, asymmetry and plant forms (Weisberg).

Nancy, which was located in Paris, was the premiere Art Nouveau school. It developed strong bonds with the East. Japanese decorative art offered Art Nouveau new forms and decorations that were used to renew the objects d'art. Painter Hokkai Takashima, for example, lived at Nancy from 1885 to 1888 and formed bonds of friendship with creators Emile Galle and Camille Martin, thus influencing their work.

When writing about Japonisme, some historians stop at the artists and collectors of the day and then have…. [read more]

John La Farge Term Paper

… For example, at the monastery of Kurodani, the painter is shown the graves of Nawozane and Atsumori

. The relationship between nature and religion, between nature and the funeral perspective is obvious here, as "the pine tree still stands upon which the warrior hung his armor when, tormented by remorse, he carried out his vow of never more bearing arms"

The next paragraphs, however, are mythological and historical recollections of the facts that had led to the slaying of Atsumori. The first lines in this essay have begun by describing John La Farge as a personality of the Renaissance. The description of the monastery at Kurodani and the graves shows why this is so: La Farge is never satisfied with what he is told and…. [read more]

Biography and Artistic Work Essay

… Hollywood Artists

Vincent and Theo…and Robert?

Popular lives of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) tend to gloss over most of their subject's short life and career in order to focus on the artist's breakdown, intense final period, and suicide. This is partially a function of the documentary sources available -- the famous correspondence with his brother Theo is somewhat fragmentary before 1882 -- but also reflects abiding interest in portraying the artistic passion of van Gogh in opposition to the conventions of formal training and participation in the artistic community. As a result, highly regarded biographies like Julius Meier-Graefe's Vincent van Gogh: A Biography rush through most of the artist's life in a scant 15 pages in order to spend approximately eight times as much time…. [read more]

American Illustrators Term Paper

… ¶ … Illustrators

Today, with the high-tech electronic communication and the ease of using computers to conceive of, draw, or refine artwork, it is difficult to conceive of an environment where there were few visuals and all had to be done by hand one-by-one. The creativity that existed through this artwork has been "illustrious," where each designer uses an "illustration" or an image to enhance or make communication more attractive. "Illustration is a communicative tool, clarifying and defining our understanding of the world" (National museum of American illustration). Because it is used in commercial, military and political applications, illustration also acts as a means to trace social and cultural history. It is a significant and lasting art form that provides an actual visual record of…. [read more]

Italian Renaissance Term Paper

… Italian Renaissance was the beginning of the Renaissance, a period of achievements and cultural changes that extended from the late XIV century until about 1600, constituting the transition between the Middle Ages and modern Europe.

The word Renaissance has a very explicit meaning that represents the renewed interest for the period in the culture of classic antiquity, after what would then be called "The Dark Age." Those changes, although significant, were concentrated in the upper classes, and for most of the common people the life style had little change compared to the middle ages.

Italian Renaissance began in Toscana, having its epicenter in Florence and Siena. This was followed by a powerful impact in Rome. The peak of the movement appeared at the end of…. [read more]

East/West an Analysis of Eastern Research Paper

… Chen goes on to lay out every single reference and cross-reference he can find in the film, linking the Guzheng assassins to The Six-Fingered Lord of the Lute; Landlady's "Lion's Roar" to Jin Yong's Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre; and Sing's swollen lips to "Tony Leung Chiu-Wai's famous 'sausage lips' look from The Eagle Shooting Heroes."

Interestingly, Chow's influence is often romantic, affectionate and spiritual. CJ7, for example, allows for a resurrection, the likes of which haven't been seen since Shakespeare's Winter's Tale. Shaolin Soccer showed what perseverance and spiritual affiliation could do. But it is Kung Fu Hustle, a collaboration between Eastern and Western producers in a sort of East-meets-West ultra-homage to both Hong Kong and American cinema (in a cross-pollination of ideals), that…. [read more]

Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper

… Van Gogh

In Search of Illumination: An Analysis of the Life and Work of Vincent Van Gogh

If, as Richard Williamson (2010) says, art is a skill and that skill is the "expression of the soul," Vincent Van Gogh's artistic productivity (leaping into life in the final decade of his own) may tell us much about the soul of the man. With an oeuvre of over 2000 works Van Gogh's artistic passion matched the intensity of his religious fervor. Religion and art were, essentially, the basis of Van Gogh's life. And the history of his life is, in a way, a history of modern Europe; in another way it is a history of the prelude to 20th century modern art; and in another way it…. [read more]

Japanese-American Biopharmaceutical Industry Term Paper

… The objective of such harmonization is a more economical use of human, animal and material resources and the elimination of any unnecessary delays in the global development and availability of new pharmaceuticals while maintaining safeguards on quality, safety and efficacy, and sustaining regulatory obligations to protect public health. This mission is embodied in the Terms of Reference of the ICH.

Limitations and Delimitations

This problem is limited by the extent to which the United States and Japan choose to continue to permit the extensive interval of time from which pharmaceuticals are available in the United States to when they are available in Japan.

This problem is delimited by the extent to which the United States and Japan choose to cooperate in reducing or eliminating the…. [read more]

Kimono History and Contemporary Fashion Design Influence Term Paper

… Kimono History And Contempory Fashion Design Influence

The kimono has become one of the most notable and recognizable elements of Japanese culture. If we were to name characteristics of Japanese civilization, the kimono would most certainly be amongst them. Although nowadays Japanese dress almost uniformly in Western style, the kimono has remained not only a tradition, but a way of life in many parts of the country, a way to venerate aesthetics. Thus, although the kimono as such has almost disappeared from the daily wear of the people, it is recognizable in its pervading influence on the contemporary worldwide fashion.

The kimono appeared rather late in Japanese history, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, derived from the traditional, multilayered dress called "kosode." As this…. [read more]

East Meets West: Oriental Influence on Western Dissertation

… East Meets West: Oriental Influence on Western Fashion

Clothing is rarely recognized as a political force, yet fashion and design may be one of the most internationally regarded forms of trade, communication, and influence among countries worldwide. Perhaps more than any other form of shared knowledge, fashion permeates the boundaries of nations to influence the styles of people everywhere. According to an official defitnion, "fashion consists of a current (constantly changing) trend, favoured for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons." (Kobres et al.) However accurate this statement may be in some ways, it does not at all encompass the vast array of cultural and social implications that a mere mention of the word "fashion" will entail. "So pervasive has the role of the…. [read more]

Corporate Strategies of Japanese Automaker Term Paper

… al, 1995, p. 2). Corporate strategies operate by maintaining ongoing relationships with suppliers and open communication throughout the design, development and production process; assembly line workers are also involved as part of corporate strategy, and learn to be responsible for delivering only superior quality products to the finish line (Chapman, et. al, 1995, p.2).

Japanese style alliances" and strategies have also been heralded as "a critical source of competitive advantage for large Japanese assemblers" (Dyer, et. al, 2002: p.717, Nishiguchi, 1994). Studies suggest that Japanese strategies which include cooperative supplier-assembler relationships outperform other automakers in other countries by "developing relation-specific knowledge, investing in relation-specific assets, and minimizing transaction costs" (Dyer, et. al, 2002: p. 717; Nishiguchi, 1994). Japanese corporate strategies include building exclusive ties with…. [read more]

Exoticism in 19th and 20th Research Paper

… The finished opera was a work of finely-drawn characters, relentless development to the tragic climax, beautiful Italian verse and dialogue, and an exotic and affecting musical score (New York City Opera Project, n.d.; Metropolitan Opera, 2011).

"Madama Butterfly" premiered at La Scala in Milan on February 27, 1904 and was roundly denounced as a "fiasco," chiefly due to the premiere audience, which apparently resembled a modern-day "Maury Povich" audience of heckling pro-and-con factions. While it is difficult to know exactly why the audience and critics were so hostile, several possible reasons have been identified: the opera was rehearsed in secrecy, which alienated a hungry press corps; the second act was unusually long, including Butterfly's entire vigil and straining the audience's powers of concentration; treachery, in…. [read more]

Roles of Japanese Emperors Term Paper

… "No action of the leaders of the early Meiji period was productive of happier results than this" he adds (Treat, 1928 p. 101). By 1872, the issue of foreign treaties assumed increasing importance with regard to Japan's foreign relations over the next 22 years (Treat, 1928).

The research shows that the Meiji era originally brought an opening of women's horizons and great hope for bettering the quality of women's lives, as well as the lives of the whole population Meiji's roles for the populace were initially ill defined and were ultimately manufactured by his keepers (the genro et al.) to be the "father of the people" -- a paternal symbol, a warrior leader and spiritual figurehead. His close advisor's actions are key in this argument.…. [read more]

Westernization African Culture Essay

… It was also during this century that the European power stepped out to prove their power politically, and with the aim of expanding their presumed civilization they conquered foreign land and had vast colonies. They imposed a political, economic and cultural colonization across the African continent. This was an ultimate destruction of the rule system and African native governance and replacing it with a foreign system of government. They were out to get the raw materials that could fuel their quest for civilization so that the entire Europe can be a modern society, hence used the means of governance that could fit them and enable them access to the raw materials.

The other unfortunate thing that westernization saw into fruition is the breakout of wars.…. [read more]

International of Music Thesis

… International of Music

Under the circumstances in which globalization has opened the barriers between geographical frontiers and has basically created a sort of unique international market, it is useless to say that this market is worth entering due to the numerous opportunities it present. The opportunities are available for any type of product or service, including a singer. Nevertheless it must be underlined that the international market offers more than opportunities, it presents numerous risks and challenges that one needs to face. The main threats are represented by the cultural differences and the finances needed to support the distribution channels and the communication campaigns.

Product description

The product s represented by an artist who is currently based in the United States of America. The artist…. [read more]

18th C. Decorative Botanical Art Term Paper

… 18th C. decorative botanical art

18th Century Botanical Art

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, pearls were a very popular bauble with the wealthy and the royal; brought back from the explorations of the Far East and the New World and still rare, they are seen in portraits most particularly of Queen Elizabeth I, but also of other nobles. During the 18th century, exploration had taken a different tone. No longer were the intrepid crossing the oceans in search of financial wealth (or at least, not so single-mindedly as in the Age of Exploration), but rather in terms of other unique discoveries and treasures. These included new life forms, not surprising in light of the nature of the Age of Enlightenment. That age was…. [read more]

Honor Code of Chinese Warriors Research Paper

… This means that one is both an honorable winner and an honorable loser. (Shaolin Tiger Kung-Fu, 2012)

III. Water Margin Heroes

Water Margin is one of the greatest Chinese novels in history and is a story about a group of heroes who take up for various classes of individuals against the evil. The Warrior's Honor Code guides these individuals in their actions in the novel. Water Margin is based on the outlaw Song Jiang whose name appeared in the biography of Emperor Huizong of Song, which stated as follows:

"The outlaw Song Jiang of Huainan and others attacked the army at Huaiyang, (the Emperor) sent generals to attack and arrest them. They infringed on east of the capital Hebei and entered the boundaries of Chu…. [read more]

From Thai Consumers Perspectives What Criteria Influence Consumers Purchasing Behavior Towards Green Product Dissertation

… ¶ … consumers' perspectives, what criteria influence consumers' purchasing behaviour towards green product?

This dissertation could not be accomplished without Professor Sarah hypes, research method lecturer who is my supervisor at Coventry University. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor for her recommendation and her advices. She encouraged and guided me throughout this dissertation.

Special thanks to all lecturers who taught me in MA Marketing Management course and fulfilled me the knowledge.

In addition, thank you very much to all questionnaire respondents that spend their precious time and information to be a part of my survey and become this dissertation. Thanks you all of my dear friends who always support me and thanks all of Coventry University's Thai society (ThaiCov) that made…. [read more]

Japanese Influence on European Art Research Paper

… ¶ … Objectified East on Western Art:

France and Japan

The postmodern perspective suggests that all art is subjective and even when we attempt to look objectively at the world we see ourselves, not the thing as it actually is. This is particularly evident when examining how the art and life of another culture is filtered through the vision of another. In Europe, particularly in France, during the 19th century there was great frustration with the static, current conception of the French Academy's art, with its emphasis on realism, self-consciously important historical and literary subjects, and the static replication of old, tired images. This revolt, which coalesced in the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movement, also coincided with the brief opening up of trade with Japan. There…. [read more]

Japanese Religion Essay

… Zen Buddhism can often be misinterpreted and, if that happens, it is because, to think of it as a religious concept, it's very easy when, in fact, Zen, at its origins, is something derived from action and not from words. What we mean to say is that Zen's self-perception is of a path, as in the way for someone to experience what will eventually lead to an understanding of the meaning of life. However, Zen understanding is said to come not from the mind, that is to say, from logical thinking and philosophy, but rather that it is derived from insight. Moreover, a Zen perspective is to acknowledge that language itself is poor in describing the ways of life and reality, and thus, insufficient enough…. [read more]

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