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Jersey Shore Retail E-Commerce Case Research Paper

… e-Commerce

Our clothing store on the Jersey Shore boardwalk is thinking about going online as an e-commerce operation. There are a number of logical reasons for this. First, the Jersey Shore is a seasonal place to do business, with most sales coming from Memorial Day to Labor Day. To offset the impact of seasonality, we feel that it is critical to sell all year around online, where we can reach a much bigger audience, and trade on the brand that we establish with our summer visitors. The current website generates some traffic, but it does not have e-commerce capabilities, and we feel that this is a lost opportunity. This paper will outline the strategy for building the online side of our business.

The Domain

We…. [read more]

Strategic Framework in BP-Deepwater Horizon Essay

… They merely show company's awareness of these issues and basically help in getting media attention. To make sure that code is read, understood, believed and remembered, organizations need to conduct periodic ethics workshop to sensitize people to workplace circumstances' in which these issues are addressed (Gellerman, 1989).

Maintaining business operation which is ethically proven, socially responsible and environmentally friendly requires management support from the top to the bottom and making it an important part of the strategic framework of the organization ensuring that it is applied at all levels with profound leadership and management control. In this regard organizations need to develop proactive strategies rather than reactive strategies. Having proactive strategies means running business operations conscious of risk elements and being prepared for mitigating the…. [read more]

Shipping Chartering Term Paper

… Future of Shipping

The shipping industry has a long history, but the nature of the business changes over that history. It has been changing in recent years because of the pressures for change caused by internationalization, globalization, technological advances, economic shifts in different parts of the world, and so on. Where the tradition has been for companies to sail their own ships, carrying cargo for a fee, more and more companies are finding different ways to accomplish the same business, such as by chartering vessels for the job at hand, or having other companies handle the procedures as a form of third-party management, or some other approach to cut costs, reduce risk, and yet increase business all at the same time. The changes in the…. [read more]

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