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Jesus/Mohammed Both Jesus Term Paper

… Jesus/Mohammed

Both Jesus and Mohammed have had enormous influence on the way the world currently worships as well as the way the world has worshipped throughout the centuries following each man's birth and death.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem approximately 2040 years ago. At the time there were many events taking place in the world that were interpreted as signs of a coming Messiah. One of those stories was that a new star would rise in the sky brighter than any other. Many of these events are written about in the New Testament, which those people who practice Christianity believe are the words of Christ and his disciples.

Mohammed was born approximately AD 570 into a turbulent world that was also searching for a Messiah,…. [read more]

Lives Jesus Mohammed Relation Respective Essay

… One does not necessarily have to take Jesus' messages literally, as the respective person can gain a better understanding of what the preachers intended to transmit by interpreting his words and associating it with present day values. In spite of the fact that interpretations have experienced serious change throughout time, Jesus' message is basically the same. One of Jesus' most important advices that present day society could use is the one regarding how people should not concentrate on material matters and ignore spirituality by doing that.

Muslims consider that Mohammed is their prophet and the founder of Islam, the last from a sequence of preachers having the missions of presenting the world with the word of God. Similar to the situation of Jesus, some of…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammed Comparison and Contrast Essay

… Jesus & Mohammed

Comparison and Contrast: Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus & Christianity

Christianity has many similarities to older religions such as Judaism, but it is not the same, and most of the reason for that is the way that the two religions feel about and designate Jesus Christ. In fact, the term 'Christian' was originally used in Syria to give a name to an emerging religious movement which was made up of Jews and Gentiles together (Momigliano, 1987). These individuals worshipped the one they called the messiah, which was the title that they gave to a Jewish teacher called Jesus of Nazareth. The Romans had Jesus executed as a political criminal in Judea when he was in his thirties, but before that time he had…. [read more]

Muhammad's Personality and Islam Essay

… Muhammad's Personality And Islam

Muhammad's Personality and Cultural Islam

It has been said that "To say 'and Muhammad is the Messenger of God' is to commit oneself to a belief, not about the person of Muhammad, but about the validity of what he brought. The personality of Muhammad is essentially irrelevant." This statement is provocative. It forces thought about the various historical images of Muhammad, and how important they are for Islam. A recent example raises the issue. In 2005, a Danish newspaper published twelve cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad in various configurations. This triggered in some quarters a strong reaction related to the representation of Mohammed, which some Muslims thought was forbidden, idolatrous, blasphemous, or at least slanderous. It highlights what Rosen calls the…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammed -- Their Term Paper

… At the age of six his mother took Mohammed to a town a few hundred miles north of Mecca to visit his father's grave but on the way home Amina became sick and died; following that, the orphaned Mohammed lived with his paternal grandfather, Abdul Al-Muttalib, a respected leader among the Council of Elders in Mecca.

At the age of eight, his grandfather died and he was now under the care of a paternal uncle, Abu Talib. Mohammed worked as a shepherd and traveled with his merchant uncle in desert caravans to earn money. Later, in his twenties, he worked for a wealthy widow (Khadija bint Khawalayd) and in 595 A.D., after Mohammed proved to be an honest and worthy character, they were married. They…. [read more]

Jesus and Muhammad Essay

… " [9: Fisher, M.P. (2005). Living Religions (6th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. ] [10: Fisher, M.P. (2005). Living Religions (6th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. ]

Just like Christianity, Islam spread very far, and is followed by billions of people still today, and this is also due to the Qur'an. Just as the Christians, who had the Bible, Muslims needed something on which to write down the revelations and the teachings of the Prophet, and this had to be able to be transmitted through the ages. The Qur'an is thus the heart of Islam, a collection of messages that the Prophet received over twenty-three years that stressed the unity of God and the "woe of those who do not heed God's message," according to Fisher. These…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammed Essay

… Jesus & Mohammed

More than any two religions on Earth, Christian and Muslim traditions share striking similarities (George, 2002, p. 20). At a time in our global society when Muslims as a group are viewed unfavorably because of the actions of a few, it is important to understand the commonalities of these two faiths and appreciate how devotees similarly worship their God. Christians and Muslims together comprise over 40% of the world's population (George, p. 9). It is important to facilitate mutual understanding between these groups, which populate nearly half our globe. One can gain a better understanding of Christianity and Islam by exploring the parallels between the lives of Jesus and Mohammed, the ways in which each is worshipped, and the ways in which…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammed Term Paper

… It was the Church who first gathered all the books of the Bible and gave its authoritative pronouncement that these books were the inspired Word of God and that they alone constituted the written deposit of faith -- to which nothing more would be added till the end of time. The Church, however, retained sole authority over the Bible -- and all interpretation was performed by it. Such was the case throughout the centuries. Thus, there was one doctrine and one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

The message contained in the Koran in the Muslim faith and tradition is somewhat different, however. For example, the two interpretations of the Joseph narrative in the Book of Genesis and in the Koran offer different visions of the…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammad Jesus and Mohammed Term Paper

… Jesus and Mohammad


The objective of this work is to compare and contrast the lives of Jesus and Mohammed historically and to compare what impact the death of each person had upon his respective followers. Further this work will describe the ways each is worshipped by their respective followers and explain how their messages are being carried out in the world today.

There are both likenesses and differences in the lives, messages and worship associated with Jesus and Mohammed. The work entitled: "A Comparison Between Jesus and Muhammad" states the following differences: (1) Jesus rose from the dead - Muhammad stayed dead; (2) Jesus never fought - Muhammad fought many times; (3) When Jesus heard from God in the desert he went…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammed the Lives Term Paper

… Jesus & Mohammed

The lives of Jesus and Mohammed have interesting similarities and differences. Both came out of relative obscurity to found major world religions. However, one is regarded by his followers as God's greatest prophet, while the other is regarded by the great majority of His followers as the literal Son of God.


Jesus, the most important individual in Christianity, is also regarded as a major prophet in the religion founded by Mohammed, Islam. Although after Jesus' death he was regarded as a person of great importance, very little is known about his childhood. The Christian religion teaches that Jesus was born in Bethlehem via a religious miracle because his mother Mary was a virgin (Wikipedia, 2000).

Clues in religious…. [read more]

Jesus and Mohammed Thesis

… Jesus and Mohammed

Since the beginning of time man has tried to find a divine character to worship and look up to. This search has proved to be similar all around the world with people from all cultures aspiring to a supernatural world. A great number of religions were born and in time some lived on and some perished.

Until today, two great religions in the world have experienced a remarkable development. One of them is the Islam with Mohamed as its prophet and the other is Christianity with Jesus as its savior.

As similar as the two religions might seem, they differ greatly when taking a closer analysis of their concepts and principles. The main reason for the differences between the two revolves around…. [read more]

Muhammad the Historical Importance Term Paper



In today's world, Islam is the third of the major Semitic monotheistic religions, along with Christianity and Judaism. In general terms, the word Semitic "refers to those people and religions of Middle Eastern origin that practice monotheism which is the belief in worship of only one God" as opposed to polytheism or the belief in more than one God" as practiced by the ancient Egyptians. 1 Those who are followers of Islam are known as Muslims or those who submit to the will of Allah, the Arabic name for God. In the past, Muslims were referred to as Muhammadans which is now considered by Muslims as quite offensive, due to being followers of Allah and not of Muhammad. This…. [read more]

Muhammad: A Warrior Reformer it Is Ironic Book Report

… Muhammad: A Warrior Reformer

It is ironic that today even many of the more politically modest populations of Islam view themselves as being at war with both the Jewish and Christian faiths. This is because more than any other set of influences, these religions would have a determinant role in the inception and proliferation of the Moslem faith. Indeed, the prophet Muhammad, the figure at the center of the Islamic faith, would emerge as a reformer of already existing monotheistic traditions. In this regard, he would occupy a role in the scope of the Christian kingdoms not unlike that occupied by Jesus Christ in the Hebrew kingdoms.

In many ways, Jesus and Muhammad may be perceived as twin pillars on a single continuum. Indeed, "Muhammad…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Life of Muhammad and Islam Term Paper

… Outside Medina, the influence of Islam is also taking over, leading to the reinforcement of the society, culture, and philosophy of Islam.

Qur'an serves as the most immediate source of Muhammad's life in Medina. Muhammad's establishment as a prophet in Medina, is, at best, an estimation of Muslim followers' documentation of his arrival in the city. According to Peters (1994), "Muslim authorities seem to give tacit recognition to the uncertainty of any of the chronological indications passed on about the Prophet's life at Mecca... They... must have felt that the historical ground grew firm only at Muhammad's migration to Medina, it was that date, in any event, that they chose to begin the Muslim calendrical era..." (103). Peters' contention shows that Muhammad's life began at…. [read more]

Islam the Prophet Muhammad Brought God's Word Term Paper

… Islam

The Prophet Muhammad brought God's word to the Arab people and thus began the foundation of Islam by the year 610 when he had his first revelation of the Quran, the holly book of Islam. He became the spiritual and political leader of his tribe, the Quraysh clan who adhered to the new sect called Islam. The new Islamic community, the "ummah "was conducting its life according to God's rules, and its people were convinced that "the way forward lay in a single God and a unified ummah, which was governed by justice and equity"(Armstrong, 2003, p. 7).

At the Prophet's death (632 AD), the ummah, by then a much more powerful, wealthy and stronger community, was faced with the question of succession. What…. [read more]

Comparison of Jesus in the Quran and the Bible Term Paper

… Jesus in the Quran vs. Jesus in the Bible

Muslims believe that a number of doctrines in the Quran or Koran directly oppose what the Bible teaches on Jesus, in particular, His divinity, His death atonement for sin and His resurrection. Adherents of the Quran maintain that Jesus Christ was only a human person, not equal to God and that He was not the Lamb of God. The contradiction has created much trouble and conflict among adherents of both sources of revelation that must be examined, as no less than eternal salvation is at stake.

The normative-descriptive method will be used in reviewing the literature gathered and in reaching a conclusion or position, based on the findings.

Major differences between the Quran and the Bible…. [read more]

Three Pillars Confucius Jesus and Muhammad Thesis

… ¶ … Pillars: The Religious Common Thread

1998 documentary on the subject of some of the world's major religions is visionary in its approach, which may have seemed academic at the time of its conception but is today aggressively relevant. At a time when so many religious factions in the world are literally clashing in hold war, a film which offers stark evidence of the common philosophical and ethical threads which are woven through some major ideologies has a deeply constructive potential. In Three Pillars: Confucius, Jesus, and Mohammed, documentarians offer a premise which seems simple enough. Identifying the dominant figures in Confucianism, Christianity and Islam, the film makes the case that all shared experiential, ideological and social characteristics which would become essential to the…. [read more]

Birth of Islam and Muhammad's Teachings Thesis

… Birth of Islam and Muhammad's Teachings

Islam, one of the three major monotheistic religions of the world with more than a billion adherents all over the world, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since the 9/11 terror attacks. Almost every terror attack around the world nowadays is invariably attributed to 'Islamic terrorists' and the publicity generated by such attacks tend to put the religion of Islam in an unfavorable light. It is important, therefore, to learn more about the great religion of Islam: its early history, the personality and life of its founder, its basic beliefs, the teachings of the Qur'an, the concept of Jihad in Islam, the various sects in Islam, and the challenges faced by the Muslims and…. [read more]

Christianity Claims to Be Unique Term Paper

… Jesus instructed mankind to turn the other cheek 70 x 7. The messages of Jesus are like the messages of no other religion and his passion and love for mankind is obvious in the giving of his life to save the lives of sinners. Jesus is the only religious head that upon leaving earth sent the Holy Spirit to illuminate the path for mankind, to unction and guide mankind during the remainder of mankind's stay on earth preceding the Second Coming of Christ.

VI. The Tax Collectors and Fallen

Jesus represents the only religious that welcomes in all people, indeed everyone that wishes to come into the community of Christian believers. The entry into this community requires a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as…. [read more]

Christology Book Review Term Paper

… The apostles taught that in Christ, there was neither bond, nor free, Jew of Gentile, male of female. Pentz makes a good point as she ways that authority can be used for someone, with someone, or against someone. In the case of Christology, the scriptural example is that authority is most often used for, and with men and women. But the experiential example within the church is that authority is most often used against women, and for and with men.

The final authors spear to get lost within the theories about Christ, rather than studying Christ himself. James Robinson devotes his essay to discussing non-canonical books and the scholarly theories of contribution to the gospels rather than the gospels themselves. Robinson says "Jesus did not…. [read more]

Philosophy of Martin Luther King Term Paper

… King additionally notes that his leadership council "decided to set our direct-action program around the Easter season, realizing that with the exception of Christmas, this was the largest shopping period of the year," and thus would draw the most attention. Later on, Martin Luther King Jr. was criticized for being insufficiently radical, such as leaders along the lines of Malcolm X However, King stated that he, although he disagreed with some of Malcolm X's ideals, did not eschew the basic core philosophy at the heart of any many, regardless of faith or skin tone, so long as that man spoke in the words of freedom, and in accordance with the principles of social justice, activism, and nonviolence. Perhaps this is why, long after King's assassination,…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Two Specific Characteristics That Are Evident in Christianity and Islam Term Paper

… Christianity/Islam

Christianity And Islam:

religious foundations and the significance of jesus christ

Currently in the United States, the largest consensus religion is Christianity which includes all Christian denominations, Roman Catholicism and several fringe groups, such as Christian Scientists and Seventh-Day Adventists. In essence, all of these denominations share a core belief system which centers primarily on the person, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, Christians "are those people who are defined religiously by their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior according to the tenets found in the New Testament" (Brown, 1969, 45), and through the action and influence of the Holy Spirit, Christians believe that the words of the Bible become the word of God for the believer via God's direct…. [read more]

Religious Field Search Ahmadis Essay

… The Ahmadis I met and prayed with made me see a different side of Islam and Islamic people. They are equally orthodox- as evidenced by their stringent dress code for women and segregation of genders- but completely non-violent. The importance that the faith places on Jesus Christ makes me think that Islam has a lot more in common with the western tradition than most of us are willing to acknowledge. Ahmadis thus form Islam's "other face." They are respectful of religious diversity and tolerant of differing points-of-view. Furthermore, they do not adhere to the more controversial elements. They do not believe in stoning people for adultery or killing them for blaspheming. Similarly they disagree with the mainstream Muslims on the issue of apostasy which to…. [read more]

Christian Apologetics Term Paper

… Christian Apologetics

If and when a Christian makes an honest effort to convert a member of the Islamic faith, there is no definitive strategy and no book of rules to follow. But the Christian who has a great deal of passion about his or her faith must also have a great deal of patience and respect for the Muslim's beliefs before launching the conversion effort. This paper points to the need for respect and tolerance Christians must embrace during conversion attempts.

ISLAM: Islam is probably the most often misunderstood of all religions. This is because of the fundamentalism combined with extremism that has resulted in campaigns of terrorism against the West by certain radical Arab groups who claim to be motivated by Islamic tenets. These…. [read more]

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Term Paper

… Despite the Jewish Authorities opposition, Jesus' popularity increased. He was devoted to the Torah, preached radical and in many cases more stringent observance and application of Jewish laws.

Jesus now was a labeled man, as his followers grew, his enemies grew too. The Sanhedrin - the Jewish Rabbinical Authority in Jerusalem challenged him on specific issues seeking to question him into self-discrimination.

With his disciples, he spoke of his looming betrayal and impending death as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity. Jesus was executed by crucifixion with two other criminals guilty of rebellion. Later in the day before sunset, his body was taken down and buried in a tomb by followers. On the following Sunday, his disciples found the tomb vacant. Later the same…. [read more]

Religion Should Be Eliminated From Human Society Term Paper

… Religion Should Be Eliminated

From Human Society

Since the beginning of recorded history, man has attempted to discover ways in which he could transform his primal instincts into manageable emotions which would benefit his fellow human beings. In most cases, this transformation has been accomplished through various religious systems based on polytheistic and monotheistic beliefs, philosophies and practices. Of all the major religious faiths in the world today, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam appear to have served this transformation the most, despite that fact that millions upon millions of persons have died as the direct result of religious doctrines.

Organized religion and even those that are not considered as such are for the most part based on mythology and superstition which in the beginning were meant…. [read more]

Christianity vs. Islam vs. Hinduism Essay

… Jesus Christ is loved, esteemed and cherished by innumerable Hindus though they have different mentality levels and attitudes (Machado).


Christianity and Islam and Christianity and Hinduism have many similarities and dissimilarities. People all around the world follow these religions in large numbers. The main thing is to understand and comprehend those religions which we do not follow. This is exceedingly important as only then can we be able to bridge the gaps and come nearer. It is necessary to understand the teachings of other religions and respect them in order to make the world a better and peaceful place to live.


"A Quick Comparison between Hinduism and Christianity." Sun & Shield. WordPress, June 20, 2008. Web. 20 Dec 2011. .

Hoskins, Walt. "A…. [read more]

Establishing Meaning in Beowulf and the Qur Term Paper

… Just as Beowulf finds a way of establishing the reason for evil in the world of the poem -- by giving Grendel an origin-story that links him to the origin of evil in Genesis -- so does the Koran find a way for establishing the existence of Mohammed and his believers in the world by discovering their mythic origins in the Book of Genesis as well. This centers on the Koran's unusual revision of the Old Testament, in which Ishmael -- the son that Abraham has by his servant Hagar, and who is cast off when Abraham's elderly wife Sarah finally conceives Isaac -- is made central to the religious tradition in the way that Isaac is central in Judaism. Indeed, the Koran appears to…. [read more]

High Degree of Misinformation Essay

… Discuss the changes.

Prior to taking this course, in many ways I considered Christianity to be a static religion. I had not given thought to the notion that Christianity changed rapidly in the first few centuries of its practice. I noticed several critical changes in the practice of Christianity in the first century AD and its later practice. The first change was the idea of a Christ centered church with Jesus as the only leader. The second change was the idea of a church with multiple elders to focusing power on a single leader. The third change was the idea that church leadership should remain local to the shifting of power to leaders located away from the church's physical area. The fourth change was a…. [read more]

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