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Strategic Management at Jiffy Lube Term Paper

… Strategic Management at Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is an American leader in the automobile service industry and they basically operate through franchising operations. "For nearly 3 decades, Jiffy Lube® has been an integral part of the North American driving experience. Wherever you are, whatever vehicle you drive, you'll find nobody does it better then Jiffy Lube®. We're committed to you with fast, quality preventative maintenance service to help preserve the health of your vehicle" (Official Website of Jiffy Lube, 2007). A current thought forwarded by the company's management is that of expanding their business onto an international scale, namely to provide services to the countries in the European Union. In this order of ideas, they have two viable alternatives: a global approach and a multi-country…. [read more]

Environmental Aspects Demographics Competition Marketing Term Paper

… Their innovation strategies would be categorized as innovators in the industry. Jiffy Lube was the first chain of fast service car maintenance stations. This innovation continues with their wide range of services they now offer. Rather than resting on their laurels, Jiffy Lube continues to seek out new opportunities by expanding their services and their product offerings.

Their growth strategies include diversification and intensification. As mentioned previously, Jiffy Lube has continued to expand the services and products they offer their customers. They are constantly vigilant in seeking out new opportunities that will compliment their existing business. In addition, they seek to intensify their market positioning with new corporate owned stores and new franchises being opened each year.

Jiffy Lube's aggressiveness strategy could be classified as…. [read more]

Direct Marketing: Jiffy Lube Term Paper

… Consumers however, looking to service their vehicles typically turn to those automotive corporations offering the most convenient, inexpensive and speedy services.

If Jiffy Lube were to market it's services door to door and via direct mail methods such as coupon offers and service deals, their consumer base would expand tremendously. Consumers are more likely for example, to frequent an automotive service corporation if they feel they are getting a good value for their money. Jiffy Lube could offer service packages that consumers pre-pay for, and sell these packages via door to door and telemarketing mechanisms. Once a consumer has pre-paid for a service, they are much more likely to continue to patronize the corporation in question.

Direct mail coupons and similar direct marketing avenues are…. [read more]

Philosophy of the Entrepreneur Term Paper

… Philosophy of the entrepreneur: Jim Hindman and Jiffy Lube, Inc.

From its humble beginnings in 1979 as an association of seven service centers put together by Jim Hindman. By 1986, Hindman had turned this seven-store operation into a 350-store franchise chain (Brown 1989). Today, Jiffy Lube today has more than 2,200 service centers in the United States and Canada and services more than 29 million cars a year (About Us 2005). The company was responsible for pioneering the fast oil change industry in 1979 by establishing the first drive-through service bay and providing customers with faster professional automotive services for their vehicles. This paper provides a biographical sketch of the company's founder, Jim Hindman, and an overview of Jiffy Lube. An analysis of the company's…. [read more]

Jiffy Lube Term Paper

… Selling Detergents a. Executive Summary

The product selected for study is the mundane detergent. Study of detergent markets give the person a complete idea into the market development and growth as this has been one of the first products to reach a developed stage and new ideas have to be used for growth of brands. The market shares of brands keep changing, though the comparative market shares of different companies manufacturing detergents remain relatively stable, as some undeclared pricing agreements exist between manufacturers. The reason for agreements is the very high expenditures on marketing and advertising by major manufacturing companies to protect their own market shares and also to stop new entrants into the market. The situation of the total market is also difficult right…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies and Decision-Making Term Paper

… Marketing Strategies and Decision Making

Summary and Analysis of Porter

According to Michael Porter, "operational effectiveness (OE) means performing similar activities better than rivals perform them," while strategic positioning means performing different activities than one's competitors, or performing similar activities in unique ways (Porter 1996, p.62) While it might always seem to be in an organization's interest to do things cheaply and better, the question is relative -- cheaper and better than what competing organizations, and what level of product value? And what does the target customer think is better -- is the customer price-sensitive, looking for convenience, or have unique needs? What are rivals NOT providing the customer?

Porter wrote his 1996 article when TQM, time-based competition, and benchmarking were the obsessions of American…. [read more]

Formal Analysis of a Publicly Traded Company Term Paper

… ¶ … Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) has become a dominant retailer in the United States and has spread its operations into 14 foreign countries. The company has created success by offering low-priced goods and developing ancillary services, such as automotive maintenance, pharmacies and sales of eyeglasses and other vision products. Due to the fact that Wal-Mart has now attainted a dominant position in the U.S. retail space, its growth in the U.S. market has begun to slow (Naughton, 2006). For the most part, Wal-Mart sees its future avenues of growth as coming from foreign markets, particularly China.

In order for Wal-Mart to continue its impressive history of growth, I am recommending the following additional steps be taken:

Wal-Mart must adopt a stronger growth strategy in…. [read more]

Mcdonaldization of Society Research Proposal

… McDonaldization of Society

Ritzer, George. The McDonaldization of Society. 5th edition. Thousand Oaks: Pine Forage Press,

Long before the popularity of Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation and Morgan Spurlock's documentary Supersize Me, in his seminal 1996 work The McDonaldization of Society sociologist George Ritzer used the infamous fast food giant McDonald's as a paradigm for all that was wrong with American capitalism. Recently republished in an updated 2007 edition, Ritzer's thesis about the standardization of American society is more sweeping, philosophically, than either of Schlosser's or Spurlock's more popular works. Ritzer's main critique of McDonald's is not nutritional, but pertains to its dangerous corporate model, which he says has replaced Weberian bureaucracy as the primary organizational model of modern society. It has permeated every facet…. [read more]

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