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Jobs Overseas and the Effect Essay

… Some companies like WNS have come out with special solutions. (Corvo, 2012) Outsourcing has become by itself a very lucrative industry with lots of companies providing services for outsourcing partnering. Some companies like WNS have come out with special solutions. According to the company, Banking BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Financial Services Outsourcing has been adopted as a key strategy to survive and thrive. (WNS, 2013)


In the IT, The way work is done, and qualifications has caused the Outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries and thus has become the biggest economic issues of recent years. Thousands of American jobs are lost each year resulting in a fall of pay for workers around the world. Still there is no evidence that offshoring has produced…. [read more]

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Essay

… However, many people who work for Starbucks are very committed to the company and the culture that surrounds it (Behar & Goldstein, 2007). They know they could go elsewhere, but they also know the overall organization will not be a better choice. Because of that, they remain in the organization even if they do not always like the job they have. Because Starbucks offers benefits and all kinds of important perks, even for part-time workers, there are many issues to consider for people who might be thinking of leaving the organization (Behar & Goldstein, 2007). They will not receive the same level of benefits and value at any other company that offers similar work, so their organizational commitment is more important to them than actual…. [read more]

Job/Task Analysis Develop Essay

… It is important for the person to have fast problem solving skills hence being able to take care of the customer's issues as they come. The whole department needs to be acquainted with the organizations policies and, also the areas of operation that can be automated should be done (Drucker, 2007). The department also requires assertive person. A person who when they state the stand and the decision of the company, they will stand and defend that point with all certainty. A person whose intelligence is easily swayed cannot make a good customer care service provider. Also, it is significant for the customer care to have commitment. The customer retaining ability of the institution depends on the quality of service and ability of the customer…. [read more]

Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction Term Paper

… Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Benefits of Job motivation and job satisfaction

Management Theories that Support Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Classical Management Theory

System Theories

Human Relations and Neo-Human Relations Theories

Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction: The Subjective Nature

Cultural Influences and Job Motivation and Satisfaction

Individual Circumstances, Job Motivation, and Job Satisfaction

Job motivation and job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a significant phenomenon in all organizations. This is because it represents, among other positive aspects, a practical summary quantifier of efficacy at work (Bockerman & Ilmakunnas, 2012, p. 244). When discussions over this feature crops up, the factor of job motivation, in many instances appears considering the relationship that the two phenomena have and the imperative roles they play in organizational settings. Business entities…. [read more]

Job Description Tools and Technology Essay

… The overall balance of business, accounting, and legal knowledge will provide a desired platform of personal abilities.

Skills and Abilities:

The skills and abilities are primarily for the account's job is focused on the accounting related principles. The skills of an accountant include a primary recording and reconciliation of expenses and earnings. The job experience is also basic requirement including the CPA license. The job requirements also include analytical, communications, accounting, and mathematical skills. The persona should be responsible for overlooking inventory and accounting issues. The auditing and accounting also requires organizational skills. The interpretation of facts, figures, and accounting details is also an essential skill required to perform according to the job requirements.

Educational Requirements:

The educational requirements are not the only requirement to…. [read more]

Job Worth Essay

… However, most manufacturing operations will only permit a floor supervisor to impact production in this way -- if the supervisor says the work continues, then the factory line worker has no alternative but to comply.

Job requires high levels of vigilance:

The job of a medical researcher requires the individual employee to maintain very high levels of vigilance over their work. The requirements of conducting medical research are by their very nature rigid and structured. Absolute vigilance is required of medical researchers to ensure that procedures are followed to the letter and that nothing that would create an aberrant outcome occurs. Because medical researchers typically conduct their work independently, the onus of vigilance falls on their shoulders.

The work is monotonous:

The job of a…. [read more]

Job Analysis Selection & Conduct Essay

… The selection process to sit at the basis of forming a new sales team does not resemble any theoretical model in the specialized literature, but is tailored to the unique needs of the company and the current situation. In this order of ideas, the selection process is composed as follows:

1. Identification of staffing needs and the establishment of the skills required from the future sales team members

2. The analysis of the internal and external media to identify sources of recruiting candidates

3. The identification of the desired candidates from their current employment contexts and the development of an interview with them

4. The decision of selecting the desired candidates; making an employment offer and signing an employment contract.

The main advantage of this…. [read more]

Job Listings Essay

… The way that this works is Anheuser-Busch will take these attributes and use them to help the individual excel. In those areas where a person has particular aptitudes, the firm will train them further inside particular region. This gives them exposure and real world experience in understanding the traditions / language. ("Our People and Culture," 2012)

The length of the assignment

The length of the assignment will last from 12 to 18 months. This will follow an intense training program of 10 months. In some cases, the time spent working in a particular area can go up to two years. ("Our Graduate Recruitment Programs," 2012)

The host and home country recruitment and selection practices

The recruitment practices inside the home and host countries; are to…. [read more]

Job Descriptions Term Paper

… The final step is to summarize the results of the survey ratings and competencies and write it in a conventional job description format in which one outlines the qualifications / competencies needed for the position and a description of the job that the position is expected to perform. After this review, insurance policy, mortgage and loan options found important. Bank B's call center customer service representatives have to work on insurance policy terms and Bank A's customer service representatives have to work on processing better loan and mortgage options.

Call center customer representatives need to have some skills, abilities to perform the job. They have knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services, knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems. They…. [read more]

Job Analysis Essay

… These enforcement agencies are attempting only to answer the question of whether the testing practice is "job related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity" (Biddle, 2008, p.20). It is necessary, therefore, for an employer to ensure compliance with the Guidelines and one of the most fundamental ways to do this is through the implementation of job analyses.

Establishing Performance Standards

Experiments that have been conducted over the years seem to confirm the suspicion that rewarding people based on their performance can enhance their motivation and improve their productivity. In fact, it has been shown that people who were rewarded for meeting progressively more challenging performance standards on an activity spend more time on the activity than those who are rewarded for…. [read more]

Job Task Analysis -- Customer Essay

… The ability to speak proper English was emphasized on most of the jobs, indicating that this has become a frustration for many users of the system. Each firm is willing to train, but has an expectation that the candidate will have a basic knowledge of MS Word, decent typing skills, and some computer experience. It is likely that the more sales oriented the position is, the more the organization will look for specific psychological traits (Kamin, 2006).

Organizational System -- Many businesses now have call centers that answer calls for technical support, sales information, ordering, and customer follow up (product defects, shipping, etc.). Even large online companies use call centers for issues that cannot be adequately handled via the Internet or email, and to help…. [read more]

Job Description Locate Essay

… ' What does comprehensive mean? Full medical, dental, and vision care benefits? A 401K?

The advertisement also contains the blurb: "Take Care Health Systems is proud to be an equal opportunity employer of nice people! M/F/D/V." While being a 'people person' is obviously a necessary attribute of working at a clinic, this suggests a rather flippant attitude to the serious issue of being EEOC-compliant in its hiring practices, and could even give the impression that it was not. What M/F/D/V stands for is also not defined, further causing confusion.

The end of the advertisement lists the academic requirements of the position, namely that the candidate must be a " graduate of accredited program, Associate's degree and/or equivalent from two-year college or technical school;" that certification…. [read more]

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment Term Paper

… Job Rewards

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment - Outside Sales

Work Overview

The outside sales team is responsible for public relations, client relationships, customer service, promotional sales and advertising in the company. This job requires candidates with skills in each of these areas, including strong communication skills, the ability to network with others, an understanding of the basic concept of sales and marketing and enthusiasm for this line of work.

The company I work with currently uses some one-to-one-based rewards systems, where a manager rewards an individual team member for a sales goal they hit. Company wide reward systems that could be improved include the team member of the month reward system, which is currently not enforced well enough to prove motivating to the…. [read more]

Job of the CEO Thesis

… CEOs need to be thoroughly familiar with the dynamics behind the self-interest slump that any group can fall into, in order to understand the need for more leadership (helping) within that group.

Group-Level Organizational Citizenship Behavior

A scholarly article in the Journal of Organizational Behavior references a study on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) that was based on the data from 62 work groups that represented a "variety of industries" (Choi, et al., 2010). The findings from this research showed that relationship conflict and conflict during the performances of tasks were related to negative group level behavior and performance (GOCB); however, "task conflict increased GOCB" but relationship conflict decreased it (Choi, 1032). .

The bottom line in terms of understanding this research boils down to the…. [read more]

Job Essay

… One of the key problems with working for a healthcare organization is that the job involves a significant amount of dealing with illness and death. This is true even in my desired position, because marketing is done to people seeking a place to go to heal, and, if healing is not possible, a pathway towards a death with dignity. The prospect of serious illness or pending death means that people are going to be more emotional, and also that families may be in denial about the diagnosis or even disagree with the patient about the best course of treatment. To me, this means that the job will present an interesting cultural barrier to communication: sickness vs. health.

In most respects, cultural barriers to communication are…. [read more]

Opportunity Cost There Are Four Opportunities Case Study

… Opportunity Cost

There are four opportunities on the table. They appear to be mutually exclusive, so each represents an opportunity cost of choosing one of the other options.

The first option, the new stadium, would provide a short-term boost in temporary jobs. It is unlikely that many new permanent high quality jobs will be created, since the team is already creating those jobs at its current location. Thus, most of the benefit will come from the construction jobs. The government must also weigh the potential losses in GDP that may arise should the team relocate. The main opportunity cost here, though, is that this money will go to temporary job creation at the expense of more strategic, long-term objectives.

The education option holds a number…. [read more]

Job Application Term Paper

… In the website's program description, one individual noted, "my best memories of FMP come from my training seminars. Every couple of months, you meet FMP's from other businesses for classes, tests and presentations. The seminars gave me the opportunity to visit many European cities plus make friends all over Europe.... "

The international environment that I crave, the intense emphasis on personal and intellectual learning, as well as the social environment of the financial world makes the program ideal to combine my currently strong grounding in the world of engineering, my social and expansive interest in international communication, and deploy these combined interests into the world of high finance.

GE's working environment is very dynamic and requires individuals to strive to achieve their stretch objectives.…. [read more]

Job Opportunities for Health Care Research Paper

… Within the field of healthcare, not only are there increasingly sophisticated machines and tools to detect and treat potential maladies which assists today's aging population, but also there advancements for simple tools for the average laymen to use to monitor and reinforce healthy living. There are several applications for smart phones, for instance, which can monitor factor's related to people's hearts and exercise, count calories, and otherwise assist in salutary living. Increasing sophistication in biotechnology applications also contribute to the fact that people are living longer than they have before, which is why there will be excellent job opportunities in geriatrics.

There are also substantial trends affecting policy at the federal and state level that are responsible for the fact that "employment of medical and…. [read more]

Job Application Letter I Am Writing Essay

… Job Application Letter

I am writing to you as your next administrative assistant. I am fully qualified, meeting all of your criteria, and I am looking for a new opportunity where I can better apply my extensive skills. I am currently working at a smaller accounting firm where my opportunities are limited, so when I join your firm I will bring not only a vast array of technical skills but an enthusiastic attitude as well.

In my current position, I have become expert in ASIC searches, working with Corporate Affairs software and MYOBAO. The basic functional administrative tasks I have long mastered -- liaising with the ATO, maintaining client folders, assisting with lodgements, reporting, invoicing and working in a team when needed. I have spent…. [read more]

Job Placement Essay

… Job Placement

Describe four sources of occupational, job, and labor market information. Discuss how each of these can be used in the job placement process.

In the age of the internet, for college students, these centers can put job-seeking students in touch with alumni contacts in various fields and provide information about careers where alumni have been successful in the past. They can also provide resume and job-searching tips. In short, these centers are excellent networking opportunities.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook also provides online information about different fields, notes if those fields are expanding, what skills and education are needed to be competitive, information about salaries, and subspecialties. Its URL is easily accessed at and can be used for research.

Internet job…. [read more]

Job Opportunities Thesis

… Criminal Justice - Job Opportunities


Good morning and thank you for inviting me to your school today. I am very pleased to know that so many of you have expressed a potential interest in this presentation because that is a good thing for our criminal justice system. As you may already know, the criminal justice system includes a wide range of particular professional roles besides the one with which most people are familiar.

Let me ask you, what profession first comes to mind when someone mentions criminal justice? [Fielding answer from the audience] That's right, most people think of police officers first. What professions come to mind next do you think? [Fielding answer from the audience again] That's right,…. [read more]

Job Satisfaction the First Characteristic Term Paper

… Job Satisfaction

The first characteristic I look for when applying for a job is the compensation level. I wish to be well compensated for the amount of time I spend in accomplishing my job. In return for that compensation, I put forth one hundred percent effort. That effort is not only at a consistent and very high level, but it is also a source of pride for me. I wish to be known for being a hard worker, an individual who will show up on time, every time, and an individual who is well worth the amount of money being paid, no matter how high that level is.

I just compensation tells me that I am being justly valued. It displays to me the company's…. [read more]

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Essay

… The employees might decide to set goals aiming to improve on the level of productivity or effectiveness in relation to operations of the company. Other goal that might feature at the individual level includes the personal improvement on efficiency and productivity.

Departmental Goals

These represent the objectives or goals set by the department that applies to collective business behavior hence the need for participation of all employees in the relevant sector. The goals must be set in accordance with the culture, mission, and vision of the company in order to promote identity and development of image of the organization. An example of the goal at departmental level is the projection of the total revenue or production for the financial year. All employees in that the…. [read more]

Job Application as Noted Term Paper

… Please do not exceed 450 words

I am grateful to world of technology for giving me kind of permanent intellectual challenge. I am also happy that my background and education have given me the opportunity to secure a wide understanding of a diverse range of business, cultural and human issues. JP Morgan would further provide me with the kind of fast-paced, one might say frenetically paced, social and intellectual environment I seek.

I know of no other place that would fully deploy my knowledge of structural and technical concepts and my ability to work independently, yet would still allow me to be a part a work place that is replete with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

J.P Morgan is an old company that is…. [read more]

Job Fair Brochure: Half Time Essay

… Sportsmanship is important, and all members of the team must work together to ensure that customers have a great experience when they watch their favorite teams. All games are shown on state-of-the-art, high-definition, flat screen televisions. Large portions and homemade quality is our signature style of food presentation. All employees must be able to communicate well with one another so customers can have fun.

The Half Time Sports Bar & Grill is also looking for talented aspiring businesspersons to open new franchises. The Half Time Sports Bar & Grill offers nearly unlimited potential growth. It has been rapidly expanding in the Madison area and the company provides support in opening a new restaurant and creating its signature environment for franchisers. An initial investment of $625,000…. [read more]

Jobs Act American Essay

… 1 million construction jobs and 400,000 manufacturing jobs, almost all of them in the private sector. According to the Education Department, more than 400,000 teachers kept their jobs due to direct state aid infusion in the Recovery Act (par.7).

Studies by academic, private-sector, and nonpartisan government organizations show the positive effects of infrastructure and transportation investment on private sector employment. Modernizing infrastructure lowers the cost of doing business, such as the cost of transporting goods; this is in addition to creating jobs. Why does infrastructure spending create jobs so effectively? Upgrading roads, bridges, schools, airports and other infrastructure investment puts people to work earning good, middle-class incomes, thereby expanding the consumer base for business (Boushey and Dechter, pars. 8-9). When construction workers use their paychecks…. [read more]

Job Satisfaction for Police Officers the Retention Term Paper

… Job Satisfaction for Police Officers

The retention of operational staff within the police is an important organizational issue in many law enforcement agencies. The goal of this research proposal is to determine the amount job satisfaction derived by police officers in the course of their duties based on officers' educational level, ethnicity, gender, and rank/years of service. This proposal will also examine the effect of the agency work environment on officers' job satisfaction in addition to demographic variables. The police work environment has been framed in a negative context, synonymous with workers' stress, job burnout, cynicism, and alienation. The introduction of organizational practices, such as adequate supervisor support, which aim to reduce turnover is a current intervention employed to increase retention levels. Survey data will…. [read more]

Job When I First Joined the Navy Thesis

… Job

When I first joined the Navy I knew that the work would be physically and mentally demanding. I arrived somewhat prepared for the rigors of boot camp, after hearing stories from friends and relatives. I was also well aware of the stress of being away from my family. I could not lie and say that Navy life is easy. However, when I first joined I did not realize was how rewarding the work would be. Since I have been in the Navy, my whole outlook on life has expanded and improved. Each day I grow richer from experience and wisdom. I have met new friends and traveled around the world. I feel like a stronger person, and my circle of friends has improved tremendously.…. [read more]

Job Satisfaction Has Become an Issue Research Paper

… Job satisfaction has become an issue that majority of the organization has not taken seriously because it is assumed that all people are contented with whatever job they do, which might not be the case. Job satisfaction is influenced by several factors such as age, income, and education. According to the survey done nationally representative sample of the employed found that various categories of groups are not very satisfied with their job. Unfavorable working environment deter employees from feeling satisfaction in their jobs.

This analytical report aims at assessing the extent of job satisfaction within various groups of people nationally in bringing forward a number of data as well as trends on job satisfaction. What will be conveyed in the analytical report is the way…. [read more]

Compensation Management Explain the Job Essay

… Since, Nutriment is at its establishing stage so it needs employees who can be committed to the organization and work dedicatedly so Jack will have to design a pay structure that could motivate the employees and get them connected with the organization. Jack will also have to discuss the pay policies with Harold and Emily so that to design the job's pay structure accordingly. (Morrow, 2012)

For the post of scientists, Jack will have to survey the markets that how much are the competitors paying at this position. But since, this is the job for the scientists who should have knowledge of both genetic engineering as well as agricultural biotechnology so an exceptional pay must be offered to the personal at this position.

6B. Should…. [read more]

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