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Job Rhetorical Reading of Book Research Proposal

… Job

Rhetorical reading of Book of Job 29-31: Social Justice at the centre of the Moral concerns of Job

The questions surrounding the meaning of the Book of Job have been a central focus of debate among scholars, theologians and critics for decades. The literature on the subject points out that there is a strong relationship between social views and perceptions and the canonized perceptions of the society of the time that influences the way that this Biblical text is analyzed and understood. As one scholar writes, "For most of the history of interpretation, the answers have been predetermined by the book's canonicity -- in other words, by the presupposition that an inspired scriptural writing must convey a coherent and authoritative religious teaching."

In terms…. [read more]

Africa Comparative Review Book Review

… Africa Comparative Review

Comparative Book Review: Africa

Fanon's aim in Black Skin, White Masks is to elaborate the features of psychic alienation experienced within the African man in the context of European colonialism, along with the mechanisms by which such alienation occurs. He states, "What we are striving for is to liberate the black man from the arsenal of complexes that germinated in a colonial situation."

He wants to liberate him (or her) so that he (or she) can "choose action (or passivity) with respect to the real source of the conflict, i.e., the social structure."

A pragmatic and social function is implied. He hopes that his book is "a mirror with a progressive infrastructure where the black man can find the path to disalienation."…. [read more]

Wooden a Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court Book Report

… Wooden

The legacy of John Wooden extends well beyond any of his games, because the philosophy that guided his actions as both player and coach includes insights into success above and beyond the game of basketball. In his 1997 book Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court, written with Steve Jamison, Wooden offers insights from his life, demonstrating how the same ideals that helped him to become the only person to enter the College Basketball Hall of Fame as both player and coach also helped him through his personal life (Forck, 2010, p. 20). By comparing the advice and insight Wooden offers in his book with contemporary sports psychology, it is possible to identify a few relatively simple ideas that…. [read more]

Loss (Read P. 305) Leaving Essay

… ¶ … Loss (Read p. 305)

Leaving someone without ever knowing whether one would ever see them again would be one of the hardest things to face. In order to deal with that, personally I would tell them everything that I ever felt about them. I would tell them that I loved them and express to them how much that love really is. Sometimes it can be difficult to come to terms with feelings and certain emotions, but when the time comes when you know that the person may be lost forever, there should be no need to hold back. At this point, nothing should excuse not telling the other person everything that you feel or at one point felt.

If the situation were to…. [read more]

Inventing Argument: Rhetorical Analysis Term Paper

… Inventing Argument: Rhetorical Analysis

For this essay, I have chosen to analyze the rhetorical devices used by Noam Chomsky in his article, "Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine" found in Inventing arguments. Chomsky is a very well-known and highly regarded name in the field of political theories, linguistics and language. The first thing that strikes a reader about his work is his name. The fact that Chomsky has a reputation for being objective and deep, automatically lends credibility to his work. So whatever he says would usually be acceptable without much questioning or argument. This goes in his favor and thus we can say that Chomsky effectively used the device of ethos. Aristotle knew that ethos was an integral component of persuasive rhetoric. Ethos refers…. [read more]

Exegesis on Job Sermon Term Paper

… We see a similar pattern of similarity in Psalm 22, which also speaks of Christ. This is the Psalm which Jesus was quoting on the cross when he said, "My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?" In verses seven and eight, the psalmist (prophesying about the crucifixion) says "All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying, He trusted on the LORD that he would deliver him: let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him." This is both a clear reference to the mocking behavior of the audience at the crucifixion, and also seems very similar to what happened to Job. In Job sixteen, verses nine through seventeen, Job gives a heartbreaking…. [read more]

Various Independent Readings Between 1865-1910 Expanding Frontiers Essay

… ¶ … Independent Readings Between 1865-1910: Expanding Frontiers

"Outcasts of Poker Flat" Outline

Exposition/Introduction: Poker Flat is a town that has suffered financially due to gambling and immorality and they lay the blame on gambler John Oakhurst. In lieu of hanging him, the town government decides to expel him and three other immoral characters from their midst, including the Duchess, Mother Shipton, and Uncle Billy.

Rising Action: The four characters are escorted out of town and reluctantly set out to live in Sandy Bar, which is a difficult journey away. They meet up with a pair of runaway lovers, Tom and Piney, and retreat to an abandoned cabin, where their mules are stolen by Uncle Billy and there is an extended snowstorm which traps them.…. [read more]

Biblical Preaching Robinson, Haddon W Book Review

… Reflection

What Lessons Can Be Learned from the Author

The shepherding of God's church is serious work to be taken seriously. No one should enter into a pastoral position with any less expectations. When god calls pastors to serve him with their whole heart, whole mind, and whole strength, he is not just using semantics. A preacher's job is not one that only requires a few hours of sermon preparation once a week and a couple hours on Sunday to be admired by the flock. God is serious about His church, and as such, He is serious about the work of His shepherds. Robinson affirms the sanctity of the scriptures by reiterating throughout his book that the scriptures are to be the impetus for everything…. [read more]

Secrets in the Text Essay

… Just to being more life and reality to his text, Gopnik also uses poems of other writers. A poem that was written by Auden has specifically been mentioned because it predicts the events of 9/11.

His idea of using the poem in this book is summarized in the sentence of this chapter that reads "follow our authentic self-interest, which means being in touch with the reality of what is not actually possible in the world" (Gopnik 130).

The way that this book explains the aftermath of the event of 9/11, it makes it a hopeful one. Even though the text has been shadowed by fear and anxiety, Gopnik makes sure that he depicts the people of New York as being very brave.

For me, the…. [read more]

Fiction of the 1930s and 1940s Book Report

… ¶ … fiction of the 1930s and 1940s, prompted the search for national epitomes. It was pursued vehemently and passionately. It brought about writing and methods which revealed both the fiction and the culture that produced it. Unlike other epitomes, which evaded contentious issues in Australian life, Linguistic epitomes, for example, focused on these issues. Epitomes such as these, figured prominently in the work of many writers in this and other periods.

In Hergenhan's anthology, the Australian Short Story (1988) Gavin Casey's classic "Short-Shift Saturday" published in 1937 adopts the quintessential interaction of mateship from the National inventory and uses it to discuss varying areas of social concern with the systematic, continual oppression of working-class women in Australia. What is so great about this short…. [read more]

Greek and Roman Times Term Paper

… This will not necessarily happen because the audience has a negative reaction to our presentation, but simply because it will be humanly impossible to keep track of all that is presented. The span of attention for a normal person is much less than many of us may believe and we need to use it optimally.

Another thing that may make our arguments more efficient is the "appeal to reality." Abstract arguments are much less likely to convince our audience, because the members of our audience would have no actual connection with which to associate our argument. Again, similar to the case of attention, presented din the previous paragraph, our brain has a strictly determined capacity of dealing with abstract arguments and abstract facts in general.…. [read more]

Nickel and Dream People Essay

… They are the kinds of occupations that no one really wants to take but that someone must do. These are necessary occupations which are completely unglamorous and do not personally satisfy the worker. Still the person gets the job and goes to work every day. Ehrenreich explains that they work while hurt or sick or hungry because they must earn every cent they can and are in occupations where any time off lessens their paycheck. People in positions of poverty are just as prohibited from achieving the American Dream as African-Americans were before the 1960s. Some people find themselves without money and without homes not because of a lack of ability, lack of intelligence, or lack of drive. Rather it is a matter of the…. [read more]

Social Contradiction Essay

… Social Contradiction

The contradiction between America's promise of opportunity and freedom on the one hand and its inherently unjust capitalism system on the other plays itself out in literature, both fiction and non-fiction, as a seemingly unbridgeable divide between the two sides of any capitalist endeavor, namely, management and labor. This divide appears so insurmountable precisely because the moral and political legitimacy of one side (management) ultimately depends upon an insistence that such a divide does not exist. Because there is no way to justify the inherent exploitation of capitalism without an appeal to some kind of divine right on the part of the privileged, capitalism and its representatives in management have simply been forced to pretend that no such exploitation actually exists. Both the…. [read more]

Impressions of War the Most Vivid Imagine Essay

… Impressions of War

The most vivid imagine of war was the beginning of it all. September 11, 2001 changed the United States. It was vividly relived over and over again in the media and in the newspaper. There was this sense that the nation's spirit had been broken and there was no room to live innocently. There were plenty of young individuals, both male and female, that either got summoned or volunteered to go and fight this war on terrorism. It began in the United States with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Although we did not really know it at the time, this was the first image of war and it was the…. [read more]

Equiano Slave Narratives Term Paper

… For example, in Chapter IX of the narrative, Equiano encounters some Mosquito Indian chiefs. The author notices that they "were brought here by some English traders for some selfish ends." Equiano also sees that slavery is practiced in different ways in different places, and that some types of slavery are particularly cruel. For example, the slavery he experienced in Virginia involved methods that he had not before encountered; what he witnesses in the West Indies such as Jamaica was also disturbing. However, in the West Indies, Equiano learns a little more about farming and from the Mosquito Indians he learns how to make a potent alcoholic beverage made from roasted pineapples. Equiano also witnesses the various ways creative entrepreneurs make their money, which influences him…. [read more]

John Ashbery Essay

… Ashbery's "Cantilever" is too busy playing with the expectations of what it means to read, or write, a poem like that. As a result, the realistic description of a scene has vanished -- the reader can be fairly certain that, even if Robert Frost did like to go on sleigh-rides, Ashbery probably never actually visited a "pudding station," nor (one hopes) did he meet a Sphinx. But instead the episodes of the poem play with readerly expectations -- a "pudding station" sounds something like a "filling station," the sort of thing you'd encounter on a journey. But it is inhabited by "pudding people" who are "so -- well-- / full of themselves." Perhaps it is a filling station then, where people are filled with pudding.…. [read more]

Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress Essay

… Then lines 25-32 indicate a slightly different rhetorical tack, as they imaginatively consider the worth of virginity or chastity in the context of death's eternal finality -- here Marvell employs macabre puns and images, where the "worms [that] shall try…[her] long-preserved virginity" symbolicly stand in for the penis that she resisted, and "quaint" retains its contemporary meaning while also having an additional dirty pun, in Marvell's time the word "quaint" was still a recognizable archaic form of the word "cunt," and the pun is intended here: the coy mistress's cunt honour is quaint.

The final verse paragraph -- from lines 33 to 46 -- delivers the logical conclusion to the first two paragraphs, by issuing an exhortation to the mistress to cease clinging to her…. [read more]

Financial Industry Meltdown and the Responsibility of the Government to Bailout Financial Institutions Article Critique

… ¶ … financial industry responsible for the economic meltdown? Should the government bailout economic institutions?

Both of the articles (Issue 6 and Issue 7 from Unit 2) discuss aspects of the financial crisis of 2008. Issue 6 discusses whether the financial industry was to blame for the economic meltdown, while Issue 7 examines whether the government should bail out economic institutions. Rather than advocating one position over the other, each of the chapters offers two antithetical perspectives on the issue. This paper summarizes each of the articles, and then offers opinions about the topics.

In the first article, Bogle argues that firms should make long-term investments, and that many of the problems that led to the financial crisis were due to firms that operated in…. [read more]

Slave Narrative and Black Autobiography Term Paper

… Several blacks were even admitted to the Military Academy.

The white intellectual community came to see black literature as somewhat formulaic. The linguist Geneva Smitherman in Talkin and Testifyin. For Smitherman, Signifyin (g) is a black "mode of discourse" that is a synonym of "dropping lugs; joanin; capping; [and] sounding." She believed the slave narrative to be characterized by eight common features:

indirection, circumlocution metaphorical-imagistic (but images rooted in the everyday, real world) humorous, ironic rhythmic fluency and sound teachy but not preachy directed at person or persons usually present in the situational context punning, play on words introduction of the semantically or logically unexpected. (Gates, 94)

It is interesting to note that many of these characteristics are to be found in the Rhythm and…. [read more]

Earl of Rochester / Aphra Essay

… Within this rhetorical inversion, I think it possible that "cunt" is a term of great praise. It follows from the rhetorical inversion that Rochester's presentation of Corinna will be a whore who can speak in the lofty terms of abstract concepts when speaking about the poet's inability to achieve erection a second time after premature ejaculation:

When, with a thousand kisses wandering o'er

My panting bosom, "Is there then no more?"

She cries. "All this to love and rapture's due;

Must we not pay a debt to pleasure, too?"

("Imperfect Enjoyment" ll. 21-4)

In other words, Corinna acknowledges the poet's "love and rapture" as an excuse for the premature ejaculation, but hopes that her "kisses wandering" may stimulate him again so that she, too, may…. [read more]

Hockey in the United States Essay

… Hockey

In the United States, hockey is sometimes the subject of light-hearted mockery about its being the "whitest of sports." Part of the reason is that it is true - few sports in North America have a higher percentage of white players. But the other part of the reason is that hockey's racial makeup often goes undocumented or consigned to the curiosity bin. Canadians celebrate that Jackie Robinson played in Montreal before breaking baseball's colour barrier, but few would recognize the name of Willie O'Ree. Fans are familiar with names like Bryan Trottier, Wade Redden and Sheldon Souray, but few could tell you that they are all Metis. This paper will explore the topic of race as it relates to Canada's national game. Is the…. [read more]

Theology Pascal's Projected Apologia Essay

… To a certain degree, though, Lash is offering a Christianized version of the conclusion in the modernist philosophy of Wittgenstein: "whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." Lash implies that, to a certain degree, rhetorical invocations of God among "believers and nonbelievers alike" have cheapened religion, because "speaking appropriately of God is, while not impossible, the most difficult, the most demanding, the most dangerous thing that human speech can do." This fails to distinguish that, of course, for a believer taking the name of God in vain is a sin; for the nonbeliever it is merely a rhetorical tic, which serves to cheapen the sincere rhetoric of believers.

Jonathan Edwards provides in his famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"…. [read more]

Hockey I Am I Canadian? Essay

… Hockey

I am I Canadian? Hockey as National Culture

An Interpretive Review

In her article, "Am I Canadian?': Hockey as 'National' Culture," Patricia Hughes-Fuller explores the connection between the sport of hockey and Canadian national identity. Fuller accomplishes this exploration through comparing media images of hockey and the United States in order to determine what effects the globalization of hockey will have on Canada's perception of the national sport. At one point, Fuller asks,

Are Coca-cola, McDonald's, and baseball perceived as less American simply because these highly visible cultural symbols are now consumed globally?" Her answer to the self-posed question -- "I suspect most of us would agree that they are not." -- suggests that Canadians will continue to see hockey as a symbol of…. [read more]

Person Statement Term Paper

… Person Statement

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us." - Earl Nightingale.

Ambition, drive and unwavering commitment; these are all included in my attitude towards life. In return, I expect life to deliver my highest goals and ambitions: first to obtain my B.A. In Government, second to enter law school, and third to become an attorney and excel at my job. So how does one come by such an attitude? Probably the answer that first comes to mind does not relate in any way to home schooling. Yet home schooling is exactly what I needed to bring me to the levels of academic excellence I have reached so far.

Several negative connotations have developed around home schooling, but I would like to contend…. [read more]

Muldoon ) Notes That Business Term Paper

… Davies and Burbill found research validating their point, including a study that noted a difference between writing to tell or retell information or writing that transforms knowledge (Davies & Birbill, 2000). According to Davies and Burbill's work, then, Muldoon's comments miss the mark a bit. She describes one type of business writing, but it may be that while some writing does require the traits she mentions -- brevity, organization, accuracy and conclusiveness -- may serve some kinds of writing better than others. While these points would be valuable for a presentation to clients, perhaps the purpose of some internal writing would be to raise questions rather than to answer them. The tone in web site text might differ markedly than that from information for a…. [read more]

Structural Inequality and Diversity Term Paper



The work of Jeffrey R. Dafler (2005) entitled: "Social Darwinism and the Language of Racial Oppression: Australia's Stolen Generations" stats that "Alfred Korzybski often encapsulated the main idea of abstracting as formulated in the discipline of general semantics by stating that 'the map is not the territory, and the map does not represent all of the territory.' Dafler explains that 'territory' was defined by Samuel Bois as 'what is going on' (WIGO), the realm of external phenomena experienced by an individual." (2005) Therefore, to the individual "the map is the…. [read more]

Aristotle and Cicero on Rhetoric Research Paper

… Thus, the inherent superiority of humanity over animals is found in the nature of speech to create and reinforce reason. Reason, then, is one of the core truths of humanity - it is the essential nature of what truly differentiates us from the other creatures of the world. Therefore, as we engage in rhetoric, we are exercising the most important of our human attributes - our ability to reason.

In this point, Cicero is in agreement with Aristotle who said that "it is simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences." What this means is that it takes a like mind speaking to be appreciated and understood by the audience - our ability to reason is predicated upon our…. [read more]

Speech Is a Carefully Crafted Term Paper

… Even today, there are those who are trying to silence our words.

Clinton is breaking the silence on these issues with her speech and she is urging other women to break silence with both speech and actions.

Structure and Language

This is not a tightly structured speech with an obvious introduction, body and conclusion. Rather, is has about it something of the structure of a sermon. Clinton herself is of course from the Midwest and her own, flattened speech patterns still reflect this fact.

But she spent many years in the South, and the incantatory power and style of the preaching in black Southern churches comes through in the structure and the language of this speech. It is certainly not a coincidence that she ends…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Essay

… However, other issues like "lower size of class, advanced textbooks, furnishings, library books, technology in classrooms, hiring and retaining high qualified teachers, curricula that support knowledge required for future employment, guidance counselors, and numerous other components of academic achievement" are not addressed under NCLB.

Poor school performance is indicated frequently by standardized achievement tests, overall grade point average (GPA), and/or failure in core classes (Allensworth & Easton, 2007). During the last two decades retention rates have grown considerably. Often viewed as an indicator of previous school performance, grade retention is consistently cited in literature as a factor that increases the likelihood of dropping out of high school. Grade retention has been cited as one of the strongest negative predictors of educational attainment (Allensworth & Easton,…. [read more]

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