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John La Farge Term Paper

… For example, at the monastery of Kurodani, the painter is shown the graves of Nawozane and Atsumori

. The relationship between nature and religion, between nature and the funeral perspective is obvious here, as "the pine tree still stands upon which the warrior hung his armor when, tormented by remorse, he carried out his vow of never more bearing arms"

The next paragraphs, however, are mythological and historical recollections of the facts that had led to the slaying of Atsumori. The first lines in this essay have begun by describing John La Farge as a personality of the Renaissance. The description of the monastery at Kurodani and the graves shows why this is so: La Farge is never satisfied with what he is told and…. [read more]

Dramatic Performance Andrea Chenier Essay

… Andrea Chenier

An Analysis of Umberto Giordano's Andrea Chenier in Geneva, 2011

Umberto Giordano's verismo opera Andrea Chenier was first performed a century after the French poet's death during the Reign of Terror. An exercise in Italian realism, Giordano's Andrea was a combination of Luigi Illica's "dramatically intense libretto" and the "exaggerated emphasis on effect at all costs" that characterized verismo in the last quarter of the 19th century in Italy (Grout, 2003, p. 495). Giordano's oeuvre contains several other operas, but only Andrea is still performed around the world with any regularity. This paper will give a history of the opera as well as analyze the 2011 performance in Geneva under the direction of John Fiore and John Dew, in collaboration with the Deutsche…. [read more]

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