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Christianity and Hinduism Essay

… Prominent features in both religions

Christianity and Hinduism have some features in common, among the feature include, the existence of Supernatural realm. In Christianity they is only one true God who is the sole creator of the universe and the entire human race and in unity of the Godhead there are three persons, of one substance, eternity and power. These are; the father, the son and the Holy Ghost (Davies 99-105). In Hinduism, they are also one God called the Brahman and they are also the three in -- one- God which includes; Brahman, Vishna, and Shiva.[footnoteRef:7] [7: Wolfe, G. Common Themes in the World's Great Religions. Austin, (Texas: Jomar Press,1994), 150-167]

Another common feature in these religions is worship and prayers. In both Christianity…. [read more]

Christianity and Judaism Thesis

… Christianity and Judaism have close ties to one another through their common history and theology. . This paper describes the origin of Judaism and the major beliefs of this religion. Judaism's beliefs regarding overcoming the presence of evil, and the manner in which individuals are set free from evil, are specifically addressed. A detail list of steps Judaism uses to enlist new converts is presented, as well as the worldview regarding this religion. The known objections that Judaism has towards Christianity and Islam are overviewed. Lastly, how I would share Christianity with members of the Jewish faith so that they may accept Christianity will be explored.

Christianity and Judaism

Christianity and Judaism have close ties to one another through their common history and theology. .…. [read more]

Judaism Misconceptions About Various Religions Essay

… The organization can in such a case come up with creative means of issuing out information highlighting typical misconceptions and why such misconceptions could be wrong. In my opinion, the internet can be regarded a cheap, efficient and reliable platform for such a purpose. In addition to minimizing or eliminating such misconceptions, such a forum would also help bring down religious intolerance which is very much alive in some quarters.

Lastly, religions should be more open about their beliefs, practices as well as operations. It is important to note that some religions continue to be rather secretive in regard to their operations as well as practices. This in my opinion only ends up fueling the misconceptions people have against such and many other religions. In…. [read more]

Judaism and Islam Similarities Term Paper

… ¶ … Judaism and Islam have been completely overlooked by the general followers of the two groups because of consistent political conflicts and warfare confrontations. These wars and political conflicts have created feelings of hatred between the Muslims and the Jews and have negatively influenced the political environment. However, the scholars of both the communities have been very active in recognizing the similarities of both these religions and have been trying to fill the gaps of hatred by informing the masses of the unity of philosophy of these two religions. The scholars believe that both these religions have identical foundations, the identical central principle of monotheism and practically the same scriptural and genealogical systems.

One of the main reasons people tend to compare and contrast…. [read more]

Christianity and Buddhism Thesis

… This is particularly because both the factors are conjoined and interconnected to one another, as many of the nations traditionally run on the religious norms and values. While on the other hand, it cannot be ignored that religion is relatively a less significant and dominant factor in many national movements, as it is a supporting and cohesive element where the more prominent nationalist movement exists (Hastings, p. 1-10).

However, on a broad spectrum, one cannot overlook the fact that the nature and style of religious nationalism has a direct and ultimate effect on the type of nation state development. In other words, the discrimination and human rights violation is more likely to occur if the religions leave a stronger and powerful influence on the national…. [read more]

Judaism and Christianity Term Paper

… Christians believe in divine intervention and miraculous healing as an integral part of their faith. The New Testament and the various gospels are replete with innumerable miraculous episodes of Jesus.

God and his attributes

Judaism and Christianity are both religions of Abrahamic origin. Judaism can be rightly attributed as the mother of Christianity. They both accept the 'Old Testament' even as Christians subscribe to the 'New Testament'. Christianity, which evolved from Judaism, as an independent religion is entirely based on the teachings of Jesus. Many Jews consider Jesus as a reformative Prophet, rather than as a radical individual, who disagreed with many of the accepted doctrines of Judaism. The fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity is their basic understanding of the attributes of God. While…. [read more]

Christianity and Judaism the Diversity Term Paper

… (Rich, 2001) Protestant Christianity explicitly identified itself as a portable religion, transmitted by texts in the vernacular, rather than mediated and confined through rituals and loyalty to the land.

In contrast to Judaism's major schisms, which have focused on the ways of keeping the commandments in the modern era, Christian ideological fissures have largely occurred as a result over debates as to what to believe, from the controversies over the Trinitarian nature of the divine during the religion's early struggles, to Martin Luther's denial of the ability of God to be mediated through the Church's bureaucratic system of human hierarchy and interpretation, to the continuing split between Protestants and Catholics about the authority of the Pope. A Reform and Conservative Jewish debate is more likely…. [read more]

Judaism and Christianity Term Paper

… Judaism and Christianity

Judaism is all about the religion and the culture of the Jews, or the Jewish people all over the world, whose religion is one of the earliest recorded monotheistic faiths of the world, which in other words means that the Jews believe in one single and universal deity, and it exists in several different ways, like for example, theism, monastic theism, and in deism. It must be noted that the basic tenets of Judaism have contributed to the creation of the historic foundations of quite a few other religions of the world, including Christianity and Islam. The Rabbinical view of Judaism is composed of the following beliefs, according to religious Jews, and the belief was that the Biblical Patriarch, Abraham was the…. [read more]

Judaism Christianity Islam Term Paper

… Religion


Historically, Christianity began as a small sect within Judaism several thousand years ago, thus, both religions share a common history and common geography, meaning that both religions originated in the Middle East in what is now the State of Israel. The cultural conditions out of which Christianity was born were very similar to those of Judaism and it is not surprising that Jews and Christians have many things in common. However, as compared to Islam and Judaism, Christianity has by far had much more impact on Western civilization, particularly in the United States and Europe, due to the fact that the ideals and tenets of Christianity have greatly influenced the structure and development of numerous cultural/social systems. For example, the…. [read more]

Judaism Is a Religion Term Paper

… Christianity was the state religion in the Western world from the time of Constantine in the 4th Century AD until the 18th and 19th Centuries. For the Jews, this meant nearly 2,000 years of being ghettoized, persecuted, expelled and exterminated by Christians, with the worst event being the genocide of 1941-45 at the hands of the Nazis. Although the latter claimed to be 'scientific racists' and Social Darwinists rather than Christians, they could draw on a vast and ancient tradition of anti-Semitism that originated in the early Christian era. Moreover, they found many willing perpetrators and accomplices from all over Europe among those who claimed to be Christians, and a Christian majority often very willing to turn its back on the Jews and passively acquiesce…. [read more]

Kingdom of God Christianity Term Paper

… In his famous meeting with John the Baptist, Jesus would adopt this same quest for spiritual purity. It is quite ironic, then, that the values of the Jewish forerunners to Christianity would also eventually be seen as the enemy to the evolving Christian value system. The New Testament, though a continuation of the narratives and values expressed in the Old Testament, would also offer explicit rejection of some of the latter's strongest conclusions.

For instance, the primary text notes, the book of Titus says, "therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith, and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth." (Titus 1:14) This idea of Jewish mythology would be an…. [read more]

Judaism Is a Major World Term Paper

… Prejudice against Jewish people is known as anti-Semitism, a problem that continues today.

8. Different "sects" of Judaism: Judaism does not have "sects" in the same way that Christianity does, but there are three major divisions of Judaism. All divisions believe in essentially the same theological and religious tenets. They differ in their approach to practice and their level of orthodoxy. The three main divisions of Judaism include Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform, although Humanistic, Liberal, and Reconstructive Judaism are also recognized ("Judaism," BBC). Some differences between the different divisions of Judaism include the use of the Hebrew language during religious services and the obedience to Kosher dietary laws.

9. Conclusion/Judaism Today: Judaism is a fascinating religious and cultural tradition. Although the Jews are small in…. [read more]

Judaism the Founding Elements Essay

… Judaism

The Founding Elements of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest and most complex of the world's monotheistic religions. It spawned the birth of both Islam and Christianity. The long development of the Jewish belief system and traditions has formulated the religion as a monotheistic religion of absolute devotion. God is the protector of the Jewish people, who believe themselves to be a chosen race. Through his protection, God also enforces a strict control over his people through the regulations and traditions posited with the text of the Torah. The development of the modern image of Judaism and its various factions depend primarily on the progression of one single family. Starting from Abraham the chosen people string through the new generations of Isaac and…. [read more]

Judaism and Buddihsm Dow Defined Religion Term Paper

… Judaism and Buddihsm

Dow defined religion as a human activity which is easily accepted, but within the framework of reality that it creates for itself. By accepting the existence of whatever myth, god, spirit or supernatural force that is proposed by a particular religion, one is able to see the logic of all that follows. The basis of religious thought, that is, most of the entities, gods or whatever, cannot have their existence validated through direct observation. The scientific view of religion is that it has provided human culture with excellent understanding of the natural world and of human behavior.

The term Judaism is derived from the Greek word, Ioudaismos, which was coined by Greek speaking Jews as a means of differentiating their religious beliefs…. [read more]

Christianity the Christian Religion Sprouted Term Paper

… Christianity

The Christian religion sprouted from the Jewish tradition and its origins begin with the first year of the common Gregorian calendar. While Jesus Christ cannot be accurately called the founder of the religion, his teachings and the writings of his apostles form the backbone of Christian theology and ideology. Jesus of Nazareth and his followers claimed he was the Jewish Messiah, a claim which led to the political upheaval eventually causing his crucifixion by the Romans. The crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection became fundamentals symbol of Christianity.

Over the course of the next several centuries following the death of Jesus Christ, Christian theology and discourse became canonized in the Gospels of the New Testament. Thus, the main sacred texts of the Christian religion…. [read more]

Christianity and Islam World Religion Essay

… Christianity and Islam

By the 13 century in Europe, Christianity though was a relatively young religion, in comparison to Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and others had become the largest religion in the world. What accounted for that rapid growth and what can we learn about that experience that can contribute to the continued spread of Christianity in our time?

One of the biggest factors that contributed to the tremendous rise of Christianity was its acceptance as an official religion of the Roman Empire. At first it was often considered to be a sect (in comparison with pagan deities that were worshiped). Then, it became popular with the writings of Bishop Augustine and Monk Benedict. They believed that the world was a constant struggle between good and…. [read more]

Egyptian Influence on Judaism and Christianity Thesis

… Egyptian Influence on Judaism and Christianity

Egyptian influence

The issue of the relationship between Egyptian cultural history and the histories of Judaism and Christianity is one that is mired in controversy. This controversy is also linked to various interpretations of the Biblical texts and to the view that has emerged in recent years that the Bible is more myth and fiction than actual historical fact. While this view does not invalidate the theological integrity of the history of both Judaism and Christianity, it does suggest a link with the historical and cultural realities of the past and with the way that various historical and religious contexts impacted the development of both Judaism and Christianity.

The view that the origins of both Judaism and Christianity are…. [read more]

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Term Paper

… " (Wikipedia, 2004). However, it is important here to note that whereas all of the "books" of the three faiths share similar origins as well as stories, Muslims consider the two previous revelations to be unreliable due to "tampering" that has occurred over the years (Massey, 2002) -- An assertion, of course, mainstream Jews and Christians take issue with, yet one that many historians of both faiths generally support.

In issues of daily life, there are many similarities. For instance, all three faiths require their followers to give charity (Tzedakah: 10% of income. Tithe: 10% of income. Zakat: 2.5% of total wealth each year. (Beliefnet, 2004)).

Further, great emphasis is placed on the requirement of kindness and "good works." However, there are also differences, including…. [read more]

Orthodox Judaism Considers Itself Term Paper

… On the other hand, few Jews are acquainted with the word 'shul'. (Judaism 101.)

The formalistic style of the place too is distinctly Jewish in that a mechitzah (division) separates men and women during prayer service. Men, too, lead and officiate. The rabbi is always male. These differences distinguish it from branches of liberal Judaism. The symbol -- the Jewish star -- remain symbolic of all branches, as too all retain the tallit, yarmulkah, synagaogue architecture such as the bimah (platform from which weekly Torah reading is read) as well as aron (that houses Torah scrolls) and prayer book with modifications depending on group.

Contrasts: Conservative

Conservative Judaism believes in certain aspects of the Torah. They maintain that the ideas in the Torah come from…. [read more]

Similarities and Differences Among Judaism Christianity and Islam Term Paper

… Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions, namely they believe that there is only one God. They are also called Abrahamic religions. All three http:),and promised great things. Jews and Christians consider him father of the people of Israel through his son Isaac; Muslims regard him as the father of the Arabs through his son Ishmael. In Christian belief, Abraham is a model of faith, and his intention to obey God by offering up Isaac is seen as a foreshadowing of God's offering of his son, Jesus. In Islam, Abraham obeyed God by offering up Ishmael and is considered to be one of the most important prophets sent by God. So the reason for which similarities exist is because they all fall under the foundation…. [read more]

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Term Paper

… Despite the Jewish Authorities opposition, Jesus' popularity increased. He was devoted to the Torah, preached radical and in many cases more stringent observance and application of Jewish laws.

Jesus now was a labeled man, as his followers grew, his enemies grew too. The Sanhedrin - the Jewish Rabbinical Authority in Jerusalem challenged him on specific issues seeking to question him into self-discrimination.

With his disciples, he spoke of his looming betrayal and impending death as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity. Jesus was executed by crucifixion with two other criminals guilty of rebellion. Later in the day before sunset, his body was taken down and buried in a tomb by followers. On the following Sunday, his disciples found the tomb vacant. Later the same…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Two Specific Characteristics That Are Evident in Christianity and Islam Term Paper

… Christianity/Islam

Christianity And Islam:

religious foundations and the significance of jesus christ

Currently in the United States, the largest consensus religion is Christianity which includes all Christian denominations, Roman Catholicism and several fringe groups, such as Christian Scientists and Seventh-Day Adventists. In essence, all of these denominations share a core belief system which centers primarily on the person, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, Christians "are those people who are defined religiously by their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior according to the tenets found in the New Testament" (Brown, 1969, 45), and through the action and influence of the Holy Spirit, Christians believe that the words of the Bible become the word of God for the believer via God's direct…. [read more]

Rise of Christianity Term Paper

… However, to assume that it was only the poor, that made the religion a powerful force, would be somewhat an understatement. As the educated middle and upper class of the Roman, society embraced the religion with equal and a stronger fervor. Author Rodney Stark quoting Edward Gibbon notes that, 'it was the educated as compared to the uneducated amongst who the religion first spread, and furthermore noted that nowhere had it a stronger hold... than in the house-hold and at the court of the emperors. (Ibid 32). All of which proves the common ground for the rapid rise of Christianity, the poor, the educated and even the Roman leadership.

My dear Emperor, there are two very strong factors, which in my humble opinion stand out…. [read more]

Religion Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham? Essay

… Religion

Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham?

Although religious scholars have come to no definitive conclusion as to whether Abraham is the "father" of the three predominant religions practiced in the world today, there are those that posit because of the time in which Abraham lived, and the fact that the three major faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam came after, that because he is the physical ancestor of the religions he has been credited with that title. Nevertheless, despite the scholarly debate both Christianity and Islam, respectively have differences and yet some commonalities in tradition, practice and belief.


Islam and Christianity, although different religions, do have some commonalities as articulated in the scholarly and faith-based literature. Christianity, as does Islam, tracing their roots back…. [read more]

Religion Christianity Started Essay

… Luther's edicts had established an emerging faction of Christianity that denied vehemently the papal authority. With the denial of Papal authority came the avowal of a new type of worship and new vision of Christianity. In accordance with Protestant theory, the individual believer can come to know God without the intervention of a priest. Scripture is to be read and studied by the individual, regardless of Papal authority.

The Reformation had a more significant impact on the social and political affairs of Europe than on its theological life. Disavowal of Church authority paved the way for the Enlightenment and the age of humanism. Religion had a stranglehold on European social life for centuries. The people demanded a more egalitarian state of affairs with a worldview…. [read more]

Christianity the Role of Religion Essay

… The two religions share the same history; Muslims refer to the Jews as the children of Israel and regard them as an integral part of their religion. Moses is considered as God's messenger in Islam and mentioned more than any other prophet in the Quran. Similarly, he is the most regarded prophet in Judaism, both religions share a common origin through Abraham, commonly known as Abrahamic religions. Prager & Telushkin (2003), explain that Islam grew out of Judaism and share fundamental religious outlook, setup as well as theory and philosophy of law. Based on the facts here, if religion is the cause of war in the Middle East, then there is a great possibility that religion can end it.

Proper religious education is necessary in…. [read more]

Analzying Christianity and the Torah Dissertation

… Christianity and the Torah

History of Christianity

Basic concepts in Christian theology

History of the Torah

Christianity and the Torah

Torah observance at the Table 130

The Significance of the Torah to Christian in modern day 134

It is the Powerful Word of God 134

It Leads Christians to Jesus the Messiah 136

It Deals with the Questions of Life 139

What we Understand about The Law 141

Interpreting and Applying the Law 143

Suggested Christian approach towards the Torah 144

Identifying what the specific law…. [read more]

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity Essay

… At the time of Muhammad's life, the Middle Eastern area was dominated by the organized religions of Christianity and Judaism but a large number of pagans remained in the area as well. In the process of its development Islam adopted many popular teachings and practices from both Christianity and Judaism including considering Moses and Jesus as prophets. Islam grew rapidly and spread throughout and within the first century of its founding saw its influence spread as far East as the Indian subcontinent across northern Africa and into Spain. In today's world, membership in Islam is estimated at nearly 1.5 billion.

All three religions were monotheistic. Jews refer to their God as Yahweh, the Christians believe in the Trinity: God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, and…. [read more]

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Term Paper

… Another similarity with these three religions is that the enlightened one is going against the major beliefs of the time. Abraham goes against the polytheistic beliefs of the time, Mohammed goes against the established religious practices of his country, and Jesus Christ goes against what is accepted at the time and presents a whole new concept by being the son of God. In each case, the individual understands the accepted religion, struggles with it, develops the new idea that becomes the major world religion, and then preaches their new idea to others, gaining followers in the process. The ideas preached become the basis of the new religion. This shows that the three religions were all established in similar ways.

Overall then, it can be seen…. [read more]

Judaism and Christianity Essay

… In the commandments of the Torah we have the declaration, 'I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse, therefore choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19). Hence, man alone is responsible for choosing between good and bad. Christianity offers an explanation for sin and suffering, at least from the point of 'original sin', by using the concept of 'Fall of Man'. So the primeval sin or the original sin was committed by the temptations of Satan. The stain of the primordial sin committed by Adam affected every being on earth and is responsible for all his evil inclinations. [J. Gresham Machen]. Thus, the propensity for sin began from the moment Adam ate that…. [read more]

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