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Judy Blume Essay

… Both protagonists eventually come to emphasize the morality present in them as Oedipus goes in search of Laius' killer and as Tony does not assist his friend by verifying his story regarding the shoplifting incident.

Margaret has the same strength of character visible in Electra and one of the most interesting similarities between the two is the fact that they remain courageous in the face of trouble. It is not that they are not familiar with the fact that they are powerless in the face of others, but it is that they are unwilling to yield and keep on fighting even in conditions when all odds are against them. The moment when Margaret experiences her first period can be compared with the moment when Electra…. [read more]

Judy Jones the Case Essay

… The session is summarized at the end, and homework is collaboratively set" (Fursland et al. 2012).

The process of CBT passes through specific phases. During the first phase, the assessment, the therapist talks with the client and determines the intractability of the behavior, beliefs about weight, and sets goals for treatment. Medical risk is also assessed. The client's eating behaviors are discussed and clients may be given various psychological tests and inventories to clarify the best approach. It is unclear from the patient description what Judy's BMI is, or the specifics of her eating behaviors and exercise patterns. All of these are relevant in terms of designing a program of treatment.

The assessment phase also entails eating disorder education: unlike many other approaches, the CBT…. [read more]

Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife Essay

… Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife"

Judy Brady's 1971 essay "I Want a Wife" describes in rather exaggerated detail the role that society expects a wife to fulfill in relation to her husband. This essay gives the wife full responsibility for the chores related to house and home as well as all duties regarding children. The wife is described as the sole caretaker of both husband and children. While much of what Brady say is still highly applicable to the role of a modern wife, Brady's essay does not address relationships that are structured in non-traditional ways, wherein husband/male and wife/female are no longer paired. Brady's essay is applicable to a modern setting in the way it characterizes women, and the way it describes relationships,…. [read more]

Judy Brudy's "I Want a Wife Thesis

… Judy Brudy's "I Want a Wife" is a sardonic explication of gender roles and norms. To emphasize her thesis, Brudy uses several established rhetorical techniques including pathos, ethos, and logos. "I Want a Wife" is divided into ten sections, but is still a pithy piece. The author makes her point succinctly and clearly almost within the first few sentences. Brudy begins by introducing herself as a wife, to emphasize her credibility and acknowledge her point-of-view. She starts out by saying "I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am a Wife. and, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother." Her personal experience as a wife informs the central argument of "I Want a Wife." Brudy speaks from personal experience. Moreover, Brudy writes…. [read more]

Diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa: Judy Case Study

… Reasons for Using Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy in Jones' Case:

Since Judy Jones is an adolescent aged 14 years, her case qualifies for treatment through the use of family-based therapy, which has proven to be effective in adolescent patients with anorexia nervosa. Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy techniques are the most effective family-based treatment methods for this case because of various reasons. The basis for using these techniques is based on the assumption that Jones is no longer capable of making sound decisions regarding her health and requires help from the family.

One of the major reasons for the use of Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy techniques in treating Jones' anorexia nervosa is the ability of this method to overcome limitations associated with other family-therapy treatment techniques for eating disorders.…. [read more]

Penicillin Slinn, Judy. ). "Penicillin: Triumph Article

… Penicillin

Slinn, Judy. (2009). "Penicillin: Triumph and Tragedy. -- Review of Robert Bud

Book." Medical History. 53 (1): 2009. 133.

Penicillin is a group of antibiotics (the "cillin" group) based on the Penicullium fungi. They are historically and culturally significant because they are the first antibiotics that were effective against numerous diseases that plagued humans for thousands of years (syphilis, staph, etc.). Particularly in the developing world, the cillin group is still widely used -- they are inexpensive, fairly effective, and typically well tolerated. However, there are a number of individuals who, for whatever reason, have developed a resistance to penicillin -- whether that be an allergic reaction or sensitivity. In addition, some say because of overuse, many types of bacteria are now resistant to…. [read more]

Person-Centered Therapy: Judy Garland the Phenomenological Thesis

… ¶ … Person-Centered Therapy: Judy Garland

The phenomenological person-centered therapeutic approach to psychiatric patient care is an approach that says that which is perceived as being real for the patient is the patient's reality, and therapeutic approaches must be focused on the patient's reality. Resolving patient's conflicts from that perspective and from that therapeutic approach direction, any issues that are the reality of others, including those of the therapist are put aside, and conflict resolution is derived wholly from the patient's own consciousness and becomes a patient focused perspective.

The patient case study presented here is one of a well-known celebrity figure: Judy Garland. The idea is to follow the phenomenological therapeutic theory in treating

"Ms. G," to resolve her problems of: alcoholism, prescription drug…. [read more]

Winter Dreams the American Essay

… Her agreeing to marry him has actually made her seem less valuable in his eyes because it becomes less of a challenge. Without making herself hard to win, Irene has shown herself to compare negatively to the symbolic icon of old money that Dexter sees in Judy. This is clear when the narrator says, "The fact that Judy's flare for him endured just one month seemed of little importance. Nor did it matter that by his yielding he subjected himself to a deeper agony in the end and gave serious hurt to Irene Scheerer and to Irene's parents, who had befriended him" (Fitzgerald). Irene is wealthy but becomes associated with a middle class existence rather than the large riches that a union with Judy would…. [read more]

Proj Management 7.2A Term Paper

… There is no time to start instilling this honest communication than the present -- don't guess why Randy did that, ask him.

II. I do not entirely agree with this. First, catered affairs are loaded -- if you are going to do it, do it right. Make sure the food is high quality, because serving lousy food is a great way to disengage the employees. Serve the good stuff and get their attention. But I actually do not think that such meetings encourage honest communication. They encourage many things -- sycophantic communication, and all other sorts of positive communication, but there are few employees who feel that a public setting is the time and place to challenge their bosses, especially in front of other C-suiters.…. [read more]

Jim and Judy Choi's Bed Essay

… The Board of Directors of Xiaping Trading Company

The fundamental ethical issue, or challenge, in this situation is that Wai Lee, the company president, is considering doing something that is illegal and immoral in order to make the company look better. Before the financial statements are made public, Lee wants to take some land that he owns and put it into the company's name for a short period of time. He also wants $600,000 shaved from expenses and then they can get a bank loan that they need in order to show that they still have clout. That will make the company look much better in the eyes of those who see the financial statements, but those statements will not reflect what the company actually…. [read more]

Wife" by Judy Brady and "Uncle Sam Essay

… ¶ … wife" by Judy Brady and "Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha" by Anna Quindlen

The contrast in attitude between the essays "I want a wife" by Judy Brady and "Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha" by Anna Quindlen illustrates the difference between 1970s second wave feminism and contemporary feminist attitudes. Brady is angry at a society that denies full legal, economic, but especially social equality to women. She wants a 'wife' who will provide her with the same types of social support structures that wives have always given their husbands -- that presumably she gave to her husband while he was completing his degree. Men have assumed it is their right to be cared for by women, while Brady demands the same for all women.…. [read more]

Member of Congress Judy Chu Research Paper

… Her dedication to education is one of her most admirable qualities and has been a hallmark of her legislative career.

But education is not her only concern, being Asian-American and the daughter of immigrants, she has expanded her legislation into areas involving hate crimes and anti-bias laws, sponsored laws which help improved the prosecution of hate crimes, prohibit the spreading of hate pamphlets, and even created an anti-bias youth work program. Her Chinese background made it possible for her to involve herself in traditional Chinese medicine when she sponsored a bill to increase training for acupuncturists. And this is not all that she has accomplished for the people of California, she has also aided the handicapped and elderly by allowing them to use carpool lanes,…. [read more]

Endangered Animals Essay

… ¶ … Judy Braddy

Hunter May

Not Everything is Worth Saving

"Since the Endangered Species Act was passed by the government in 1973, people have come to realize that they must change their ways if other species besides humans are to survive. The Endangered Species Act accomplishes this goal; however, it is biting off more than it can chew. While this act is trying to save species from becoming extinct, it's efforts have resulted in large sums of money loss to the government. An example? In 2011, the construction of a hospital was delayed due to a sighting of an endangered species of fly around the construction area of the unfinished hospital. To make a story short, the rare species of fly flew away, never…. [read more]

Crosby, Stills, and Nash (Csandn) Essay

… It was like another venue I had been to that my mother called "art deco." It had very high ceilings (and there was balcony seating on each side high above the main seating area). There were gold-embossed abstract non-human figures on the walls (it probably wasn't real gold but it was gold colored) and there were colorful mosaics along the walls to the entrance to the lobby.

The ushers were wearing black pants, black (and well shined) shoes, and navy blue sport coats with red neckties. Most of the ushers were women and they were very helpful at locating reserved seats for concert goers. They all carried small flashlights to help people find their way in and out during the concert.

During intermission there were…. [read more]

Target Audience and Competition Term Paper

… Lingerie in Victoria's Secret primarily comes in solid colors, usually with a champagne tint, or in little florals. The bulk of the merchandise consists of panties, bras, slips, and teddies. There has been a boom in the Miracle bra, which comes in a variety of colors and textures. Girdlestyle wear appears under names such as "shapers" and "cinchers," and there is little variety of these. There are no enhancers in the Victoria's Secret catalogs. The catalogs also differ in the variety of sizes offered. While most of the Victoria's Secret products run from XS to XL sizes, the Frederick's catalog has many styles available in plus sizes. Both catalogs offer the same range of bra sizes. Speedo's expansion isn't the only news at Authentic Fitness…. [read more]

Organizational Change and Personal Development Plan Term Paper

… I believe the leadership expertise is a process acquired on a daily basis. I believe that working with AMRAAM will bolster my efforts to achieve my career goals by acquiring the necessary leadership and management skills.

Professional and personal goals

Setting goals promote the growth and development of a leader. I would improve my time management and completion of tasks within the stipulated timeframe. I would like to visit approximately 65% of the successful organizations in the U.S. To learn from them. One of my professional goals is to advance my managerial knowledge and skills by attending various seminars. I would like also to enroll for part-time MBA program at the University of California to acquire additional knowledge and skills related to project management and…. [read more]

Post Modernism Term Paper

… Post Modernism

Judy Chicago is an installation artist famous for her feminist and political-leaning works that use both minimalism (in her earlier works) and, later, feminism.

The Feminist Art Movement is a post-modern, political orientated art movement that believed art should speak for social change and act as a societal critic. The movement began in the 1960s and peaked in the 1970s, although its effects are still felt today.

Chicago's most famous work, the Dinner Party, depicts a table set for thirty-nine mythical and historical women from throughout history. According to Chicago, she created this work as a way to, "End the ongoing cycle of omission in which women were written out of the historical record." The table used in the piece is in the…. [read more]

Reproductive Counseling Studies Have Shown Research Paper

… 4% and 35.4%, respectively. (Bauer, 2011) This can be reduced by transferring lesser number of embryos. This, however, reduces the odds of conception. (Judy et al., 2012)

Surrogacy may be another option for certain women. In this form of assisted reproduction, a donor egg is used with the commissioning father's sperm or a donor sperm may be used with the commissioning mother. Embryos are then fertilized in-vitro and transferred to the uterus of a surrogate host. (Monga, 2008)

The indications for this treatment include absent uterus, recurrent miscarriage, repeated failure of IVF and certain medical conditions. Clinical pregnancy rates are up to 40% per transfer and series have reported 60% live births. (Bauer, 2011) However, there are certain problems that could arise during this treatment…. [read more]

Gender and Western Art: Gentileschi, Picasso, Chicago Essay

… But it is worth noting that, unlike older models for a war memorial, Lin is here reincorporating the domestic element: what is included here is a roll-call of names of the dead, the sort of thing that would be put together on the home front by those receiving news that their son had been killed in action. Beyond that, however, Lin's work is remarkably understated -- it effaces grandiose gestures in an effort to register quiet grief and gravitas. It is therefore suited to the contentious Vietnam conflict -- which ended ambiguously, and was conducted under vigorous domestic protest in America -- insofar as it does not heroize or glamorize the dead or the conflict in which they died. Instead it seems like a public…. [read more]

Jerome Robbins: Something to Dance Reaction Paper

… The film's ability to create this form of intimate relationship between viewers and Robbins is largely owed to the fact that he is shown as a human being rather than as a celebrity. The moments he is shown discussing his personal achievements and his life is essential at this point, as they enable viewers to actually comprehend how he felt about his career. His determination is visible at this point, as it becomes clear that he channeled his energy on trying to achieve greatness. Moreover, his behavior is praise-worthy when considering that his true goal was to create works that would play a positive role in the world as a whole and in theatre in particular.

The film obviously wants to continue a controversy that…. [read more]

Flora Belle Jan Term Paper

… ¶ … Flora Belle Jan by Judy Yung [...] its particular value in sociological perspectives. This is a very poignant and compelling story of a young Chinese-American girl who was first interviewed about her life in 1924, at the age of seventeen. Her story has much implication for the Asian-American Pacific Islander today, as it shows the struggles immigrants have faced in their new homeland.

The article calls Flora Belle a "flapper" of the 1920s, "a woman who defied social control and conventions, who was modern, independent, sophisticated, and frank in speech, dress, morals, and lifestyle" (Yung 11). Thus, Flora Belle was a unique woman, as most Chinese did not rebel as she did - especially Chinese women. While in the U.S., she wrote on…. [read more]

Work-Related Attitudes: Prejudice, Job Satisfaction Research Proposal

… Richmond, Lewis (2000), Work as a Spiritual Practice: A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job, Broadway (The journal has various insights regarding job satisfaction and how organizations can implement job satisfaction programs)

12. Robbins, Stephen P. (2004) Organizational Behavior - Concepts, Controversies, Applications. 4th Ed. Prentice Hall (This journal has helped us in our research because of the basic concepts of organizational behavior are broadly defined)

13. Scott, W. Richard (2007). Organizations and Organizing: Rational, Natural, and Open Systems Perspectives. Pearson Prentice Hall (This journal gives a deep analysis of how organizational commitment can be developed)

14. Weick, Karl E (1979). The Social Psychology of Organizing 2nd Ed. McGraw Hill (The study shows the various aspects of Psychology that are…. [read more]

Free Are American Media Events Essay

… More often than not, these pressure groups and civil society activists have accused the American media of broadcasting information in order to achieve and support coveted goals and that too with support of sensitive and coveted agencies (Entman, Robert & Kimberly, 20). In general, such notions about the American media are perceived on grounds of the past trends in their reporting practices. Channels such as Fox, CNN and NBC have been frequently accused of working in liaison with the American Intelligence agencies and reporting in biased ways.

The 9/11 tragedy and the American media

In the contemporary history, the infamous 9/11 tragedy and the way it was reported around the world, emerged as an important case study of how information is relayed and controlled to…. [read more]

Never Let Me Go Term Paper

… ¶ … carer" and "donation" mean in this novel is revealed slowly. The way the characters treat these words and various other ideas in the course of the novel suggests to the reader that something is wrong behind the normal world that is shown, though it is not clear for most of the novel what that might be. It is only when the purpose of the three central characters in particular is revealed that the reader can see what "carer" and "donation" really mean and that what we would take to be a voluntary aspect to both words is not voluntary in this case.

Kathy might be assuming that people she is speaking to would have some sort of reaction to Hailsham because they admire…. [read more]

Robin Hood Term Paper

… ..Much the Miller's son had the difficult task of provisioning the very-increasing band of "merry men" (Thompson & Strickland, 2003).

Another reason to downsize and reconsider training and strategy is because the Sheriff and his men have adapted to Robin Hood's methods and also increased in numbers. Robin Hood will have to change strategy in order to keep his element of surprise, which is a key element of their profession.

In order to downsize effectively, Robin Hood would need to establish a set of requirements and testing scheme. Now that the Sheriff was stronger and wise to their methods, the band of "merry men" would have to be even stronger to regain higher profits.

A new area would have to be located, if not a…. [read more]

Wrinkle in Time Feminine Identity Essay

… Wrinkle in Time

Feminine Identity in and Around Madeleine L'Engle's a Wrinkle in Time

Though often considered a children's or "young adult" novel, Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time has many complex themes, and its endurance and devoted readership are evidence of its considerable literary merit. It seems virtually unconscionable, then, that the novel should have been so quickly and completely relegated to the ranks of juvenile fiction; though its plot and the coming-of-age angle of the story render it an enormously enjoyable and even instructive book in adolescence, the sophistication of its construction belies the worthiness of continuing study and analysis on the novel by scholars with more developed critical senses, and the foundation in literary theory and history that only time devoted to…. [read more]

Author Study Project Term Paper

… Roald Dahl's Life & Works

Roald Dahl was born in Wales in 1916. After his father and sister died, his mother decided to move to England. There Dahl studied until he was 20 and then moved to Africa to work for Shell Oil Company. Looking for adventure, he becomes pilot for the Royal Air Force during Second World War.

Dahl's meeting with the author C.S. Forester encouraged him to write. For 15 years he wrote for adults. However, after considering his own children, he began writing longer and more humorous stories from 1960 on. His first two children's books, James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory became instant hits. Soon, he was one of the best-known children's writers for children worldwide.…. [read more]

Technical Analysis in the Implication Dissertation

… These signs are intended to sleek the price pattern of spiders or stocks creating it simpler to recognize origins, end of trends, and recognize the actual trend. The purpose why going regular is so commonly used may be because trade signals can quickly be calculated into a pc. Chart analysis is mostly highly subjective and difficult to evaluate. Specialists may do not agree whether a cost pattern is a head-and-shoulder pattern or a banner pattern while moving averages is a statistical determined pattern making no issues open for controversy. As the phrase indicates, going regular is a strategy where the information of a certain stock or a catalog is averaged over an occasion frame. There are no specific requirements to the length of enough periods,…. [read more]

Finance and Financial Entrepreneurship Term Paper

… Pacific Lumber did not clear cut. It generally left standing 30 to 50% of the timber in a harvested area. This created a natural canopy break for new growth, while keeping much of the soil stable, thus increasing the forests growth potential. Like the trees, the company was also very generous to its employees. Pacific Lumber provided housing at below market rates to employees and did not layoff staff despite downturns in the timber market. The company also funded a very generous pension fund.

Pacific Lumber's strength was the cause of its weakness. The pension fund was over funded by $60 million due to its policies. Also, because of its sustainable cutting practices, the company held tremendous assets in the form of old- growth redwoods.…. [read more]

Vietnamese American Women Case Study

… Vietnamese Women Case Study

Vietnamese Case Study Year

Noglak is a Vietnamese American woman that goes by "Judy." Recently wed, Judy participated in a traditional cultural wedding ceremony. In this type of setting... child rearing beliefs... Judy is 23 and completed college study of nursing, and desires employment; however her husband and family insist she have a baby instead.

Counseling Need/Concern & History

This case study involves a Vietnamese woman that does not want to follow traditional Vietnamese cultural protocol with regard to her family. The patient expresses no desire to stay home, cook or clean; rather she would prefer to live on her own and work, without consideration for a baby for many years. Judy feels pressure from her family to stay home and…. [read more]

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