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Justice for Amanda Knox? Book Report

… Italian vs. American Justice System

Inside any society, justice is a concept which is continually evolving. This is because political events and social norms will determine what attitudes are applied. At the heart of these transformations, is the use of technology. This is designed to provide avenues to enable the system to become more responsive to the needs of stakeholders. The result is that a variety of organizations are utilizing these avenues to deal with critical challenges.

In the book Murder in Italy, Candace Dempsey examines the case of Amanda Knox. She is an American student, who was on trial with her boyfriend (Rudy Guede) for the murder of her roommate (Meredith Kercher). This caused an international incident surrounding the evidence and motives of the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Powell, Michael. "Bragging Article Review

… Yet more should be done to ensure an error-free DNA processing procedure at all stages of the criminal justice process.

Dwyer, Jim. "Rewriting the City's Record on Prisons." The New York Times. 2 Jan, 2014. Retrieved online:

In this article, Dwyer comments on Harry Belafonte's criticism of the New York City prison system. According to the author, the city has effectively reduced its prison population and is contributing to the overall state reduction in incarceration rates. This news is promising. While the rest of the nation should follow suit, at least New York is taking steps to reduce one of the country's biggest shames: prison overcrowding and the needless imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders. Alternative sentencing for other crimes, and more aggressive prevention programs…. [read more]

Wrongful Conviction of James Henry Essay

… The officials played significant part in keeping Henry James' hope alive having worked tirelessly for his release since 2005. His 30-year quandary and suffering at the state prison was no easy affair despite appearing to be full of life upon release. He narrated to the curious and inquisitive journalists about his ordeal at the prison for a crime he did not commit (Fisher 2011).

The incarceration must have subjected him to physical and mental torture having spent almost half of his entire life away from family, friends, relative, and acquaintances. Life was clearly tough in prison as there were no good meals, proper sanitation, and general hygiene of inmates. Henry James must have seen one of the worst pages of his life after having braved…. [read more]

J Dahmer s Psychology Essay

… References

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Dworkin, A. (1991). Pornography: Men Possessing…. [read more]

False Confessions Book Report

… ¶ … Confessions Trump Innocence

Saul Kassin's Why Confessions Trump Innocence uses the Amanda Knox case as a lead to illustrate a point that the author wants to make about the use and value of confessions within the legal system. The author begins by outlining the psychological elements of confessions, noting that there are three types of false confessions. The author posits that confessions create a situation where the investigation is compromised, both investigators and prosecutors seeking to build their cases to confirm the hypothesis that was derived from the confession.

The author focuses this article on the consequences of confessions. The first response to a confession is that the police generally close the case -- they either seek confirmatory evidence or stop seeking evidence…. [read more]

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