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Prison Industrial Complex Research Paper

… In addition, the tendency to depend on racists' ideologies and structures to impose punishments and obtain surplus income is more troubling. Privatization of prisons is currently a capitalist move within the prison industry. Prisons run by the federal government are grossly violating human rights; on the other hand, private prisons have demonstrated lack of transparency and accountability (Schlosser, 2008).

In early 2012, a leading U.S. prison firm bought about sixty thousand beds from various correctional centers. As the trend of subjecting more women in prisons increased, the company opened a new facility in Melbourne (Gottschalk, 2010). Currently, the company has discovered Michigan as its latest frontier. Statistics have revealed that stocks of private prison companies are doing extremely well. Early last year, the overall revenue…. [read more]

Arizona State Legislature Recidivism Essay

… To see even more renovation there has to be a renovation for the time and period within which these treatments and programs are offered or implemented.


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Bales, w. D., & Mears, D.P. (2008). Inmate Social Ties and the Transition to Society Does Visitation Reduce Recidivism?. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 45(3), 287-321.

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Healthcare Policy Issue and Nursing Strategies Essay

… Nursing

Policy Issue Analysis: The National Nursing Shortage

The healthcare industry is afflicted by a wide array of internal problems, policy issues and systemic flaws. Included among them are the prohibitively high costs of medical treatment, the inaccessibility of healthcare coverage for many system users and the frequency of preventable occurrences like medical error or health system negligence. One of the root problems in the healthcare system, a mounting crisis which impacts all of these and other areas of the industry, is the shortage of registered nurses and of healthcare workers in general.

Problem Identification:

In the face of rising demands for healthcare providers, the industry is experiencing records gaps in its ability to treat patients in the system. And projection suggest that this condition…. [read more]

Social Contracts: Media Articulation Annotated Bibliography

… 174). Moreover, shifts in the popular perception of same-sex marriages will likely be reflected in the content of mainstream media coverage. For instance, Holz-Ivory et al. add that, "When these groups finally do attain visibility, their representation will reflect the biases and interests of those elites who define the public agenda" (2008, p. 174). Just as the gay and lesbian community has used high-profile events such as parades to heighten community awareness, there is a growing recognition among proponents of same-sex marriage that the mainstream media is a key strategic device to gaining support from the "straight" American public. For instance, according to Landau, "Countless communication scholars argue that visibility in mass media is an important goal of the gay and lesbian movement because some…. [read more]

Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and the Best Strategies and Interventions Designed to Stop Term Paper

… Juvenile delinquency is a term that has many meanings throughout time and it is one that is often misused. In its technical sense juvenile delinquency is a term utilized to describe a lawful violation by a youth (Smith, 2008). Many of these law violations only exist for youth and are considered to be status offenses such as truancy, disobedience, running away, and violating curfew. These are only violations of the law when committed by youth but would not be unlawful if committed by an adult. Yet there is also an increasing amount of serious crime committed each day by juvenile offenders, particularly those between the ages of 15 and 19. Prevention and intervention strategies have done little to curb the continued rise in crime by…. [read more]

How Successful Has America's Policy of Promoting Democracy Been Since Word War II Essay

… ¶ … successful has America's policy of promoting democracy been since Word War II?

After the Second World War, the U.S. gained hegemony over the rest of the world nations that decisively contributed to its hegemony in the foreign relations. Its implication in supporting by direct or indirect means became massive and activated on all continents. The most direct way to asses the success of the U.S. In promoting democracy among the state nations is to look at the statistical data and draw conclusions based on facts. but, the implications and the means used by the U.S. along the years are far more complex and sometimes more vague or not yet revealed to the public and therefore conclusions based on statistical results would be accurate…. [read more]

Comparison of New Zealand and the United States Criminal Justice System Research Proposal

… ¶ … New Zealand and the United States Criminal Justice System

New Zealand and United States Criminal Justice System

Comparison of the New Zealand and United States Criminal Justice System

Brief history of New Zealand

The first inhabitants of New Zealand were the indigenous Maoris. It is estimated that that arrived on the islands in 950 -1130 AD. (Tangata Whenua:

The local people) Maori tradition suggests through their myths and legends that the Maori people came to the country from regions of Polynesia. (New Zealand) a Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman, found and explored the region in 1642. (New Zealand) This was followed by the famous journey and explorations of the country by the British captain James Cook. He was to make three voyages to the…. [read more]

Technology and Law Enforcement Essay

… There is also the concern of the public using this medium to air too many irrelevant comments or non-constructive criticism of the police.

Remedies to the challenges

In order to avoid the misuse of such site by an individual within the team, there is need to have the department concerned with managing the page craft very strict media policies that will guide the use of this site and even what can be allowed to remain on the page having been posted by the public. Since the pubic will be consistently posting comments on the page such that the public can see, there must be two or three people charged with editing the page consistently and deleting the offensive posts or those of content that are…. [read more]

Canadian Policies to Thwart Terrorist Research Paper

… Furthermore, the evidences have elucidated the fact that cyber attacks and crimes are more frequently being committed in the current era, and Canada is amongst one of those countries where the cyber crimes are committed more often in comparison to other parts of the world (Hanel, 2010).

Canada is one of the nations where businesses in association with individuals come under the drastic impact of the cyber crimes. This denotes that cyber criminals and identity theft are targeting huge businesses that possess huge database of their customers with large amounts of personal data. Even though businesses have better and enhanced security, yet this is an immense channel for the cyber criminals because businesses provide an easy path to enter into the database through which they…. [read more]

Video Surveillance Cameras: Greater Value as Investigative Term Paper

… Video Surveillance

Surveillance Cameras: Greater Value as Investigative Tool than as Crime Deterrent"

The use of surveillance cameras is becoming one of the most popular ways of using technology to fight crime. The installation of surveillance camera systems in the public sphere is now growing at a significant rate, often spurned on by technological improvement, funding opportunities and their perceived relative cost effectiveness as well as the theory of their use as effective crime deterrents. (Armitage, May 2002, NP) Cameras seem to be becoming a standard aspect of the public sphere, as they begin to appear in subways, at bus stops, traffic intersections, bridges, government offices, and public parks. Some camera systems are being installed by the enforcement agencies themselves and those that fund them…. [read more]

Ethics, Values, Social Responsibility Bailout Essay

… Also, these bailout frauds by banks further had implications on the private sector and general public as well. The financial aid was basically intended for clearing up the bad debts that the bad mortgages had caused and assisting the housing market in turn, which was the basic causative agent for this economic bubble in the first place. Due to this bubble burst, the housing market which was initially overvalued and was pushing consumer to invest more without having ability to invest, was revealed. Thousands of people lost their jobs due to market crunch and also their assets and savings. Where banks had a social responsibility of playing role in restoring the private sector which would have served the economy in the longer-run, the private sector…. [read more]

Public Policy Tourism Public Policy Orientation Essay

… Public Policy Tourism

Public Policy Orientation and Tourism in Costa Rica

Just 20 years ago, Costa Rica scarcely registered in a discussion on global tourism. A small republic most noted for its agriculture and its production of tropical export goods such as coffee, pineapple, bananas and palm oil, Costa Rica's appeal was largely to natural history enthusiasts and science tourists. Quite to this point, an article from the time by Laarman & Perdue (1989) portrays the ecologically diverse nation as possessing a "small tourism industry" with "special interest" appeal. (Laarman & Perdue, p. 205) In just the last two decades however, this condition has changed dramatically. Where Laarman & Perdue refer to tourism as an important but modest secondary industry in Costa Rica as recently…. [read more]

Public and Privacy Issues Research Proposal

… Public and Privacy Issues

State Supreme Court of Nevada: Hiibel v. Dist. Ct. 118 Nev.

According to the State Supreme Court of Nevada in 2002, the United States Supreme Court had "twice expressly refused to address whether a person reasonably suspected of engaging in criminal behavior may be required to identify" himself or herself. Thus, the issue remained "unresolved" and was in need of further clarification

In its 2002 decision in Hiibel v. Dist. Ct, the Nevada Court attempted to address the issue. In issues regarding the Fourth Amendment, the State Supreme Court stated that all courts must balance the individual's reasonable expectation of his or her right to privacy, and "the public interest" in a safe society.

In the specific facts of the case…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Case Study

… [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27 March 2012].

Desousa, M., Soares, L., Pasa, C. & Farache, F., 2010. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

management fo Competetive Advantage. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27 March 2012].

Hanson, S., 2007. MEND: The Niger Delta's Umbrella Militant Group. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27 March 2012].

Iwu-Egwuonwu, R.C., 2010. Does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact on Firm

Performance? A Literature Evidence. Social Science Network.

Natufe, I., 2001. Urhobo Historical Society: Second Annual Conffrence and General Meeting. In The Problem of Sustained Development and Corporate Responsibility:Policy Implications for the Niger Delta. Denville, 2001.

Noer, M., Ewalt, D. & Weiss, T., 2008. Corporate Social Responsibility. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27 March 2012].

Oil's Dirty Business. 2007. [Film] Directed by Yorgos…. [read more]

Investment Definitions Three Community Functions Multiple Chapters

… 108). Even as the dominant culture groups attempt to move towards greater inclusivity, true inclusion will only occur when barriers such as financial overview and legislative limitations are removed.

In practical terms the dominant culture's resistance manifests itself in a number of different ways, restrictions over autonomy through legislation, language restrictions, benefit restrictions, and financial restrictions, are all ways that the dominant culture maintains the final say.

The role of social workers is twofold- firstly, their role is policy and theory oriented. Secondly, their role is to build practical skills within the communities that they serve. We can see this in the ways in which they helped to implement and represent the rights of first nation's peoples (p. 106). In many ways the role of…. [read more]

Using Children's Literature to Explore Social Issues Essay

… ¶ … Children's Literature to Explore Social Issues

Social Literature for Children

In many ways, the prudent application of children's literature in a classroom environment can be considered one of the most efficacious means of exploring the complexity of social issues within today's world. This statement holds particularly true for the educational processes within certain segments of Canada, which has become increasingly enveloped by a diverse, multicultural population that can be stratified into a number of socio-economic categories and ethnicities. Children's literature, then, can help developing learners adopt a stance of tolerance and acceptance that can conceivably aid tomorrow's generation in living in a world that is more equitable than the present one, since "the ultimate goal of social action is the creation of a…. [read more]

Historical Perspective of Social Work Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Work

The objective of this work is to trace and critically evaluate the relationship of social work to social justice through the lens of the fact that social work has a record of inclusion or exclusion of oppressed or marginalized groups. This work will explore this through a contemporary social work practice issue.

In understanding the historical perspective of social work in the United States one must first gain an understanding of the basis of the formation of the United States in its' thought and rationale of order within a governmental system. In a speech on social work Ruth G. Dean from the Simmons School of Social Work stated that: "Social work, it seems, now content spending more time doing paperwork than…. [read more]

Individuality and Community Ethics Essay

… Individualism can be lost in a group's quest to make sure that rights are distributed equally. As an example of this, Akhtar (2011) relates that "for instance, Naisha will have her own particularized way of being Indian in addition to the collective form of the culture that she shares with others." Every individual will benefit from the equal distribution of the right that has been given to all or the status that all have achieved, but they will all wear it differently. Each person within the collective has their own unique way of employing the distribution. So, the autonomy, the right to personhood, also needs to be recognized as an essential element of all these conceptions of social justice.

Critical Recognition

The liberal form of…. [read more]

Abortion Term Paper

… Evaluation and Assessment of the Alternatives

The above mentioned policy alternatives are outlined on the idea that it is the government's responsibility to provide welfare support to the underprivileged groups and that public and socio-economic welfare must be given a priority above political motives. This however does not mean that the views and sentiments of those who deem a practice ethically and morally wrong should be ignored, as that would be in violation of the democratic principles. Thus in order to keep a balance between the two sides, the policy must be designed to take all stakeholders on board.

Keeping this in view, there are two basic alternatives that are proposed above. One, either the government should support Planned Parenthood programs for the poor aiming…. [read more]

NASW Code of Ethics for Social Work Essay

… 1). Because the Sanchez family struggles financially, especially with caring for members of the family with special needs, the social worker needs to inform Hector and Celia about Medicaid in accordance with Florida-specific laws. Two specific pieces of information that can be gleaned from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (2018) website include the Monthly Enrollment Report and the Medicaid Eligibility Reports. The information contained on the website corresponds with the needs of the Sanchez family, and also illustrates how the social worker can fulfill professional ethical responsibilities towards the client.

Immigrant families in South Florida have faced uncertain times and liminal status due to ambiguous laws and fickle public policy. As Negi, Roth, Held, et al. (2018) show, municipalities that have been…. [read more]

Human Trafficking Research Proposal

… Human Trafficking

The objective of this work is to examine the history of human trafficking as well as the moral and legal obligations and the impact of human trafficking on the global community and its impact on U.S. foreign policy. Finally, this work will examine the impact that human trafficking has on members of society and the solutions to the issue from a criminal justice standpoint.

Human trafficking crimes are as old as mankind itself however as the world has become more globalized so has too the trafficking of human beings. This work examines the history of human trafficking and the moral and legal obligations of society in addressing these crimes. Furthermore, this work examines the impact of human trafficking on the global community; the…. [read more]

Environmental Justice and Executive Order 12898 Research Proposal


The objective of this work is to examine whether the issuance of Executive Order 12898 in 1994 has made a recognizable difference in assisting the environmental justice movement reach its goal of achieving environmental protection for all communities.

On February 11, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice: Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations. This order directs each federal agency to develop an environmental justice strategy for identifying and addressing disproportionately high and adverse human health, or environmental effects of its programs, policies, and activities on minority populations and low-income populations. Monies were allocated to federal agencies and state governments assisting communities to develop strategies toward local environmental problems.…. [read more]

Gang Programs: Understanding Gang Growth and Membership Characteristics Term Paper


Gang Growth and Membership, Characteristics of Gang Members, Gang Programs

Current Status, Historical Growth, and Projected Trends of Gangs

Current Research on Gang Formation and its Implications

Identification and Classification of Types of Gangs and their Influence

Street Gangs

Prison Gangs

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Juvenile Gangs

Hispanic Gangs

Asian gangs

Internationally Gangs

Assessment of Programs Policies to Respond to Gang Activities

Primary Prevention Program

Secondary prevention

Tertiary Prevention Program

Synthesizing Relevant Issues in Gang Formation and Recommendations




Fundamental objective of this project is to explore the gang growth and membership, characteristics of gang members, and gang programs. The research explores the history of gangs, gang classifications and various programs used to address…. [read more]

Ethical Issue With Nanomedicine Term Paper

… Ethics in Nanomedicine

The term "nanomedicine" is mainly a reference to the scientific technology called nanotechnology which is used to enhance or sustain health at a small level. This technology is being used in medical domains: such as the processes involved in the production of tissue in the human body; the transportation of drugs that help in the DNA treatment; as well as, studies that concentrate on the diagnostic instruments and procedures. The single most important merit that this form of health sustenance has over other medical procedures is its volume. Its volume is as small as a fragmented particle and this particle influences the duration of the effect of the serum and has a very specific design of deposition. Both these aspects allow the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Gaetz, S. (July Term Paper

… Survey respondents were California and New York residents and are composed of an ethnically-diverse sample, with the inclusion of white Americans, black Americans, Hispanics, and other members of minority groups.

Since the study is one of the pilot studies that attempt to provide an empirical description and explanation of racial profiling, it is important to discuss how the variables used in the study will have a bearing on future studies about the topic. The first phone-in survey, which was conducted in California, involves a description of incidences of racial profiling among the respondents and the establishment of the sample's general profile or socio-demographic characteristics. The second survey was a New York youth telephone survey, and is more in-depth in its scope compared to the first…. [read more]

Healthcare System Essay

… The average life expectancy in Norway is high (Burger et al. 2012). This is a significant factor in increasing pressure on the healthcare system of Norway. The old age citizens require healthcare facilities more frequently than the young aged public. The intensity and severity of the old age healthcare requirements play an important role in exerting pressure on the system. The policies of healthcare provision are also observed as facilitating at the first place in case a patient is qualified for benefits. The policy enables the patient to gain healthcare treatment on the basis of severity of the diseases (Haveman et al. 2011).

Increased Diseases:

There are multiple causes for increased healthcare diseases. The increase is due to declining nutrition in food, environmental, and socio-economic…. [read more]

Gene's Effect on Criminal Behavior Term Paper

… Gene Criminal

Determining the Effect of Genetic make-up on Criminality and Criminal Behavior

Genetic predispositions to certain behaviors and conditions have been established with increasing regularity over the past decade, causing broad spectrums of what were once perceived as individual failings and personal shortcomings to be seen instead as the result, at least in part, of forces as uncontrollable as hair color or height. Addictions of all stripes, obesity, and certain personality characteristics have all been found to have at least some basis in an individual's unique genetic code, suggesting the possibility that other types of undesired or disadvantageous behaviors and predilections might also have a genetic -- or at least a semi-genetic -- cause rather than coming from purely social or personal origins.

Topic…. [read more]

Theories of Criminal Behavior That Have Exhibited Influence on Today's Correctional System Thesis


The objective of this work is to discuss theories of criminal behavior that have exhibited influence on today's correctional system and to support this opinion through providing examples of that influence.

Nonlinear Dynamics of Criminal Behavior Examined

The work of Thomas K. Arnold entitled: "The Nonlinear Dynamics of Criminal Behavior" states that one of the most enduring puzzles in criminology is the combination of both stability and change in criminal behavior over the life course." (2008) Arnold relates that many questions remain unanswered in criminology in regards to the "temporal stability of the criminal offender's risk of committing new crimes." (2008) it has been suggested by some including Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) that…. [read more]

Influence of Spirituality on Restorative Justice Research Proposal

… Restorative Justice and Religion: A Significant Connection

An important component of most cultures, religion often impacts the way that a society is structured. Rules for governance, customs, and both formal and informal structure can often be influenced by a society's primary religious beliefs, even if those beliefs are no longer the focus of a society. In the United States, many stores and government branches are still closed on Sunday, an informal policy that was adopted due to Sunday's religious significance for much of the country. Today's United States, however, is full of those from many religions, suggesting that a variety of days could be considered of religious significance. Still, the informal rule from the past holds because of its legacy. Although closing government offices on…. [read more]

Criminal Justice - Counterterrorism International Terrorism Issues Essay

… Criminal Justice - Counterterrorism


Compare and contrast several definitions of terrorism. Include definitions employed by government agencies as well as by scholars. Which definition do you find to be most accurate or most useful? Why? Also, by extension, why do you find certain definitions deficient?

According to the U.S. State Department, Title 22 of U.S. Code section 2656f (d) defines 'terrorism' as the "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national groups of clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience" and defines 'international terrorism' as "terrorism involving citizens or the territory of more than one country." This definition is comprehensive and accurate except that is seems to exclude (1) individual perpetrators and (2) acts of terrorism perpetrated strictly for…. [read more]

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