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Economics of Developing Countries Research Proposal

… ¶ … Goals -- Some Progress for Sub-Saharan Africa

When the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) were established and agreed upon in 2000-2001, the objective of the international community was to "…spare no effort to free our fellow men, women and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty" (Ban Ki-Moon, 2008). Those goals, according to the Secretary-General of the United Nations -- writing the Foreword to the "Millennium Development Goals Report 2008" -- "…encompass universally accepted human values and rights" (Ban Ki-Moon).

The problems reflected in each of the UN goals are significant and the challenges are enormous, but the MDG approach was projected to be powerful enough and the international commitment fervent enough to overcome the challenges. As for poverty,…. [read more]

Immigration and the Effect on the Color Line in America Today Research Proposal

… Immigration and the Effect on the Color Line in America Today

The color line in America is one that is drawn in the southern most regions of the country at the border of legal immigration vs. illegal immigration, and, elsewhere, at the ideological crossroads of capitalism vs. socialism, or Christianity vs. Islam. The latter, is distinguished as a color line only because those whom hold those ideological ideals judge others by their absence of those same ideals. It is the perception of most Americans that illegal immigration is a majority Hispanic; socialism, right or wrong, is represented by Asian sectors of what they perceive as an outdated Cold War era and one that should have ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the…. [read more]

Developmental Effects of Foster Care on Children Thesis

… Developmental Effects of Foster Care on Children

The importance of a nurturing environment for young children and adolescents alike has been well documented, and one of the most important elements in this environmental mix is the presence of caring and capable parents. One of the unfortunate consequences of the human condition, though, is the fact that many children experience the loss of one or both parents for various reasons, including death, divorce, incarceration, or other legally imposed separation. The impact on such parental loss has also received a great deal of attention in the literature, but less attention perhaps has been directed to the developmental effects of foster care placement on children of different ages in the United States today. To this end, this paper…. [read more]

American History and Culture Contributes Research Proposal

… American History And Culture

Culture contributes much to the establishment of a country's way of life. Unique customs and ideas shape the thought patterns and value systems of a society. In the United States, political and social discourse has largely been formed by the notion of what it means to be a middle class American. Politicians regularly play to the idea that the vast majority of this nation's citizens include themselves among the middle class. The American middle class is far-reaching and amorphous. Middle class individuals range from those earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to those barely making ends meet. Middle class values and aspirations are the key note of American character. Any politician that ignores the middle class does so at…. [read more]

Drug Abuse Prevention or Treatment Strategy Term Paper

… Drug Abuse Prevention or Treatment Strategy

Every Government reserves the right to fight against the use and the abuse of illicit drugs, like for example, prescribed drugs like psycho stimulants, and the use of other drugs like tobacco and of alcohol. The Australian government has launched the National Illicit Drug Strategy entitled the 'Tough on Drugs' campaign in the year 1997, in order to combat the illicit usage of drugs and also to dramatically decrease the demand as well as the supply of these drugs. Since the launch of the plan, the Australian government has spent more than $1 billion in research and drug abuse prevention strategies. The supply of drugs has been now controlled, and the same campaign also includes the easy availability and…. [read more]

Charity/Foundations Anglicord Board of Directors Term Paper

… This is because we infuse into our company culture the recognition of the vital importance of addressing these matters and there adverse scenarios if they are not addressed. The key for success will be for us as the leaders of the company to elaborate with a straightforward and plain-speaking list of points that may actually invite governmental and private inspection of our code of ethics and financial documentary proposals.

We as leaders need to establish sections in these potential new corporate bylaws for example that require personal and professional integrity. These levels of integrity may be considered to be the single most important foundation for our company's future professional dynamic. We as leaders must also provide a basis for the strong and positive working environment…. [read more]

Court Ruling 'Two Views Term Paper

… Kmiec states that defining marriage as being between a man and a woman is based on "rational belief." Yet his article shows that there is no rationality in his belief whatsoever. There is nothing rational about only heterosexual marriage making "intimate sexual activity orderly and social accountable," nor in the implication that gays are not "similarly situated" to straights. Kmiec refers to the Massachusetts decision is if it were a disease he hopes can be prevented from "spreading nationwide." His statement clearly passes a personal, perhaps religious, judgment and confounds legality with personal moral beliefs. Kmiec states that marriage is a "cultural institution," which it is, but cultural institutions are not necessarily just nor legal. Slavery, too, was a cultural institution, one whose supporters felt…. [read more]

Codes of Ethics in Business Essay

… Organizational Integrity in a Global Environment

Ethics are a normative code of behaviors in a society, or in the case of business, in an organization. Because of the inherent vagueness of the concept of business ethics, each organization operates with its own definitions, underlying philosophies, and in the ways that it operationalizes the idea of business ethics. The topics covered run the gamut from compliance to environmental stewardship to social justice and codes of behavior (Marcoux, 2008). Organizational and professional ethics are ultimately going to reflect the specific context of each organization or profession, and will likely address issues of particular relevance to that profession or organization -- there is not going to be any one-size-fits-all approach to orgagnizational or professional ethics.

To understand the…. [read more]

Organizational Culture Chapter

… Organizational Behavior

Chapter 14 focuses on leadership, in particular with reference to organizational change and other challenging leadership situations. The initial section covers more leadership theories -- authentic leadership, which focuses on positive psychology elements such as self-efficacy, optimism and resilience. Spiritual leadership is introduced, and this concept reflects on leaders who rely on religion as a guiding and influencing force in their organizations. Servant leadership is a concept where the leader seeks to provide the workers with the support that they need to do their jobs -- the leader is serving the employees, because they will be doing the heavy lifting in the organization.

Ethical leadership cuts across all leadership theories, but the important takeaway is that the leader is the ethical compass for…. [read more]

Quan and Qual Studies Qualitative Article Critique

… Relation of readings main points/topic/findings to other course readings

Children who are exposed to domestic violence or are abused are at risk to develop a number of potential negative outcomes ranging from emotional to psychological to cognitive problems. Not all children exposed to violence or abused will develop problems, but it can be assumed that a fair number will.


There is evidence for the dual exposure effect, but less evidence that being abused or witnessing abuse alone leads to worse later outcomes. While treatment can be helpful for the victims, it still appears that legal interventions are most effective for the perpetrators in order to stop the abuse. Thus, understanding what potential effects from exposure to violence or abuse can occur in the victims,…. [read more]

Wrongful Life / Damages Debate Topic-Role Negative Assessment

… Wrongful Life / Damages

Debate Topic-Role Negative

In the most common type of wrongful life case, a doctor (or geneticist) fails to diagnose a very sever genetic problem in a fetus. In most cases, the problem is so severe that many parents say that, had they known about the problem, they would have aborted the fetus. When the parents, or the parents acting on the child's behalf, brings a claim to court alleging that the doctor or geneticist was negligent in failing to diagnose the problem, it is called -- or known as -- a "wrongful life" claim.

In Tort law, damages are usually compensatory in nature -- that is, they are given with the goal of returning the hurt party to the position her…. [read more]

Issues of Global Overpopulation and Food Supply Can We Feed the World Term Paper

… ¶ … Overpopulation [...] overpopulation and the food supply, two global issues facing the world's population today and in the future. The Earth's population is expanding faster than it has ever grown before, and with this overpopulation comes the need for more food and food sources. The poor in overpopulated countries often go hungry, and as populations increase, the implications for global hunger grow along with them. Can we feed the world, or can the world develop enough food sources to feed itself? These are compelling questions that must be answered to end world hunger in the 21st century, even if overpopulation continues to plague the planet.

The United States is one of the world's largest food producers (Cook 5). As such, we have a…. [read more]

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