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Criminal Justice System Normally Essay

… The neighborhood police departments are through far from common law enforcement agencies. The underlying state sheriff's departments are normally specialized police department.

Police system within the criminal justice system is normally charged with maintenance of order accompanied by the preventive approach that pertains to policing (Cole & Smith, 2009). They also ensure enforcement of the prevailing departmental vice laws accompanied by the emphasizing on the rest of the offenders. They also ensure society policing that stresses addressing communal problems accompanied by the existing vicinity concerns. Conversely, court is mainly charged with the prosecution and defending of the prevailing populace interest (David, 2008). Moreover, it also acts as custodians of the existing constitution and ought to be mindful of the right of the prevailing accused beneath…. [read more]

Policing Services and Programs Essay

… The major challenge to these agencies is the controversial issue of public policy and concerns regarding justice in the wake of increase in crime rates. With the increase in crime rates, there are concerns on whether the existing public policy and justice procedures are effective in handling criminal offenses. Concerns have been raised on whether these criminal justice organizations have been able to tackle the prevalence of crime effectively and efficiently. The second major challenge for these agencies is the kind of punishment that various convicted criminals should be subjected to. Punishments have raised heated debates across various sectors of society with some recommending incapacitation and retribution of offenders while others have suggested the use of rehabilitation or treatment programs.

For these organizations to achieve…. [read more]

Court Management Policy Proposal Essay

… In addition, when the courts divert some of the juvenile offenders to VOM program, there is a reduction in the case backlogs, whereby successful mediation will reduce delays and the court's workload (Sheinin, 2010). This means that another goal associated with VOM policy is reduction of backlog cases or pending minor juvenile offenses.

The VOM program comes with significant benefits to society. The program reduces the adverse effects of incarceration, in cases where parents who are breadwinners may end up in jail. The experience of the program increases the appreciation of justice in society. Additionally, the program has the capacity to reduce the effects of criminal activities on the society by offering the offender and victim an opportunity to forgive each other. The program offers…. [read more]

Court Analysis Justice Essay

… " (Muraskin & Roberts, p. 203)

This would help to expand the implications of such court proceedings by introducing another dimension of justice to the process of adjudication. That is, for the court administrator, there is today a responsibility to simultaneously see that justice is carried out with respect to the facts surrounding the defendant but also to ensure that the victim's role as a witness does not also place this individual in a context to be bullied or intimidated by the defense proceedings. This denotes a condition today where the victim is afforded certain protections designed to offset some of the practical challenges related to the philosophical presentation of defendant as innocent until proven guilty.

It has also indicated a transition in the discussion…. [read more]

Justice Administration Police Courts and Corrections Management Discussion Chapter

… Justice Admin

CJ 255 Prompts

Consensus and Conflict

The consensus model of criminal justice asserts that the laws and mechanisms of the criminal justice system in a given society arise out of a consensus among the people of that society, and that the system functions as an integrated and consensual part of the entire social system (See, 2004). Conflict theories of criminal justice contrast sharply with this, suggesting that laws are created by a powerful segment of a society's population that is necessarily in conflict with other less powerful segments, and that these segments become criminalized through the perspectives and laws of the powerful group (See, 2004). This extends to the functioning of the system, which contains a series of adversaries in conflict (police v.…. [read more]

Incorporating Restorative and Community Justice Into American Sentencing and Corrections Article Critique

… Restorative Justice




In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. This paper will thus critique this particular emerging intervention and focus on answering questions like: What is Restorative Justice? What is Community Justice? Should Restorative and Community Justice Be incorporated into the Criminal Justice System?

In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. Regardless of the enhanced attention provided recently to the concept of restorative justice, the principle still stays rather bothersome to specify as many feedbacks to criminal habits could fall under the supposed corrective umbrella. The…. [read more]

Homeland Security and Justice Administration Essay

… Homeland Security and Justice Administration

The National Response Framework is a system developed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration designed to prevent, respond to and aid in the recovery from disasters such as acts of terrorism, natural and man-made disasters. It is just one of the elements of the National Preparedness System but involves "a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action." ("FEMA") This system is considered a cycle because there is no end goal to attain other than the continual protection and responding to disasters. Because there is always new ways to improve, there is always a continual cycle of steps which aim to continually improve the ability to respond to disasters.

Chicago is a large urban area…. [read more]

Australian Criminal Justice System Formal Essay

… The judge in these cases presides over the proceedings deciding the case that is heard by jurors of 12 that determine guilt or innocence of the accused (AGD, et al., 2011). The criminal offenses are tried at the district or county level. The types of criminal offenses tried include cases of murder, armed robbery, and rape (AGD et al., 2011). Criminal activity of a lesser nature is handled by local magistrates who preside within each community or city who hear the case and then give a ruling. All that are accused in Australian court system are innocent until they are proven guilty with reasonable doubt being the metric used to make the decision. Capital punishment is not a part of the Australian criminal system with…. [read more]

Why Pursue a Degree in Administration of Justice Term Paper

… Administration of Justice

Why pursue a degree in Administration of Justice?

The Criminal Justice Administration System is very important in the general way of things, because of the important fact that the system is responsible for providing a way in which justice may be administered for those people who have committed a crime of any nature. The criminal justice administration system would offer the candidate a bachelor or a master's degree form a reputed university. This would in turn allow the candidate to pursue a rewarding career as a City or State Police Officer, or as a Highway Patrol Officer, as a Sheriff, a Deputy, as a Detective, or as a Plainclothes Detective, as a Corrections Officer, as a Prison Guard, as a State Police…. [read more]

Police Brutality and Monetary Judgements Term Paper

… Police Brutality and Monetary Judgments

This paper explores the relationship between that of police brutality, monetary judgments and the possibility that a municipality; city, town or county will be financially burdened or ruined by a large lawsuit. Despite the fact that Commissioners of Bryan County v. Brown, et. al., a ruling by the United States Supreme Court prohibits that municipalities could not be held liable for the hiring of law enforcement officers with histories of violent behavior, government agencies are becoming burdened with the financial responsibility when the family goes to court. This case requires that the victim must prove that the officer showed signs of such behavior but was hired regardless. There are loop holes in the nation's judicial system. This paper will offer…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Mainly Focuses Essay

… Despite the existence of these assorted challenges, most judicial institutions have managed to forge cordial relations and cooperation towards realization of justice to all criminals in a state or country (Gaines & Miller 2013).

My decision to choose the manager for the interview came about owing to his vast knowledge in matters of enforcement of criminal justice. Administration of justice to criminals must follow due process of the law (Neubauer 2011). Hence, the manager notwithstanding his experience and expertise in this unit is more candid to provide information without apprehension. Under the administration of criminal justice, only personnel with vast knowledge and experience in matters of law and criminal justice have direct consent or permission to comment and even proceed to give sensitive information (Neubauer…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration: Corrections Officers Job Satisfactions Thesis

… Criminal Justice Administration: Corrections Officers

Job satisfactions of corrections officers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the primary duty of corrections officers is to perform the often-stressful work of overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of a crime and are sentenced to serve time in a jail, reformatory, or penitentiary. Corrections officers are in charge of monitoring prisoner behavior, ensuring that prisoners do not engage in physical or verbal intimidation in their interactions with one another, or continue their criminal activities behind bars. Officers may also supervise inmates' visits with friends or family members. The satisfactions derived from the occupation, in addition to upholding the law and protecting the safety of the public (as is…. [read more]

Crimonology Criminal Justice System Components Essay

… The one thing that I consistently noticed is the fact that all socio-economic levels are lumped together in terms of evaluating the accused, judging him / her, and disseminating justice.

Looking closely at the many studies conducted over the years, one factor that stands out is the correlation between poverty stricken communities and higher rates of juvenile delinquency.

The administrative technique that I would suggest is a nationwide policy dedicated towards implementation of a childhood educational program which is aimed at building self-esteem, problem solving skills, developing communication skills and conflict resolution for children entering kindergarten to high school in communities affected by poverty. This would be a juvenile delinquency prevention plan that would prevent crime in the first place rather than to ferret it…. [read more]

Supervision in the Criminal Justice Research Paper

… The other challenge involves offender punishment.The issue of what form of punishment be given to criminal offenders is paramount. Different groups of people and especially the human rights activists differ with the kind of punishment given saying that some are inhumane. Another main challenge faced by the criminal justice organizations is the provision of services to demeanor offenders. There has been raising concern on how the criminal justice combats crime. For instance, it is always said that the police take a lot of time to respond when alerted in times of crime. This is mainly fueled by deficiency of tools and machinery that facilitate war against crime, for example, inadequate police vehicles and lack of good communication systems in the force (Raine, 1993)

The other…. [read more]

Administrative Scenarios Administration Case Study

… Administrative Scenarios

Administration scenarios

The purpose of incarceration of individuals in correctional facilities is to punish and rehabilitate dangerous criminals. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the enforcement of law, and in administration of federal prison systems. Prisoners' detention centers are state owned facilities in the United States of America except in some situation where prisoners go to privately owned facilities. Correctional facilities management follows State, local authority laws. Over eighty percent of those incarcerated stay in bureau owned prisons while the remaining number stay at community owned facilities, detention centers or juvenile facilities (Carlson & Garrett, 2006). Prisons administration departments have a layout of authority and the commissioner of prisons has the highest authority.

The bureau has the jurisdiction to carry out…. [read more]

Mcgregor's Theory X And Y Essay

… Theory X and Theory Y in Criminal Justice Administration:

McGregor's Theory X and Y are applicable to modern employees since there are certain situations that require the use of either models of management. The applicability of these theories on current day workers is evident in the fact that none is preferable over the other. Actually, while McGregor was advocating for Theory Y, there are several studies that have indicated the existence of successful managers who use Theory X model.

For criminal justice organizations, the understanding of the similarities and differences between Theory X and Theory Y demonstrates that these concepts are effective in different management models. Criminal justice organizations should not prefer using either of these theories over the other because of the different perspectives…. [read more]

Sweden's Current Justice System Term Paper

… Sweden's Current Justice System

Overview of the Country: Sweden


Sweden is located in Northern Europe it borders the Baltic Sea the Gulfs of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak and lays between Finland and Norway in a strategic location along the Danish Straits linking the Baltic and north Seas. ("Sweden," 2008, NP)


The geographic composition of Sweden includes 3,218 km of coastline and land that is mostly flat or with gently rolling lowlands, and a small portion of mountains in the west. The climate is mostly temperate in the south with cold, cloudy winters and cool partly cloudy summers and is sub-arctic in the north. Sweden also has a very limited area of arable land, 5.93% with only 0.1% dedicated to permanent crops, 1,150 square…. [read more]

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Article Review

… Homeland Security & Emergency Management Overview


Code Wars: America's Cyber Threat

• Post a response to the following statement: "Cybercrime: Everyone is a target."

• In your post address describe and explain the roles and responsibilities of DHS and other government and private sector partnerships.

• In addition, identify what cyber threats you believe present the biggest security risk to our country? Why? Respond to at least two other learners.

The recent scandal over the theft of identities at Target over the Thanksgiving 'black Friday' weekend highlights the pervasiveness of identity theft in our society. "According to Target, hackers stole card numbers, security codes and other data from as many as 40 million credit and debit cards swiped…. [read more]

Performance-Based Standards Essay

… This is a plan that will be used for internal accreditation before the external accreditation process takes place.


The level of standards met

Authority Accrediting






Program and activity


Administration and Management


The levels of accrediting the standards met will be in three; Good, average, below average.

Authority accrediting will be the officer or the management personnel in charge

Comments will be the possible improvements needed as seen by the officer.

Fulfilling the requirements of each function

Care; the best way to get each individual within prison the healthcare needed is through establishing a private healthcare facility within the correction facility. There is ned also to establish extensive links with community organizations like the human service agencies, churches,…. [read more]

Proactive Policing Term Paper

… Moreover, opportunity reduction programs that indicate the success and is concerned with extra police patrols in high-crime "hot spots" along with the monitoring carried out by specialized police units of high-risk repeat offenders has been made (Cordner, 1997).

Additionally, the "what's promising" list includes a combination of proactive approaches for example:

Community-based mentoring to be done by the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

Greater respect is shown by the police to arrested suspects (this approach has been found to be effective in the reduction of repeat offending)

Effective way for gang monitoring by community workers and probation officers as well as police should be implemented and Field interrogations of suspicious persons in "Polite" manner (Cordner, 1997).

Other such programs include:

Community-based after-school recreation programs

For…. [read more]

History of Corrections Humankind Term Paper

… Under Pope Pius, galley slaves had been eligible for breads on a daily basis, as well as their sentences ranged from three years to life (Johnson, 2002). Although we don't currently have comprehensive records of the way this type of sentence had been completed, and that we can be certain that its execution varied to some extent from boat to vessel, the reviews which can be found show that galley slavery had been basically a sentence to death. Galley slavery terminated once the work had no longer been required on vessels due to the technical growth and development of sails.

Poverty and Bridewells, Debtors' Prisons, and Houses of Correction

Nevertheless, galley slavery could possibly only process a small quantity of the financially poor who started…. [read more]

How Does the Australian Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime? Essay

… ¶ … Australian Criminal Justice System respond to white collar and corporate crime?

Crimes are breach of the law. Criminal law as in the common law differentiates between crimes that mala per se' that is crimes that are repugnant to humankind for example, murder, robbery and so on which forms the basis of the penal code. There are crimes that are caused by activities that the state prohibits or by social customs called 'mala prohibitia'. While the activity may not be repugnant to human kind, it becomes a crime on account of statute. Some examples include the bar on persons below a stipulated age to drive motor vehicles. Although a teenager at the wheel of a car is dangerous, it is not a crime that…. [read more]

Constitutional Rights That Are Implicated for Criminal Justice Employees on the Job Research Paper

… Constitutional Rights and Criminal Justice Employees

While on duty, do criminal justice employees have the right to freedom of speech?

While all employees, regardless of their place of employment, have certain basic rights, (such as the right to enjoy a safe workplace environment and to freedom of speech) these rights are not absolute in all circumstances. The courts have tended to assume that there is a certain assumption of risk, when working in an environment such as a prison. It has also been deemed that the state can have a legitimate interest in limiting the free speech of certain individuals, in the interests of protecting the public. As guardians of the public, criminal justice employees may face particular restrictions upon their behaviors.

However, there must,…. [read more]

Juvenile Justice in Order to Fully Comprehend Essay

… Juvenile Justice

In order to fully comprehend the nature of the current Juvenile Justice System and propose possible changes to the system, it is of paramount significance to peruse through the history of the juvenile system from the early years till now. Children above five years old were taken as either small adults or property in the colonial times in America. They were sentenced in criminal courts for offences like cursing parents, petty theft and other such lots of cases. This continued for a long time till in 1825 when the Society for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency pushed for the separation of the juvenile from the adults in terms of justice administration. There after numerous cities built juvenile facilities which were majorly aimed at…. [read more]

Justice Administration the United States Research Paper

… Attorneys are advocates of an accused person who defend them (Silverman, 2012).With an attorney an accused person has confidence in the judicial process since they have someone who speaks for them and has the task of proving they are not guilty.

On the other hand there are some elements of the justice system which impend the completion of the judicial of such element is the lack of communication between the police and the courts. The police are given the task of arresting any individual who is breaking the law. The police are the ones who have the evidence that incriminate or link a person to a particular crime. However, in most occasions there is lack of communication between the police department and the courts.…. [read more]

Qualified Candidate Who Demonstrates Professionalism Term Paper

… Courses like these provided me with fundamental groundwork that will be relevant to my job. An interpersonal communications course was instrumental in teaching an aspiring security professional to how to approach potentially difficult people and situations. I also took introductory courses in corrections and police work, information which will easily carry over into the private sector. Juvenile justice coursework was thorough in investigating the particular needs of that population. Additionally, BSCJA coursework in specific material including ethics, cultural diversity, research methods, organizational behavior, criminal justice administration, criminal justice policy analysis, and criminal justice personnel also coalesce to pertain directly to my future. Finally, an interdisciplinary capstone course offered a useful and comprehensive means to understand how all the program's various courses fit into the world…. [read more]

Industrialized Nation in the World Research Paper

… The consensus seems to be that the private construction and operation of correctional facilities offers viable financial advantages but there remains considerable concern as privatization.

The primary criticism originates from human rights activists, criminologists, and religious and community leaders who are concerned about corruption, mistreatment of inmates, and a return to the racist practices that were so prevalent the last time that privatization of correction facilities was utilized extensively. These same critics argue that private prisons really do not save money and that the quest for profits will result in inappropriate actions being taken that benefit the bottom line at the expense of the inmates comfort or safety. They suggest that there will be pressure on such firms to reduce essential services within the prison…. [read more]

Jails and Prisons Essay

… They also help the justice system by holding persons who are waiting for trial, sentencing, conviction or arraignment in court. He jails also help in holding those under probation as directed by the courts, parole individuals those who violate bonds as well as absconders. The jails can also hold convicted people if the prisons are full. They can also be used to hold the mentally ill people as they await transfer to the mental heath facilities (Net Industries, 2012).

The community-based correction is an alternative to the incarceration that is usually offered to nonviolent offenders and petty crime offenders. These community correction models usually come with tied conditions, sanctions, parole as well as probation provisions. This model can be applied even to already sentenced prisoners…. [read more]

Prison Punishment Research Paper

… Another strategy has been to reduce the criminal sentences of minority drug offenders. Reducing jail times for marijuana sellers, for example, has allowed them to be segregated from the violent criminals who are less likely to be rehabilitated.

Those that argue against longer prison sentences, and instead want to focus on intensive therapy and reintegration programs, focus too much on the fate of the individual in question, and not enough on the aggrieved party. For instance, should a murderer be given a lenient jail sentence for good behavior, or should he serve out the full period of his sentencing in order to give the family of the murdered an appropriate term of committal to jail. There is no doubt that the family deserves their justice,…. [read more]

Punishment Then Now and What's Equity Got to Do With it Amendment Term Paper

… Public Administration

Eighth Amendment

The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which is included in the U.S. Bill of Rights, forbids excessive bail or fines, as well as cruel and unusual punishment. The expressions used were taken from the English Bill of Rights. The Amendment has been made pertinent to the states by way of the Fourteenth Amendment by the Supreme Court in 1962 (Robinson v. California 370 U.S. 660) (Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, n.d.). The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids the imposition of cruel and unusual punishment, which is what it is best known for. Both the imposition of an exacting sentence, or the behavior of corrections officials in imposing a sentence, may be confronted under the Eighth…. [read more]

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